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Vastu For North West Facing House

Vastu For North West Facing House

Vastu For North West Facing House

Vastu for North-West facing plots bring happiness with easy to follow tips

Buying a plot comes with a lot of things including the Vastu compliances which can make a particular plot good or bad for you. Therefore, you should never hesitate to discuss the various aspects that you need for the plot including Vastu for North-West facing plots. With the help of expert advice on north-west facing plots one can manage to eliminate the malefic effects and stay confirmed about the same.

Checking the plot

Vastu for North-West facing plots states that northwest facing plot is having a proper shape. The proper shape of the plot here means that it should be in rectangular or square shape. If you want to build something in a circular shape then you can also select the circular plot. You should ensure that all the sides are clear in the shape and there is no cut. However, if there is any you should check the direction and its Vastu impact on the plot.

The location should be free from negativity

The next thing that you should check is that the plot should never be located near a graveyard or cremation which is going to provide negative results. The cremation ground or burial provides a lot of negative impact on the plot according to Vastu for North-West facing plots. 

In the same manner, if the land is situated right opposite the hospital, it is going to provide you with a negative impact. There should not be any temple or religious institution in the space where you are planning to live. It is so because it can have a lot of negative impact and you will regret buying the plot.

The situation of the plot

The plot should never be situated right in the middle of the large-size plots. Such a plot will always create financial issues. There is a scientific fact that it will stop the sunlight and flow of positive energy there. Blockage of energy will certainly create a lot of problems and you will have serious problems in life according to Vastu for North-West facing plots.

No dumping yard nearby

There should not be any garbage dump near the plot or on the plot. It is seen that when a plot is open from all sides, people treat it like a dump yard. Sewage near the plot can have serious negative impacts on the landowners according to Vastu for North-West facing plots.

No huge structure in the wrong directions

There can be huge structures situated in the southwest direction of the plot which are going to provide excellent benefits and make the plot lucky. However, any other direction should not have any sort of hindrance because it will have a negative impact.

Four side roads of the plot

One can select the plots that have the roads on the four sides which are considered highly auspicious for commercial and residential purposes. Vacant land in the northeast direction is considered highly auspicious. In the same manner, if there is any water body situated in the north or east direction, it will be auspicious for the plot.

Shape and objectives of using the plot

The use of the plot can also make a big difference that you should always take into account. For example, the lion shape plot is not suitable for residential purposes. However, the lion shape plot can provide you immense benefits when you are going to use it for residential purposes. Make sure that the north side of the plot is broader like the face of the lion. Such a plot can provide immense benefits as per Vastu for North-West facing plots.

The cow-shaped plots are auspicious for residential purposes. The northeast direction of the cow shape plots must be broader than any other direction. In the same way, the south or the west direction can have roads that are going to provide great results to the users.

Taking the test of the plot as per Vastu

You should never forget to take the Vastu test for the plot to find out the good impact. To start the test of the plot you can start digging a pit. The pit should be 18 on all sides and pour water to check the prosperity of the plot for you. After three minutes, you should notice the changes. The ground will start soaking the water. It must leave the 15 cm residue minimum or more as guided in Vastu for North-West facing plots.

However, you should avoid buying the plot if the residue is less. In the next thing you check that water is moving in the clockwise direction to gain the right results with the same. In that particular situation, you can expect to have the positive energy around the plot. Purchase of such a plot is going to provide you with a lot of benefits and you should never hesitate to buy this kind of plot. It is going to provide you with excellent results in every possible way. 

Basil plant test to know the Vastu for plot

For the next step, you need to wait for a while. This particular test is known as the seed germination test and you can take on the plot to learn about it. To take the test one should spread the basil seeds on the ground. Make sure that you are giving them water regularly to gain a good outcome. Make sure that you provide them with proper care so that they can germinate as mentioned in Vastu for North-West facing plots.

Basil is always considered the most auspicious plant and when the plant grows on land it creates a lot of positive vibes. It is going to bring good luck in life when you buy a plot that can grow the basil plant easily. Vastu will certainly provide you with immense benefits when you select such a plot.

Direction and cuts

One should know that cuts should be checked properly in context to every direction to know about the Vastu optimization of the plot. By checking the cuts one can know about the correct flow of the energy in the right direction. The northeast direction is considered highly auspicious and there is no space for the cut in this particular direction.

Distinguish direction and their powers 

Always understand that this particular direction will work like the head of the entire structure that you are going to create. Therefore, one should check that no cut is there in this particular direction of the plot for the auspicious results. In the same manner, the northwest direction should be in the proper shape without any cuts. Cut in the north-west direction is not considered auspicious. It can bring serious illness to the family members and have negative results as per Vastu for North-West facing plots.

No cut in the southwest 

Cutting in the southwest direction is not considered good for the mental health of the people who are going to live in such a place. Always ensure that this particular direction is in the proper shape to avoid the unwanted stress and burden from life. It can also create serious troubles for people who are willing to move further in their relationships, jobs, money, or any other psychological advantage in life. Therefore, one should check this particular direction in the right sense and gain the right outcome according to Vastu for North-West facing plots.

Cutting in the southeast direction can stop the progress in life and make life stagnant. Therefore, this particular direction will come the defected as per the Vastu when there is a cut. It can create serious financial and health-related problems in life. For example, it can cause poverty, and diseases and bring a lot of business loss for the family as per the guide of the Vastu. 

Location of the main doors in the north-facing plots

When you are planning to purchase the northwest facing plot, you should also check the position of the plot which is going to make a big difference. Always remember that roads that end in the west and go towards the west are considered good for the financial health of the entire family. However, there are some other factors attached to the plot that you should always take into consideration as per Vastu for North-West facing plots.

One should avoid buying the plot in some particular situations where the roads are ending. The roads should not end in the below-mentioned directions

  East of southeast direction

-    South of the southwest direction

  North of the northwest direction

-    West of the southwest direction

As per the rules of the Vastu, the T-junctions are not considered auspicious and one should avoid buying the plots that have the T junction on any of its sides. One should always seek the Vastu remedies for the T junction which is situated in the northwest direction of the house. Homes that are situated right in front of the T junctions are considered very unlucky. To make them suitable for the living one should use the strong Vastu remedies with the consultation of the Vastu experts.

In the northwest-facing house, one should ensure that external and internal orientations are also measured as per the principles of Vastu. All the constructions should be done according to Vastu so that no conflicts should arise in the energies of different directions. 

Bedroom in the northwest-facing plot

You should ensure that the northwest direction is properly maintained as per the rules and regulations of the Vastu. The houses which are constructed using the Vastu principles are highly beneficial as per Vastu for North-West facing plots. 

The north-facing houses can also provide multiple benefits to the users like good fortune, happiness, health, dignity and long life, career growth, and financial inflow. It will also open the door of prosperity for the house owners when constructed on the principles of the Vastu. The northwest direction is highly suitable for the construction of the bedroom and the next direction that one can select is the southwest direction.

Keep construction safe 

The northwest or west direction of the house is also suitable for the construction of a bathroom. You should always remember that the bathroom belongs to the water element and it should never be constructed in the south direction of the house. 

The south direction has the fire element which may be making a contradiction with the bathroom. You should never select the South or southeast direction for the construction of a bathroom. Also, make sure that it is not attached to the kitchen or adjacent to the kitchen as per Vastu for North-West facing plots. 

Balancing the various elements of Vastu in the northwest-facing home

Vastu for North-West facing plots states that owner should ensure that all types of Vastu elements are well maintained in the northwest-facing houses. For example, one should ensure that the fire element in the southeast direction is maintained in the right way by keeping the kitchen in this direction. One can also put the power station in this particular direction to maintain the fire element of Vastu as per this particular direction.


As per the rules of Vastu for North-West facing plots, there is no direction good or bad and one can use the Vastu principle to optimize every direction carefully. By understanding the rules and compatibility with the direction one can always utilize the available property of Northwest in the best manner. The only thing that you have to do is check the basic features of a particular plot before deciding on a purchase. by considering these excellent Vastu tips you can always enjoy your life in a best-facing house as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you determine that a particular plot is good or bad as per Vastu?

Vastu for North-West facing plots mentioned that native should ensure that proper shape and direction should be there. Further, one can also check the quality of the soil. Black and clay soil plots must be avoided. To know about the Vastu of a particular plot one should also conduct the tests.

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