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Vastu for Flats

Vastu for Flats and Apartments

Having big houses and bungalows is everybody’s dream, when it comes to constructing and maintaining them it is a huge task. Well, not only constructing and maintaining is the problem, the main problem arises is with the investment. It takes huge responsibility, investment and research to build a house that looks good, comfortable and full of resources. But, if you are working where income is low? Or your job is a transferable job? Can you take your home with you every time you take transfer to a new place? Of course not, it is impossible to keep in shifting and constructing a new place again and again. When it comes to saving some bucks and leads a happy and comfortable life, flats works the best. Flats are well-furnished apartments built by contractors and sold to people either on rent or purchase basis as per the choice. Living in flats is more comfortable as there is no worry of construction, you can live with people above and beneath and all you need is to hire cleaning staff for the maintenance and every facility is provided by the flat owner. But, constructing flats is not an easy task, it requires proper care and research to construct a flat and sell it.

Vastu Shastra advises building a flat according to the rules of Vastu to increase easy sale, better lifestyle and comfortable living without any stress. Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu Tips for Flats and make your small and beautiful home a happy go lucky place:

Main Entrance:

When it comes to building flats, the entrance of all the flats in a building is common that is why it must be wide, comfortable and easily accessible. Vastu says to keep the entrance in the east and north side as these areas are considered good for open spaces. Avoid using south or west side for the entrance as these directions allow infra-red rays to enter the house and create discomfort.

Placement of Master Bedroom:

Master bedroom of the apartment is the room that is owned by the owner of the flat. It is the room of the possessor and giving it to children is bad for the house. Vastu advises constructing the master bedroom in the south west direction of the flat. In case, the apartment has more than one floor, then constructing the room on the south-west side on the top floor is considered auspicious for the family.

Placement of Children’s Bedroom:

After master bedroom, the next most important room is children’s room which plays a vital role in a child’s upbringing. The ideal direction of children’s room is in the north-east or North West direction. Also, make sure the windows in the room are situated on the north wall to avoid any reflection of infra-red radiations in the room. Keep the room clean, clutter-free and free from all the electronic gadgets to enhance better concentration and sharp mind in a child.

Placement of a Guest Room:

Normally, there is no space for a guest room in a flat, but if the flat is big and spacious enough you can construct an extra room for occasional usage. The north-west direction is considered best for the guests. Also, if there are unmarried girls in the house, then north-west direction works the best.

Placement of Drawing Room:

Drawing room is the room where outsiders and guests are entertained. The right location for a drawing room in a flat is in the north-west or east direction. Also, make sure maximum furniture and decorative items are kept in the south and west directions. For open spaces and entering of sunlight, south and east direction is considered good for health.

Right Location for Kitchen:

Kitchen is yet again an important room in the flat, where cooking is done. Vastu suggests the kitchen in the south-east corner of the flat and cook must face east while cooking. Avoid north-east direction for the kitchen as it can lead to damages, physically and mentally. The water taps and sink must be in the northeast part of the kitchen, and a kitchen adjacent to toilets is strictly prohibited.

Some other tips to keep in mind:

North and east direction is best suited for balconies and windows.

Bathroom and toilets should be constructed in the west or south region with drains in the north-east side.

You can build a small puja room in the northeast direction of the flat. If there is no space for the puja room then placing a small temple in this direction can work the best away from bathroom and toilets.

If there is study room for children, then northeast, north-west, north, east and west direction can work the best. You can keep study table on the eastern side, also keeping puja room adjacent to study room is considered auspicious for the members.

Southern part of the flat is good for storeroom

Flat must be constructed in square or rectangle shape, avoid irregular and circular shapes.

Avoid entry facing the lift.

The ideal height of the rooms is 12-14 inches, and there must be a gap of 3-4 feet between the floor and windows.

To conclude, life in a flat can be interesting and easy, in case; there are any difficulty and fear of not selling try using these tips and then let the results speak.