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Vastu For Institutions

Vastu For Institutions

Vastu For Institutions

Manage Vastu for Institutions with smart guidelines for good results and excellent benefits of aspirants 

Vastu for Institutions can be very helpful for the students, teacher and owners. With the passing of everyday students require particular Institutions to gain the quality knowledge and skills that help them to beat the competition in the market. Vastu for the institution will provide dual benefits to the owners and students who are studying. 

With the help of proper structure and balance with the entire five Vastu elements, one can create a good atmosphere. The atmosphere will be very helpful for the students who want to achieve something in their careers. It will improve their concentration power and help them to attain the command of the skills and knowledge they want.

Importance of Vastu for the institution 

In the present time, many types of Institutions can be there which include educational and vocational Types of studies. Every institution has a great requirement of goodwill among the parents and students. Proper analysis is required for every institution in context to Vastu Shastra. 

Using the correct rules of Vastu, the institution can certainly achieve the target of delivering quality education and helping the students to achieve their target in life. Using the rules of Vastu Institutions can successfully create an atmosphere which can be beneficial for the students in many ways as per Vastu for Institutions. 

Students will get a chance to study in a peaceful and progressive environment. It will help them to get success at higher standards in terms of studies. The institutions will be able to perform better and will be able to establish Goodwill among the students. And the best part is that you do not have to understand rocket science. The principles of Vastu are very easy to understand and apply.

East direction and knowledge 

As per Vastu for Institutions East direction is considered the direction of knowledge and wisdom. It also belongs to intelligence and therefore Institutions must be created accordingly. The entrance door will play a major role in the success of the Institution. Therefore the entrance door must be established in the east or northeast direction of the institution to get the right results.

Bring positivity to the institution 

As per the rules of Vastu Shastra, positivity can enter from the east and northeast sides of the building. It is also considered the head of the building which requires sunlight and fresh air to grow and take care of the rest of the building. 

Therefore at the time of making the institution, you should never forget this particular basic rule according to which enough space should be left there for the entrance of proportion light and fresh air. 

However, you should always ensure that the Southwest and South parts of the building have heavy structures and are constructed in a good way so that maximum load is there. According to the Vastu for Institutions rules these directions must be higher than the rest of the building to obtain the best outcome.

Selection of the place for the institution 

The place of the institution can always make a big difference. You should always ensure that the Institute is located right in the middle of the city. It will make it easy for other students to reach the Institution. Vastu for Institutions provide excellent solution. 

Therefore, the correct place for the institution can make a big difference in the overall success or failure. You should always make sure that the place is quite the center of the city and it is an attractive location. Parents must feel safe when they are sending their children to the institution. 

Entrance door

The entrance door of the institution must be situated in the east or north direction to obtain the right results from it. It can be a small institution or a large school. The entrance door is always going to make a big difference. In reality, the entrance door is the place where the positivity will be entering your space. 

Therefore, you should ensure that the entrance door is located on the east or north side of the institution to bring maximum positive energy which is going to provide you with the right results in this context. This direction brings an optimistic attitude in the students and also eliminates any type of confusion from their minds. Therefore keeping the entrance door in this particular direction will certainly bring a lot of benefits according to the Vastu for Institutions.

Space for the prayers

Space for the prayers is a place where you offer your worship to God. Most Institutions start their day with prayers to God. North east direction is considered highly specious for the space for the prayers. The children of such institutions will certainly get complete benefits and they will be able to focus properly.

Area for the reception

Vastu for Institutions mention that the reception area can play a major role in the success of an institution. Therefore, you should choose the reception area carefully and ensure that everything is going smoothly as per your expectations. Reception staff should also be polite and knowledgeable. 

There should be proper space for the reception in any institution that is involved in any sort of educational activity. It is so because parents always want to know about the fee structure, course content, and progress of the students. 

They need someone to listen to them carefully and provide the complete information at a place. As far as Vastu for reception is concerned, you should select a place which is well-lit, and visible and make sure that staff is facing the east or north direction at the time of dealing with the parents or visitors. The East or northeast direction is considered ideal for preparing the reception area in the institution. However, the direction can be set as per the plot direction. 

Vastu for a classroom of institution 

Vastu for Institutions states that institutions can be different types including educational and vocational. Their classrooms are also designed accordingly where students learn new skills and sit to get theory lessons. At the time of construction, these classrooms must be created in a way that their faces must be in the east or north direction. Always remember that the east direction is considered best to obtain the skills and knowledge. Students will be able to gain these skills which they always need to succeed in their career.

Space for ventilation

Vastu for Institutions mentions that ventilation always plays a major role when a mass gathering happens. Therefore you should ensure that no suffocation is there in any classroom and air flow of oxygen is good. 

It is only possible when you keep proper ventilation in every room which will provide them the ability to concentrate without any suffocated environment. It is necessary to have proper ventilation in every classroom so that students can focus on their studies without any problems. 

It is better to create enough Windows and ventilators. You should also install the exhaust wherever it is necessary. For the ideal placement, you should keep the windows in the north and east direction. It will improve the entry of Sunlight and fresh air in the classrooms. Certainly, this is going to bring positivity to the classroom which will be beneficial for the students in the long Run.

Electric equipment according to Vastu

You should know that electric equipment is a necessary part of any institution. The role of electric equipment also increases in vocational institutions. Therefore you should place them properly to bring the positive to your educational institution or vocational center. 

Vastu for Institutions indicates that such equipment must be placed in the southeast direction of the institution which belongs to the fire element according to Vastu. You can include equipment like an electricity generator, inverter, and other instruments which are used. It will stop unwanted short circuits and accidents when you place the instrument in the southeast direction according to Vastu.

Cafeteria institution

Vastu for Institutions describes that in the large institution, a cafeteria is also necessary which provides refreshments to the students after long sessions of studies. The ideal placement of this particular structure should be in the southeast direction. You should always make sure that at the time of serving the food to the students, the face should be in the east direction. This direction will improve the contentment among the students which will keep them energetic for a long time.

Location of Administration office

The administrative office is also considered the most important part of the institution because it provides a great contribution to the institution. It helps in the management of the proper budget and estimation of everything including expenditures and revenue. According to Vastu for Institutions principles, one should select the north or east direction for the administrative office and gain the right results. 

Make sure that the finance department and administrative departments are created together or nearby to gain the complete benefits. The proper direction of the administrative officers will ensure that finance should be in an accurate manner and no conflicts should be there. It will also keep a strong control of the expenses and improve the revenue. 

Vastu for water point in the institution 

Water point is the essential requirement of the institution and it must be placed according to Vastu for Institutions rules. It will improve the positivity and eliminate the negative vibes from the space. The north direction is considered ideal for the replacement of the water point for the students in the institution. However for the overhead water tank, one should only select the southwest portion of the building to avoid any conflict. 

If there is a lack of space on the ground floor for the placement of the water point, one can also select the northeast or east direction for the placement of the water point. Never place water points in the south directions which are not considered auspicious for this. The south direction belongs to the fire element and it is not suitable for the water point as per the Vastu for Institutions.

Furniture office institution according to Vastu

Furniture of the institution can also play a major role in the overall success of students. You should always make sure that the furniture is comfortable and students can sit without any problem for long hours. It will improve their concentration powers. 

The shape of furniture should be properly rectangular or square to obtain the best benefits. Further, you should give preference to the wooden furniture for the sitting arrangement of students. It is believed that wooden furniture is ideal for the student and metallic furniture can bring lots of negativity with it as per Vastu for Institutions.

Indoor plants

You should always put some indoor plants in the east and north direction so that the entrance should be looking good.  Always make sure that plants are maintained properly and there should not be any dead leaves on them. For this, you should set up a particular schedule and make sure that these plants are maintained properly. 

Never forget that many indoor plants are considered highly specious for commercial space as they remove the negative and bring prosperity. There are some particular plants which also produce a considerable amount of oxygen and it is highly specious when the oxygen air enters your premises from the east and north direction as per Vastu for Institutions.

Final words for Vastu for institution 

The administrative staff should sit in a way that there should not be any windows or doors behind them. They must be able to focus on their work without any interaction and it is only possible when they have a proper wall behind them. In the same manner, the student will feel comfortable and confident and they have a wall on their back. For the administrative officer, you can also place a portrait of Huge Mountain on the back wall. However, you should also keep in mind that Vastu for Institutions directions will change when the plot direction changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right space for placement of documents and financial instruments in an institution?

Select the Southwest direction for the placement of documents and other finance-related instruments including money. Vastu for Institutions states that keep your safety in the Southwest direction to obtain the best benefits from it. If you cannot place the entire safe in the Southwest direction because of the lack of space you can also place a symbolic Piggy Bank there. It will certainly improve your saving power and you will never have financial problems in your life.

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