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Vastu For Interior Designing

Vastu For Interior Designing

Vastu For Interior Designing

Vastu for interior designing brings happiness and prosperity in life

Vastu for interior designing has immense benefits for everyone. In the present time, maintaining good health has become essential because of the high competition and busy lifestyle. We always put special emphasis on keeping our routine active by exercising and eating. However, we openly make a common mistake and overlook the importance of living space and it’s interior. 

Vastu for interior designing can help you a lot in this context because it will make every element and direction optimized. With the help of Vastu, you will be able to improve your physical and mental health. You will also be well-being in a spiritual manner which is the most important. Further, you can explore the principles of Vastu for health and prosperity in life that you should apply to interior designing as well.

How did Shastra work?

You must be wondering about the correct method of working with Vastu Shastra. You should know that Vastu believes in the fact that our atmosphere is surrounded by energy and vibrations. And there are some principles to attract positive energy and vibrations. 

Through the Vastu principles, you can also eliminate the negative powers and create a perfect balance to achieve prosperity and health in your life as per Vastu for interior designing. The guidelines of Vastu are very understanding and anyone can follow them without any obstacles to gain happiness in life. 

Selection of the correct location 

Location of the home can be a big factor therefore you should never be taking a risk in this contact. Always select the proper location which is also suitable as per the rules and regulations of the Vastu. The natural surroundings and perfect orientation are going to give you the desired results through which you can always be well being in living in that location. 

It is better to choose a location that can open in the east and north direction as per the rules of Vastu. When you have this location, you will find that positive power can enter your house and you can gain the results. The energy of the sun and other magnetic forces will be working in your favor only according to the rules of Vastu for interior designing.  

Vastu for room layout

The next thing that you should do is choose the correct room layout that is going to provide the expected results in every situation. As per the rules of the Vastu, you should put special emphasis on keeping the space free from clutter. The movement should be safe and comfortable in the room and you can do it by arranging everything in the room in the proper way. 

Adequate ventilation is the next important part of this and you should never forget about it. The center part of the room should be free for comfortable movement and heavy objects should not be placed in the east direction of the room as per the guide of Vastu for interior designing. 

Influence of different direction 

 Each direction is going to have some special sort of impact on the users. Therefore, one should choose the directions carefully in the office for every placement. For example, the east direction is known for its vitality and good health as mentioned in Vastu for interior designing. 

On the other hand, you should optimize the west direction for excellent physical strength and stability. The next direction is north which is highly auspicious for the prosperity in life and being well at the mental level. The south direction should be good for passion and energy in life. 

Five elements and their balance

You should also ensure that the five elements of the Vastu Shastra are well-balanced in every manner. The five elements are known as earth, water, fire, air, and space. There should be proper harmony among these five elements to make a place suitable for living. Now you must be thinking about the right way of managing the perfect balance in them. For this, you should construct the structure as per the Vastu rules according to Vastu for interior designing. 

Vastu for the interior of the kitchen 

The kitchen is always associated with health and nourishment in life. Therefore, you should ensure that it is properly cleaned and enough light should be there. If the direction of sunlight is not able to reach there, you should ensure that an artificial lighting system should be installed there to work in the right direction as per Vastu for interior designing. 

The southeast corner of this construction is highly auspicious that you should never forget. Always remember that the fire element is there in the southeast direction and by making the kitchen in this direction you can make the perfect balance and attract positive energy. 

Vastu for the interior of the bedroom

Taking enough rest is necessary for everyone and the bedroom is the most suitable place for the same. It will provide you the energy to rejuvenate and you will be able to deal with all the challenges of life. Therefore, you should choose the southwest corner of the house for the master bedroom and it belongs to the earth element of the Vastu Shastra according to Vastu for interior designing. Kitchens in this particular direction are considered highly auspicious and you will be able to attain the desired results that you always wanted to have. 

Vastu for the interior of the home office

Many individuals prefer to work from home and the trend of working from home is also increasing with the passing of every day. For this, it is necessary to manage your home office space with the help of Vastu. The northwest corner is considered highly auspicious when you want to make the perfect balance of different types of energies in the home office as per Vastu for interior designing. The level of your productivity will rise in several folds and you will be able to focus on the given task in the right manner. 

Special tips for the Vastu for furniture 

Furniture is the most important part of the interior and one should never forget that using the Vastu for furniture can make a big difference and bring positivity to the space. Bedroom furniture should be placed in the right sense and the southwest direction is considered ideal for the same. Furniture related to the drawer or chest should be placed in the southwestern portion in the right sense according to Vastu for interior designing. 

The dining table and bed of the living room should face the northwestern direction. In the same manner, the study table should be located in the eastern and northern parts. If you have an aquarium it must be placed in the northern, eastern, or northeastern direction of the room. It will be very beneficial.

Vastu for the interior of paintings and status

Paintings and status can play a crucial role in Vastu for the house. Therefore, you should ensure that proper rules are being followed for the installation of the painting and status. Ensure that paintings with positive messages are used in the house so that it should perfectly match the five elements of the house as per Vastu for interior designing. 

Placement of indoor plants

The placement of indoor plants can bring fresh air and positive energy to the house. You should always ensure that large-sized plants are not placed in the northeast direction of the house. And avoid placing the thorny plants in the house. It is better to install small size plants which always provide the best results to the users according to Vastu for interior designing. 

Vastu for curtains

For good luck, you can always use the white color curtain in the house to gain optimized results. However, you should ensure that they are hanged in the west corner of the house only. North corner is suitable for the blue color curtain which can certainly remove the problems related to money in life according to Vastu for interior designing. 

The south corner of the house should have a red color curtain through which one can resolve the relationship problems in the family and gain the correct outcome. The relationship can be improved in life using the red color curtains. However, you can use the light shades of the yellow saffron in the living room. 

Vastu for interior lights

You should always ensure that your living space is well-lit to gain happiness and prosperity in life. The lighting can always play a major role in this context and give you the right outcome. Always ensure that fittings of the lighting are done in the east and north walls which are going to bring the best results. If you have a children’s room you should avoid sleeping in complete darkness as per Vastu for interior designing. 

You should always install the night lamps in the bedroom and sleep in darkness. In the same manner, there should not be darkness on the entrance door of your house. The entrance door must be a well-lit area. It should not look dark and gloomy. It can cause stress and create several problems for your family. 

Vastu for floors 

Flooring of the house can also play a major role in the free flow of positive energy in the house. Therefore, you should use natural materials for the creation of floors. When it comes to installing the natural material you can give reference to the wood and marble according to Vastu for interior designing. 

A regular shape and pattern must be selected for the installation of flowers as they are considered very lucky. You should also check the elements in context to each direction to optimize the Vastu benefits. Always remember that flooring is going to play a major role when it comes to energy vibrations and the balance of different directions in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for decorative items

Always remember that decorative items are going to play a crucial role in interior design. The rules of Vastu are universal and they are also applicable to decorative goods. If you want to place some antique metal pieces for the decoration of the house then you should select the Southern or Western side. You will be able to invite evidence and health by this particular placement as per the rules of Vastu for interior designing.

There can be several wooden items that you would like to install during the interior. The wooden items can be vases, admirals, cabinets, etc. Therefore it is better to select the southeast direction or Northwest direction. For the placement of wooden items, they are going to bring positive energy from the entire universe.

Vastu for decorative lamp

Decorative lamps are also an important part of the interior and you should ensure that decorative lamps are placed in the right way to make them a good source of positive energy. At the time of installing them, you should ensure that they are not making a huge shadow. You can eliminate the unwanted negativity from it and attract positive energy whenever you want according to Vastu for interior designing. 

Vastu for the mirror

Mirrors are the most fascinating part of the modern interior. Therefore, it is compulsory to know about the Vastu rules about mirror placement in the house to gain the expected results. A mirror that is placed according to the Vastu principles will be able to attract positive energy and reflect the negativity from the house as mentioned in guide of Vastu for interior designing. 

You can double the wealth of the house, by placing mirror right in front of the cash box or locker. In the same manner, when your reflection is visible in the mirror at the time of eating the food it can bring the abundance of the food in the house. Many Vastu dash remedies can be done using the power of the mirrors. However, you should always consult about such remedies with online Vastu experts. 

Vastu for bedroom mirror

Some people prefer to install a large size mirror in their bedroom because it looks fascinating and attractive. However, soon they will realize the biggest mistake is installing the mirror right in front of the bed. Therefore, you should ensure that there is no direct mirror in the bedroom. If there is a lack of space then you should ensure that at the time of sleeping your reflection should not be visible in the mirror as per Vastu for interior designing. 


Vastu for the interior can always play an important role because it is going to have a direct impact on our lives. When we ignore the Vastu for the interior it can make over space highly suspicious. In the long run, people might be facing lots of trouble so therefore it is highly recommended to use small and effective rules of Vastu for the implementation of interior design in the house according to Vastu for interior designing. 

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