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Vastu for Medical Room

Vastu Tips for Medical Room

Nowadays, problems, diseases, losses, may it be personal or professional are increasing on a large scale. No matter how much cautiously you work, how many guidelines and rules you follow, some things cannot be avoided. If an accident or loss is going to happen, it will happen in any case, similarly, if there is going to be any problem, no matter how many precautions you take, you will have to face. Out of all the rooms, people resist entering medical rooms because these rooms represent negativity.

Medical rooms or clinics are meant for those who are suffering from diseases and illness. No person wants to enter in these rooms, but when an illness strikes, can you avoid this room? What if the room makes the problem worse? What if the negative energies bring up issues which were not even present earlier?

Just like residential properties, clinics and medical rooms play a vital role in a person’s life. These rooms come in picture when any problem relating to health arises. It is important to keep these rooms free from negative energies and evil eyes to speed up the recovery of the patient. Vastu Shastra comes up with a variety of guidelines for the medical room; following those guidelines encourage positivity and swift recovery. Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu Shastra Tips for Medical Rooms and make them a positive place to spend a little time:

Entrance to the Room:

Every clinic or room has its entrance. It is a way to enter the room and get what you want. According to Vastu Shastra, the entrance of the clinic or medical room must be on the north-east, east or north side. These directions are considered auspicious and allow the patient to seek consultation without fear and uncertainty. In case, these directions are not available then south, west or south west corner can work the best.

Location for the Waiting Room:

In any hospital, clinic or medical room, there is always a waiting room or an area where attendants can sit and wait for their turn. Vastu suggests north-east or north side of the area perfect for the waiting room. These sides enhance patience among the patients and ensure that they do not feel agitated or disturbed. Avoid south-east direction for the waiting room as it can cause unhappiness and disputes.

Location for the Doctor’s Room:

A clinic cannot start without a doctor, and a doctor cannot work without his room. Vastu advises the appropriate location for doctor’s room is in the south-west, south or west direction. These directions allow the doctors to work peacefully and increase their concentration. Also, in medical rooms where patients are admitted, while treating, it is advisable to face north-east as it enhances focus and allow the doctor to understand the patients in a better way. Facing east direction is also good for the doctors.

Colours for the Room:

Medical rooms are often considered depressing rooms as it is full of patients, medicines and diseases. The colours of the room must be positive, soothing, bright and inspiring which makes a patient positive and happy. Vastu says the perfect colours for the medical room are light shades that are soothing for the eyes. Use Shades of green, pink and blue leaves a calming and relaxing effect. You can use light green, light shades of pink and sky blue for the walls for cooling effect and light environment. Make sure there are no dark colours like red, violet, black, grey, etc. in the room as they make the area look dark and also invite negative energies.

Colour for the Doctor’s Chair:

According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra, doctor’s chair plays a vital role. If the chair is black or dark red coloured, it creates a negative impact on the minds and makes the doctor look devilish. Vastu suggests using like colours like cream, beige and light tone of brown for the chair. Avoid black, blue, or grey for doctor’s chair as they spread negativity and make the doctor as well as the patient depressing. Also, avoid using dark shade for the carpets in the medical room.

Some other Tips to Follow:

You can hang beautiful, decorative, scenic paintings in the medical room which are soothing and positive for the eyes.

Try creating an environment which is cheerful and positive with a slow and relaxing music in the hall.

Avoid toilets in the centre, north-east and south-west direction as they are more prone to negative energies in these directions.

Place examination table on the north-west side of the room and the patient should lie down with head on the east side and legs towards west.

The ideal location for the reception is on the eastern or northern side of the clinic.

In case, there are medical equipments in the room then the south-east direction is the best.

You can also keep a very small temple hung in the corner of the medical room to keep the area auspicious and blessed.

To make the environment light, any water equipment like small water fountain can be placed in the room.

Avoid fish aquarium in the medical room. If there is an aquarium in the room, then avoid keeping fishes in the aquarium as it is considered sinful.

Keep the area very clean, free from dirt and polluted items as it can cause infection to the patients. Also, the area must be spacious and clutter-free.

To conclude, undoubtedly, medical rooms are not considered good rooms, but you can always make them auspicious and ensure a happy and small stay. Follow the Vastu tips and get the best treatment and come out with a happy, healthy and strong body.