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Vastu For Medical Room

Vastu For Medical Room

Vastu For Medical Room

Vastu for medical Room improve the recovery speed of patient and help the doctor to give 100% attention

Vastu for medical room is beneficial to improve the recovery rate of patient and speedy improvement in health. You must have heard that people need the power of positive energy to overcome the adverse conditions of their lives. Therefore, you should know that a Vastu for a medical room is also essential. Most users think that Vastu is only needed for residential purposes but the reality is different. A Vastu-optimized space can help you a lot to recover from your life problems very soon and you will be able to gain positive results from the same. Therefore, you should be working very hard and ensure that you can gain significant results without a problem. 

Residential space conversion to medical room

Most people have converted the residential space directly into the medical rooms because of the lack of space. However, this is going to create a Vastu Dosha which will have a negative impact and people may suffer from the same as per Vastu for medical room. When you do the proper analysis of the Vastu for a medical room your patient will be able to recover very soon. The patient will also be able to gain better health as soon as possible. Therefore it is necessary to construct the medical room as per the proper rules of Vastu. You should also include the entrance of the medical room in the Vastu Optimization.

Things to remember for the medical room

You should always ensure that proper space is available for every task at the time of creation of the medical room. It means the patient should not feel suffocated and he must be able to receive positivity. Therefore it is necessary to create a good medical room and select a space that is larger than 250 square feet as per Vastu for medical room.

Vastu for medical room space 

For good results, you should prefer to create the medical room on the first story of the building which is considered a highly auspicious and preferable space. The entrance of the medical room is also going to play another important role. Therefore, you should select the correct direction for the medical room. As per the Vastu for the medical room, you should always keep the entrance in the east or north direction to gain the correct outcome. 

Reception area vastu for the medical room

The reception area is the next most attention-grabbing space in the medical room. Therefore, it must be created properly as per the rules of Vastu to make the visitors completely satisfied with the medical services and provide them with sufficient and accurate information that they want. Therefore, you should ensure that it is constructed in the eastern part or northern part to gain the advance benefits from it as per Vastu for medical room. 

Windows and door vastu for the medical room

Doors and windows of the medical room should attract the maximum amount of sunlight. Therefore, you should ensure that proper windows and several doors should be there in the medical room. As far as the direction is concerned you should choose the eastern or northern side for the creation of the door and windows. It will bring the fresh air of the morning and mild sunlight which is there to help the human body generate vitamin D and recover soon from the illness according to Vastu for medical room. 

Parking space vastu for medical facility 

In the present time, the parking space is also very important and one should always ensure that the parking area in the medical room must be constructed in the southeast or northwest direction to gain the proper benefits as per Vastu. The patient's room should also get enough sunlight as it will help them to recover fast from their illness. They will also be able to get the fresh air and mild sunlight which they always want. Therefore it is highly recommended to create the patient room towards the northeast direction.

Rooms of the electrical equipment 

In modern medicine, many types of electrical equipment are being used for treatment, analysis, and many other medical purposes. Therefore, one should always ensure that medical electrical goods are placed in the correct direction so that they should last longer and give the expected results to the users as per Vastu for medical room. 

The fire element is responsible for the long-lasting of the electrical equipment. Therefore, you should prefer to choose the southeast direction of the building which belongs to the fire element. Equipment that is placed in this particular direction is going to last for longer and give the right results.  

Study material 

Study material is the most important and common asset in medical buildings. Therefore, it must be placed in the Vastu direction to get the complete benefits from the study material. It is highly recommended to choose the south or west direction for this concern and gain the expected results that you always wanted to have according to Vastu for medical room. 

Online services for medical Vastu 

In case of any confusion, you should choose the online services of the Vastu experts. Through the correct analysis with them, you will be able to gain the most outstanding results. Always ensure that through the correct consultation with the online Vastu experts, you get the proper guidelines for the creation of the medical room. In this way, you will be able to obtain the best benefits of the invested money for various purposes in the creation of a medical room. 

 Medical room in the clinic of a doctor

In the present time, many prefer to open their clinic for medical services for the patient. Never forget that the rules of Vastu are very common for everyone and they will also be applicable in the clinic of a doctor. You should always ensure that enough positive energy can enter the clinic through the east and north direction. Therefore, you should keep the entrance of the clinic in the east or north direction to obtain the maximum benefits from the same as mentioned in Vastu for medical room. 

Keeping the central area free

You should always remember that the center area is the place where all types of energies are going to meet and it should be kept free to make the perfect balance. Heavy furniture and other articles should never be placed in this particular direction of the medical room and make sure that you are keeping this particular area free from any sort of obstruction. If you are planning to make the waiting room you should select the northeast or north direction.

Ventilation for medical room and Vastu 

This area of the building will be able to maximize the ventilation of the space. Your patient will always feel comfortable and the doctor is going to feel energetic when there is a proper relationship in the medical room. You should always focus on improving the level of the patient at any cost. Through the Vastu for medical room guidelines, you can always create a positive environment in your medical room for the patients. 

Bed of patient and vastu rules 

Therefore as per the Vastu guidelines, you should always avoid the southeast direction for the establishment of a patient's bed. Always remember that when you place the bed in this particular direction of the medical room there is a great chance of having a conflict. The patient may also become unhappy because of this particular direction. Therefore, you should follow this guideline and ensure that the patient's bed is not established in the southeast direction of the medical room. 

Direction of the room for the doctor

A doctor always needs some space to check the patient and deal with the other activities like checking the reports etc. Vastu for the doctor clinic is important including the space for the doctor in the medical room. Therefore, one should ensure that doctors should have the proper space in the medical room to treat the patients in the south, southwest, or west direction to obtain quick and effective results as per Vastu for medical room. 

The direction of the patient in the medical room

Doctors who will be set in this particular direction get a high level of concentration at the time of working for the patients. It will also enhance the overall performance of the doctor. Doctors can have a positive working on the patients with complete dedication when the room is established in the proper direction. However, if you are still looking forward to improving the Vastu of your clinic you should get in touch with a Vastu consultant to provide your services online and offline as per your requirement. 

Sitting arrangement direction 

As per the guidelines of Vastu, patients must sit in the way that their face must be in the north direction. The face of the doctor should be towards the east so that he can make the proper diagnosis. You will be able to improve the level of focus in several folds in this particular method. Doctors will be able to ask the maximum number of questions from the patient properly. The proper guidelines of Vastu will also eliminate any sort of mental and social issues from the medical room. Therefore you should always give reference to the Vastu for medical room as well.

Different types of tips for Vastu of medical room

If there is any operation theater in the medical room then it must be located in the West zone. Now you already know the location of the Doctor's Chamber in the Southwest direction for better controlling power. However, you should always ensure that medical rooms are in the northwest or southeast corner where the medical equipment is placed. In some medical rooms ultrasound units are also available. You should also choose the proper direction for the ultrasound units according to Vastu for medical room.

Vastu for ultrasound placement in the medical room

The northwest corner of the clinic is said to be perfect for the placement of ultrasound units. When the patient is relaxing on the bed, you should ensure that the head of the patient should be in the south or east direction. At the time of sleeping these directions will generate a positive vibration and energy will be released which will help the patient faster. 

The care of the doctor is the next thing that you should place as per the Vastu guidelines. It is better to choose the gray or black color chair for the doctor who will be providing the correct guidelines. It is better to avoid dark colors which are considered to be hurting the users. Dark colors like blue and black can also bring the problem of depression and negativity to the users. 

Cleaning rules and Vastu 

Keeping all the segments of the medical room fresh and clean is the basic requirement in any medical department. Therefore, it is necessary to build them in a way that air and light should be there. The proper ventilation should be there in each room. With the help of proper ventilation, the flow of positive energy will improve in several folds. If you want to create an emergency patient room, it must be kept in the southwest region of the medical facility. It will help them recover from the diseases as soon as possible as per experts of Vastu for medical room. 

Residential ward boys and nurses

If you want to create something for the residential ward boys and nurses you should give preference to the northwest or southeast area on the right side. Toilets must be created in the northwest section of the western zone to obtain the best outcome. The space for the staircase should be in the southwest area. The lab for the pathology should be created in the northwest or northern area of the medical room. 


Creation of the ICU or intensive care unit is the next requirement that you should never forget to build for the patients. For this purpose, you can select the northwest direction. It is better to avoid keeping the mirrors inside the clinic because mirrors always attract negative energy. The south direction is highly auspicious for keeping the blood bank as per Vastu for medical room. Always ensure that only the lighter colors are being used in the walls of the medical room. In the same manner, you should ensure that the colors of the floor are not purely black or white. In case of any confusion, you should always get in touch with the Vastu experts who are going to provide you with excellent outcomes.

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