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Vastu For Hostel

Vastu For Hostel

Vastu For Hostel

Vastu for hostel will bring peace and harmony and make the students perform better in multiple folds

Vastu for hostel can make it auspicious and comfortable space for the student of every age group. Hostels are designed to make students and other candidates feel at home who are indulged in educational, vocational, or other courses. 

A hostel is a great place where students learn about discipline because the stay comes with some restrictions. Vastu Shastra can improve the flow of positivity which will prove multiple benefits in terms of mental and physical improvement of the candidates who will stay in the hostel. 

Balancing energies with Vastu

Vastu can guide a person to follow the proper guidance which will be very helpful to make the perfect balance of energy. It will ensure that hostel students do not face any sort of mental pressure and it will bring down the chances of suicide, strikes, or domination as mentioned in Vastu for hostel. Some particular factors are there which you should keep in your mind to gain the right outcome. 

Always ensure that you can live in a secure and harmonious environment to gain the right outcome, it will certainly provide you the best outcome through which you can gain the right outcome. 

Construction of the hostel room

According to Vastu for hostel rooms must be created carefully to obtain the right outcome. Always ensure that proper shape is provided to the hostel to find out the best outcome. The regular shape will make sure that balance of every direction is maintained in the right sense and no trouble must happen. 

The rectangular shape or square shape of the hostel is going to provide the ultimate results. One should ensure that proper rules are being followed by the hostel construction team to ensure that one can manage to gain goodwill and that no loss of name should occur. 

Stairs in the hostel as per Vastu

Stairs in the hostel are the next thing that you should consider taking into account as per Vastu for hostel. Always ensure that stairs are constructed in the southern or western part of the hostel to gain the right results. As per the Vastu, the hostel should have stairs in the southwest direction of the building to gain the auspicious results from the same. 

Administrative office in hostel as per Vastu

Administrative officers must have great stability so that they can understand the environment, culture, and issues of the students to provide them with a long-term solution. For this, we can trust the earth element of the Vastu for hostel. 

The earth element dominates the southwest direction of the building as per the Vastu. Therefore, you should always prefer to select the southwest direction to construct the administrative office for the hostel as per Vastu. It is going to provide auspicious results and the administration will stay there for the long term to provide you with good results. 

Northwest direction for student room

Student room is the major section of the hostel which can make a big difference. For the construction of the student room, you should select the northwest direction. 

This direction will provide them progressive environment. Always remember that the air element of the Vastu for hostel represents creativity and happiness in life. Therefore, your students will always be happy and creative by living in this part of the building. 

For this, you should build enough windows also in this direction so that fresh air can enter from this particular direction of the house. This is going to be the most important element according to the rules of Vastu. Air also keeps on flowing which presents the regular progress of the students in the hostel. 

Southeast direction for hostel canteen

Hostels require a canteen for the regular food and refreshments needed by the students. Kitchen involves the cooking activities which present the fire element as per the Vastu for hostel. 

Therefore, you should prefer to choose the southeast direction which is the most suitable for fire-related work in the kitchen. This direction is dominated by the fire element and it will certainly balance the fire energy of the kitchen. In the long run, the hostel can have multiple benefits by the creation of the kitchen in this particular direction. 

The green area in the hostel as per Vastu 

The north direction belongs to the water element and therefore, you should use this particular direction carefully in the hostel building. For this, you can create a small garden or lawn in this particular direction. In this way, the regular flow of water will manage the water energy released by the north direction. 

Never grow big trees in this particular section and prefer to keep the small plants in the northern direction. Many sorts of auspicious plants are also there to grow in this direction of the hostel as per Vastu for hostel. 

Northeast part is for prayer and yoga

The northeast part is ideal for the prayer room, yoga, and meditation rooms as well. This direction can also be used for the creation of the small garden which will be offering you the right results in this particular direction. 

You should keep enough space for growing the different types of plants, flowers, etc in this direction of the hostel. The hostel warden should ensure that the garden is well maintained regularly as per Vastu for hostel. 

It is better to ensure that the garden is easily accessible and has the most comfortable seating arrangement. In this way, you should also ensure that dead plants and leaves are removed from the garden regularly to gain the right outcome from this particular section of the hostel. 

Arrangements of living rooms in the hostel 

The placement of the bed can also play a major role in the hostel room. Therefore, when you are placing the beds in the room of students in the hostel, ensure that Vastu for hostel principles are being followed. 

For the Vastu directions, you should ensure that placement is done in the way that a sleeping person should have the head in the south or east direction only. The feet of the students must be in the north or west direction of the hostel. 

No direction beam 

Beams always collect a lot of negative energy and one should be careful at the time of the construction of the hostel. You should create the beams in a way that should not be visible directly. 

Make sure that the beam should not be directly above the sleeping and eating areas of the students as per Vastu for hostel. It is going to hurt the candidates. In this way, you will be able to make the proper management for everything without having the negative impact of the beam on the students. 

Study table in the hostel

The arrangement of the study table should be in a way that students can face the north or east direction when they are engaged in the study in the hostel. This will open the learning aspect of the students as per Vastu for hostel. 

They will be able to focus more on the study and gain the right results from putting simple efforts into the study. The arrangement of the study table should be done in a way that it should not be directly in front of the entrance door. 

The eastern part of the hostel

The eastern part of the hostel is also going to play a major role in every context to bring positive energy to the hostel. You should ensure that the eastern part can provide you with the maximum sunlight and fresh air in the building. It is one of the most important methods of making a space excellent for the living which includes the hostel as well. 

Hostel rooms can have a lot of negativity because of the mass gathering. Therefore, you should never take any chances and use the east direction to attract the direct sunlight which is also essential in this way to succeed. 

Shape of hostel building as per Vastu

The shape of the hostel building should be based on the rules and regulations of the Vastu for hostel which will be very beneficial. The proper shape should be there and no cuts should be there in the northeast part particularly. 

Always remember that the northeast part of the building will be working like the head of the building. By keeping the building in proper shape you can gain the proper energy from every essential direction. 

When there is a cut in a particular direction, it can impact the overall energy flow of the building. Therefore, you should never take any risk and use the proper building shape to gain a positive flow of energy. It is commonly observed that buildings that are not in the proper shape bring financial, social, and other economic problems in the life of the owners. 

Stairs in the hostel as per Vastu

The southern and western portion of the hostel building is appropriate for the construction of the stairs as per Vastu for hostel. You should know that this particular area is ideal when you want to cover it. 

However, for leaving the open space in the building you should choose the northern and eastern parts of the building. You will also find that in large-size buildings where enough space is available, major constructions are done in the south and west parts of the building to receive the best benefits of the Vastu principles. 

Multiple stories

Usually, there are multiple stories in the building of the hostel. One should ensure that stairs are created in a way that one can manage to move from one floor to another floor of the hostel without having any issues. 

Students must be able to move from one floor of the building to the other floor without having any trouble. Safety and security are the essential parts of the stairs which are constructed for young talent as per Vastu for hostel. 

The stairs must not be situated in the dark and gloomy. In simple words, the use of the stairs must be a pleasing experience for the students and it should always offer the right results to the students without any complication. 

The design of the hostel must be compatible with the use of the stairs and it should provide the most accurate results in terms of harmony with various elements of Vastu viz. Air, earth, water, sky, and fire. 

Conclusion for Vastu for Hostel

The hostel is a huge building and you will always need enough staff to maintain and run every section of the hostel like cleaning, supervisor, cook, and so on. They live in the hostel 24/7 to maintain the discipline and proper functioning of every section of the hostel. 

Living space must be constructed in the southwest direction as per Vastu for hostel. This direction will provide them stability and the ability to control the mass for the long term in the right manner. Maintaining discipline in the hostel is essential and it is only possible when the staff is permanent there and works for the long term. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal space for hostel staff as per Vastu? 

The southwest part of the hostel will certainly bring happiness, conflict resolution, discipline, and harmony to the hostel as per Vastu for hostel. The staff members who are living in this particular space will be able to maintain discipline without any trouble and the hostel will certainly get the positive benefits from the same. 

Where to construction toilet in hostel as per Vastu?

Construction of the toilet must be done in the right sense to gain positivity in the building. Always ensure that septic tanks are created below the floor level as per Vastu for hostel. There should be enough distance between the walls of the septic tank and the main building. It is better to choose the northwest part of the building for the construction of the toilet and septic tank in the hostel building. 

No doubt that proper cleaning should be done in the toilet block. It is better to set the schedule for regular cleaning multiple times in a day as per the strength of the hostel. The doors of the toilets must be kept closed after use. In this way, you can protect your hostel building from the negative flow of energy. 

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