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Vastu For Locker Room

Vastu For Locker Room

Vastu For Locker Room

Vastu for Locker Room can remove the financial problems, improve saving and lot more

We all want financial stability and freedom in our lives for personal and professional reasons. Vastu for locker room can help you here. The correct step to gain financial stability in life is using the power of Vastu. You can arrange your local room according to the Vastu principles to gain multiple benefits including financial freedom and prosperity. 

Money is one of the most important factors that we all need to survive and thrive in our personal and professional lives. But when we do not get enough money it can bring several obstacles and make our life miserable. However, you never have to compromise in any situation because Vastu principles can always help you. 

Vastu principles for locker for removing financial problems 

You will find that when the Vastu for Locker Room principles are not being followed your spending will increase but the inflow of money will decrease. You will start facing the cash crunch in life and may get into the habit of overspending. There are very simple parameters that you should consider taking into account. 

Prepare matters can include the shape, size, and color of your locker room. The next thing that you should consider is the direction of the poker room must be according to the Vastu principles. It will certainly attract wealth and you will have enough cash to deal with any situation in your life.

Correct direction for locker as per Vastu 

Vastu for Locker Room also provide guide to the correct directions for locker. When your locker room is perfectly called in the correct direction you will have financial freedom in your life it will also improve the overall quality of your life. You can decide and set any type of goals that you want to achieve and lead to a more meaningful and prosperous life. Therefore you should always pay equal attention to the locker room to get a perfect outcome.

Placement of local room according to Vastu

You must have already noticed that we also put many types of precious ornaments in our locker room along with the cash. Therefore it is important to think about the safety and security of your local room all the time. When you place the local room according to the Vastu for Locker Room principles it will only bring the opportunities in the life through which you will be able to generate enough cash and wealth. It is going to change your life positively and you will be able to generate more money and wealth in your life.

Generate wealth using Vastu for Locker 

There are immense benefits that you can enjoy with the help of Vastu for Locker Room principle for your locker room.

Always understand that the north direction is dedicated to the Lord Kubera who is known as the lord of wealth and money. Therefore at the time of storing your money, you should always give reference to this particular direction of the house. Wealth will be attracted and you will be able to generate a lot of money in your life. 

Direction of locker as per Vastu 

As far as the direction of your locker is concerned you can select the south direction of the room. Make sure that placement is done in a way that the back side of your locker must remain towards the south wall as stated in Vastu for Locker Room. 

However, the front door of the local room should open in the north wall direction. It is going to be one of the best positions to place the locker in your house. When you place the locker in this particular direction it is going to provide you immense benefits in terms of finance and wealth. 

Perfect shape of the locker room as per Vastu

As per the Vastu principles, the shape of your locker room must be square or rectangular when you want to gain some financial benefits. The odd-shaped locker rooms are never considered auspicious in any way. You will find that it will make your habitant adverse. Therefore one should ensure that the shape of the locker is appropriate as per the rules of Vastu for Locker Room. 

Optimize the height of the locker room

You should ensure that the locker room is not tiny because it will hinder the process of wealth generation. Indeed, you should ensure that the height of the locker room is similar to the other rooms of the house. It will give you the right impact and help you to collect more wealth in life as described in Vastu for Locker Room. 

Keeping the locker in the proper way

The next thing that you should do is properly keep the locker. At the time of keeping the locker room make sure that enough space is there. By keeping enough space you will be able to attract good luck in terms of money. Always ensure that your locker is a foot away from the northwest wall. You should also follow the same rule of the one-foot gap of the locker from the southwest corner as well for good Vastu for Locker Room. 

Locker direction in urban house as per Vastu 

It is seen that lack of space can be a big problem when you want to build your locker room in the correct direction, particularly in the case of urban areas. Therefore, one individual prefers to know about the second direction which should be the alternative direction to place the locker for prosperity as per Vastu for Locker Room. Well, in the situation when there is not enough space available one can also select the east direction of the house for the placement of the locker. 

Door of locker room as per Vastu 

Door of the locker room can also play a major role. Always ensure that the doubt shutter door is there in the locker room as it is considered auspicious. North and east directions are highly suitable for the opening of the door and windows of the locker room. The north and east directions are considered highly auspicious and it is going to provide excellent results for the users. Vastu for Locker Room has clear indications about the correct way of keeping the door for locker room. 

Colors of locker room according to Vastu  

Colors can also play a major role in the attraction of the positive energy for the house. With the help of colors, you can open the door of positive energy to your locker room and can make a big difference. Vastu for Locker Room is a simple guide to attract happiness and financial freedom in life. 

Colors can invoke the positive vibes of a particular place and provide you the positive opportunities in life to generate more money. The color of the locker room must be painted yellow to get highly positive results. The yellow color is closely associated with the generation of wealth and prosperity in life.

Financial freedom in life with Vastu 

A small fountain is always considered excellent you should always place it in your local room. If you cannot place the small mountain you should hang the picture with the small found which will provide you with the same results. It is believed that a small fountain will certainly improve the financial position. 

It will also help you to receive more financial benefits in life. However, when you are looking forward to placing the fountain in your locker room makes sure that it does not make a Harsh sound. Fountains that provide Calming sounds are only considered auspicious as mentioned in Vastu for Locker Room.

Double earning speed with Vastu for locker 

Placement of the mirror in the locker room can also be highly beneficial. The speed of your wealth generation will be double when you place a mirror in front of the locker. The reflection of the locker must be there in the mirror. It is considered one of the good luck factors that you should always try in your local room.

Eliminate negativity as per Vastu in the local room

There is no doubt that when you use the principle of Vastu for Locker Room. You can attract more wealth and money. However, there are some particular things that you should avoid in your kitchen to get multiple benefits for the people living in the house.

Never place your local room in the northeast corner of the house. This direction is going to have lots of negative impacts on your wealth. It is highly recommended that the southeast corner of the house and northwest corner of the house are also considered inauspicious. Therefore you should never choose these particular directions because you will end up spending money on unnecessary things in life.

Bring wealth and regular money flow in house with Vastu 

Cleaning the locker room and its door is very important as per the guide of Vastu for Locker Room. Goddess of wealth, Laxami always enters from the door in the locker room. Therefore, one should ensure that the entrance door and locker room are always neat and clean. It is going to provide you the immense financial benefits when you pay attention to this particular factor. Make sure that your locker has four legs so that you can gain enough strength in your financial life. 

Remove financial obstacles with Vastu 

Never lock your gods in the locker room. Vastu for Locker Room states the factor that one should never place the idols of the god or goddess in the locker room. It is good to install a mirror which can reflect the money and make it look double. It will ensure that you can achieve prosperity in life without any obstacles. 

Location of locker as per Vastu 

Placement of the locker must be done in a location that nobody can reach easily. In this way, you will be able to improve the security of your money and precious ornaments. It will also protect your money from the evil eye. The strong concrete foundation of your locker room is going to improve the financial benefits in many ways. 

Always remember that the Vastu for Locker Room beam collects the negative energy of the space. Therefore at the time of the creation of the locker room, you should avoid the beams. Your locker room should never be under the beam area. The same rule is also applicable for the corner of the house. 


Different doors can also play a crucial role when you want to generate and get more wealth in life. Make your entrance door unique and huge. You can paint beautiful colors with shirts we different from the walls. In this way, you can give a beautiful look to your entrance door which will help you to get better.

If you have space in the yard of your house, you should keep a bird feeder. This feeder will certainly ensure that life brings positive energy with it. You will also be able to remove any dispute related to money in your life. You will gradually become financially strong and prosperity will enter in your house from every direction.

If you feel that even after doing everything the money does not stay in your life then you should take a vast remedy. For this, you should always consult with your Vastu for Locker Room expert. One popular remedy to solve the money problem is you place a solid object in the far left corner of your house or room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why corner is not suitable for the placement of Locker? 

Your locker should never be placed in the corner. Southern and western parts of the locker are ideal when you want to place the valuables in them. Make sure that you manage the regular cleaning sessions for the local room. It is so because clutter-free and clean rooms attract positivity as the rules of Vastu for Locker Room.

How to remove financial problems with Vastu for locker room?

To ensure that you never face any financial problem in your life, you can also keep a fish aquarium which usually attracts wealth in the house. However, you have to pay attention to the quality of fish and their beauty. Healthy and beautiful fish will move regularly in the aquarium which generates positive energy of wealth. Healthy fish will also ensure that water remains clean as described in Vastu for Locker Room.

How to use Vastu for locker to bring wealth and attraction of prosperity?

You can try to hang the crystal in the window which is going to generate positive energy in the house. When the sunlight falls on the crystal it is going to generate positive energy in the house. With sunlight on the crystal, a beautiful Rainbow will be created which is going to bring happiness and prosperity as per Vastu for Locker Room.

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