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Vastu for Backyard

Vastu for Backyard

Have you ever seen a perfect house? A house you see in the movies or a kingdom where kings and queens reside, have you seen? Well, of course, everyday must have seen a beautiful house in Disney movies, romantic pictures and great exotic locations. Well, a perfect house is a house with big rooms, beautifully decorated living room, a proper dining room with royal dining table and a breath-taking backyard for the family and friends to spend some quality time. Sounds great, isn’t it? Of course, nobody can afford big kingdoms, but everybody can opt for their dream house, all they need is some alternations and guidelines to construct.

Nowadays, the trend of living in flats is high, but still, people prefer their place where they can live with freedom and decorate it their way. In a house, having a backyard plays a vital role, it is an open space where friends and family get together take place, memories are made and moments are cherished. A house is complete when there is a beautiful lawn in the front and a cute backyard at the back.

Why have a backyard in the house?

There are plenty of reasons to construct a backyard in the house, let’s have a look at some of them:

To cover up the empty space in the back

To hold barbeque parties with friends and family

To enjoy nice bonfire during winters

To make space for washing and cleaning of clothes

Why follow Vastu Shastra for Backyard?

A backyard is simply an open area at the back, but it can lead to many problems relating to health and finance if constructed wrongly. Vastu advice using right direction and placement for the backyard to keep the negativity away from the house and bid adieu to all the problems from the family. To ensure a positive and healthy environment in the family, it is very important to construct the backyard according to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra.

Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu Tips for Backyard:

Why have a backyard in the house?

Location for the Backyard :

The right location for the backyard according to Vastu Shastra is the northern or eastern side of the house. These sides are in contact with sunlight which keeps the negativity away and brightens up the day with the first ray. Avoid using west or south direction for the backyard as they are considered inauspicious according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. In the west facing houses, the east direction is best suited for backyard; also make sure there is no space left open in the front and the entrance of the west facing houses. Similarly, in South facing houses, the north side is the best for the backyard, avoid any open space in the south direction otherwise undesired effects can be seen.

Items for the Backyard :

Once the location is set, Vastu suggests placing all the items in the backyard in harmony. Nature is made up of five elements, and if there is any disharmony among these elements, a problem arises. Similarly, for proper proportion of the backyard, make sure the area is kept clean, plants are kept in the right position, and the grass is cut on a right time. The backyard must be clutter-free and clean so that there is no space for the negativity to enter and make a home.

Furniture for the Backyard :

If the backyard in the house is big and spacious, a person can easily hold parties and get together. But, a party without any furniture in the backyard, where will all the guests sit? Vastu says to place wooden, or straw made furniture in the backyard as it looks cool and gives a beautiful look to the backyard. Avoid plastic and metallic furniture as it can be harmful in the sunlight.

Decorative items for the Backyard :

Undoubtedly, a backyard is the extra space left in the house, but using your creative mind you can make this extra space a beautiful place to spend some quality time. You can always sit there with your partner under the blue sky watching the stars and talk about love, or you can sit under the sunlight, enjoy some fresh air and read a book to make peace with your mind. But, for this, one must make the backyard a place to sit, and to make the place beautiful, you can keep statues, small fountain, beautiful flower pots and a vintage table set. Some of these items make the place a classic garden which makes the aura of the place serene and calm.

Things to Avoid:

For a beautiful backyard, avoid west and south location of the house.

Avoid dirty, cluttered and messy backyard as it will attract negativity in the house.

Avoid huge trees, big plants if the backyard is small as it can be difficult to maintain them.

Make sure the backyard is free from heavy items, valuable materials and items that can cause any harm. A backyard is a place to relax and enjoy not a place for stressing and staying worried.

To conclude, having an extra space in the house is pretty normal, you can make it a beautiful backyard or a dirty place for extra items as per your will. But, for a beautiful, serene and happy backyard in the house, try following the above Vastu Tips and start your day with fresh air and end your weekends with an amazing get-together, barbeque and fun.