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Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu for kitchen can bring health, joy and prosperity in life 

Vastu for kitchen can make everything perfect in your life with the balance of energy in kitchen. Everyone prefers to live in a place that provides harmony, atmosphere, a good life, and health. However, you need to understand that Vastu can make this happen based on the positive energy flow in the entire university.

Vastu for the kitchen is the mystic science that will ensure you can get the perfect balance in the various elements of the universe and get an excellent outcome. Vastu trusts in the five essential elements of the universe, which can be earth, air, sky, Fire, and water present everywhere. One can use the science of Vastu to create the perfect harmony with these five elements and make everything work perfectly to bring good luck in life.

Benefits of using the Vastu for kitchen

Always remember that the kitchen must be a positive space, which should motivate you to work well in the kitchen. Indeed, when we eat food prepared with a healthy mindset, it will give us positivity as well. Vastu for kitchen will also bring abundance and health to everyone. 

You will feel physically and mentally strong when your kitchen and food is perfect. In many countries, the cooking task is considered a sacred activity. Therefore, people think of the kitchen as a promising place, and it must be Vastu optimized to gain the desired results from the same.

Ideal direction for the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

Which is the most favorable direction for the kitchen in Vastu? You must know that Vastu is an ancient science of architecture with well-defined rules for creating every segment of the house, including the kitchen. 

For reference of Vastu for kitchen, you can also use the books like Vishwakarma Prakash. Vastu divides the house into several segments per the direction, energy flow, and their respective elements. As per the Vastu, the Southeast tip of the house belongs to the fire element, and you should be careful about the same.

Gain good health with kitchen as per Vastu

Ensure you build your kitchen in this direction for excellent results and good health. Vastu Shastra describes that Fire is considered the most crucial element in the house, and one should ensure that this particular element is well maintained using the principles of Vastu.

South describes that fire elements should be balanced by creating the kitchen in the southeast direction of the house. Building the kitchen in this particular direction of the house will certainly provide you with excellent benefits and good wealth and health.

Impact of other directions on kitchen

Vastu for kitchen describes that when you build the kitchen in any other direction, you will start getting problems and complaints about your food. Yes, the family members and guests will start complaining about the food you are cooking in the kitchen in any other direction. 

Gradually, you will find that it will hamper your ability to cook. You can only enjoy healthy and nutritious food when there is a Vastu Dosha in your kitchen, and it is in the right direction.

A house in which the kitchen location is northeast can also create a lot of trouble for the health of the family members. You will find that such a house will start having the malefic effects on the family members, and they will have the misfortune in the life. Therefore, you must avoid building the kitchen in this direction to gain promising results.

Why southwest is not good for kitchen?

Houses with a kitchen in the south or southwest direction may also create health issues for the family members, particularly females. Yes, you will notice that families building their kitchens in the south or southwest order will face severe problems for the female members.  

The center part of the house belongs to the Braham, which is considered auspicious and must be left open for the air and sunlight. However, some individuals made a mistake and built the kitchen in this direction. Such people will face a lot of trouble in life as per Vastu for kitchen.

Northwest Kitchen and its impacts

Some individuals may need help creating the kitchen in the southeast direction. The second option that one can choose is the west direction of the house. Consider this particular direction Vastu neutral. 

Houses with a kitchen in this particular direction will find that they will be swamped in the kitchen. It is a Vastu-neutral direction, and the kitchen in this direction will also behave similarly. It is not going to generate any energy and remain neutral.

Significant points of Vastu for kitchen

Many people build houses on the duplex side where the additional bedroom is also constructed. 

However, you should always ensure that such a bedroom is never located on top of the kitchen. As per the Vastu for kitchen principles, such arrangements are never considered auspicious from the house. You should ensure that the bed or a stove is relocated and only situated in one direction.

Energy balance in kitchen as per Vastu 

The energy of the kitchen belongs to the fire element. The bathroom and toilet belong to the water element, as per Vastu for kitchen. Therefore, you should ensure no toilet or bathroom is above your house's kitchen. The positive energy for the living will get a negative impact from the same and will undoubtedly provide negative results.

The kitchen walls are also necessary, and one should use them carefully. Ensure that no heavy goods are placed on the storage of the north and east walls of the kitchen. The next point you should keep checking is the kitchen's plumbing.

Taps in kitchen 

Ensure that taps are working correctly and the pipes have no leakage. It is important to remember that water leakage symbolizes the drainage of your money and wealth from the house. It is going to have negative impacts. Regularly, one should ensure that plumbing work is done in the kitchen to ensure no water leakage.

Doors in kitchen as per Vastu

Doors are essential in Vastu for kitchen and are the primary energy source. Therefore, one should ensure that the toilet door is not just the opposite of the kitchen. It is never considered auspicious, and it can provide negative results. Therefore, one should avoid such a situation; temporarily, one can build automatic doors that are closed right after use.

Ideal Kitchen functions as per Vastu 

Proper working of the burner is compulsory when you want an excellent flow of positive energy in the house. Therefore, you should ensure that you only keep the working stove burners functioning accurately as stated in Vastu for kitchen.

The east direction is considered auspicious, and you should avoid keeping the dustbin in this particular direction. The northeast tip of the kitchen should not be disturbed because it is the primary source of positive energy for the kitchen. In the same manner, avoid the construction of the water outlets in the southwest direction of the kitchen.

Importance of kitchen cleaning

The cleanliness of the kitchen is a must-have point in the Vastu. All the Vastu principles will work only when you have the proper kitchen cleaning space. You should ensure that regular cleaning is done in the kitchen. 

The dirty kitchen never produces healthy and delicious food. Making excellent quality food will also be challenging when you have clutter in the kitchen. When you cook food in a cluttered kitchen, it will bring negativity to your life as described in Vastu for kitchen.

A dirty kitchen can also bring diseases to the family members, and financial losses can occur. Therefore, you should always keep the kitchen clean and consider the appropriate cleaning process. Oily and rusted stoves can also bring issues in life and create unhappiness from the cooking. Therefore, you should also keep the stoves neat and clean.

Create dedicated section 

Ensure you have dedicated sections for every item you use in your cooking. After use, you should place them at their respective places in the kitchen to avoid any problems during the cooking. However, you should also ensure that kitchen drawers are never overflowing as mentioned in Vastu for kitchen.

Keeping the dedicated Colours for your kitchen

It would help if you also focused on the food colors you will use. Make sure you use colors like green, orange, lemon, yellow, etc. It is so because these colors are considered reasonable and nursing to the Fire. Never use dark colors like black, blue, and grey on kitchen walls. 

Keep the kitchen needed and clean with a welcoming atmosphere. It would help if you worked hard to ensure that your kitchen is an inviting room where you want to spend considerable time cooking. When you cook the food, make sure you are happy and contended because it will have the same impact on every family member who will eat your food.

Remedies for the kitchen as per Vastu

Vastu for kitchen is a vast science that provides excellent remedies that you can easily follow to make some corrections in your kitchen. With the help of treatments, you can always balance the different types of energy and harmonize the space available for your kitchen.

Always remember that there are some particular articles that you can install in your kitchen to create positivity, as per Vastu for kitchen Solutions. One can use crystal rocks and paintings to promote positive energy flow in the kitchen.

Fire energy balance in kitchen

In some houses, some people still need to build the kitchen in the southeast due to the need for more space or knowledge. In that situation, you must bring the fire energy to your kitchen. For this, you can install the fire pyramids in your kitchen. To ensure that you get the proper fire energy in your kitchen, you can install elements like fire crystal and fire lamps in your kitchen area.

Some particular Herbs are also considered suitable for the environment of the kitchen. You can cultivate these special Herbs to bring positivity. For this, you can reference the Herbs like Tulsi and mint. Other positive herbs are also available that you can grow in your kitchen or balcony window.

Final words 

Many other things are also there to consider per the Vastu for kitchen. For example, you can also view the kitchen storage of utensils and food grains. Ensure you have proper space and direction for the dustbin and Bloom in the kitchen. The location of the overhead beam and refrigerator will also be counted in the Vastu. 

Deposition of the sink and water purifier site must be compatible with Vastu principles. There should be. Good Windows ensure that light and airflow in the kitchen without any obstacles. The flooring and entrance of the kitchen should also be taken care of if any are planning to make an optimized kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to bring positive energy to kitchen using the colors as per Vastu?

You can use the color plate to bring a positive energy flow to your kitchen. A harmonious color plate will ensure positivity flows to your kitchen without obstacles. It will also help you make your kitchen environment happy and prosperous. It will promote good health and management, and you can use the harmonious color plate in your kitchen.

What is the Vastu remedy for the kitchen in the wrong direction?

As per rules of the Vastu for kitchen, you can use the shift errors if you have built the kitchen in the northeast or southwest direction. These arrows will undoubtedly shift your kitchen to another order in a virtual manner. This remedy will be beneficial when you have your kitchen in the northeast or Southwest Direction.

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