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Vastu For Movie Cinema Halls

Vastu For Movie Cinema Halls

Vastu For Movie Cinema Halls

Excellent tips of Vastu for movie halls to improve the business in thousand folds

Vastu in movie halls is necessary because of the mass gathering and improve the positive energy. Watching movies in the multiplex hall is very common in urban and suburban areas these days. It is a wonderful place where you can sit and watch movies on the huge screens. 

It provides immense satisfaction and entertainment when built in the right sense. Therefore, you should pay attention to the Vastu and gain the right results with the same. 

Vastu rules for construction of the movie hall 

Vastu principles are very important for the construction of the movie hall because it is going to harmonize the entire structure with the five basic elements of Mother Nature which include fire, earth, water, sky, and air. 

Every direction represents a particular type of energy and it has a significant impact on your mind and body. Therefore, by balancing the directions according to Vastu we can take the best benefits from these energies. Vastu for movie halls provide all the information for construction in movie hall. 

Location of the movie hall as per Vastu

Movie hall location is the most important factor and one should ensure that enough space is there for everything like parking, restaurants, and other recreational activities. However, the plot size should also be appropriate as per the rules of Vastu for movie halls. It must have the proper shape of square or rectangular to gain the right outcome. 

The prime location of the city is highly recommended for this purpose. Always ensure that no conflict should be attached to the space that you are going to purchase. It is necessary to check the quality of the sand so that you can construct the huge building for the movie hall without any conflict. 

Eliminate the negativity and attract prosperity 

The major construction for the movie hall must be done in the south and west direction as per Vastu for movie halls. It will also be the negativity to enter your place and you will be able to gain the desired benefits. The parking for the hall is the next major construction that you should keep in your mind. Make sure that you have selected the southwest direction for the parking because it is going to make it easy to function at the time of huge crowds. 

Proper arrangements of seats

In the movie hall, the seating arrangement is going to make a huge difference. You should only select high-quality seats so that viewers can enjoy their show without any conflict. The different sections of the seats must be created carefully. According to the rules of Vastu for movie halls, there should be a slope in the movie hall which is going to play a major role in every context. 

You should ensure that seats are placed in the north or east direction to gain the right benefits. Viewers will have complete contentment when you make the seating arrangements in this particular direction of the cinema hall. 

The viewers will be able to sit comfortably and feel relaxed while watching their movie on the big screen. It will help them to enjoy every second of the time which they are going to spend. Certainly, it will offer them complete value for the invested money. 

Proper space management for restaurant 

A small restaurant is always needed for refreshments. The viewers will enjoy the different types of snacks, cold drinks, and other food items whenever they want. Popcorn and cold drinks are essential parts of the movie, and no movie is said to be completed without these refreshments. 

Therefore, you should also construct it as per the Vastu for movie halls rules. The right direction of the restaurant will certainly bring happiness and contentment to the customers or viewers. Southwest direction is said to be the ideal space for the restaurant. 

However, for the kitchen area, one should select the southeast direction. It will certainly attract health for the users who are having the edibles there and the operator will be able to generate enough money. 

Vastu for air conditioning plant in movie hall

Air conditioning is an essential part of the movie hall structure. Therefore, one should determine if proper ventilation is there to make the atmosphere comfortable and enjoyable for the audience. Lack of proper air conditioning can create a lot of problems for the viewers and the atmosphere will be suffocated. Therefore, one should ensure that proper ventilation should be done as per the direction for the science of architecture viz. Vastu. 

The southeast corner is said to be ideal for the air conditioning which will always provide the right results for the entire building according to Vastu for movie halls. It is believed that the southeast corner can attract a lot of negative powers and by covering this particular direction with the AC plants one can eliminate the negativity and evil eye to any extent for the entire building. 

Vastu's direction for the placement of the electrical items

Many electrical items are needed in the cinema hall for smooth function. However, you should always ensure that Vastu for movie halls directions are selected for the placement of the electrical items which are going to provide excellent results and you will never face any problem related to the electrical goods.

The audience will be able to enjoy the entire show without any interruption. There can be a lot of things that you need to install for a movie hall like generators, heat controls, transformers for electricity, and many other things. The placement of the electrical goods should be done in the southeast direction. 

It is so because the southeast direction belongs to the fire element. By placing the electrical goods there you are going to make the perfect balance with them. It will also stop any chance of mishap or interruption and you will be able to get the complete value for the investment on the electric goods. 

Further, you should also ensure that the projection size of the screen should be impressively large. It will provide complete contentment to the viewers and they will certainly prefer to visit the movie hall again with their friends. 

A place for washroom in the movie hall

Washrooms and other sanitary facilities are essential in the movie hall. Views can remain tension-free and focus on the enjoyment part of watching the movie when there is a proper facility available as per Vastu for movie halls. 

You must have already known that clearing the bladder immediately is essential for every human being and it must be available there at the time of mass gathering. Usually, people spend three to four hours there and during this temporary stay, the facility is a must. A neat and clean washroom will certainly attract more people to watch their favorite movie there without any conflict. 

The northwest corner of the movie hall is ideal for the construction of a washroom according to the principles of Vastu. Washrooms in this direction are considered suitable for the movie hall. 

You have to ensure that regular cleaning is done after every show. For this, you should appoint special staff and ensure that proper supervision is done for the neat and clean washroom for the next show. It will improve the reputation among the viewers. 

Decorative items

The hall must be made attractive to grab the attention of the maximum number of customers. Try to make this place full of unique decorative items so that you can attract more customers according to Vastu for movie halls. 

Make the hall interesting so that visitors will be passionate about watching the movie in your cinema. One can try different kinds of things like installing different kinds of lights, fountains, landscapes, and waterfalls. Water fountains must be installed in the northeast direction only. North and east directions are also auspicious for the water fountains. 

There are some particular tips that you can check to ensure that it remains a profitable business for you and you can have multiple benefits with the same. The location of the screen can make a big difference in the overall experience of visitors. Therefore, you should install the screen of the cinema hall in a way that Visitors must face east or north. 


You should select the Southwest direction to install the projector which is going to provide you with excellent results. Electrical equipment must be placed only in the southeast direction to obtain the correct benefits from the same. Public toilets should be situated in the North West direction as per Vastu for movie halls. 

In the same manner, parking must be situated in the southwest portion of the building only. If you want to construct the kitchen or canteen make sure that it should be constructed in the southeast portion of the house which will provide you the right results. 

Ticket windows must be created in the north or east direction of the building to obtain good business from it. However, you should ensure that cash books are always placed on the right side of this particular direction for the regular inflow of money.


The Southwest area is the direction for the management. Always remember that this particular direction belongs to the earth element which provides the best benefits. Therefore you should make the management room in this particular direction only according to Vastu for movie halls. 

The management will get complete control of every section. They will also work with the organization for the long run which is beneficial in the long term. The sitting arrangement of the management must be in a way that they can face the east or north direction to gain the right benefits. 

The logic behind using the Vastu 

You should know that Vastu for movie halls provides complete harmony with the present elements of the environment. At the mass gathering, there are possibilities that multiple types of energies are going to gather in the movie hall. When you neglect the Vastu principles the negative energy can dominate the entire area. When the negative energy dominates the entire area you will find that gradually things will start getting worse and you may start facing some serious problems.

Large scale complex

You must have seen that many large-scale complexes were doing great in the past but when they neglected the Vastu for movie halls rules their business started getting worse. Therefore you have to pay attention to the fact that Vastu rules and regulations are implemented without any delay or confusion. However, when you are not sure about the correct use of the Vastu principles it is better to take the professional Vastu services.

Find the real Vastu expert 

Gone are the days when you have to spend hours searching for the real Vastu experts. In the present time, online Vastu for movie halls services are available which you can use without spending much time. From a single tap of your mobile device, you can find the Vastu experts and their ratings about the particular niche in which you want to use the services. Therefore you should use the Vastu expert services whenever you are in doubt and want to confirm the excellent utilization of your investment in the cinema hall business.

Shopping and gaming zone

Never forget that with the passing of everyday people are becoming conscious about their time. They would prefer to visit a place that also has a shopping and gaming zone. Before and after the show they would prefer to utilize their time in shopping and kids would prefer to visit a place that has the proper gaming zone for them. 

Therefore you should make the gaming zone and shopping available for the users in a way that multiple benefits can be obtained by the business. Make the shopping area in a way that should face the east or north direction to get the attention of the maximum number of customers that are going to visit your place. This rule of Vastu for movie halls will be very helpful. 

Final words

Use the correct direction for every structure in the movie hall to gain the outstanding benefits. Make it suitable, safe and comfortable for the customers, visitors by implementing the simple rules of Vastu for movie halls at your place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using the Vastu for movie hall?

Movie hall become positive and provide the immense enjoyment to the visitors. It also reduces the chances of loss in the business. The electrical equipment works in the well manner and provides long term benefits. 

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