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Vastu for Guest Room

Vastu Tips for the Guest Room

There is a very famous saying, “Athiti Devo Bhava” which means guests are equivalent to God. People of India take this saying very seriously and keeping good care of their guests. But, guests are loved by every family when coming for a short span and enjoy the stay, on the other hand when the stay is long and guests are demanding, it is nothing more than a burden. Special guest rooms are made in the house for the comfort of the guests and their easy stay. Vastu Shastra offers some guidelines for the guest room to make the area happy and the stay short. No family likes to have guests for a long time. Thus Vastu Shastra comes as a saviour for them.

From ancient times, Vastu has been used by rulers for the construction of kingdoms as it brings luck and happiness in life. Vastu is known to bring harmony in relationships, strengthen the bond, bring success and safeguard the family from evil eyes. When the whole house is constructed according to the rules given in Vastu Shastra, how can the guest room stay back? A proper Vastu arranged guest room can avoid any negative vibration or possible dominance from any person and fill the area with positive energy. Here is a bunch of tips given in Vastu Shastra for the Guest Room, have a look and enjoy a fun-filled, harmonious and short stay:

Direction for the Guest Room :

Vastu Shastra offers appropriate directions for each and every room. The ideal location to construct a guest room is the north-west direction of the house. This corner of the house is considered unstable area which is why it is best preferred for the guest room.


Placement for the bed :

The bed in the guest room should be placed in the Southwest part of the room. It is to be noted that the placement of the bed is in such a way that the head of the person while sleeping remains in the south direction.

Placement for the Electronic Items :

Nowadays, there is no room free from electronic items. Items can be a television, a computer, mini fridge or hair dressing equipment to use. Keeping electronic items in the right place bring harmony and make a person wise and practical. But, keeping them in the wrong place can cause mental stress and diseases. Vastu Shastra advises keeping all the electronic items in the southeast direction of the room. You can keep a table and place all the items or you can hang them according to the suitability.

Placement for the Bathroom :

Since there are attached bathrooms in the modern houses, Vastu Shastra advises to keep the door of the bathroom away from the bed. The door of the bathroom must not be directly opposite to the bed. It is considered very indecent and unhygienic to have a door to the bathroom exactly opposite or in front of the bed. Also, make sure that the door of the bathroom is always shut as it locks the negativity away from the room. The bathroom is known to attract negativity, keeping the door closed keeps it away from entering the room.

Placement for the Cabinet :

No room can be constructed without a cabinet. It is used to keep things in proper place and in alignment. The ideal position for fixing the cabinet is on the south or west or south-west wall. Northwest corner is good for the entrance of the guestroom and having a cabinet in the opposite direction seem comfortable and give a unique and clean look to the room.

Lighting of the Guest Room :

It is very important to choose the right lights for the room as it represents the taste and nature of a person. Using warm and beautiful lights in the house, especially in the guest room looks vibrant and makes it comfortable for the guests to stay. Using beam lights is disturbing for the eyes and irritating as it becomes difficult to see. Thus it must be avoided.

Colour of the Guest Room :

Every room has its purpose, has its style and colour. For a guest room, the best colour options are light shades of green, blue and white. These colours are known for its serenity and provide calm to the body and vision. Using dark colours make the area look darker and also attract evil eyes, whereas light colours are good and positive which keeps the atmosphere loving and encouraging. Thus light coloured guest rooms works the best.

Wall decors :

Hanging beautiful paintings on the wall, placing a vase in the room is considered charming and makes the room beautiful. Vastu Shastra says to hand beautiful paintings and pictures of racing cars and bikes, flowers and valleys, flying birds and scenes are considered auspicious for the room that ensures a happy yet short stay. If people are fond of hanging wind chimes in the window of the guest bedroom, the ideal position is to the west or north-west window. This will enhance the movement of the wind in the room, and the pleasing sound of wind chime helps in keeping the stress away and bring peace to mind.

To conclude, every family comes with many relations. There are many relatives from paternal as well as maternal side and having guests in the room is exciting. It is so much fun when all the members and relatives come together, eat together, play games and enjoy together. But, having guests for a long time can become a headache, thus to have a pleasing time with guests and make their stay short and comfortable, use the above tips and observe the magic.