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Vastu for Hostel

Vastu Tips for Hostel

In a student’s life, school, college, universities play a vital role. For better education and skills, a person sends his child to a school where he learns about various languages like English, Hindi and Punjabi, subjects like maths, science, social studies that teach a student about various other factors, etc. Schools are the first and foremost step in the grooming of a student and then come colleges which provide a high level of education and specialisation in the subject of interest. Nowadays, it has become very important to make a career and earn a stable income, but for a shining career many sacrifices, adjustments and compromises are required. During this whole stage of studying, hostels become the second home of many students. Hostels are places where students meet their friends, take a step towards their profession and spend at least a year away from family.

Children live away from the family in a whole different place that is why it is said that hostels should be constructed in a way that spreads love, affection, harmony, positivity and happiness. Vastu Shastra suggests constructing hostels according to the rules stated in the Vastu so that there is no chance of negativity and disharmony is there. Many students live together, everybody having a different mindset; a different lifestyle which often leads to fights and issues, but it can be controlled if the surroundings they reside are harmonious and full of positive energies.

So, let’s have a look at various Tips offered by Vastu Shastra for Hostels and make this dormitory a happy, satisfied and harmonious place to spend some of the amazing years of student life:

The shape of the Building :

While choosing the plot for the hostel, Vastu guides to choose a plot that is evenly cut. The irregular shape of the plot is considered inauspicious for the construction of a hostel. According to Vastu Shastra, the building must be constructed in square or rectangular shape to increase the flow of energy, avoid using circular or any other irregular shape as it blocks the flow of energy leading to loss of name and goodwill.

Placement for the Stairs :

A hostel has many floors to accommodate students from various regions studying in different departments of the college. To connect the floors stairs are used, and the best place to construct stairs is in the southern or western portion. These portions are considered good for covering whereas northern and eastern portion is left open for the sunlight to enter.

Placement for the Staff, warden and admin stay :

Not only students but staff members, administration authorities and warden live in a hostel to maintain discipline and decorum of the hostel. Some of the staff members are allotted for the hostel to control the students and keep a check so that no nuisance is created. The best location for the staff rooms is a south-west part. South-west part works the best for the staff stay and helps in creating harmony, discipline and keep a check on conflicts.

Location for Students room :

A hostel is constructed for accommodating students studying in colleges and universities. Many students come from different regions and need a place to stay where hostels come in picture. Vastu advise to construct rooms for the students in north-west corner as it increases satisfaction, focus, harmony and discipline among students. This direction allows easy flow of positive energy in the hostel and makes the place a happy place for students.

Placement for Toilets :

In a hostel, there are proper toilets made on every floor. Even some hostels offer a personal toilet in every room for the students. According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra, the north-west direction is considered good for the construction of toilets. This direction keeps negative energies away from the room and keeps floor safe.

Placement for Canteen :

In a hostel, a canteen is must so that if any student feels hungry or have a craving for something different it can be fulfilled. The right location for the construction of a canteen is in South-east direction. This direction brings fulfilment and helps a person to maintain good health.

Location for Garden or Lawn :

According to Vastu Shastra, North-eastern zone is considered good for cutting down a small garden or lawn where students can enjoy, chill, or study together. This direction is considered auspicious as sunlight enters from this direction allowing positivity in the hostel.

Vastu Tips for Hostel Room:

Placement of Bed :

The right position for placing the bed in such a manner that the head of the student is in south or east whereas feet towards the north or west side. If the sleeping position is wrong, then it can cause health problems, mental stress or anxiety issues to students. Also, make sure the bed is not in front of the entrance.

Avoid Beams in the Room :

Beams in the room causes unnecessary pressure on the mind of students. Vastu advice to avoid any high beam lights in the room or if there is any beam in the room, strictly avoid sitting and sleeping under the beam. Sleeping under the beam causes mental stress and affects vision thus avoided.

Placement of Study Table :

If there is a study table in the room, then the right direction for placing is north or east facing. Avoid the study table near the entrance and also keep some gap between the wall and study table.

Placement of Windows :

In every room, it is important to make some space for windows to make the room properly ventilated and airy. Vastu says the right direction for the construction of windows is in the east direction so that sunlight directly enters the room and turns away the negativity from the room.

Hostels are places which not only make careers but also play a major role in creating memories. Memories can be good or bad, depending on the life spent there, so to make the stay worth try using the above tips and make a hostel a warm and welcoming home for students.