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Vastu For Backyard

Vastu For Backyard

Vastu For Backyard

Vastu for back yard provide immense benefits for wealth, health and happiness 

The backyard of the house is always considered one of the most important portions of the house as per Vastu for back yard. You should build this particular portion of the house carefully. However, in the urban cities, people do not have much time to sit peacefully in the backyard of the house and there is a huge lack of space. 

Due to these reasons they ignore the Vastu principles and build the backyard in different directions. However, you should always follow the proper rules and regulations to build the backyard to ensure that it can bring positive results in your life. 

You should know that it was to work on the principle that different directions release different types of energy and through the proper location of every portion we can manage different elements. 

Health and finance 

When you ignore a particular portion of the house to build according to Vastu principles it can certainly bring problems like health issues and financial crises in your life. Therefore it is highly recommended to use the Vastu for back yard principles at the time of construction which also include the backyard portion of your house.

Always remember that the backyard of your house is directly related to the health of the residence. Therefore, you should take proper precautions and measurements according to Vastu at the time of building the backyard of your house. It is good to follow the Vastu principles to receive all the benefits from building the property. 

But when you neglect the rules of building the backyard you will start getting a negative impact on the rest of the building. The best part is that by following the simple rules and regulations you can build the backyard which will provide you the best results.

Role of east direction in backyard

Always remember that Vastu for back yard believes that the east direction is highly auspicious for welcoming positive energy into the building. It is also believed that the yeast side should be kept open for the sunlight and fresh air on the property. 

Therefore you can build an open space backyard on the Eastern or Northern side of your building for the best result. It is believed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra that when you keep the open space in the east and north direction it will only provide you highly auspicious results and you will never face any serious issues related to the Vastu. 

West-facing houses and backyard

You will find that the best-facing houses can have a backyard in the east direction. Again this direction should be kept open and it brings prosperity when you construct an open backyard in the best-facing house. A large open space toward the east direction will certainly bring happiness and health to the residents we are living in that particular space. 

It is believed that lineage will continue and male descendants will certainly be there to bear the responsibility. The inhabitants of such a best-facing house with an open backyard in the East will always be full of prosperity and happiness in life. 

It is going to improve the fate of the male descendants and it will certainly provide complete support to the residents which will certainly improve their fame and name in the society. 

Always remember that variation of the degree can also result in the difference. Therefore when there is a fluctuation in the degree of house you should consult it with your Vastu for back yard expert. Online Vastu experts are available and you can easily afford their services.

Heavy backyard open space in east-facing house

When your house is facing east, the backyard will be constructed in the West portion of the house. You should never keep a heavy open space in the west backyard because it is not considered auspicious according to the rules of Vastu for back yard. It is commonly observed that having your open space in the backyard in the east-facing house is not considered auspicious for the residence. 

People who are living in such a house will always suffer from serious health issues. The situations will be troublesome for them and common problems are related to head and mental health. They will also have a bad name and lots of enemies in their life. 

The health of every family member will regularly fall and they will feel restless most of the time. They will also lose confidence and will have insecurity in their mind about everything. Their close relatives may be their biggest enemies and such bad experiences will be there in their life.

North-facing house with huge backyard space

In the north-facing house, the backyard open space will be there in the southern direction. You will notice that such a place is not considered auspicious because the South side should always be well covered as per Vastu for back yard. 

People who are living in the south side will face lots of financial and social issues in their lives. It can also create serious trouble for this ability in life which can be related to marriage and profession. There are great chances that a person will openly lose their job and business. He may also have to change his job or profession.

However, there can be several other factors on which you can make your decision to buy or sell a particular property. We are just talking about the backyard open space here in particular. 

South-facing property and large open backyard

You must have heard many times that south-facing properties are not considered auspicious because of many reasons. But when there is a huge back yard available on the south-facing property it can be very beneficial as per Vastu for back yard. The open Side of Me North will bring prosperity and happiness in life. Positive energy will be entering the house from the North side which is also considered the side of wealth. 

Good financial condition 

Such a person will always have good financial condition and it will open the door to multiple earning opportunities in his life. The Goddess Lakshmi will enter the house and many types of opportunities will be there for the residence. However, you should always check the exact degrees at the time of taking this particular decision. The variation in the degree of the house will also bring different results. 

Northwest-facing home and backyard

Northwest houses usually have a backyard in the southern zone and you will find the contrary results. It is so because the backyard of such a house will be situated in the southeast direction. 

Always remember that the southeast direction should be properly covered and there is no rule of keeping the south direction open at the largest scale. In the long run, it is going to be very problematic when you keep the southeast direction of the house open as per Vastu for back yard. The southeast direction will not bring good luck for the family members and it is kept open. Therefore you should pay attention to the construction of Northwest facing houses.

Southeast-facing home with a backyard

According to the rule of Vastu for back yard, the northwest direction is one of the most important directions. This particular direction is located between the west and north direction and air elements belong to this particular direction of the building. As per the rules of Vastu Shastra, the northwest corner should have a bedroom, living room, etc. 

But when there is a defect in the Northwest corner of the house it can have a serious impact on your contact and you may also start using your friendship. The large open backyard in this particular direction will not be very supportive. You will have some serious problems regarding the happiness in your life when you keep this particular area as a backyard of your property.

Southwest-facing home with an open backyard

Most of the time people avoid purchasing the south-facing or Southwest-facing lots because of the negativity and misconception attached to it as per Vastu for back yard. But you should know that when you have a chance to build a huge open backyard towards the northeast direction of a Southwest facing house it is going to be auspicious for you. 

Always remember that the northeast direction is considered highly specious and it always provides positive results when kept open. By keeping the large backyard on the North East side of your house You Can attract prosperity and happy living to your promises. 

However, when you are making a big decision with lots of money it is better to consult with a vast exporter to know all the benefits and other aspects attached to the south-facing home. It is so because many other factors are also responsible for making a particular place good like the quality of land and soil.

Back yard in the North east facing home

When you buy a house with an east facing it is generally considered auspicious but when it comes to the back yard the rules will be the opposite. Always remember that the northeast side of the house should be kept open because it allows sunlight and fresh air in the morning. It is highly auspicious for the entire building. But when there is a backyard larger than the North East part it is going to bring a negative impact. 

Keeping open space in the Eastern direction

When you do the major construction of your house on the Western side and keep more open space on the Eastern side of the house it will certainly provide you with positive results. Always remember that you can spend quality time in the front yard and backyard area that you keep in the east direction as per Vastu for back yard. East direction will certainly bring positive results and good health when you keep this particular area open.

Conclusion for Vastu for Back yard

Most people think that in the best-facing house, they can leave some particular space in the east direction and construct the major portion of the building in the Eastern part of the plot. This particular setting is also not considered auspicious. 

In western culture, usually people keep a large backyard space because they have different requirements and would like to spend considerable time with their friends and family members in the open areas. They always need more air and sunlight because of the winter climate conditions. 

On the other hand, the rules will be quite different according to Vastu for back yard when it comes to working on the Indian climate system. We avoid keeping the large space open in the west and south direction because it will receive direct sunlight most of the time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain the Large front yard in the east-facing house as per Vastu?

A large front yard in the east-facing house can also bring positive results and such a house should be constructed as per the rules of Vastu for back yard with other responsible factors. However, you should always ensure that when you are building the front yard full of space in the east direction then the west direction should have proper coverage and boundary walls. 

Otherwise, the benefits of open areas in the east direction will not be received properly. When there is no proper coverage on the Western and Southern sides of the building you will start receiving the negative impact.

How to Use open space in the backyard of East facing house?

You may have enough space for the backyard and front yard in the east-facing house as per Vastu for back yard. In this particular direction, you should always make sure that the proportion of the front yard space should be larger than the backyard space. You should not keep excessive space in the backyard. Even after leaving enough space in the front yard when you make a large backyard in the east-facing house, it will certainly provide you with bad results.

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