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KP Astrology

KP System (Krishnamurthy Paddhati)

There are various schemes which can be used in astrology for determining positions of planets and then by using them, astrologers can predict the chances of happening of any event. Krishnamurthy Paddhati of Astrology is also one such system which is used very often to predict events in the future with higher accuracy. It is also known as KP astrology in short where KP obviously stands for Krishnamurthy Paddhati. KP system study was devised by Shri K.S. Krishnamurthy who is considered as one of the most famous astrologers of all time.

Before KP astrology, Vedic astrology was prevalent in India. Shri K.S. Krishnamurthy studied various aspects of Vedic astrology and western astrology and he himself developed a new system of studies which is known as KP system. This system of astrology is highly accurate and is very easy to use for astrologers and hence there are lesser chances of human errors. Birthastro is the most useful website which offer you the advice of one of the best KP astrologers in India.

Birthastro brings you another dedicated astrological service free of cost to you. KP or Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrology Software is based on the study of Stellar Astrology. In this, stars are studied to predict an event accurately in one's life. It is most simple and famous in Hindu astrologyas it is easy to apply and understand conceptually. This software service is of great help to you as well as astrologers to predict an event in most accurate manner.

KP Astrology considers that the houses are not equally divided into 12 divisions but based on the cusps. In this software from Birthastro, the houses are measured from cusp to cusp. Cusp is deemed as the point of connectionor node between two houses. The accuracy of giving any correct prediction with this software will of great help to you. This software can certainly give you an idea for important events and moments in life. It will be important for an astrologer to know this technique as it minimizes the difference between the predictions.


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Origin of KP Astrology

This software from Birthastro is based on the technique of astrological science which was invented by Late Shri Krishnamurti in order to revolutionize predictions in Vedic Astrology. It is a simplest technique to predict an event accurately. Earlier, astrologer find difficultly in predicting the certainty of an event. So, Shri Krishnamurti invented this technique to simplify the work for astrology. KP system is also called to be a modernized form of Vedic Astrology.

Description of Krishnamurthy Paddhati

There are 12 zodiac signs in KP astrology which are also called Rashi. Each one of them corresponds to some planet. The complete sky is considered as a circle and all the 12 planets are supposed to revolve around this circle. Since the complete 360 degrees of the circle is divided into 12 Rashi each of the zodiac signs gets 30 degrees of angle. Each zodiac sign is further divided into 27 stars or Nakshatra which equally share that 30-degree angle of the planet and hence each star subtends 13 degrees 20 minutes of angle to the center of the circle.

Now comes the most important part which is highly significant in the KP system of astrology, that is sub-lords. Each of the star or Nakshatra is further divided into 9 divisions and each of these divisions has some lord which is set to reside in that division. This lord is called sub-lord of that division. This concept of sub-lords is the main core of KP astrology. Each of the planets has different properties but stars or Nakshatra are considered more powerful in KP astrology as they have stronger magnetic waves.

The basic idea of preparing the chart in KP astrology is inspired from Bhava Chalit chart which is a highly used chart in Vedic astrology. Almost all the rules for preparing the chart in KP astrology are the same as that of Vedic astrology. It should be noted that the natural auspiciousness of different planets which ia used in Vedic astrology has no significance in KP astrology as it works on growth factor and a descendant factor which automatically accommodates the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of different planets.

Calculation techniques of KP Astrology

Birthastro’s KP Astrology software calculates on the basis of the stellar system of prediction and its Sub Lords. The concept of KP astrology is quite similar to Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology but with certain deviations as well. This system also believes in 12 Zodiac Signs. Zodiac sign is further divided into 27 identical parts which are called as Stars. Each star is further divided into 9 divisions, called as Sub. This 9 division of star are "Sub Lords" in KP system and a real concept of KP Astrology. This is based on proper evaluation and applications of sub lords. This technique of separating the zodiac in KP astrology is quite comparable to Vedic Astrology.

Basic Principles of KP Astrology

There are certain principles which are to be followed in KP astrology. These principles are the most fundamental laws which help astrologers in predicting any event using this system of astrological study. Some of these principles are mentioned here.

  • Any planet which is residing in some house may even interfere with the results of the previous and next houses to it. But it depends on different degrees of different planets.
  • There are many factors which affect the significator of different houses. These factors include the house itself, planets in the star of that house, owner of the given house and planets in the star of the owner of that house.
  • The sign lord is believed to give results which depend upon the house in which it is residing.
  • There are some houses which get activated due to some other houses in the Mahadasha period. These houses are referred to as significator houses. Once any planet's Mahadasha starts, it will affect all of its significator houses.
  • The predictions about the event can be done using the sub-lords of a certain house and according to the Kundali which is based on its significator houses.

These principles are used by astrologers to predict the chances of happening of an event and previous use of KP astrology has given many positive effects and that is the reason why it is accepted not just in India but all over the world.

Differences Between KP astrology and Vedic Astrology

Although KP astrology is just a modernized version of Vedic astrology there are some differences between them. KP astrology just uses a different system for analysis for different planets and their sub-lords.

  • The house division system used in Vedic astrology is generally Sripathi house system but in KP astrology, Placidus house division system is used.
  • In KP, the dashas of each and every planet and its significator house is to be determined while on the other hand, Vedic astrology requires the only dasha of the moon for most of the purposes.
  • KP astrology differs from Vedic astrology in the fact that it uses western astrology principles more often.

Uses of KP Astrology

KP Janmpatri

Krishnamurthy Janmpatri is one of the most important astrological materials which uses KP astrology. It is prepared by finding out the positions of different planets and their sub-lords according to the principles of the KP system study. It is used to predict many events about the future of the newborn baby. Websites like Birthastro provide a great online platform for making Krishnamurthy birth chart.

KP Kundali

KP astrology Kundali can be prepared at any stage of life to get an insight about your future. It is probably the best way to predict different Instances during a lifetime. KP astrologers are available all over India and also at various online websites like Birthastro and many more.

KP Horoscope

KP horoscope can be predicted with the help of underlying principles of KP astrology. Horoscopes are developed according to the KP zodiac signs and are very much effective. There are many websites which provide free software to find horoscope and Kundali according to KP astrology.

Removing Doshas

KP astrology is not just about predicting but with the help of several positions of different planets, astrologers can even suggest many measures to eliminate different doshas in your KP astrology Kundali.