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vastu for home

Vastu for the house – A practical guide for making our home the best place to live as per Vastu Shastra

Living in a house that can give you happiness, prosperity, and health and encourage you to move ahead in life is the dream of everyone. Well, you can make this dream come true with the help of Vastu for the house.

Vastu Shastra can make your house a wonderful place to live. It can include additional space like your garden, giving you lifetime growth opportunities. Residents residing in vastu optimized sites feel cheerful and joyful and experience all the universe's positive energy.

Important background and facts

Vastu for the house is one of the most reputable and popular ancient science of architecture, which provides complete guidance for excellent design. The home, office, factory, and other places can be designed using Vastu Shastra's power.

Simply put, one can improve the flow of positive energy of the universe to get the best benefits of living in a place with vastu. It is proven that when you are surrounded by positive energy, you will get the positivity in life to achieve your goals.

Vastu Shasta makes the constructions powerful using all directions' positive powers and energies and five basic elements. The five basic elements are air, water, earth, Fire, and sky. A person can fasten the growth process and get the goals when these positive energies work.

Bringing Vastu to your life for good reasons

Now you must be wondering about the method of bringing the Vastu to your home, mainly when a house is already built. You may not have a budget to recreate or renovate the entire house. 

Well, it is the greatness of the Vastu for the house that you don't have to demolish the whole building to bring the Vastu to your home. Through many easy-to-do methods and techniques, you can quickly get the vastu at your home and gain the correct benefits.

Making changes and bringing Vastu

One can make the necessary changes to the entrance of your home. At the Gateway, you can create sound energy so the symbols and remedies of Vastu. You can also remove any obstacle or obstruction in front of the door. You can also ensure a solid wooden door at the entry gate. 

Don't use any rusted hardware at the entrance door of your house. Peeling plants should be removed from the entrance, producing a powerful flow of sound energy. It will give you a healthy life, and you will feel the entry into your home is flowing. Vastu for the house can provide you several easy to do remedies. 

Be financially free with the help of Vastu at home

Financial prosperity is one of the most critical factors when we need regular money to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Well, you can attract money using the power of Vastu at your place. Placement of the cash safe can bring multiple benefits for the residents. Gradually you will lead towards financial freedom in your life. 

Money box in vastu

You should ensure that your money box or jewelry box is aligned with Vastu for the house principles and kept in the right direction. The Southwest or Southern wall is the right direction to place the cash box or jewelry box. However, you should always ensure it must open in the north order. It is so because the north direction belongs to the lord of wealth, known as Kuber in the Hindu religion. He will certainly Reef in your cash box. 

Tricks to Avoid poverty using vastu

Leaking faucets bring poverty to the house. Therefore, the house owner must pay close attention to this direction and ensure proper plumbing is done to avoid financial losses. Maintain excellent airflow in the home, increasing wealth flow. Wind chimes are also the solution to ensure that everything is going perfectly for the cash flow in the house. You will be able to deal with the financial problems effectively. 

Gain perfect health with good Vastu

Vastu for the house provides a complete solution for house owners looking to make the house environment healthy and prosperous. One can improve positive home vibration and energy through Vastu remedies and solutions. The next thing is placing the mirror in the right spot in the house. Always remember that you should never put them on walls opposite the bed. It will undoubtedly extract all the energy from your body, and you will start facing severe health issues. 

The center of the house must be empty because the energy must flow freely in the entire place from here. Make sure that the home's living space must be open from the center. Always keep this area from dust and dirt. 

Balancing the elements with Vastu 

The fire element imbalance can also create severe trouble for the residents. The good thing is that you can quickly achieve balance through the Vastu principles and make things work correctly. For this, you should light a candle, earthen lamp, or fireplace in the southeast or northeast direction of the house. If a member of the house falls sick often or cannot recover from the sickness, you should light a lamp in their room. As per the Vastu for the house tradition, the fire element will be balanced, and he will be able to recover soon. 

Fire and water elements 

Keeping the Fire and water elements separate is the next important task as per Vastu for the house. For this, you can understand that kitchen and bathroom energy should not be mixed, and it is better to keep them separate. It is better to keep them in the opposite direction of the home. Ensure you keep the doors closed when they are not in use. Your face must be towards the east or northeast direction when you are drinking the water. 

Bringing improvement in family relations

Staying harmoniously with family members can give you a wonderful experience. Therefore, you should use the Vastu principles for the house. After using Vastu for the house principles, you can establish good relationships among the family members. The northeast part of the house is essential; you should bring positivity by placing joyful pictures. Never hang any harmful or violent wild animal or war images on that particular side of the house. 

Installation of statues 

Sometimes, you can use the white sandalwood statue when you think nothing works in your relationship. Yes, it would help if you placed the white sandalwood statue in the house where you can see it all the time or maximum during the day. Gradually the tension from the mind of house members will be erased, and you will feel the love, affection, and care among the family members. 

Situation of trees

Trees in Vastu for the house can play a significant role which can help you to make the perfect balance in the space without any demolition. For example, you can remove any dispute the male members face in the house. The “Kadamba” tree is auspicious for this task, and you need to get a small branch of this particular tree to your home to bring peace back to life. 

Vastu treatment 

Females of the house can also feel good just by simple vastu treatment of the house. When the house's females are in dispute, and nothing seems to work for them, a simple vastu remedy can help. 

Female members of the house should never wear red clothes. It must take care that on any momentous occasion, event, or worshipping, the red color is avoided by females to prevent any dispute. You will soon see a positive change in the behavior and lifestyle of the females with this Vastu for the house tactic. 

Wind chimes and crystals are cost-effective and can easily be used in the bedroom. Couples who are often indulging in fighting should try this in their bedroom. It will help to remove the vastu dosha and bring prosperity to the family members. 

Vastu for Bedroom

The bedroom is always considered a haven of rest, necessary for a healthy mind and body; we need a place like it. For this, you can exchange the rooms and transfer your bedroom to the south, southwest, or west direction for outstanding results. In Vastu for the house, correct rules can play a significant role in every context. Therefore, when deciding about the bedroom, you should never prefer the northeast corner bedroom because it is unsuitable.

Location of every room with suitable colors 

Never make a main bedroom or principal room in the northeast direction of the house. The east direction is considered auspicious and suitable for the temple. Therefore, you should never make a bedroom in the easy direction. 

North and East directions could be better for creating a bedroom. Southwest direction is the best direction where you should build the bedroom. The southwest bedroom will bring good health for the family members. It will also give them peace of mind, optimism about life, and overall health.

Decoration of bedroom in Vastu

After ensuring that your bedroom is located in the right direction, you can start decorating it beautifully to bring joy to your life. When decorating the bedroom, select bright colors and earthy shades. 

Avoid using white, yellow, or black stains in the bedroom. Users can prefer to choose attractive colors like pink, green, chocolate, and dark blue shades. Pay very close attention to the cleanliness of the bedroom. By eliminating the clutter from the space, you can ensure the entire bedroom is full of positive energy.

House owners can also bring positive vibrations in the bedroom by keeping the bedroom door primarily open during the day. It will improve positive energy flow and ensure the bed is in the southwest corner. Couples must give reference to using single mattresses for mutual understanding with each other. And the wife must sleep on the left side of the bed for a better relationship and prosperity.

Couples make the common mistake of hanging the mirror write in front of the bed. It can increase the chances of domestic arguments and fights. Vastu for house states that you should change the mirror's position and ensure it does not reflect your bed or anyone else. 

Make the living room full of life with Vastu Shastra

The living room is considered one of the most essential parts of the house. Different types of energies are also exchanged in this portion of the house. It is because most family members and guests come here and spend quality time. Everyone can have different homes and types of energy, which include positive and negative. 

It would help if you made special arrangements for the guest who enters the living room. The host should face the north direction or east when they sit opposite the guests. You can make the necessary changes in the sitting arrangement of furniture and easily make this change in your living room as per Vastu for the house. Any electronic device must face the south direction be care cities the direction of Fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal direction for the living room in Vastu principles?

As per the ideal house entrance principle of Vastu for the house, it must face east or north. In this way, your living room should be situated on the need North East side of the house. However, if you have a West-facing home, your living space should be on the Northwest side of the house.

What are the things to remember to make vastu work?

Again you should ensure that the living room must be uncultured. You can also hang some soothing-sounding wind Chimes, perfect for removing negative energy. Painting of water, fish, and rivers can be used to decorate your living room. You can also put a medium size aquarium with healthy fish to get good luck charms and positive energy.

If you want to place heavy furniture, you must choose the southwest corner of your living room, which will undoubtedly optimize the entire space with positive energy.

What to keep in mind using the Vastu for house?

These are the Vastu practice and guidelines for the house rules for the significant space of the house. There are thousands of different principles available through which you can also maintain the kitchen and garden of your home. You must always consult with Vastu expert when you don’t understand the exact direction and situation of the space. 

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