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Vastu For Store Room

Vastu For Store Room

Vastu For Store Room

Vastu for storeroom improves wealth, health and relationship

Vastu for storeroom improves the wealth, health and relationship when used properly. Store rooms provide great benefits of the space and one can adjust the use of the store room for many different purposes. It will also improve the usability of the things when you have the proper storage space. 

Commercial and domestic stores are highly popular everywhere these days and one should always ensure that Vastu principles are used in them to get the best benefits of the invested money on store rooms. 

Apart from this, you should always ensure that showrooms are created in a way that it must be safe and stable for the users. You can use the Vastu principles to make it auspicious for you and every user who is involved.

Importance of Vastu for storeroom

You should know that a store room can have a lot of negative and positive energy because different types of goods are stored there. But when everything is managed using the Vastu for storeroom principles it will be very easy for you to channel the energy properly. The principles of Vastu will help you a lot to make the perfect balance in different types of energy in your home and workspace. 

In the long run, it is going to provide you with excellent health, wealth, and happiness. By following all the rules and regulations of Vastu you will be able to use the complete space which will certainly increase your benefits of creating a store room. In addition to this, when you have proper management of Sunlight and air elements through Vastu Shastra it will also increase your productivity. 

Manage storeroom for excellent atmosphere 

All the parts which are used in the management and use of the store room will be able to get a harmonious and positive relationship. For example, serious fire incidents can happen when you have selected the wrong place for the generator and fire switches in the store room as per Vastu for storeroom. 

On the other hand, when you have well managed it your chances of getting a short circuit will be very low. In the same manner, the sunlight and fresh air management will ensure that users should not face any problems at the time of using the store room.

Vastu for mental peace with proper space 

Many people have a misconception that Vastu is going to have an impact only on the physical space or other aspects. You should know that Vastu is not just about physical space management rather it is more than that. When you use a space that harmonizes in every possible way using the Vastu for storeroom principles it is going to provide you with multiple benefits. Therefore, you should never be confused and use the rules of Vastu in the right manner. 

Improve quality of emotions with Vastu 

Vastu Shastra can improve the quality of your emotions, thoughts, and actions. In the long run, your intentions for your surroundings will also improve. It is certainly going to have a positive impact on your life. 

Therefore, you should never ignore the rules of Vastu for storeroom for any Kind of construction including your store room. You must have seen that some of the most important things are also placed in the store room when they are not needed. However, when we need them we are going to use them and they will certainly be a part of our lives. 

Manage store for good life 

Therefore, when you manage the store room full of positivity it is certainly going to have a positive impact in every aspect of your life. The rules are also applicable to stores that are constructed for commercial use. 

When there is no demand for goods in the market you are going to place them in the store room so that you can gain the profit by selling them on the high demand. Things will turn in your favor when you have managed everything with a positive attitude. The rules of Vastu for storeroom will help you to think clearly and take out the best benefits of every profit-making opportunity in the market.

Power of Vastu for store room

Vastu Shastra is so powerful that even after its invention it is still popular. Centuries ago the use of Vastu for storeroom was used for the creation of many types of structures which included temples, and forts, and gradually it became popular throughout the entire world. You can see that even after years of construction some ancient buildings are still in existence. 

Vastu helps them to maintain themselves without any external maintenance by balancing all the major elements. Vastu includes avoiding a range of Art and astronomy which is also an Alliance with astrology. Vastu for storeroom will help you a lot to manage adverse situations and it will also work as a guide for you to create a better life.

Ideal directions for store room as per Vastu

The ideal direction for the showroom must be situated in the Northwest or Southwest corner of the house. According to Vastu Shastra these directions or considered highly auspicious and provide optimistic results to the users and the selected creation of a showroom. This direction is considered highly auspicious and it will also help in the prevention of accumulating things in a corner. Along with this when you want to put many types of heavy equipment in the room you should select the southwest corner which is considered highly auspicious. 

Always remember that the north and east directions should be kept in need and clean free from any clutter. Therefore you should never create the storage room in the east or north direction of the house. It is better to have a store room that has two shutters according to the rules of Vastu for storeroom.

Height of the storeroom 

According to the rules of Vastu for storeroom, you should also pay attention to the height of the store room. The height of your store room should not be equal to the other rooms of the house. To get a good impact on the store room you should keep the height a little bit elevated as compared to the other rooms. The height of the store room must be out of reach of the children and light colors are considered auspicious for this particular direction.

For the storeroom, you can select the Yellow or white color to get the good vibrations. Sky blue color is also propagated through which you can create as a nice place for placing your goods safely. The light colors are highly appreciated in the store room because they are going to reflect the sunlight. The sun's rays will keep your storeroom free from harmful bacteria. It will also stop the problem of order and moisture. You will notice that all the things will remain safe when there is no moisture in the store room.

Placement of different types of goods in store

The storeroom is created so that you can put some access goods there but Vastu for storeroom states that you should fix the spaces as per the categories of the goods. It will help you to find the goods without any hassle and you will also get positive vibes by following the Vastu rules. 

Placement of articles like oil, buttermilk, and gas cylinders must be done in the southeast corner of the store room. These all articles belong to the fire element and the Southeast corner is dedicated to the fire energy of the atmosphere. In this way, you are going to manage a perfect balance by putting your good in this particular direction. Empty containers in the storage room or not considered auspicious there you should avoid placing them in the storage space.

Storage and negativity 

Vastu for storeroom states that storage room usually has negative energy because of this stagnant state of articles. At night time, you should never sleep in the storage room because it will hurt you. Furthermore, the vibrations of nonliving things are not considered good for the brain. The idol of God in this room should never be placed. However, you can hang a small picture of Lord Vishnu on the east wall.

Use space for water storage 

One can also use the storage space for storing the water. It is better to use large-size containers and pitchers for the storage of water. You should also pay attention to the size of the storage room. Ensure that the storage room has the proper space and it should not be regular in shape. According to the rules of Vastu for storeroom, it is good to have a square or rectangular shape for your storage space.

Items not to put in store room 

Storage rooms are never recommended for cash and jewelry storage. You should have a proper locker room in the Southwest direction of the house for the cash and precious ornaments. You should also avoid placing the important documents in your storage space.

Furthermore, they can lose or stolen easily when there is no proper security available. And it is also not considered auspicious according to the rules of Vastu for storeroom to place the cash and other important ornaments in this particular room of the house. 

Heavy goods in store room as per Vastu 

Try your best to keep the heavy goods in the Southwest direction of the storage and keep the Eastern area of the storage space free as much as you can to obtain the auspicious results from your storage space. If you want to put some food grains or other items you should select the Northwest John of the store room to keep them safe and auspicious for a long time as per Vastu for storeroom.

East part of the store

East part of the southeast corner of south or southwest direction and west of the northwest direction is considered highly appropriate for the junk store room. Therefore, you should make use of these directions when you are looking forward to placing the junk in the storage. 

Never forget that when you are using the storage for food and grains you have to take care of Sunlight and ventilation. It is better to keep the windows in the east and north direction of the storage space. By keeping the windows in the east and north direction you will be able to be sure that most of the time sunlight can enter according to Vastu for storeroom.

You should never select the north zone of the house for the storage space because it is going to stop the progress in your career. It will also hurt the cash inflow.

Earth element and store room 

Always remember that the Earth element is closely attached to the store room. You should try your best to keep the store room in the direction which is friendly with earth elements. There should not be any kind of contradiction with the earth's elements because anti-elements of the earth will create in balance of the energy which will not be auspicious according to Vastu for storeroom. Store rooms that are situated in the wrong direction are going to create serious trouble for the members of the family.

Conclusion – Vastu for storeroom

Whenever you are in or out you should consider taking the professional services of online Vastu experts. Always remember that they have years of working experience. They also have deep knowledge about the various segments that the Vastu Shastra must cover. Natives can take the services of professional Vastu for storeroom experts and gain the proper advice to create the store room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things that I should keep in mind at the time of building a store room in the house?

Vastu for storeroom says that you should always remember that the store room should be created in the correct direction. If you have any electricity give and to place in the store room you should choose the southeast direction. However, for the placement of food grains, you should select the northwest direction which is going to provide you with the most accurate results. 

Is it important to do Vastu for storeroom?

Most of the time, the store room is not given much attention during the construction of the house. But you should know the fact that store room can create a big difference and it can also hurt the house members when created in the wrong direction. Therefore, you should pay proper attention to this context and ensure that Vastu for storeroom principles are used in the creation of the store room in the house as well. 

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