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Vastu For Multistorey Buildings

Vastu For Multistorey Buildings

Vastu For Multistorey Buildings

Vastu for Multistory Buildings make living comfortable, safe and auspicious

Vastu for multiple story buildings is essential requirement to make the living space safe, comfortable and auspicious. In the present time, people are facing a serious issue of the availability of residential land and commercial buildings. Therefore, the trend of multi-story buildings is on the rise. Under the influence of this trend in urban areas the sub-urban areas are also converting simple and simple-story buildings to meet the demand for proper space for residential and commercial purposes. 

You should always remember that such Trends were hardly in existence in the ancient time of Vastu Shastra. So you can hardly fill all the Vastu rules in particular on every floor of the building. Therefore, you should construct the section of the building in a manner that every resident or person can benefit from. It is so because every building has a different type of structure and space. 

Reasons to use Vastu

Usually, there is a lot of pressure on the builders so that they can earn maximum profit from the investment. They refer to utilizing every inch of the available space to get an excellent return from the multistory building. In their haste to use the space, they usually ignore the Vastu for multiple story buildings principles.

However, you should know that buildings that are created with the help of Vastu rules and regulations tend to survive more. In this way in the long run you can have better returns and success in space. You should notice that some buildings are created by investing a huge amount but they could not succeed and soon after their accomplishment day either got demolished or abandoned. 

On the other hand, some buildings are small in size but they are created with the help of Vastu principles. They succeeded and were able to provide a good return on the money. Therefore, at the time of creating the building, one should never ignore the Vastu principles to gain the best benefits from the space. 

Selecting the proper shape plot

The first Vastu for multiple story buildings point is that you should keep in mind while creating the building is selecting the rectangular or square plot only which will provide the best results. You should only create the building on a plot that is properly rectangular or square. 

Entrance of the building also plays a major role and you should never forget the east and north direction is considered auspicious for the entrance of the building. By the proper east and north direction of the entrance, one can obtain. 

Never forget that sunlight and fresh air is the necessary part of any building. These elements bring positive vibrations into the building. However, you should ensure that sunlight and air are coming into the building only through the east or north direction to gain the maximum benefits from the same. 

It is better to keep some space in the northeast direction for the playground or lawn which will be considered highly auspicious for the entire building and provide you with a genuine outcome with your investment in the multiple-story building. 

Keeping the proper slope

As per Vastu for multiple story buildings, keeping the proper slope is the first requirement that one should never forget in a multiple-story building. You should always remember that in the northeast multi-story building, the slope should be there on the northeast side of the building. In the same manner, the southwest portion of the building should be raised a little so that it can be auspicious and provide stability to the entire structure for a long time. 

Don't plant huge trees near the building 

Huge trees should not be planted near the big buildings. The logic behind this rule of Vastu for multiple story buildings is that long trees usually have huge roots which can hamper the stability of the building. If you want to plant the trees then make sure that enough gaps are there among the trees and buildings. It will not hurt the firmness of the building. 

Multiple stories 

Vastu for multiple story buildings states that multiple stories need enough space to receive positive energy. Therefore, one should ensure that the entrance gate to the multiple stories is huge. No obstruction should be there in front of the main gate of the story to gain good results from the building. 

In some places, underground water tanks can be constructed to meet the demand for water at a large scale. If you are looking forward to constructing the bore well or underground water tank, you should select the northeast corner of the building to gain the correct outcome. In the same manner, the overhead water tank must be created in the southwest corner of the building to gain the right outcome. 

Creating toilets and bathroom

According to Vastu for multiple story buildings, the northwest or west corner of the building can be created from the toilets and the bathroom can be constructed in the north direction. If you want to create the dumping room or store room you should select the southwest direction of the building to obtain the right results. 

In a multi-story building, you should create the room in a way that every room must face the east direction of the building to gain the most positive energy from the sunlight. The early morning sunlight rays will certainly provide the best benefits and remove the obstacles. 

Stairs in the building

For the construction of the stairs, one can select the southwest portion or south portion to get the regular progress. For the creation of a balcony, one should select the north or east direction of the building. In this way the balcony will receive the early morning sunlight and fresh air will improve the positivity of the entire building and provide excellent results as per Vastu for multiple story buildings.

Construction as per Vastu

Vastu for multiple story buildings experts always suggest constructing the stairs in the southern direction of the building. It is so because such stairs are considered highly auspicious and it will create Fame and recognition. You should also ensure that stairs are always created clockwise to obtain a good outcome from the positivity of stairs. When you ignore this particular rule and build anti-clockwise stay cases it can be a reason for a bad name and spread anxiety among the people who are using it. 

Center space and Vastu 

You should always know that the Central Square on the 9 cubes of Vastu grid is popularly known as Brahmasthanam. This particular space belongs to the sky element for the entrance of positivity to the entire building. At the time of construction of the multi-story building, one should never forget the importance of brahmasthanam for the positivity of the entire building. 

You must have seen that huge buildings that are created based on the Vastu for multiple story buildings principles usually have the central Courtyard space for this particular Vastu application. This particular space of the building must be kept vacant so that positivity can easily spread into the entire building. Make the arrangements of the roof in a way that the skylight can directly enter your space.

Water fountains and swimming pools

Many people prefer to keep the water fountains so that the space must look beautiful. If you want to create water fountains and swimming pools you should also follow the Vastu for multiple story buildings. For the water fountains, one should select the north or Eastern part of the northeast direction to gain a good outcome. The flow of water should be settled in a way that it should move towards the entrance of the house. It will certainly attract positivity to the space.

Septic tank

The ideal location of the septic tank will ensure that no positivity should touch the entire building. You should know that a septic tank must be created in a way that its top level should be below the ground level of the building. Septic tank or considered highly negative for the entire building. 

Therefore you should make the construction in a way that it should be away from the main wall of the building. It is better to keep enough space to avoid the negative. The northwest corner is considered accurate for the construction of the septic tank. However, you should always consult with your Vastu for multiple story buildings experts based on the location of your building.

Creation of gyms and fitness centers in multistory building

You must have seen that for recreational purposes or health and fitness purposes Gyms and fitness centers are also a part of huge buildings. Therefore you should take the Vastu for multiple story buildings guidelines into account when you want to create such structures in huge buildings. 

For the yoga and meditation Center, you can select the north or northeast direction. For the gymnasium, you can select the south or southeast direction or the west direction. You will find that most of the residents will feel happy and healthy when you create such structures in multi-story buildings.

Placement of Elevators

Elevators are also very common in the huge buildings where the multi stories are used. Always remember that Elevators represent the fast movement of the energy. Therefore, you should avoid the creation of the elevators right in front of the entrance door to gain the right outcome from the same. 

A northwest or west direction is appropriate for the construction of the elevator ducts. You should never select the east or north direction for the creation of the elevators. By keeping this in mind you can ensure that energy that is entering from the main door should be able to spread equally in the entire building. 

Benefits of using the Vastu principles in the multistory building 

Vastu works on 5 basic elements of Mother Nature: air, water, Earth, sky, and fire. When you put the Vastu for multiple story buildings rules to work, the construction of buildings becomes successful. It will make the harmonious relation with all the five elements and residents or users of the buildings will certainly receive positive results with that.

According to the rules of Vastu, every direction has its positive or negative energy. When you put the Vastu rules to work, all the energies will be working perfectly and you will obtain excellent benefits without any conflict in the different types of direction and energy 

Keep every direction free from clutter 

Vastu for multiple story buildings also puts a special emphasis on keeping every Direction free from the clutter. You can always remember that there should not be any darkness in the building. Make the construction in a way that sunlight can enter into the space or keep the area well-lit with the help of artificial lights. Well-lit areas of the building always provide good financial benefits to the users. 

Vastu principles always work for the physical and mental well-being of everyone. Using the Vastu principles you can always improve the positive impacts of a particular area in a space. It will offer you the most accurate benefits and you will be able to enjoy the positive mental and physical health of everyone. 


Vastu for multiple story buildings always works on the concept that every direction is full of energy and we can optimize the environment to take the best benefits of it. Energy always has an impact on the living beings of the Earth. Therefore Vastu rules are designed to be a positive flow of energy in a good way. 

Vastu is applicable in the entire world and multi-storey buildings are also included in it. Indeed the requirement of every direction building can be separate from the others. Therefore, you need to use the details of every building before applying the Vastu principle. There is a quiet flexibility in the Vastu principles and these are also applicable to the functions and directions of the building. Whenever you are in doubt it is better to consult with a Vastu expert to gain the right benefits from the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vastu Shastra work on huge buildings?

You should know that Vastu for multiple story buildings believes energy is everywhere in the entire universe. Therefore it applies to every structure that you build everywhere in the entire world regardless of its size or direction.

How can I measure things according to Vastu Shastra?

You should know that Vastu for multiple story buildings is divided according to directions and their segments. You can simply select the Vastu grid and put it on the map to measure the Vastu directions. In this way, it will be very easy for you to understand the rules of Vastu which apply to your space particularly.

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