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Vastu for Movie Cinema Halls

Vastu Tips For Movie Cinema Halls

In this world of modernization, people are running in a rat-race where winning is the only option. People work hard day and night, earn money and keep their bosses satisfied and smiling to maintain a standard of living. What is a standard of living? Why is it important to maintain it? Well, no person on this earth can live without eating, sleeping, a house and clothing, and to buy some of the basic needs, everyone needs money. This money is used to maintain the standard of living which means fulfilling of basic needs of a human being. Well, the needs can vary from person to person depending on the wishes, desires and money a person makes. Some people earn pretty well and lead a happy and luxurious lifestyle like having big cars, chilling in restaurants and parties, watch movies, etc. Of course, no person can work 24*7; everybody needs some change, some ways to relax and let loose.

But, can you always take a break and travel? Can you leave your house and work behind and suddenly hide somewhere to relax? Sounds impossible, right? Yes, it is practically impossible always to travel whenever you feel tired, but that does not mean you cannot take a break. There are many ways to take some time out of daily work routine and entertain self and out of many, watching movies in cinema halls is in the trend. With increasing modernization, movie halls and theatres are becoming the new cool; it is considered a great way to watch a movie on the big screen with yummy eatables, comfy seats and amazing sound effects. Many people are even doing business out of it by opening a movie hall and launching latest movies for the people in the city. But, sometimes opening a movie hall can be disastrous if the people do not like the place. Then, what is the way out? How to construct a movie hall to attract a large audience and make it a profitable venture?

Here are some of the Vastu Tips for Movie Halls, try to construct your hall accordingly to attract positivity, get rid of negative energies and make the place a big hit :

Ideal Location:

The location for the construction of a movie hall is very important, choosing the right location brings business whereas if the location is wrong, then it can turn the huge investment into a big loss. Vastu suggests choosing a prime location which is in the centre of the city for a movie hall. A lively plot regarding sand identification and productivity works the best for a movie hall. Also, while constructing a movie hall make sure the entrance is from south or west direction, all the heavy construction is done in south and west portion to avoid negativity from entering the place. Parking for the hall must be made in the south-west direction for easy functioning.

The arrangement of Seats:

The seating arrangement is what matters in the movie halls. If the arrangements are not good, then a movie hall is nothing but a room with chairs where nobody likes to enter. Vastu advise to have a slope in the movie hall and the seats must be placed in the north or east direction. These directions are good for the viewers, allows them to watch a movie comfortably and let them relax and enjoy every bit of it.

Placement of the Restaurant:

In a movie hall, there is always a small restaurant or area where food items are available. No movie is complete without popcorns, coke and nacho, but to attract all the customers to the area, Vastu has its idea. According to Vastu Shastra, the right direction for a restaurant is the south-west direction. Also, if there is a kitchen, then the right location to construct is the south-east corner as it attracts health for the customers and wealth for the operator.

Installation of Air-conditioning plant:

It is very important to have an air-conditioner in the movie hall so that no person dies out of suffocation. Movie halls are full irrelevant of the season, which is why installing an AC plant is compulsory. Vastu says the right direction to install an air conditioning plant is a south-east corner. The south-east corner is prone to negativities and covering the place with a plant makes it easier to bid adieu to all the evil eyes and negative energies.

Placement of Electrical Items:

In a movie hall, there are many electrical items used to make the place work. To cover all the uncertainties and provide a happy show to the customers, it is important to install generators, heat control systems, transformers and other necessary electrical items. Vastu suggests placing the electrical items in the south-east direction to avoid any mishap, interruption and any other problem. Also, make sure the projection screen is big enough to cover the entire area and visible to all the customers without any slight discomfort.

Placement of the Toilets:

A toilet block in the movie hall is mandatory; it keeps the customer free from emergency and allows him to enjoy the movie without any discomfort. How would you feel when you need to clear the bladder immediately, but there is no toilet block in the hall? Extremely uncomfortable, isn’t it? According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra, the north-west corner is considered best suited for the toilet block, so if you are planning to construct a movie hall, remember to construct this block right in this corner.

Decorative Items:

To attract and withhold the customers, halls are made as much decorative as possible. Would to like to enter a place that is empty, boring and plain? Well, Vastu comes up with some amazing ideas of installing a different light, water fountains, landscaping and waterfalls to make the area look beautiful and nice. The water fountain or landscaping can be done in the north-east, north or east direction whereas the centre of the building should have lighting starting from the top.

So, if you are planning to start a new venture of movie hall, make it right by following the above-written tips. Get your plan ready with the help of Vastu Shastra and enjoy unlimited profits and recognition.