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Pisces - Complete Meaning of Pisces Zodiac Sign

Introduction and History of Pisces Zodiac Sign :

Pisces is the 12th and the final Zodiac sign, lies in the first quadrant of the northern hemisphere between Aquarius in the west (precisely South west), and Aries in the east. The sun transits in the sign between Febuary19th and March20th and people born in this time are also known as the ‘fishes’. Pisces takes the twelfth 30 degrees of the zodiac circle and spins between 330° to 360 or 0°of the circle. The sun’s elliptical path intersects earth’s equator in this sign precisely in march. It represents the spring or Vernal Equinox. It is one of the three Water signs, alongside with Cancer and Scorpio, and has a Mutable modality. It marks the ending time of the winter, where the spring season is about to begin. It symbolizes starting as well the ending times of the seasons. Its symbol is ‘Fishes’ or ‘The Two Fishes’, which is originating from the constellation of Pisces in the Northern celestial sky. It is believed to be ruled by two planets Neptune and Jupiter.

The constellation is located in an area of the sky which is referred to as Water or sea, as it consist water related constellations like ‘Delphinus’(The Dolphin), ‘Capricornus’(The Sea goat), Aquarius and Eridanus(The River) etc. The stars of this constellation are faint, which is why this constellation is difficult to be seen by the naked eyes in the night sky. Pisces constellation coincided with Aquarius constellation, and the Aquarius took most of its position in the sky, because of this reason it is hard to locate its present position. It is the 14th largest constellation overall but due to its division its size is not that big. This constellation is divided into four sub groups namely, Southern and northern Fish and the northern and southern cords. There is no prominent star in this constellation.

The Latin meaning of this Zodiac sign is the fish. Pisces is firstly recorded in abound 2300BC precisely, on an Egyptian coffin lid. This constellation has various associations in different cultures of different times. In the Greek mythology, this constellation is related to Goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. In the Golden age, they both are believed to be stuck with the monster ‘Typhon’, and jumped into the sea to save their lives from the monster. They both transformed their selves into fishes in order to confuse the monster. Another legend states that two fishes came to the rescue of these divinities, and to gratify these fishes, they were placed in the sky amongst other stars as Pisces constellation. In Babylonian times, this constellation is often termed as ‘The Tails’, picturing two fishes swimming in the opposite directions. These fishes portrayed swimming in the opposite direction, represents the duality of the Pisces core nature.

Personality of Pisces Zodiac Sign :

Pisces natives are highly intuitive, compassionate and emotional beings, which is rooted in their very core personality. They are often friendly and selfless people, who are always willing to help others, without expecting almost anything in return. They usually have an innocent intent for mostly everyone, but as long as they don’t expect anything in return. These natives can be extremely spiritual, which can be seen in their actions clearly.

Pisces is a sign of Mutable modality, which can help them to adapt and transform in accordance to the surroundings. Its modern ruler being planet Neptune can make them easily connect with art, music or any sort of liberal expression. It is a water sign, ending the cycle along with cancer and Scorpio. These natives are characterized by empathy and an incredible emotional capacity. They are tolerant people, who can bear incredibly painful things and situations, which other people may have collapsed facing. They do too much for other people with good and pure intentions, forgetting about their own well being in the process.

The impact of emotions on these natives is so huge, that it can make them do things which they are unwilling to do, and they may start to feel powerless at that point. These natives tend to get overly emotional and can lack logic or a practical approach. Fear plays a big factor here, which can drive them away from their true well wishers and loved ones. They form relationships with people, who they think can connect with them by heart. They may feel betrayed or hurt by people, who they have never expected will hurt them, and at that point they become highly vulnerable. They even stop being free spirited, which they should be, when they are with a right person. In desperation, they may reach out to people who can’t understand them, and can take their advantage, use or abuse them, emotionally and physically. This vulnerable side may help them to connect with new people, but being expressive and overly trusting, their new friends or partners can easily see their sensitive side, and may start to use it for the sake of their own wants and benefits. They have to learn to keep their boundaries extremely strong, and don’t get over powered by their temporary emotions.

Pisces core personality is sensitive, intuitive, compassionate and warm, but they prefer not to show it to everyone. People who can see this side of theirs should consider themselves lucky. These natives believe in true soul mates, and rather than focusing on casual love and romance, they prefer to look for a special one. They don’t connect by heart with everyone, and if they do connect with someone, he/she will be the one for them. These natives should never give up on their relationships, as they have a potential of bringing a soulful and healing energies to every relationship. Sooner or later, their soul mate may realize this, and will start to make every possible effort for their happiness and to be with them. After knowing and completely understanding these natives, they may start wanting them forever in their lives, and may be beyond that.


PISCES DATES Febuary 19 - March 20
SYMBOL Two Fishes
RULER PLANET Neptune and Jupiter
BASIC COLOUR Purple, White, Violet and Sea Green
LUCKY METAL Germanium and Strontium
HOUSE Twelfth
LUCKY NUMBERS 3, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24
LUCKY GEM Aquamarine, Jade

Traits of Pisces Zodiac Sign

Strengths :

Gentle, Wise, Compassionate, Sensitive, Selfless, Artistic, Idealistic, Intuitive, Sympathetic, Spiritual, Empathetic, Forgiving and Soulful Healing energies..

Pisces natives are friendly people, who tend to be selflessly compassionate and empathetic towards people. They have a heart to see good in everything, and can give benefit of doubt to the people they truly care about, and can forgive them easily. Their very core personality is highly sensitive, intuitive and sympathetic. They are wise and gentle enough to know the importance of the relationships, and can take care of them with their soulful healing energies. They can mend even broken relations if the listen to their heart, and if they really want it to work. Their actions can reflect their belief in spirituality, and the importance of having faith. They do have a love for art and try to follow the optimistic approach in life.

Weaknesses :

Emotional, overly trustful, Sensitive, Codependency, Vulnerable and depressed, Bad judgments.

Weaknesses of Pisces natives are well grounded from their strengths like sensitivity, which can be used as strength as well be their weakness. Their every weakness is interlinked in such a way that it will generate other, but being emotionally vulnerable in front of wrong people is the root of their major weaknesses. They think of world to be as good as they are, and can easily become codependent emotionally on a bad person. They cannot be a good judge of a person’s character and intentions, which makes them easily vulnerable and available to be used, abused or taken advantage of, emotionally as well physically. People may use them for their own benefits and to get what they want from them, as they can be overly trusting and vulnerable towards them. These natives can be victimized for the things they haven’t been guilty for, unknowingly and unwontedly. In order to escape from this feeling of being victimized, these natives are constantly searching for an escape from the reality. They are also criticized by people for many things that they hate, and in turn this can make them hurt and depressed.

Season and Mode of Pisces Zodiac sign

Late winter and Mutable Mode :

Pisces is the last of the four Mutable Modalities, which includes Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces itself. All of them carry the basic strength of possessing effortless fluidity in the ending of the seasons. This season begins on Febuary19th, and marks the ending phase of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, where season is ready for the change and transformation.

At, this point of the year, sun again starts to increase its strength, and starts to radiate better heat and light when compared with the middle of the season. This may give rejuvenating, healing and nourishing ability to the Pisces natives, which is often more sensual and intuitive during this time of the year.

Element of the Pisces Zodiac sign

Water Sign :

The Water element shares its group with Pisces, alongside with Cancer and Scorpio. Water is believed to give rejuvenating, Cleaning, Healing and nourishing abilities to these natives. The Water sign is believed to have Feminine and self contained qualities. Pisces relation to emotions, sensuality and sensitivity, are all because of the structure and influence of the Water element. These natives are intuitive, well aware of their feelings and tend to be overly emotional, lacking logic and a practical approach for life. They prefer to connect with people with the help of their vulnerable sides, but only in the case if they want to do so.

Ruler Planets of Pisces Zodiac Sign :

Jupiter as Ruler :

Jupiter is the assigned ruler of both Pisces and Sagittarius. Sagittarius was thought to be Jupiter's day home, and Pisces which is high intuitive and sensual, was considered as the night home of this planet. Pisces being a symbol of Compassion and Sensitivity, should allow Jupiter to be as optimistic and masculine, as it prefer to be, when placed at this home. But, as the planet is considered to be the night home of the sign, it cannot express itself completely as its traits gets suppressed, when placed in Pisces. Those born with Jupiter in Pisces will have a great sense of spirituality, and a strong belief in the unseen forces of the universe, which will help them to gain a bigger perspective of life and a better understanding of its meaning.

Neptune as Ruler :

Neptune is believed to be the modern ruler of the Pisces zodiac sign, and being a modern leader, people born under this ruler planet have a better perspective of their realities. This is the reason why these natives constantly want an escape route from reality, as they can clearly assess all the responsibilities and their troubles. The planet gives these natives, the strength to rediscover themselves whenever they feel a need to do so.

House Ruler of Pisces Zodiac sign :

Twelfth House :

In the modern divination system of the Twelve Alphabet, each zodiac sign dominates one of the twelve houses in the birth chart. This renaming was created to match the symbols associated with related house titles. Pisces is assigned to the final realm of the Zodiac circle, the twelfth house.

The twelfth house is associated to old ages, surrendering from the reality and the last stages of life. It is also believed to be linked to the perception of the afterlife. This house helps these natives to have a better perspective of life and death, and a much stronger belief in the spiritual world.

This house is also associated with the harsh realities of the life, due to its link with the institutions like Hospitals, Jails, Court houses, rehab centers etc. of eccentricity, originality, inventions, future orientation, friendship, networking, collective associations and gifts. The social and intellectual pursuits of this Zodiac sign are aligned with the concerns of this house. Since Neptune is believed to be a modern ruler for Pisces, it invites a sub signature of the strong belief system, to this house.

Eleventh House Interference

The ruler of Pisces, planet Neptune is said to have found his joy and happiness in the eleventh house of gifts, alliances, networking, team spirit, originality, eccentricity, inventions and future orientation, in the birth chart. The Eleventh house was also called the house of the friendships and hopes. This has to do with the fact that Jupiter that can make these natives to gain a better perspective of life, with the feeling of being elevated spiritually and being re discovered. As a result, Jupiter can happily present its unlimited and optimistic offerings here.

Career Options of Zodiac Sign Pisces :

Pisces natives are highly intuitive and dreamy, so the professions where they can connect, dream and follow their intuition will be highly suited for these natives. They have an urge to work for a higher cause, where they can contribute towards the betterment of the society. They can develop excellent leadership roles in the religious community, where their skills of listening, communicating, and healing can all be put on to work. They would love to work in the field, where they can heal or at least contribute towards the healing process. Their work should be filled with faith devotion and a vision to keep them going. They prefer to hide their true selves behind the masks of their occupation. These natives are highly spiritual, which can help them work in a very certain types of professions. There love to invent, discover and innovate, will open few of the career doors for them.

Pisces natives generally prefer inner peace rather than seeking intensely hard work roles. They are achievers with high aspirations to do better and better in their professions. This will help these natives to stay focused and dedicated towards their work and as a result, will do excellent in their respective work lives. Few of the top performers in every field are most likely to be a Pisces native. May it be the field of medical, arts, science, acting or music, Pisces can be seen performing exceptionally well. Few of the highly innovative minds, like Sir Albert Einstein and Sir Steve Jobs are Pisces natives. Dr. ````` Singh, ENT specialist, Dr. Samiksha Sharma, Dentist and oral care provider, Dr Jagdish Raj, Psychiatrist, are all the leading Pisces personalities in the field of healing. Celebrities like Amir Khan, Shahid Afirdi, Viv Richards, Alia bhat, Justin biber, Bruce Wills, Rihana, all are Pisces who are equally doing excellent work in their respective fields.

These natives believe in award rather than reward. This will mean that they would want to be appreciated for their work even if that involves hard work, rather than earning high finances but contributing nothing to the society. They are usually more focused towards their dream and goal and the only reason they will try to earn high finances would be, if they want to fulfill a childhood dream or a goal. Based on all these traits and attributes few of the professions for these natives can include;





Artists like Musicians and dancers.

Scientists or inventors.


Astrologers .

Writers etc.

Financial managements of Pisces Zodiac Sign :

In case of financial management, Pisces can be considered as lucky. They usually feel content with whatever they earn. They are well away from the greed of the material world and its shine. They focus on saving or investing their finances for their hidden dream or a goal. Good news for these natives is that they can easily save money for their tough times as well as save invest money for any future oriented goal or a dream, without any helping hand from the outside.

Love and Relationships of Pisces Zodiac Sign :

Pisces natives are considered to be the most unlucky in love and romantic relationships, even after being extremely gentle and caring towards their loved ones. They may do everything for their partners with good and pure intentions, forgetting about their own well being in the process. They have a selfless love for their partners, and are happy to give rather than take. Relationship means sacrifice for these natives, and they are most likely to be the submissive partner in a relationship.

Their deep love and empathy makes a very special bond with their partners. They are highly passionate and intense in a relationship, and treat their relation with utmost importance. A relationship with these natives is like a rollercoaster ride for their partner, as they are most likely to feel wide range of emotions, and this may help them to become a better and honest person. They always expect their partner to be open, expressive and to bring out the best in them, as they always give their best shot from their side. Pisces natives can also be considered as hopeless romantics, who tend to hang on to their past relations for a very long time.

They are likely to enter a relationship expecting a movie love or a fairytale romance, but this can be a major reason for their failed love story. They tend to get future oriented very quickly, and may ruin things that are destined for them at the right time and right moment. They may start pressurizing their partner for their unrealistic expectations, draining them on mental as well as emotional level. When their expectations are not satisfied, they may start to get irritated and their passion will soon turn into aggression or anger. They don’t like to live in the reality and always search an escape route from the real relationship issues, because they hate endings of the relationship. They can make impulsive decisions while ending a relationship, which they may regret later. Post a broken relationship, Pisces natives are most likely to stay in their heads, and will isolate themselves from the exterior world.

Pisces, being one of the most codependent and emotional signs, believe in true soul mates, and rather than focusing on casual love and romance, they prefer to look for their special one. They don’t connect by heart with everyone, and if they do connect with someone, he/she will be the one for them. But still whenever things get tough in their relationships, they can easily be seen stepping back from their partner and the relationship. This may lead them to lose their soul mate, probably who would have needed them the most during those hard times.

These natives should never give up on their relationships, as they have a potential of bringing a soulful and healing energies to every relationship. Sooner or later, their soul mate may realize this, and will start to make every possible effort for their happiness and to be with them. After knowing and completely understanding these natives, their partner may start wanting them forever in their lives, and may be for beyond that. If everything works out ok for these natives, they can live an unexpectedly extremely happy life.

Pisces Zodiac sign with Friends and Family :

Pisces with Friends :

Pisces natives can be excellent friends for the natives, who are patient enough to wait for their compassion and warmth. They are great friends with a spirit of selfless love, who always try to put their friends ahead of them, without expecting anything in return. These natives may be lost, confused, change their plans, but will always make sure to make their open heart talks and compassion enough to keep their loved ones close to them.

They need to be friends with the people, who always know their worth, and respect their boundaries enough to understand them in a better way. These natives need their closed friends to be their most valuable asset in the time of need, when they are emotionally vulnerable, and are taking bad impulsive decisions.

Pisces with Family :

Pisces natives are highly intuitive beings, who don’t need words to know that there is something wrong and unpleasant going on in their families. The try to give the same affection and warmth to their family, they have received by them from their very childhood. While starting their own family, these natives need to keep in mind, that it’s not perfection that they should seek in their family; it should always be about inner peace amongst all of them.

Pisces Compatibility with other Signs :

In order to check Pisces’s compatibility with other signs, other element interactions should also be taken into consideration.

Water Signs :

Water signs go well with Pisces sensitivity and are emotionally highly compatible. They speak the same language of the soul and share intellectual, creative, and accurate knowledge among themselves beyond words.

Cancer with Pisces is a fun, sensitive, and caring match. They are both interested in the work of the healing service and would love to share their secrets with each other. They form a good team and agree on how to build a healthy home. They understand and empathize with each other's deepest feelings, providing sympathetic support for each other.

Scorpio and Pisces share a secret love affair and will probably explore spiritual and philosophical ideas in a relationship. This is a harmonious combination of naturally intelligent, artistic, and other worldly signs. They share the love of mystery and the inner connect of the mind and soul. Scorpio is the brave of the two, and promotes Pisces, to move outside of its comfort zone.

Pisces with Pisces may have a strong connection and understanding between them. However, they may be so similar that they can be lost in a world of their own. They may be intelligent participants and explore spiritual processes together, but they will need to remember to make time to break out of their lonely thinking and enjoy activities that can help them to stay focused.

Air Signs :

Intellectual, Communicative and curious, Air signs can be fun in the starting of Pisces’s world of emotions and compassion, but will finally find natives of the Air signs hard to relax and maintain peace with.

Gemini and Pisces form a square element with each other in the zodiac circle, so their very different natures may serve different purposes for them. Although, both these signs share a common Mutable mode, still they are very different from each other in many different ways. Gemini is restless, talkative, and always fascinated by facts and knowledge, whereas Pisces think before speaking and focuses on the universal truths. In the end they may have a contradictory ground.

Libra and Pisces have some similarities. They both seek peace, balance and calmness in their lives. Libra is more of an extrovert, whereas Pisces is very sensitive and mostly roams only in their heads. So, they usually don’t share the same space. Libra also tries to keep the conversation simple and blunt, while Pisces seeks depth, making it difficult for them to communicate in the long run.

Aquarius and Pisces are very different from their very core personalities and don’t share anything common in between them. They both have different modes, elements and planet rulers. Aquarius is dry and indifferent, while Pisces is sensitive and secretive, so they may speak very different love languages. Generally it is not be a satisfying match for a long time, but they share a common ground of intellect between them, and if that factor works for them, it can create something extraordinary and unique between them.

Earth Signs :

Earth signs bring about a coherent and vital understanding in the relationship with Pisces. The active and orderly Earth and the heart and water blend well, helping Pisces to become more active and focused.

Capricorn and Pisces are well-matched, and Capricorn offers patience and work in the dreamy world of Pisces. Pisces reminds Capricorn of its mysterious side, and Capricorn helps Pisces to formulate their own unique ideas. They can be encouraging and complementary couple, and will have many useful resources to share.

Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs in the zodiac circle, which can form a polarizing pair. Virgo provides the structure and attention to the details in the dreamy life of Pisces, and Pisces helps Virgo to know the value of being comfortable and relaxing. Each one has a little something that the other needs, so together they can fill the whole picture. However, their different thought processes may sometimes test the patience of others.

Taurus and Pisces is a fun game. They both enjoy spending their time together and exploring the wonderful things the world has to offer. Taurus helps Pisces get in touch with their selves and patiently support their emotional needs, whereas Pisces helps Taurus to stay in touch with the mysteries of life and be less materialistic.

Fire Signs :

Sensitive and secretive Pisces may find volatile and aggressive fire signs a great challenge to associate with. Fire signs are very specific and powerful, which these gentle natives may find very difficult

Aries and Pisces share little resemblance. In many ways, they are very different, but not in a complimenting form for each other. Aries is assertive and has an individual personality, whereas Pisces ruled by Jupiter is expressive and sacrificing. they really are very different from really integrating.

Sagittarius and Pisces share in Jupiter's rule, which can help them find harmony and understanding. They are both mysterious people looking for ideas, but they have very different ways of evaluation. Sagittarius loves to roam, where Pisces needs to back off, so they may disagree about how to spend time together. In addition, their signs form a square element with each other in the zodiac, which can indicate a conflict.

Leo and Pisces do not share anything in common. It is as if they were having a difficult time understanding each other's unique circumstances. Leo's selfish ambitions may be in direct conflict with Pisces's soulful and humanitarian love. Leo may feel forgotten or ignored when Pisces returns to solitude, making it difficult for the two of them to find a consistent rhythm.

Health Aspect for Pisces Zodiac Sign :

In ancient astronomical medicine, the four elements of personality were connected to the four essential fluids and the four essential constitutions. Pisces is a water sign, and is therefore associated with phlegmatic temperament, which was understood to be cold and damp. Phlegmatic temperament was thought to be linked to moisture and fat in the body and the production of phlegm, which lubricates tissues and protects them from infection. Phlegm, however, can be a source of constitutional inequality, and is often overprotected when Pisces is sick or inactive.

The main health related problem that these natives can face is primarily their stress levels. They often get sick by worrying too much or getting stressed out. Pisces often have a weak immune system. They have to take care of their bones and joints, especially in their backs, as their back is highly prone to injuries. They also have to take good care of their Lymphatic nodes and stay fully hydrated to avoid any further health issues. These natives have to take proper and healthy diets, in order to continue their fight with weak immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pisces natives love to work in the environment, where they can use their core skills of being intuitive, sensitive, Creative and imaginative. They love professions where they have an opportunity to heal someone, and work for a higher cause. Based on these attributes and many more few well suited professions for these natives include;

Doctors, Teachers, Priests, Artists, Counselors, Therapists and many more.

Pisces natives are warm, affectionate, caring and emotional personalities, which can be highly submissive in their relations. It is in their very core nature to stay calm and usually don’t make a big deal out of anything. They are in a continuous search for their soul mates, and may lose many of its dominant characteristics along the way.

Gemini and Aquarius bring playfulness, socialization, and curiosity for Aries.

Libra brings softness, justice, and peace to Aries.

Being considered as unlucky in love and romance, ‘The Fishes’ don’t connect easily with anyone, and it takes a special soul to make them feel truly connected. But once these natives finally find someone they can talk with their open heart, there is nothing more attractive and romantic than these natives. Their special bond can be used as an ideal example of a strong and true romantic bond.

Pisces natives are believed to be the most vulnerable and codependent sign in all the Zodiac. But only their soul mate or their true friend might know their vulnerable side. They usually hide their pains and sorrows behind their beautiful smiles.