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Best Vastu Colours For Home

Best Vastu Colours For Home

best vastu colours for home

Vastu colors for house is the best way to make the atmosphere favorable and positive

You must have heard from many people that colours can significantly impact our psychological health. Vastu Shasta also considers Vastu colours for home, which can bring prosperity and happiness. It will substantially impact your mental health, and the correct arrangement of colors will undoubtedly improve the flow of good energy in your house.

Significant role - Vastu colours for house

House has a significant role in one's life because we relax in the house and have a good time to rest. It gives us the energy and strength required to face the next day's challenges. With the arrangement of perfect Vastu colours for house, you can open the door to the entire universe and attract the positive energy flowing in these surroundings. If you want to feel fashion healthy, you must pay attention and maintain an appropriate balance of Vastu colours for your home.

Need to change the colours 

By changing the colors of your rooms, kitchen, bedroom, etc., you can improve the stimulation of positive emotions in the house members. Vastu gives vast guidelines for the colours. Indeed there are dedicated colors or every direction and wall through which you can open the doors of happiness and positive Vibes in your house.

Vastu studies deeply about the different elements which are associated with colors. You can optimize your space for a better life through the perfect arrangement of dedicated colours to their parts. It will uplift the entire atmosphere and give you a pleasing experience of living in that space.

Making every space perfect with Vastu Colours

Vastu believes that every direction has its impact and the requirement of colours. The next thing is making the positive energy flow properly in the house will also require selecting the correct colours if that particular area of the house. Keeping the color combinations in context to their elements and directions is necessary. The wall color of the balcony and kitchen makes a difference. Indeed you can take the help of Vastu experts to know the Vastu colour chart, which is dedicated to the different points of the house. When coloring the rooms, consider taking professional advice from a Vastu expert who studied Vastu colors for home. 

Why is it necessary to follow the Vastu Colour chart?

You must know that it is necessary to follow the US colour chart because the positive elements will not work in this absence. For the free flow of positive energy and regular production of positive vibes, you must prefer the Vastu chart, through which you can always make a positive environment. 

Keep the five elements balanced with Vastu Colour.

The entire Vastu works on the five elements. These elements are air, Earth, water, fire, and sky. Always remember that when you choose the colours per the Vastu guidelines, all five aspects will be balanced, and start working for the good of your life.

Vastu colors to balance the air element 

The air element in Vastu Shasta represents closeness to Mother Nature and openness. One can present this particular element using lighter shades of green and yellow. One can also use pastel colors to represent air elements. With the help of Vastu colors for house, one can manage air elements. Such colours must be used where openness is required in the house, like in the living room. Therefore, one should use the yellow color and light green color in the house's living room. 

Earth element and Vastu colors 

Earth provides stability to everyone, and in the same manner, this particular element must be balanced using the same class of colours in the home, for the exam, bedroom, living room, etc. Earthy colours can make the perfect balance in the Earth's elements. Brown, green, white, and beige colors are earthy, and individuals can also use natural materials in their decoration. 

Water element and Vastu Colours

Water always expresses the feeling of relaxation among the house members. The water element is also present in the bathroom and bedroom. Therefore, one can use the different shades of blue to manage the house's water element. Sea green color can also be used as it represents the water elements. 

Vastu colors to manage fire elements 

The element of fire stands for light and a significant amount of energy. One should use this element for the kitchen and living room. Red, orange, and colours associated with the fire elements should be used to make the perfect balance. For excellent results, one should make the ideal combination of this with neutral colors, which is one of the popular ways of getting good results with Vastu colours for home. 

Vastu colors to manage sky

The living room's entrance, a meditation space in the house, is associated with the space or sky elements. One can use cream, white, and shades of pastels to make the perfect hormone with this particular element. 

Things to remember while applying Colours

Always remember that the excessiveness of anything is wrong. The same rule is also applicable to the colour applications in Vastu. For example, individuals who are suffering from depression and anxiety should not use the red color. 

Similarly, excessive use of the water element color blue can bring the health issues like cough and cold. Therefore, one must use the Vastu colours moderately to optimum energy utilization. The good thing is that Vastu expert online services are available for the minimum time, money, and effort. Vastu colors for home offers remarkable help in this context and one can regulate the flow of energy in the house with it.

Natural light in the house energizes colors. 

Sunlight is essential for the house because it gives positive energy to the colours of the house. You will find that when there is plenty of Sunlight, every room will look very positive and energetic. The room's colors will also look slightly different when enough Sunlight is available. 

When light colors are used and a good amount of natural light, the room will look more spacious. When reflecting on the dark colours, natural light will look cozy and complete. Vastu colours for home guide you to choose the appropriate colors for every space which use the natural light in the best way. 

Directions and Vastu colors

Vastu Shastra believes every direction must be optimized for the energy flow using suitable colours. Therefore, one must know about the appropriate colors for every direction. 

West direction:

The west direction is dedicated to the water element in the Vastu. Therefore, it is highly suitable for the use of blue and white colors. Sea blue is also an appropriate color for this particular direction of the house. 

South and south-east

South is the direction for the Earth's elements. It is also called the direction of Yam, the lord of death. Therefore, using silver, white, orange, and pink colors is better. Using suitable colors in this direction can kill all the evil energies floating like clouds in the house. It will remove enemies and give them protection against diseases. 


Southwest also has the earth element, which brings stability to the life of human beings. It is related to physical, social, and professional strength. One can choose the appropriate color to ensure that financial stability is also there as per Vastu colors for home. Individuals can select the peach, mud color, or light brown color to maintain this direction correctly. 

Things to remember while selecting colors

Vastu experts think that the house's color must be selected based on the house's date of birth and direction. It will positively impact the house members, and one can live a healthy and prosperous life. 

House owners must select the colors appropriately as per the rules of Vastu colors for home. It is wise to choose the colors correctly and ensure that black, red, and pink colors are used less. The house owner must be meticulous when using dark colors as they can attract negative energy to the house. 

Vastu Colours for a home for walls

Selecting the Vastu colors appropriately per your date of birth and favorable planet can be very beneficial. Before choosing the Vastu colours, you should also know about the lucky number from the numerology. A numerologist can quickly resolve your issue and tell you to select a particular color for your bedroom. 

Lord Shani governs the West wall color, and it is appropriate to select the grey color. It will be the ideal color for this particular corner and bring prosperity. 

Water element 

The element of water and air highly influence the North wall color as guided in Vastu colors for house. Remember that the north direction is one of the most promising directions of the house, and it belongs to wealth.  

Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber reside in this direction. There you should select the color which should attract the money. It is believed that the entire cash enters the house from this direction. Green or Pista color is appropriate for the north direction light blue color. 

You must always use pleasant Colors for this particular direction. Never use the dark color in this direction. You will notice that when you use a dark color in this direction, you may face financial crises and difficulties. 

Green Colour

Green is also an appropriate color you should use in the north direction because Mercury governs it. North east direction is controlled and managed by Jupiter's planet. Therefore, you can also use the yellow color, Jupiter's favorite color. 

Vastu colors for home ensure that the south wall colors must have a red color. The Mars planet rules this direction, and users can use the red color or orange color in this direction to make a perfect balance. 

The East wall must have an orange color because this direction is governed by the Sun. Users should prefer to use the red color in the South East direction. 

Shani or Saturn has the west direction of the house. Therefore, house owners must use the grey color on the west wall to get the perfect results from the Vastu principles. 

Colors for the entrance gate 

The front door must contain soft colors to get the entire peaceful environment. White, silver, or wooden colors are highly suitable for the entrance colors. One can also make it sync with the hall color combinations using the Vastu colors for house. The house's color must be decided based on the direction in which the door opens. In most cases, you will find that lighter shades are appropriate for the main gates. 

Vastu Colours for kid's room

As per the Vastu, one can also promote a higher constriction level in children using the appropriate colors. For example, the green color will improve mental health, and your child will be able to concentrate well. 

It will also improve the grasping power. In the same manner, yellow colors provide better concentration levels in kids. Blue colors will give them complete peace of mind and make children calm. 

White brings a sense of harmony and balance to the life of toddlers. Vastu colors for home include the special guidance and rules for the kids’ room which are perfect. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vastu provide guide for Washroom and toilet area colours?

White is the symbol of cleanliness, and you should apply this to the washroom and toilet area of the house. One can also use light shades of blue, pale yellow, light pink, and lime green. Please avoid using dark colours in the washroom areas because it will bring negativity. 

How can I use Vastu for Hall area?

The next is coloring the hall area in the house as mentioned in Vastu colours for house guide. The living room brings positive energy to the home, and the hall should be in the northeast direction. One can also choose the northwest direction for the hall. Light shades frequently used in the house exterior suit the hall area. Yellow-white or off-white colours are highly suitable. 

What is the benefit of Consulting Vastu expert?

Some people have unique combinations of planets in their birth chart or have some lucky number as per numerology. Therefore, you should always consult online Vastu experts for the Vastu colours for home and specific colors to gain Vastu's complete and accurate benefits. 

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