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Vastu For House Construction

Vastu For House Construction

vastu for house construction

Vastu for house construction guide you to get prosperity, happiness and fortune with simple to do things

Vastu for house construction should start from the ideal Vastu house plan. Only certified and professional architects can prepare the proper Vastu house plans. It requires intensive skills and knowledge to create a Vastu house plan. As per Vastu, appropriate directions and measurements are necessary to make the perfect house map. An ideal combination of the Indian Vastu Vidya and engineering geometry is required to complete the house design. It is optional that you must have a degree in civil or architecture to plan a Vastu house. Skills are critical in this context. With adequate knowledge of engineering geometry, one can always create a suitable Vastu plan. 

Making a house plan with Vastu for house construction

The design description for the house can be very critical, but the good thing is that Indian Vastu for house construction provides a complete detailed description of everything. In the details, one can find suitable design layout, measurement, ground preparation, space arrangement, and planning instructions. Per the Vastu guidelines, spatial geometry is also provided to make the house perfect. 

Selection of the site and taking the perfect measurements 

The process of house construction starts with the site selection and sizes. When selecting the land, one should pay proper attention to this context. When you are trying to choose the ground for the construction of the house, make sure that you have selected the rectangular shape. It is so because, per the Vastu for house construction, the house's rectangular shape is considered auspicious. On the other hand, when you select the triangular, polygonal, or any different good shape, it will provide you with malefic effects. The land must have a low soil density when you are looking forward to getting good results with it. 

Taking actual dimension in Vastu

When taking the actual dimensions and directions, when should you be very careful? Before starting the home design, one should pay close attention to the dimension and directions. Measurement of the plot should be accurate, and there should not be any mistakes. You will notice that mistakes often happen in diagonal or corner sizes. Vastu per is very close to the corners and diagonal measurements, so you should be careful.

Knowledge of dedicated directions as per Vastu

When trying to construct the house plan per the Vastu principles, explore the determination of trends. According to Vastu for house construction, planning a building requires selecting the character direction. In the early days, when modern and scientific measurement tools and Technology were unavailable, gnomon was used for this concern. But with the help of modern and digital tools, one can easily measure the directions and gain the right outcome. 

A magnetic compass can help you to find the North direction easily. You should know that the order can differ from place to place, and finding the Vastu direction must be done appropriately. There can be some fluctuation in the magnetic compass equation of the electric lines and heavy metal. Therefore, when using the magnetic compass, you should be very careful about it. 

Entrance direction

It is considered that the house's entrance must be in the north and east facing. Proper remedies are required when you have access to the other directions. The calculation of the degree for admission should be done in the right way. Measuring the entrance can make or break the entire situation in the house. 

No obstruction to entrance

Vastu for house construction guide that the entrance gate should be heavy and large compared to the rest of the house's gates. There should not be any obstructions in front of the entrance gate. This means one should avoid any obstacle when trying to enter the house. It is believed that when there is any obstacle, it can hinder the free flow of positive energy in the house. The main entrance is considered a positive place in the house. Therefore, you should ensure no septic or water tank is built under the main door. The main gate attracts positive energy into the house. Thus keeping it clean and tidy is necessary. 

Vastu Purusha Mandala and its casting

Vastu Purusha Mandala is a particular diagram used in the ancient Vastu system. It is a trendy architecture designing system as per the Vastu for house construction. Per its belief, a cosmic man or Vastu Purusha permanently resides in all the buildings and spaces. The Mandala is a way of aligning the entire structure or space for the universe's positive energy. It will undoubtedly bring balance and harmony. You can understand it as the energy grade of scare everywhere worldwide. You can accomplish one of Vastu's planning and design steps by casting the Vastu Purusha Mandala.

As per this Mandala, there are 45 invisible energy fields. To get the proper benefits of Vastu, one should use it because it tells us the distribution of energy fields in different areas of your Vastu space. One should always superimpose the Vastu Purusha Mandal on the plot to know the suitable place for everything.

16 angular segments or 16 zones as per Vishwakarma

For the proper planning of house construction, the determination of 16 essential zones is required. These essential zones of angular segments are mentioned properly in Vastu for house construction. After this step, that entire build-up is divided into 16 equal angular segments. Every segment or zone will have its attributes and effect on the building. It will also work as a guide for the architecture or house builder. 

It is so because it will provide the exact placement location of different parts of the house, including bedroom, toilets, stairs, kitchen, drawing room, living room, dining room, and rest of the interiors. Many reputable books are available which explain the concept of 16 zones. The entire area is divided as per the polar method in 360 degrees. To calculate the 16 zones

Ayadi calculation to determine the correct Vastu plan and design

The next thing that you should do is go through the Ayadi calculations. Remember that ayadi calculations can always play a significant role in every context. You can decide the ratio and proportion of each room and outer area using this particular direction calculation. As per Vastu for house construction, there are nearly nine ayadi calculations that you may have undertaken to determine the location. The nine ayadi points are Aya, Var, Ansha, Dravya, Vyaya, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yog, and Aayu. 

Some fantastic tips are there that you should consider when you are indulged in planning and designing the house as per the Vastu Shastra. 

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

The bedroom, particularly the main bedroom, plays a significant role in our peaceful and happy life. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the bedroom in the right place. The southwest direction is considered one of the most promising directions for the house's main bedroom. However, you can also select west, west of southwest, north, and northwest direction as per the size of your house plot. However, you should ensure you never head in the north direction when sleeping as per the guidelines of Vastu for house construction. 

Vastu construction for kitchen

Southeast is the ideal direction which is the direction of the Agni Kona or the fire. It is the preferred direction and location for creating the kitchen on the Vastu map. However, you can also select the south or southeast direction, west, and northwest direction for the placement of the ideal kitchen per the Vastu for house construction. North and northeast are considered as the water elements. Therefore, you should refrain from building the kitchen in these areas. 

Tips for living room construction in Vastu 

Vastu for house construction is a comprehensive science that provides excellent tips and guidance for construction. The living will spend most of the time in the living room during the family recreational and social gatherings. It will also create the first impression on the guests of the house. If you connect the dining area with the living room, you should construct it in the north, east, northeast, or northwest direction. North and East directions are considered perfect for making the living room. 

Vastu guidelines for staircase

One should avoid building the stairs in the North East zone. Apart from this, one can apply the stairs in any other direction. People may need clarification about the correct placement of stairs, as per Vastu. Vastu Experts think that stairs are heavy and their placement in the South West or south direction is appropriate.

Ideal space for the construction of Pooja room

Pooja room is also considered one of the house's most important places. In the Pooja room, you can offer your prayers to the almighty. The preferable location for the room is the northeast direction. In Vastu for house construction, it is also called the Ishan zone. However, you can consult where the Vastu expert or designer. With the help of the perfect designer, you can also place it in the West zone of your home without any Vastu Dosha.

Dining room construction as per Vastu

The west direction is ideal for the construction of the dining room. However, it can also be constructed in the east or south direction when you want to attach them to the living rooms. It would help if you never made the massive distance in the dining space and kitchen for the abundance of wealth and happiness in your life.

The ideal place to construct the toilet and bathroom

Always remember that the northeast direction is considered the Ishaan zone of the Vastu. It is only suitable for auspicious businesses like shipping houses or Pooja places. There you should avoid building the toilets and bathroom in this direction. However, if you want to develop a bathroom without urinals, you can also select the east of northeast guidance or east direction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it reasonable for newlywed couples to live in the North East room?

Always remember that Vastu for house construction says that Southeast bedrooms are ideal. There you can get a peaceful sleeping experience, and the second most favorable direction to create your bedroom is North East bedroom. However, there should be open space towards the north and east direction for the best outcome.

Which is the most suitable direction for the construction of open entrance Gates?

Always remember that Vastu experts have deep knowledge and can help you live in any direction without any problem. There are some particular tips of Vastu that you can follow with principals. As far as boundary Gates are concerned east direction of the home is ideal. The gate must open inside the house.

Can we place our footwear in the basement of the house?

Vastu for house construction guide that the basement is also part of the house, and you can undoubtedly place your footwear in a proper shoe rack which is the situation in the basement. However, the direction of the house needed to be checked for this concern. If the basement is in the southwest direction of the house, it will not be a suitable place to put your shoes.

Is it terrible to build a house near the burial ground?

As per the Vastu for house construction, the flow of energy can significantly impact the house members. Therefore, you should avoid buying a home near the burial ground. Opposing forces are potent in such places, and they can certainly have a negative impact on the mindset of the members. Children of the house will be affected deeply by it, and it can be a long-lasting impact on their minds which is certainly not good. 

Can a house Vastu impact me when I am not even living there?

Your attachment to the house is the primary concern that can have an impact. Always remember that Vastu is going to keep your documents a secret. It is just the flow of energy; if you spend enough time there, it will settle and report the impact on you. Your attachment to that particular place and reason for going there is the next thing to check. It will affect when you are eating food, sleeping, or using the toilets of a home. Vastu for house construction requires special skills and knowledge and you should never forget to consult with Vastu expert for it. 

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