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Vastu For Hospital

Vastu For Hospital

Vastu for hospitals can improve the experience of patients and improve the effectiveness of treatment

Most Individuals have a misconception that Vastu Shastra is only created for domestic buildings and offices. But the truth is that Vastu for hospitals is suitable at a very high level because they must provide positivity and improve the health of patients. 

A fast recovery is only possible when the positive energy flow will be there in the structure of the hospital. Therefore, the planning of hospitals must be done as per the Vastu principles which are going to provide excellent results to the doctors and patients. 

Positive energy in hospital with Vastu

The hospital building should always have positive energy so that people who are admitted to the hospital feel peaceful and comfortable. However when the hospitals are not designed as per the Vastu for hospitals principles they can make you feel very sick and sad. 

Improve experience in the hospital with Vastu 

To improve the overall experience of the patient one must ensure that principles are being followed and complete comfort is available for the patient who needs Healthcare. Topography, orientation, and location of the hospital can be big detrimental factors when designing appropriately. 

Quick recovery of patients

You will notice that patients will have a quick recovery rate in the hospitals that are particularly designed for the Vastu for hospitals principles. It will also reduce any chances of developing further complications among the patients when the war is complete, so principles are being followed in the hospital architecture.

Vastu rules for hospitals 

The east quadrant is highly suitable for the consulting room of doctors. When doctors want to perform it is better to select the east-north-east zone as this is going to be the perfect direction. 

The face of the building

East direction brings the sunlight which usually kills a lot of unwanted areas and naturally purifies the atmosphere. Therefore, one should never hesitate to choose this particular direction for the face of the hospital. 

The fresh air and sunlight should enter the house from this particular direction to gain good results. Therefore at the time of construction of the hospital one should ensure that the plot is selected based on the east direction and the second choice can be the north direction as guided in Vastu for hospitals.

Operation Theater 

If you want to construct an operation theater in the building then you should select the best quadrant of the hospital. It is so because this direction belongs to the earth element which brings stability in life. The chances of saving the life of a patient who is being operated on will certainly increase several fold when the earth element of this particular direction is working for them.

The recovery room of a patient

The patient recovery room must be compatible with the Vastu for hospitals guidelines which are going to make this place full of positivity. Ultimately this place is going to fasten the speed of recovery for the patients. Therefore, you should never hesitate and get remarkable results in this context. False ceilings should be used to hide the beams in the recovery room of the patients. 

In the same way, the location of the bed must be with the east or south walls to gain the right outcome. Never forget that beans are going to collect the negatives of the entire building. 

In the recovery room, the patient will require positivity and when his bed is placed under the beam it can have a negative impact. Therefore it is better to cover the beam with the help of a false ceiling. 

ICU and recovery room location 

North East is always considered auspicious as per the Vastu for hospitals. This place is full of positive power. It also has enough sunlight and fresh air which can play a crucial role in every context. Therefore, one should construct the ICU recovery room in the northeast direction of the hospital which is going to have a positive impact. 

Patients who are kept in this particular direction will tend to recover very fast from their illness. This direction will also work like a natural purifier for the entire ICU and recovery room. 

Place for the sterilization of medical equipment 

Fire element is highly associated with purification and it is also a symbol of eliminating negativity. In the same way, medical equipment is required to be sterilized regularly to eliminate negative bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Therefore it is better to use the southeast quadrant of the hospital building for this sterilization of medical equipment. 

The West direction is suitable for the toilets and Maternity Hospital should choose the Southwest direction at the time of construction of the Labor room. It is going to improve their chances of success in several ways. 

Designing of the hospital as per Vastu 

There are some particular factors that one should always check at the time of designing the hospital. For example, the operation theater is the major space in the hospital. This particular space must be created in the West John of the hospital to obtain good results.

Vastu for Machines and equipment in the hospital 

Machines and equipment can play a major role in every context of a hospital. For the good Vastu for hospitals, one should only select the southeast corner of the operation theater to gain a good outcome. 

Always ensure that the head of the patient must be in the south direction to gain quick results. This rule must be followed every time at the time of dealing with patients in operation and Operation Theater. 

Medical devices and Vastu directions 

The location of the medical device is the next important factor as per the Vastu for hospitals in a hospital. You should always ensure that a medical device is placed on the south, southwest, or west side of the patient's bed during the operation.

Sitting arrangements in the consultation room must be as per the rules of Vastu. The medical specialist must sit in the south, west, or southwest side to gain a good outcome. It is going to improve the understanding of the patient in a good way.  

Meeting room in the hospital 

The meeting room of the doctor must be created in a way that it should create the L shape. It is good for the regular progress of the hospital and is going to bring good results. Make sure that this particular L shape is inclined towards the northeast direction. The leader of the institute or specialist of the institute is going to get good health and joy in this manner.  

Ventilation for good Vastu

Ventilation should be good in the hospital, particularly in the patient’s room. The opening of the ventilation should be kept in the northeast direction. It will certainly improve the speed of recovery for the patient and they will be able to obtain success in multiple ways. 

Medicinal apparatus and Vastu 

Many types of medicinal apparatus are also there in the hospital. For the good Vastu for hospitals results, one should always place them in the southwest heading. In case of any issue or lack of space, one can also select the west or south heading. Ensure that this particular place is a bit higher than the regular ground floor area of the hospital. 

Emergency in hospital as per Vastu 

The southwest direction of the hospital is ideal for dealing with any emergency case. It will ensure that patients can quickly recover and it will improve the overall speed of the recovery for the patient. 

Water point in hospital as per Vastu 

Water point is the next most important factor that you should consider in the hospital according to Vastu for hospitals. Make sure that the location of the water point is situated in the northeast direction. For water-related construction, this particular direction is considered suitable because of the water element of the atmosphere. Therefore, one can also create the washing area in this particular direction. 

Location of medicinal books according to Vastu 

Medicinal books are also there in the hospital which must be placed properly to take the reference. It is better to set them properly covered in the rack in the south or west direction as per the rules of Vastu for hospitals. 

The creation of the X-RAY room is suitable in the southeast direction of the building. For the creation of a quarter for the nurse, the northwest zone of the hospital is highly suitable. For the toilet and changing room, it is better to select the south or west direction. 

Important tips for the Chamber of Doctor

The Chamber of the Doctor can play a major role in every hospital, Clinic, etc. Therefore, one should ensure that the chamber of the doctor is created in the southwest, south, or west direction of the house which is going to offer multiple dimensional benefits to everyone as mentioned in Vastu for hospitals. 

Chair of doctor 

The chair of the doctor should be set in the way that the face of the doctor should be in the east or northeast direction. It will certainly attract positivity towards the doctor while giving valuable consultation to patients. 

Keeping the space neat and clean is compulsory in every situation. Therefore, you should ensure that a regular cleaning process is done and everything is kept in a well-organized manner to keep the space free from dust and dirt as directed in Vastu for hospitals. 

One should avoid using carpets that are dark in color because that is going to attract lots of negative energy. Therefore, when making treatment rooms for the Chamber of a doctor, one should never use carpets that are quite dark in color and offer excellent results.

Waiting area for the patient and Vastu

Vastu for hospitals also guides the waiting area of patients at the time of the creation of the hospital. It is considered that the waiting area should be located in the northeast or the north direction of the hospital which is going to provide a comfortable temporary stay.

One should ensure that the waiting area is not located in the southeast direction because this direction is going to create lots of disputes and make the visitors uncomfortable.

Sitting arrangement 

The seating arrangement in the waiting area is the next important factor that you should always consider. Make sure that a comfortable sitting arrangement is provided to the patient and other visitors. Pay special attention to the fact that natural light is coming to this particular area without any struggle. Try to keep the center Space-free so that a regular flow of energy can enter without any disruption as mentioned in Vastu for hospitals.

If you want to decorate the waiting area make sure that you only hang the pictures and portraits which reflect the positive messages and uplift the Spirits of patients. Inspirational themes are highly suitable for this particular area and the next choice can be the portrait which reflects the natural scenes. 


These are considered some of the generic suggestions that are very useful for a building that is already under construction for a hospital. However, to obtain complete and accurate results using the micro Vastu for hospitals parameters one should always consult experts for the proper investigation and assessment of the plot with the entire architectural plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vastu have any sort of impact on the success of a hospital?

The principles of Vastu for hospitals are universal and based on the universal directions and elements like fire, earth, sky, water, and air. These elements are present everywhere in the entire universe. Therefore, the Vastu principles can always play a major role in this particular context. 

Is it necessary to discuss with an online Vastu expert the design of a hospital?

Indeed, you will find that online Vastu for hospitals experts are going to play a major role. They are very easy to hire and highly trustworthy. Based on their services every customer is going to rate them online and share their reviews and ratings. Therefore, they always maintain high-quality standards for giving services that always provide excellent results to the end users. 

Can Vastu Shastra attract more customers to the hospital?

Native should always ensure that Vastu for hospitals is being followed as per the directions of experts. It will attract positive powers and patients will be able to get good treatment in a healthy atmosphere. 

It will certainly improve their recovery chances and speed. Their mouth publicity will certainly attract the attention of more people who are looking for treatment for the same kind of disease. Ultimately it can improve the number of patients in a particular Hospital. 

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