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Vastu For Good Health

Vastu For Good Health

Vastu For Good Health

Vastu for good health can help you to stay fit and healthy for long time

Vastu for health is a complete guide about the structure and methods of creating atmosphere positive. When it comes to creating a structure for living peacefully, Vastu Shastra is the first choice. With the advent of time, people started recognizing the effectiveness of Vastu principles for the construction. 

However, if you don't know, you should know that it is the science of architecture that works on the basic principles of design, directions, measurements, preparation of ground area, space management, and many more. With the help of Vastu, one can also attract the positive energy of the universe to live a happy and healthy life.

Healthy living with Vastu 

Vastu for health is important to consider making a place ideal for healthy living. It is so because we believe in the effect that every place in the universe has the vibration of its energy. And this energy is closely related to our life as well. The universe has positive and negative energy and we need to manage everything properly so that we can eliminate the negative and attract the positivity. 

Vastu Shastra believes that every direction is associated with a particular element. There are a total of five elements on which the Vastu Shastra works. The five elements are known as air, water, Earth, Sky, and fire. 

Use of earth element 

As per Vastu for health the earth element is popular to bring this stability and patience in the life of the native. In the same manner, the year element of Vastu Shastra is responsible for fun and happiness in life. 

The East Direction of the houses is dominated by this particular element. The space element of Vastu is responsible for mental peace and cognitive energy. It is also associated with social energies and it has this wrong connection with the Western direction.

A fire element represents the confidence of a person which includes money and success. The south direction has the fire element area according to the rules of Vastu Shastra.

Water element in Vastu and health 

The water element is closely related to immunity and health and this element belongs to the north direction of the house as per Vastu for health. There are some particular principles that you need to maintain to get good health and stay strong psychologically.

Balance the energy of the East

We have already told you that the north direction belongs to the water element which brings health to your life. Therefore, you should like a lamp in the northeast direction of the house according to Vastu for health. This direction will attract the positive energy from the entire Universe to enhance your health. It will also provide all the family members with a fit and fine body. Make sure that Pooja's room is situated in the northeast direction of your house.

Manage the water element of the house

Water elements work like a support system for the human body. In the same way, it will be playing a great role in the health of your house. You should ensure that there is no water leakage in the entire house as per Vastu for health. When you have water leakage it will create mold problems which lead to skin and respiratory disease. 

You must have already noticed that some people have asthma and other lung diseases when there is moisture on the walls of their house. It also increases the problem of skin allergies in the same way you should also stop the constant dripping of taps in the house as per the details of Vastu for health. It will drain all of your money and happiness from life. Gradually it will lead to serious mental problems. 

Different types of structures

Many people build different types of structures under the stairs. You should know that space under the stairs is not suitable for the kitchen area, Store room or bathroom. People who build this type of structure under the stairs face serious health problems like nervous system disorders and problems related to the cardiovascular system of their body. According to guide of Vastu for health always remember to keep this particular space free and try to avoid using it for any other purpose.

Add some greenery to your living space

We all know that green areas can play a major role by removing the toxic and generating more oxygen for space. Therefore, you should never forget to plant as many shrubs and Herbs in your surroundings as possible. By adding greenery in the correct direction of the house you can certainly improve the quality of air flow as per Vastu for health. 

Oxygen flow will increase which also improves the positive energy. Many types of indoor plants are available that you can easily grow without paying much attention to them. There are many plants available that can generate a good amount of oxygen and remove the unwanted stress and burden from your life. 

Location of your bedroom for good health

The location of the bedroom can also make a big difference in the overall health condition. The bedroom must be constructed in the Southwest portion of the house. This direction provides mental and physical stability to the person. However, you should always avoid the Northeast direction of the house for sleeping. This direction will never provide you with the health and mental support that you always need as per Vastu for health.

Selecting the correct direction for sleeping

The correct direction for sleeping can also improve the quality of sleep and relationships. You will find that when you sleep with your head in the south or east, you will start getting immense benefits. Never keep your head in the north or west direction at the time of sleeping. The south direction also reduces the risk of hypertension in the body according to Vastu for health. 

Eliminate gadget life from your living and sleeping space

You should fix some particular areas and time for spending the time with the electronic gadgets. Always remember that these gadgets are just a part of your life and not the heart of your life. Always fix the hours to spend with your laptop, and mobile phones and spend time with your friends, relatives, and family members as mentioned in Vastu for health. 

This will certainly improve your mental and social health in several folds and you will be able to gain immense benefits from it. When you spend unnecessary time with gadgets it can hurt your mental health. 

Select the correct direction for eating food

The west direction of the house is said to be perfect for eating food in the right way. You should ensure that only the auspicious and profitable direction must be selected for eating food that will always provide you with the best health benefits as per the details of Vastu for health. 

Therefore, eating your food in the west direction as per Vastu will bring good health and you will never have a shortage of food and other valuable assets in your life. Always face the east or northeast direction of the house when you want to eat the food. 

Your food will receive positive energy and you will have immense benefits with the same. Proper energy of food is going to bring revolutionary improvement in your overall health. Individuals who want to gain some spiritual powers, knowledge, and money should eat their food by keeping their face in the north direction. 

Bring auspicious colors to your home

The next thing that you should do is bring the auspicious colors to your home. Always understand that we can balance the energy of every direction using the power of colors. Colors will improve the quality of energy which is related to the different directions as per the guidelines of Vastu for health. 

For health benefits, you should always balance the north direction and other parts of the house significantly to improve the flow of good energy in the house. If you feel that there is a lot of negative energy in your house you should start using colors like yellow and bright orange. 

These colors can remove the negativity in your surroundings. Gradually you will notice that the environment of your house is imprisoned and you have a stress-free life. All the family members will feel a good relationship and positive Vibes for the others. This will certainly improve mental health which is the most important factor in life.

Keep your surroundings free from clutter

Clutter always represents the negative and it also hurts our mind. Therefore you should try your best to keep the areas free from any sort of clutter and set the regular schedule. You will notice that family members of a house usually Fall very easily and are dirty. By maintaining regular cleaning schedules you can certainly improve the cleaning process of your house. Always make sure that you remove the things that you do not need any longer and keep the area free for the most important things in your life as described in Vastu for health guides.

Cooking directions

At the time of cooking you should only face the east direction which is said to be very auspicious. This direction will provide energy to your food which will improve the health and fitness of your family members. You will also notice that such food will also be digested easily and your health will be improved as per Vastu for health.

If you believe in the religion you should select the Idol of lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is said to represent good health and fitness. By keeping his image in the house you will start filling the positive results. Every member of your family will benefit from it. There are some particular things that you should avoid as per the rules of Vastu to gain health benefits.

Sleeping place for good health as per Vastu 

Sleeping under the beam is the most common mistake that is seen in people who usually fall sick. You should know that beams always contain lots of negative energy. It transforms into your body directly when you sleep under it. Therefore you will start facing some serious mental issues like anxiety and depression when you sleep directly under the beam according to Vastu for health.

Keep toilet at the correct place 

Never build a toilet in the northeast direction of the house. This particular area is considered like the head of a body. It means you need to keep clutter-free from any type of dust and dirt particles to gain a good outcome. In this way, you will be able to gain the immense benefits in life and no obstacles will be there. You should always keep in mind that no heavy articles should be placed here.

Role of kitchen in good health 

If you have the kitchen area in the North East part of your house it can further also track a lot of health issues and complications. Always remember that the southeast direction is said to be perfect for the kitchen area. They should not be any type of round shape on the walls of kitchen corners. All the corners should be proper in a square and rectangular shape.

Keep proper space 

According to Vastu for health at the time of building the kitchen, you should keep proper space from the other structures apart from the living room. The adjoining walls of the kitchen should not be attached to a toilet or a bathroom. This can create a serious Imbalance in the different types of energy that are released from the toilet and bathroom. Make sure the doors of the kitchen are closed when it is not in use and the same rule is also applicable to the toilet and bathroom.


In modern times, most people make the common mistake of coaching lots of things in their bed box. Make sure that there are no metallic items placed in your bed box. You should also keep it free from any type of electronic goods. Electronic goods usually attract a lot of activities and it can be a serious Vastu Dosha which can hurt your health as per Vastu for health. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stay healthy as per Vastu for health guidelines?

You should never build a toilet, kitchen, or bathroom under the stairs as per Vastu for health. Always remember that every place has its energy. And when you try to make a blend of different types of energy it can create serious conflict for your health and well. Try to keep the area under the stairs free from any type of structure. Always remember that this particular area belongs to the progress of family members. 

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