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Vastu For Guest Room

Vastu For Guest Room

Vastu For Guest Room

Vastu for guest room can bring happiness, positive energy and good luck

Welcoming guests is always an important part of culture no matter where you go in the entire world. In countries like India, it is considered that a guest is another form of the god that enters your home. Vastu for guest room can bring the good luck in your life. 

Therefore keeping the guest room specially optimized with the Vastu principle can bring happiness to you and your guests. You will get the love and respect that you always deserve from your guest and you can also reciprocate the same for your guest

Vastu – preference of architectures 

Vastu is an ancient practice that is popular in the entire world for its significant impact on buildings and it is a good way of architecture that is still popular in modern architecture. And optimize the flow of energy and make the structure harmonious with its environment which has a good impact on every family member and provides positive results. Vastu for guest room can prove to be very lucky for you. 

Ideal construction of guest room as per vastu

Now you must be eager to know about the correct directions and guidelines for the construction of your guest room to get the positive outcomes as per Vastu for guest room. Always remember that the guest room has the same importance in your house just like the other rooms. You should always pay proper attention to the design of your guest room. 

However, it is seen that the modern lifestyle is hectic. Due to the busy lifestyle, people hardly prefer to host guests in the house for a long time. However one should never forget that you may also need the same People in your life at some certain point in time. 

You can also be a guest in their house when you are in need. Therefore you should pay proper attention to the Vastu for guest room rules and principles which are particularly designed for the guest room.

Selection of appropriate place for guest room

The journey of applying the Vastu for guest room rules to the guest room will start with the selection of appropriate places. It is better to select the appropriate direction for the creation of a guest room in the house which is considered the Northwest direction. 

It is so because as per the Vastu principle this direction is considered the most unstable area in the house. A person who stays here cannot get stability. Therefore the guests of your house will not stay for a long time. Therefore it is considered ideal for the guest room. 

However, it is hardly possible that we all have this particular direction available as per the availability of space in the plot for the house. Therefore Vastu for guest room has also given the guidelines to choose some other directions to build an appropriate guest room.

Construction of guest room in Southern directions

The southern or southeast direction is the next choice for the construction of a guest room. However, you should not consider this particular direction as the ideal direction for the construction of a guest room as told by many vast experts. Never forget that when you have doubts in your mind about the directions you should better consult with online Vastu for guest room experts who are always ready to help you.

Door of guest room

The next thing is constructing the door of your guest room to get a good result. As per the Rules of Vastu for guest room, you should build in the northeast direction which is facing the east or north direction. This direction is said to be very auspicious and you will certainly get good results for your guest room. The southeast door which faces the south is also considered good. The third option that you can practice is the Northwest door for the guest room which should open in the West direction. It will be highly preferable for the guest room.

Northwest direction for guest room as per Vastu

As per the rules of Vastu for guest room if you have created the guest room in the Northwest corner of the house, then you should relocate the bathroom in the southeast corner of the room. You can also build the guest room in the northeast direction. However, at the time of making this decision, you should ensure that you have set up a window in the south or southeast direction to get the positive Vibes as per Vastu Shastra.

Windows position in guest room

At the time of construction of the living room, you can also place the window in the northeast corner. Make sure that it is directed towards the north or west direction. Vastu for guest room experts consider this particular direction auspicious which is again going to provide the most suitable results in this context. 

Bed location in guest room

The position of the bed is the next factor to check as per the rules of the Vastu for guest room.  For the placement of the bed in the guest room one should select the ideal direction which is the south or west part of the guest room. At the time of placing the head while sleeping one should ensure that it must be in the south direction. 

Electronic goods guest room

Usually, electronic goods are also there in the guest room which is an essential part of it. For the placement of such electronic goods, it is better to select the southeast side of the room which is considered auspicious for electronic gadgets. As per rules of Vastu for guest room, it will certainly provide you with auspicious results and you will never have any problem in your living room and guests.

Cupboards in Guest room

Cupboards and shells are also there in the living room where the guests often place their essential commodities and close. For the construction of cupboards and shells with rods, you should select the South or west wall of the guest room. As per the Vastu for guest room construction of shells and cupboards in this direction is going to provide an excellent outcome.

Color for guest room as per vastu

The next thing is selecting the proper color for the guest room. We should match with the entire house energy and also be auspicious for the guests who are visiting your house. As per the guidelines of Vastu for guest room, you should always select a bright color that is considered highly auspicious for the guest room. 

Light shades for guest room

For this, you can select white or light shades of blue. It is so because the color blue has a significant impact on the psychology of human beings and makes they calm down very soon. It means you are a guest who will have lots of patience and a calm mind and she or he will never disturb you.

Things to remember while making the guest room 

Creation of the guest room will provide you with multiple benefits in every term. You will find that your guests will be happy and relaxed when they have the proper space to stay and put their luggage. It will also help you to keep the privacy of the house and your guest will never influence the major decisions of the house. He will never try to take command or charge of the entire family when you have created the guest room properly. 

Avoid conflicts 

Moreover, when you build the guest house using the Vastu for guest room no conflicts will be created among the family members and guests. Vastu Energy will ensure that there is a proper balance between the guests and the host of the house. It will certainly bring happiness and prosperity to the lives of the family members. 

Southwest direction for guest room

You should never build the guest room in the southwest direction of the house. It is particularly suitable for the head of the family who needs stability in their life. This direction belongs to the earth element which is going to ensure that whoever stays here gets the benefits of stability from the earth element. Therefore, when you build the guest room in this particular direction, he is going to stay there for a long time and it can influence the entire family when staying there for a long time as mentioned in rules of Vastu for guest room. 

Beam of light

Beams are always considered a stagnant place where the negative energy remains. Therefore, when you are deciding about the location of the bedroom in the guest room, be careful. Make sure that the beam of the light should never run over the bed because it is not considered good as written in guides of Vastu for guest room. 

Attached bathroom in the guest room

Attached bathrooms are becoming a very common part of the present culture. It is also there because of the lack of enough space in the urban areas. Therefore, you should ensure that the attached bathroom is not facing the entrance door of the guest room. Bathrooms always release the negativity and entrance doors give way to positive energy. Both energies will be opposite to each other and it is going to deliver a negative impact as per the principles of Vastu for guest room. 

Use the ideal colors for the guest room

Colors play a major role in every aspect of our life and you should be careful at the time of selection of the correct color for the living room. Always remember that dark colors are not considered auspicious as per the Vastu for guest room. You should consider using the light colors for the construction of the guest room. Dark colors will hurt the mindset of the guest which is again going to hamper the peacefulness of the house. 

You will notice that guests usually come from remote locations to stay in our place. Guesses can come from the maternal as well as paternal side therefore you have to take good care of them. However, when they stay for a long time it can be quite frustrating for everyone. 

Therefore you should follow the Vastu for guest room guidelines which are going to show you the right path to construct the guest room which gives the specious results. It is going to bring positivity and your guest and host are going to remain positive in every aspect of their life. Your guest will always leave you happy and his stay is going to be very short when you build a guest house for the Vastu Shastra. 

Lighting arrangements for the guest room

Lighting is the next thing that you should consider taking into your attention at the time of building the guest room. A guest room should always be a well-lit area which can have a good impact on the residents and guests as guide by Vastu for guest room. 

When you have a properly lit guest room space, your guest will never face any problem and he will always be cheerful to stay. Vibrant lights can play a major role in making your guest room look very special and nice. It will also provide a good impact and you should avoid using the beam lights because they over shine other lights and it is very difficult to concentrate on something.

Decoration of your guest room

Vastu for guest room also state the way of decorating the guest room to make the space look nice and auspicious. For this, you should select some particular type of pictures which are going to make sure that your guest stays there for a short period but he must be happy. For this, you can select pictures like racing bikes, flying birds, beautiful flowers, and other types of natural scenery.


Vastu believes for the guest room can play a major role in every context and make the family members happy. It will also ensure that your guests can have a comfortable and shorter stay in your space. By keeping the colors and direction set as per the Vastu for guest room, you can avoid negative energy and bring prosperity to the house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of cleanliness for guest houses as per Vastu for guest room?

You should know that Vastu is based on the principle that you will certainly pay attention to the cleanliness of the space. The Vastu rules will work perfectly when you pay attention to the cleanliness of the guest room. With the proper cleanliness of the guest house, you will ensure that only positivity remains in your house. 

Why is it important to keep the guest room optimized according to Vastu principles?

You should know that everyone has their energy and Aura. It is going to have a significant impact on the mindset and health of the family members when you maintain the Vastu of your guest room. You will be able to get only the positive Vibes from the guest. You will also get the dignity and respect that you always deserve from the guest when you follow the Vastu for guest room in your guest room construction.

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