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Vastu Principles And Architecture For Your Home

Vastu Principles And Architecture For Your Home

vastu principles and architecture for your home
Important Principles of Vastu that everyone must know to make construction complete, accurate and prosperous 

The literal meaning of vastu shastra is the science of architecture which originated in India to create holy places like temples. Important vastu principles are there to help you in the present time as well. It describes a lot of things about the design and layout. It also tells a lot about the ground preparation and space arrangement. One can find the proper guidance of spatial geometry in it and get good results. 

Vastu principles were created to integrate architecture with the natural world. It also works on all the different and essential segments of developing a particular structure with the ancient practice of using geometric patterns and directional alignments. 

Complete guidance is already available on the Vastu shastra, known as the Vastu Vidya. Vastu shastra is the most critical part of this particular segment and provides excellent knowledge about the various architectural designs and theories that are India's legacy. Vastu Vidya provides thousands of ideas about the supportive architecture theory based on the important principles of Vastu. Vastu Shastra is an excellent architectural system with some principles to improve the flow of positive energy in the building.

 It is crucial to study the Vastu Shastra principles. It is so because they are so powerful that you will come to know about the basic the outcome from a place using the powerful principles of the Vastu Shastra. 

Environment harmony principle

The environment is considered one of the most prominent factors that one should consider among many rules and important principles of Vastu of architecture. Every surrounding of the building is taken into consideration. 

The configuration of a proper plan, geometry, and directions are taken into consideration when planning to build a structure as per the Vastu Shastra. It can also include the small construction of places like water pools, gardens, and other arrangements of the building as per the Vastu guidelines.

Sun-rays principles

The sun has a significant impact on a particular structure's positive energy. Therefore the principle of sunrise is one of the most important principles of Vastu. The east direction is considered one of the most auspicious and pure directions there, suitable for ritual and worship. On the other hand, the southeast corner of the place usually receives light from the sun, so it is ideal for the kitchen area.

Magnetic poles principle

One can suspend a needle freely in the year without any outer influence to check the magnetic pole. After a while, it will invest in a north-south direction, which is the earth's magnetic field.

It also proves that the magnetic Energy fields of the earth are highest in the various. 

Vastu Shastra considers these directions significantly when creating and using them for different purposes in a building. Therefore in the Vastu guidelines, the east section of the property should be light and situated at the lower level. On the other hand, the southwest area should have more weight to benefit from the magnetic effect.

Principle of Geo-pathic zones

Geo biology is considered one of the most modern science branches that deal with different energy fields. Geometrical patterns and their operations are also taken into consideration. It is a subject of sacred geometry with the study of cosmic energy. Important principles of Vastu also include radiation analysis because we can be released from heavenly bodies like the sun and the moon. 

When we do not follow Vastu's guidelines, negative energy flow spreads in the entire building, and it will exist like a cloud that can move in the entire building. The negative energy will form a stress cloud which can hurt the lives of residents. 

It will significantly hamper bioelectric magnetic levels and greatly influence the aura energy of our body. Therefore it is recommended that one should never keep the southern direction open. One should never build heavy structures in the northern-east direction of the building. Doing so will attract negative energy, and residents will live in stressful situations.

Concentric zones in Vastu principles 

In Vastu Shastra, the square shape is considered appropriate for creating the building. Different pattern patterns of concentric squares can be seen in the Vastu Purusha mandala. The Vastu purusha mandala is an archetypal pattern that helps establish powerful and energetic effects, which are also considered healthy and prosperous. You can also take the example of Pagodas and Pyramids, where these things can play a crucial role. 

Principles of Vastu applications 

Important principles of Vastu work with the five elements of the Vastu shastra are Earth, Air, Water, Space, and Fire. Before knowing about the various functions of the Vastu principles, it is necessary to know about the basic details of these elements.

1- Earth: Earth is there to represent every corner's center and diagonal direction. It is also the symbol of stability and patience in life. It is also known as the Hindu Goddess Prithvi.

2- Air: Vastu believes air is responsible for bringing all the fun and happiness in our lives. Air elements, as per Vastu principles, dominate the east direction. It also represents the Hindu god Vayu. 

3- Space: The space element represents multiple things per Vastu principles. It brings cognitive energy, expansion, and peaceful life. The space element highly influences all social energies. It belongs to the west direction in the Vastu Shastra. 

4- Fire: Money and power are represented by the fire element in Vastu. It also reflects confidence, success, and related direction in the South. 

At the time of the application of the Vastu principles, one should try to make the perfect balance among all the directions to bring happiness and multiple benefits in the life of every resident. 

Practical functions of Vastu principles in life

Never forget that aligning your space using the Vastu principles can bring several benefits to your life. You can experience the positive energy at your place, and it will give you an extraordinary chance to live the ideal life that you always wanted. 

Give preference to bright and uplifting colors

When applying the important principles of Vastu to your living space, make sure you use bright colors to paint walls. Ensure that the same rules apply to the furniture that you purchase. Bringing bright colors to your space will make you feel uplifted. However, you can make some changes in the choice of colors as per your mood, occasion, and preferences. 

The same principle applies to your workplace because you can always get energy and creativity using vibrant colors. For the bedroom, users can prefer pastel and light colors. It is highly recommended that direct sun and airflow should also come to the bedroom as it helps to flow the positive energy. Many color trends are available when it comes to preparing the living space. For excellent results, one can choose the soft and uplifting shades. 

Keep center space neat and clean 

Center space is significant in every aspect of the Vastu shastras. It is a 'Brahamsthan' place which is highly encouraging. Therefore, one must refrain from creating anything at this place. It will keep the health of the entire building perfect because it is an excellent source of positive energy. In the early days, you must have seen that most of the houses were designed in a way that the middle place could be kept as a verandah. The family members used to get together and meet each other. 

Attract energy with lucky artwork

Vastu Shastra gives due importance to nature and artwork that represents nature. To bring positive vibrations to the place, one can always use the painting of the character. It will undoubtedly promote the following positive energy and make the residents calm and relaxed. It will also help to reduce the stress and anxiety from the place. Individuals can also use family Portraits which usually present unity in the family and bring harmony. Paintings of spiritual symbols can also be used here. 

Make the directional alignment 

Directional alignments can play a significant role in building construction, per the Vastu Shastra. Therefore, one should ensure that the house's entrance faces east, north, or northeast. It will bring optimistic vibes to the residents. Prosperity will undoubtedly come when you have such an entrance to the house. 

Directional alignment is highly recommended and used in the real estate market. Potential home buyers always prefer to keep their houses in the directional alignment of the Vastu. Indeed, it is one of the critical considerations for buyers. 

Keeping excellent ventilation in the space

Ventilation is the primary way of making a place perfect and clutter-free. For the entrance of constructive energy at your location, one should ensure proper ventilation in every room. To improve the flow of good energy, one can open the windows and enhance the flow of light and air. It will undoubtedly improve the overall vastu of the place, and one can feel the positivity. 

Bring greenery and wind chimes

Adding a green planet to your space can bring positivity and improve the flow of productive energy. It will indeed energize the entire building and make the environment suitable to live in. For this, users can take the help of indoor plants. It can quickly change the whole texture, color, and shape. Indoor plants generate a lot of oxygen and guide the positive energy to enter the house. Further, one can also install wind chimes. It will remove the stagnant energy from the place and bring happiness and prosperity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suitable direction for keeping the money in the house per Vastu Shastra?

Saving money in the right direction opens the door to new income resources, brings prosperity, and helps to control expenses. For this, users can consider the north direction of the Kuber, the lord of money in the Hindu religion. The safe, cashbox, or locker must be placed in the north zone of the home. 

This particular zone is well known for its wealth and prosperity. The face of the locker of the cash safe must be facing north or east for good results. South is the zone of yam which is the lord of death. Therefore, one must never place cash safely in this direction and avoid this zone. 

What are the benefits of hiring a vastu specialist for important principles of Vastu and their applications?

With geographical situations, the Vastu principles must be used carefully. For example, you may be located in a coastal or hilly area. In both cases, you need someone to give you the proper guidance for the Vastu for your place. 

In this way, you will be able to maximize the benefits of Vastu and avoid any mistakes. The style of architecture and construction may be different from place to place. Vastu expert is the right person to guide you to get the structures done as per the accurate principles of Vastu Shastra. 

Flexibility is necessary for principles 

In modern times, many types of principles are popular among the contemporary generation, which shows their need for more knowledge about the Vastu. It is so because with the advent of time, many scriptures have been lost, and regular practice is required to know about the Vastu principles deeply. 

However, Vastu experts can make common observations of natural phenomena and improve their skills and knowledge of the Vastu principles. The functions of the principles are widely used in the present time by modern architectures at the time of the creation of the building. In some situations, you may find it difficult to put the things as per the vastu principles. It is better to hire a Vastu expert who can make the necessary arrangements without any demolition or change in the basic structure of the building. However, If you are building a new structure, it is better to seek the advice of Vastu expert and consult the map. 

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