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Vastu For Factory

Vastu for factories and its impact on profitability, investors, and working staff

Generating good amounts of profit and regular growth are the two major objectives of every business and Vastu for factories can help. However, even after putting in all the efforts some business houses are not able to generate enough profit because of the Vastu Dosha. 

Factory Vastu includes various aspects 

Vastu for factories can help to acknowledge the problems of a factory and eliminate them using the Vastu tactics. Assessment of the problems will help them to come up with certain reforms and changes in the factory structure and interior. With the help of proper Vastu for factories, one can certainly promote growth and profit in the business to gain the proper strength that is required. 

Site for the factory as per Vastu 

The site of the factory can always play a major role in making a perfect balance in the various Vastu factors and elements. With the help of making a perfect balance in the various elements and directions, the factory can start performing on its best parameters. 

Therefore, a complete Vastu for factories layout is highly recommended for the construction of a factory. Orientation of Machines and their placement in the plot of a factory can also play a major role in the best performance. 

Areas and offices of the factory as per Vastu

The next detrimental factor in the Vastu optimization of a factory can be the areas and offices of Administrative staff. One should also determine the right place for the kitchen, stairs, and offices in the factory to gain a significant amount of profit. 

Requirement of Vastu for factory

Never forget that Vastu for factories is an ancient architectural science that has been used to avoid scale in India and other parts of the world. Its principles are so effective that it is being accepted at the universal level. By implementing the Vastu for the factory one can have a positive impact on the factory and eliminate the negativity. 

Impact of Vastu on Productivity 

Many research programs have also been conducted to know about the impact of Vastu Shastra on factory owners and their productivity. It has been found that people who use the Vastu for factories get excellent benefits and their production power also rises in several folds in the factory. It helps them to bring down the overall cost and increase the profit factor which is the major objective. 

Process of factory and Vastu

Vastu for factories already has arrangements for every process that can be used in the different types of production units. We always understand that industrial unit production factors and processes can be different everywhere. Therefore a wide range of Vastu principles are available through which one can decide about the correct design and gain the right results. 

Vastu-friendly factory and rules 

Vastu requirements for every factory can be different and therefore one vast expert is required to take the proper assessment. However, there are some Universal rules of Vastu for factories that you can certainly take into account for making your factor Vastu-friendly. However, some particular general rules are there that one can follow and set the factor as per the Vastu guidelines to avoid any sort of unwanted consequences. 

The slope of the land as per Vastu for the factory layout

The type and elevation of the factory should also be according to the Vastu which can always make a big difference. Vastu for factories experts also put special emphasis on the correct elevation and slope on the land of the factory to gain a good outcome. Therefore, one should never ignore the rules and regulations to gain the right outcome with Vastu for their factories. 

Several rules and regulations will be imposed on the Vastu for factories. Every factory owner should ensure that this slope, elevation, and other rules can easily be implemented on the factory land to gain outstanding results. 

Slops in the factory as per Vastu 

Vastu for factories states that the slope of the factor must be in the north or northeast direction to gain outstanding results and excellent profit generation. For the construction of a good factor, this slope can play a major role because the magnetic effects of the earth are going to flow from the northeast to the southeast direction which brings positivity to the area of the factory. 

Therefore, one should never ignore this particular factor at the time of construction and gain the right outcome with the same. Just like the land, the shed of the industry should also have a slope towards the north or east direction for the smooth flow of the rainwater. 

Location of heating and electrical equipment and controls 

Control panels represent the fire element and transformers or generators are also similar to them. The correct placement of control panels and other electrical equipment can also play a major role in flow of positive power toward the factory. Replacement will ensure that the factory is running all the operations smoothly without any obstacles as per Vastu for factories. 

 Impact of Right direction on electrical equipment 

By placing the electrical equipment in the right direction one can make sure that the fire element of the Vastu for factories is maintained properly. In the same manner, when you are running a chemical factory the boilers are going to represent the fire element in your factory. 

The placement of boilers must be done in the fire zone which is considered as south or south east. At the time of designing the factory layout one should always consider these factors. For the placement of generates one should select the North West direction of the factory shared which is highly appropriate.

Location of factory machine as per Vastu

The proper functioning of the factory completely depends on its machinery. Therefore one should only select the Vastu-friendly direction for the machinery to make the factory work on high production. Most people have a misconception that in the Southwest corner of the factory, there is only a shed. 

It is so because most people consider the Southwest direction appropriate for the placement of heavy material. You should never forget that every factory has different types of requirements in terms of machinery. Therefore the rules of Vastu for factories will also be different in every factor including the machinery. It is going to use different kinds of machinery.  

Function of machinery and Vastu 

Vastu for factories believes that the function of the machinery is going to play a major role rather than its weight in the Southwest direction. The purpose of using the machinery is very important when you want to play some Hindi in a particular direction.

For example, you can also understand it from the stone crusher factory. The stone crusher machine should ideally be placed in the northwest corner as per the rules of the Vastu. Northwest direction is going to have a lot of energy from the Rudra.

“Rudra” energy is going to play a major role in the success of the crushing machine which is located in the northeast direction. Therefore, one should always check this particular direction when the crushing machine is to be placed in the stone crusher factor. 

Principles for Vastu for factory office

Factory offices should have the perfect alignments for the Vastu for factories rules. It will help the manager to deal with the staff and run the operations without any conflict. The success of every factor ultimately depends on its workers. 

Therefore, one should always remember this particular factor and pay attention to the office Vastu of the factory. Using the correct rules and regulations one can make the factor area compatible with the Vastu for factories principles and no conflicts will be occurring. As per the Vastu consultants, the location of the factor should be there in the west or south direction to gain complete control. 

West direction and factory offices 

Factory office which is situated in the west direction is going to bring a lot of benefits and provide immense benefits. A factor which is being managed from the west direction is going to generate enough profit, good growth and there will be no conflict with the workers.

The office area which is located in the west direction is going to provide more popularity to the factor and it will also help the person to gain good authority and position in the factor. The person who is sitting in the south direction of the office is going to provide multiple opportunities for the person to earn a good name according to Vastu for factories. 

The situation of the labor quarter

The situation of the labor quarter is also going to make a big difference. The southeast corner of the factory is going to be very appropriate for the factory. This particular direction belongs to the fire element and it is going to motivate the workers to perform better in the factory and be more productive during the working hours in the factory. 

Technical staff arrangements as per Vastu 

If the technical staff is also working in the factory then their cabin should be constructed in the southwest direction. This particular direction is working like a transition point which is going to convert the fire element to the earth element.

It means that technical staff will be able to innovate something that will help the labor staff to do better for the entire production process in the factory. This corner will also sharpen the skills of technical staff and they will be able to keep their skills updated regularly without any obstacles as mentioned in Vastu for factories guide. 

Space for kitchen, parking, and pantry in Factor as per Vastu

For parking, there should be separate spaces for the parking of heavy and lightweight vehicles. Always remember that heavy vehicles must be parked outside the factory building. However, there can be some particular situations when you have to park heavy vehicles inside the factory premises. 

In that particular situation, it is better to choose the south or southwest direction. Additionally, when you want the parking space for lightweight vehicles, it is better to select the northwest direction. In the northwest direction, one can easily park lightweight vehicles like bicycles; scooters, etc Never park vehicles in the northeast direction of the vehicle as per the guidelines of Vastu for factories. 

Kitchen in the factory as per Vastu

The kitchen of the factory also belongs to the fire element. For the construction of the kitchen, one should only select the south or southeast direction. It will create the perfect balance with the fire element and this location is considered highly auspicious and suitable for the construction of the kitchen in the factory premises. 

Selection of the right colors for the factory

Colors have their equal importance in the construction of the factory. The impact of the suitable colors is going to be equal on the factory just like the structure. To make the atmosphere professional in the factor one should use colors like off-white, beige, and gray. 

Final words about Vastu for Factories 

Using the Vastu for factories principles one can decide about every aspect of the factory. The placement of raw materials and other goods can also determine the overall success and production capacity of a factory. These are the most important segments on which the factory's success is dependent. Therefore one should always have principles for the location of raw material and placement of goods in the factory.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Vastu colors suitable for the factory?

Some muted shades of the dark blue color are also considered auspicious for the factory. Navy blue or cerulean blue will also provide a professional and industrial touch to the building. These colors are highly suitable for the walls of the factory as mentioned in Vastu for factories. 

Chocolate color is considered highly auspicious for the walls of the factory which is going to provide an excellent outcome. Shades of black colors are also considered highly auspicious and can easily be used. It will have a good impact on the visitors like investors of the factory. They are going to understand the importance and seriousness of the business to gain a good return on the invested money.

Where should I place the raw material in the factory as per Vastu for factories?

Vastu for factories states that the west side of the shed is considered highly auspicious for the placement of raw materials and finished goods. If the raw material includes some of the liquid items it is better to place them in the north or northeast direction. However, when the finished good placement is considered then one should select the Northwest direction which is going to provide the best outcome to factory owners. 

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