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Vastu For South Facing House

Vastu For South Facing House

Vastu For South Facing House

Vastu for South Facing Plot brings happiness, wealth, health and good luck in life

Vastu Shastra always puts a special emphasis on the proper management of energies from every direction. Vastu for south-facing plot can tell you the right methods to use to ensure that this property provides a positive impact and there should not be any conflict or chaos when you use this particular direction.

Role of directions in life 

You must have heard many times that east-facing plots are highly auspicious as this direction is associated with the sun and energy. On the other hand, south-facing properties always have a bad reputation because this particular direction belongs to the lord of Death or Lord Yama. Therefore, most people hesitate to build anything in this particular direction. Vastu for South Facing Plot can guide you in every context. 

No direction is bad as per Vastu

You should know that Vastu Shastra does not consider any particular direction good or bad. It is just the flow of positive energy that you always have to follow in the right way. The good thing is that one can select any particular house and by following the Vastu principles one can make every type of property helpful. Vastu for South Facing Plot can help you to remove bad effects of directions. 

Improve flow of energy with Vastu 

Vastu principles will ensure that a good flow of energy is maintained in every possible way and one can gain the right outcome with the same. As per the scientific facts east and north direction houses are easy for the orientation. On the other hand, when you choose a south-facing house, you have to put a huge effort into the correct orientations. Vastu for South Facing Plot will increase the positivity. 

Taking the measurements 

Taking the proper measurements of the plot can also play a crucial role. You should always ensure that a house is built properly from each direction. 

Rectangular and square shapes should be maintained by taking the proper measurements of the house. If you find any fault you should go for the correction in the length and breadth so that positive energy fees should be created on the Desire places in the house as per Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

Slope of your home

The south-facing plot should also have the right slope to gain the most accurate results. You should ensure that the plot should have a slight slant towards the north side and a bit above towards the south direction. 

It is going to remove the Vastu Dosha and you will be able to ensure that your family never gets any sort of negative impact from the Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

Checking the color of the soil

You should also check the color of the soil when you buy a particular plot for residential purposes. One should ensure that the color of the soil is yellow which is considered highly auspicious according to Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

However, the red and white soil colors are also auspicious for good results. However, you should avoid buying a plot that has Black or clay-like soil case it is not considered good as per the Vastu principles.

Thickness of the walls

Vastu for South Facing Plot  states that it is better to elevate the slope to the south for good effects with the south-facing plot. The length of the south walls should be lengthier than the walls of the other direction in the house. 

This particular remedy is said to be very effective in ensuring that south-facing houses are also giving positive results to the users. It will also attract positive energy and remove any sort of negative impact that a south-facing house can have.

Creation of Pooja room in the south-facing house

According to guide of Vastu for South Facing Plot the northeast direction is always considered auspicious for the creation of the Pooja room. You should know that the northeast section of the house is always considered auspicious for the creation of the pooja room. You may have the house in any direction but this particular space is said to provide the most profitable results to the individuals. 

Making the main door correction in south facing house

The main door of the south will be in the south direction and one should ensure that proper Vastu remedies are done to eliminate the negative impacts of the south direction as per the rules of Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

To start the process of making this particular direction auspicious one should take the map of the house and divide the south part of the house according to the nine Padas or equal parts. This dividing should go from south southeast to the southwest for working with the main door direction.

Vastu makes perfect main door in south facing plots 

Main doors in the south-facing houses can also play a crucial role in the overall Vastu effects. Therefore, one should only install the main door of the house in the 4th pada in the south direction according to guide of Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

One should ensure that it is facing towards the north and east direction and it is considered one of the best ways to keep the main door auspicious even in the south facing houses. 

However, if there is no proper space available in this particular area or portion of Vastu then you must go for the first, second, or third pada or section of the south direction to create the main door. As a rule of thumb, you can also select the southeast direction which is considered auspicious and you should avoid the southwest direction.

Placement of the kitchen in the south-facing houses

Kitchen clay plays a major role in balancing the fire energy of the house. It also has the water element and both of these energies are going to make a perfect balance. Each will also ensure that every member of the family is leading a good life.  

As per the Vastu applications and principles, you must create the kitchen in the north or southeast corner of the house which is going to provide you with complete and accurate results. 

How to make the kitchen auspicious in south-facing houses?

The southeast direction usually has the direction of sun rays most of the time during the day. In this way, this particular direction will always provide you with an excellent outcome for good Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

When you create the kitchen in the southeast direction, it will also provide you with the correct results because the lord of fire will be providing you the complete energy. The ventilation and lighting should be good in the kitchen to gain the auspicious results with the same. 

The face of the kitchen should be towards the north, east, or northeast direction to gain the right outcome with the same. It will ensure that proper respect and social reputation are maintained for the individuals who are cooking. 

Decide about the bedrooms in the south-facing houses 

For the creation of a master bedroom, one should select the southwest direction. The southwest direction represents the earth element which provides stability to the person who lives here as mentioned in guide of Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

Therefore, the head of the family should select the master bedroom in the southwest direction to provide care and stability to the entire family as well. It is said that most of the positive energy is accumulated air and it is also called the Bank of positive energy. There can be houses that may have multiple floors. In that particular situation, you should always create the master bedroom on the top floor to gain good results. 

South facing home can be highly beneficial 

Usually, people think that a south-facing home is not good but it is not true in every situation. There can be some particular situations where the south-facing house can provide a lot of benefits. 

You should remember that the Southern direction gets most of the sunlight and energy from the Sun. Therefore this particular area is considered a high energy zone among the rest of the directions as per Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

Individual with different jobs and south direction 

People who are working in the sector of public relations, media, and films are going to get high benefits from this particular direction. This direction is also said to be very auspicious for the people who need a lot of fame and publicity as per Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

By living in this direction house they can certainly get more popularly which is added by the south facing house in multiple folds. Always remember that it is a kind of productive energy which can give a lot of good results and with the help of a south-facing house the users can start working hard.  

Achieve goals with vastu

Alternately, people who are living in south facing house are going to achieve their goals with the help of their dedication and hard work. All the situations will be turning in their favor as mentioned in Vastu for South Facing Plot guide.

These house-facing houses are also beneficial for the people who have the strong presence of Mars in their horoscope. Search people are going to get a lot of benefits from this particular direction because this direction also has a fire element like Mars. 

A lot of energy will match and make the perfect balance in the horoscope Mars energy and the south direction energy of the building. People who have an auspicious Mars planet in their birth chart are going to get the happiness of life by living in a south-facing home. 

Keeping the windows in south facing plot

You should always understand the importance of keeping the windows at the time of construction. Make sure that enough space for windows is planned in the east, northeast, or north direction to gain the right results. By doing this you will be able to manage things in the right manner and gain a lot of benefits as per the guide of Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

Always make sure that there is proper ventilation for the fresh air and sunlight. In this way, you can optimize the energy of the space and bring positivity to lead a better and healthier life. As per the rules of Vastu Shastra Eastern north direction is considered highly auspicious for the placement of Windows and ventilators. 

Balancing the energy 

The next benefit that people can get from this direction is balancing the energy of their Mars planet in astrology. People who have positive Mars energy in their birth chart should optimize it by living in space which is facing the south direction according to Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

Therefore you should always be sure that the South is not a bad direction and when you manage this particular direction as per the Vastu principle this direction can also bring prosperous results for you.

Vastu remedies for the south-facing house

There are some particular remedies that one can adopt to reduce the bad impact of the south direction of the south-facing plot. One should ensure that the south mukhi yantra is placed above the south-facing door. It will also have a good impact. One can also use the Bahubali Hanuman Yantra when there is a big space available as per Vastu for South Facing Plot. 

Optimize south facing house 

The next remedy that one can use for optimizing the Vastu of south-facing houses is the use of Vastu pyramid strips. If you have kept the water tank or septic tank in the wrong direction, you can use this particular remedy. It will remove the Vastu defects. 

Vastu for South Facing Plot guide that Red jasper pyramid and Vastu shift arrows are also considered a powerful solution against the Vastu dash. If you have the Vastu dosha because of the kitchen towards the south direction, you can use this particular remedy to gain good results. A kitchen in the south direction can hurt the health of the person. 

Some house owners forget to create the proper slope of the house in the south zone. This particular Vastu dash can be removed using the lead metal helix with lead spiral blocks which provide good results. 


Vastu for South Facing Plot never makes a particular direction good or bad. It only puts a special emphasis on making the corrections based on the direction and energy. Most people fear staying in a south-direction house. But the ground reality is that this particular direction can also be prosperous and beneficial for some people who manage the space as per the Vastu principles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things that you should avoid in the south-facing house?

Vastu for South Facing Plot states that one should always ensure that the main entrance is not created in the 5th to 9th Padas. The next thing that you should avoid is making a water-related structure in the Southwest corner like a bore well. If your plot has a slope that goes north to south it can give you a malefic effect. 

How to deal with the extension in the south direction?

According to the rules of Vastu for South Facing Plot there should not be any cut or extension in the south direction. And you should never keep the open space in the south direction which is larger than the north direction of the house. You should also not build the kitchen in the Southwest direction.

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