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Vastu For Plots

Vastu For Plots

Vastu for plots – guide to select, examine, select and decide the best plots for health, wealth, happiness and prosperity

 Many legal documents are required with verification when planning to buy a plot. Consultants should also guide you properly with different kinds of experts. Similarly, it would help if you never forgot to consult with Vastu experts. Vastu experts are going to give you proper Vastu for plots guidelines. 

With the basis of these Vastu for plots guidelines, you can always ensure that the new plot will be a fortune and bring happiness to you. However, it would help if you were informed that all plots could not be perfect on the Vastu guidelines. However, through some Vastu Dosha remedies, you can eliminate the malefic effect of a plot.

Pay attention to the shape

The shape is essential in the Vastu for plots for upload. Pieces of land that are peculiar in condition may give you malefic effects. There it is better to avoid the amount of land which needs to be in proper condition. 

You can understand it very well with the example of an L shape and a triangle shape piece of land for a house. It can be circular or semi-circular. The plot's L shape is unsuitable per the Vastu principle. The ideal plot should have a rectangular or square shape per the Vastu for plots. These plots will undoubtedly bring happiness and prosperity to your life.

Unique shapes of the plots

Vastu for plots indicates that some pots have a particular pattern or shape, which can be beneficial when you have it in the correct direction for suitable purposes. Remember to discuss it with your Vastu expert to benefit from it. One can benefit significantly from the specially shaped plots using the proper consultation and Vastu guidelines. For example, pot shape plots can be beneficial when you have taken consultancy from Vastu. The Vastu expert will study all the plot's directions and conditions and give you the guidelines. 

Gomukh plot for house 

There can be cow-faced plots that can have the correct impact on you when you are planning to build a house there as written in many guides of Vastu for plots. A straightforward and easy way to recognize the Gaumukhi or cow-faced plots exists. It will be narrow in the front and more comprehensive in the rear. For such plots, you should check the position of the roads. The roads must be situated on the south and west side of the plot for good results. 

Shermukhi plot or Lion faced plot for commercial use.

You can also purchase the Shermukhi plot for commercial or business purposes, which will give you the best benefits as per the directions of Vastu for plots. Remember that when you buy such plots, consult them with the Vastu expert. He will study every direction, soil, and other factors like roads. The condition of the road is also critical when you buy the appropriate plot for the business. A lion-faced plot must have routes that pass from the northern and eastern sides of the plot. 

Position of the roads around the plots as per Vastu

Ideal plots and roads 

When the roads come from the east direction and go to the northeast part of the plot, you can buy such a plot because it will be good for you. Also, when the road comes from the north part and hits the northeast side of the plot, you should consider it one of the good plots to buy. 

Average plots and roads

Suppose the roads come from the western side and hit the northwest part of the plot. You should consider this the average site as per Vastu for plots. Along with this, the roads that come from the south and hit the southeast part of the plot should also be considered as the middle plot.

Bad plot and roads

In some situations, the road some from the west and hits the southwest part of the plot. If the road crosses from the east and hits the south easy part, it will be considered a bad site to invest. North rods that hit the northwest part of the plot should be regarded as something other than good. Similarly, the roads from the south hit the southwest part of the plot, and natives should not buy it.

Things to remember in Vastu for the plot

Vastu for plots states that the plot should be somewhere other than the temple because everyone comes here to leave the negative and take good energy. It means places near the followers and visitors can experience intensive negative energy. It can also flow in your house. However, with the help of a Vastu consultant, you can make it positive.

Impact of vast tree

The vast tree should not be near the plot because it can have profound and growing roots, which will cause cracks in the house walls. Similarly, when you uproot the tree, it will cause a lot of trouble to the natural ecosystem of the place; you may also have to take permission from the local government.

The next thing that you should check is the power pole for the suitable Vastu for plots. Yes, a power pole is often in the north or eastern direction, which is wrong, as per Vastu. It is so because these directions belong to the water element of Mother Nature. You should always check with the Vastu expert when there is an electricity pole on the eastern side of the house.

Dealing with the irregular shape of the plots 

One should be very careful when dealing with irregular shape plots. There should not be any port or water tank in the southwest direction of the plot. It will bring adversity to the plot. Even in the northeast direction, there should not be any well, pool, or lake. Streams flowing in the northeast direction can also bring adversity. 

Soil for the plot

Red, brown, or yellow soils are considered very lovely for cultivation purposes, and the construction of a building in this particular direction will be very good. On the other hand, black and clay soil can hold enough water in it. The house owner must avoid using this type of soil because it can cause dampness to the foundation. Lands that are being used for the cultivation of fruits and medical herbs are always considered good. If thorny bushes are present, one should avoid buying such a plot to have a good Vastu for plots. 

Quality of soil and Vastu for plots

Vastu for plots puts particular emphasis on the excellent quality of the soil and ensures that it should not be sandy soil. It is so because sandy soil can hardly bear the weight of the house's foundation, and it creates the threat of collapsing the entire building. Earthworms and other worms should not be present in the soil because they make the soil loose, which can again create problems when putting the firm foundation of a building. Soil with many worms will not provide a strong base for constructing a building. 

Dos and don'ts for the purchase of a plot

Small plots in the middle of the two bigger plots should be avoided because they are not considered suitable. Similarly, if a plot faces a T or Y junction, it will never provide sound effects to the resident. Electric power stations can hinder the flow of good energy. Therefore, one must avoid buying plots that are near electric power stations because it will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the family members and Vastu for plots have clearly stated it. 

Plots near a cemetery and vastu 

Similarly, plots near any cemetery or graveyard cannot be considered reasonable. Negative energy is usually trapped there and can harm the family members, particularly the kids of the house. 

North and East directions should be lower than the rest of the building for the fortune Vastu for plots. It would help if you did not buy a plot when there is a high mountain or hill in the plot's north or east direction. However, if the elevation and mountain location are on the plot's west or south side, it will be considered very well. It will create wealth and health for the family members. 

Making plots suitable for remedies

One should use simple remedies to ensure that plots suit the users. For this, one should ensure that the northeast corner of the plot is not higher than the other sides. If it is higher than different sides, one should remove the extra soil from the corner and fill the south or west portion of the plot with it. 

Plots with raised center and their solution 

Some plots can have a raised center; one should dig it out and ensure that such soil is dumped at the southwest part of the house. Plots with L or T shapes are considered harmful. It is better to divide such plots into two parts and make them rectangular in shape. The irregular-shaped plots must be converted into two plots with regular shapes for auspicious Vastu for plots. It is better to make a compound wall for each portion to get the best results. 

Making a n additional compound a solution

One should also construct an additional compound wall to protect the negative due to the road facing. If a plot has a negative impact because of the road facing in a particular direction, one should grow plants and trees near the house's entrance. This remedy will eliminate the adverse effects of the plot and provide suitable results. Vastu experts have excellent skills and knowledge to remove defects in a particular direction. They will use metals, rocks, and plants to create specific structures that can remove the negative impact of plots because of roads.

Negative impact of plots and removing them

Sometimes there are extended plots that start having a negative impact. To make such plots suitable as per the Vastu for plots, one can use pyramids. Vastu pyramids are designed to eliminate the Vastu dash. Every direction has its requirement. Therefore placing a Vastu pyramid must be done only by the experts. It will provide the plot owners with an excellent experience, and one can gain a superb effect with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of plots should I avoid?

Always remember that ideal plots must have a rectangular shape for the good luck, mentioned in Vastu for plots. However, if you find a plot is T, Oval, or L-shaped, then it must be avoided. However, using the Vastu expert advice, you can make some particular changes in them and gain the right results from these plots, like dividing them into two different plots with regular shapes.

Which facing of the house is not suitable for the home?

The south direction is called the direction of the Yama, the God of Death. Therefore, one should avoid living in a place facing the south direction.  

How to determine that a plot is an ideal plot to buy?

For this, you should always pay close attention to the measurement of the plot. A plot with an even number of sides is always considered one of the best to buy.

How can the Vithi-Shool have a negative impact on the plot?

Vithi stands for the road, and shool stands for the spear. You must have seen that some particular plots have a road directly to the plot. It would help if you considered such plots as the Vithi school. Vastu believes in the flow of energy, which can impact the plot. The road's direction can have a significant impact and must be discussed with the Vastu for plots expert. 

Shall I buy a plot with a Chariot shape?

Try to avoid buying a plot that is shaped chariot. It is so because there is no particular length and width available in such plots. The building constructed on such a plot will surely provide you with a negative impact. It will never be auspicious because of its shape as it is stated in Vastu for plots guide. 

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