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Vastu For Shop Showroom

Vastu For Shop Showroom

Vastu For Shop Showroom

Vastu for shop/showroom provide complete guide to improve business and increase inflow of customers 

Vastu designs are very helpful in the improvement of profit of business including the shop and showrooms. Vastu for shop/showroom works on the direction, energy, layouts, and many other factors. One can find every type of guidance using the Vastu principles. 

It is therefore called the perfect science for architecture. Due to its wonderful benefits, it is being widely used in every nook and corner of the world at a large scale. 

Vastu guides to use of the various elements in the right scene to gain accurate results and achieve perfection. Using the guidance of Vastu one can certainly improve the number of sales in a business or a shop including the showroom. 

Selection of Ideal direction

Vastu for shop/showroom always works with a positive flow of energy. It will guide you to keep the energy in the right form and improve the sales. For this, you should improve the energy level by keeping the entrance in the right direction. According to Vastu Shastra, you should have the entrance in the East, North East, or east direction of the shop. These are considered the most auspicious directions which will certainly grab the attention of more clients. 

When the number of clients increases for your business you will have multiple sales and good profit. The next thing that you could also enjoy is the actor entrance door is wide and Middle longer than the rest of the doors of the shop. Further, it should not be blocked by any kind of tree plant, or pole. Make sure that there is no drainage right in front of the shop which is going to take out all the positive energy. 

Shape of plots for the shop or showroom

You can always select the shop's plot in the perfect shape of a rectangular or a sphere. Always remember that the shapes are going to make a good balance of energy which is received from every direction. You should never purchase an upload that does not have corners, particularly the North East corner. 

As per Vastu for shop/showroom principles, one can also buy Shermukhi or Lion's face plots to gain immense benefits from the plot. Its board part or face should be situated in the north direction and the road should be there on the eastern or northern side. You should know that lion-faced plots are considered highly auspicious for commercial use. 

It will certainly boost the power, efficiency, and control of the business just like a lion. Therefore, you should never be in confusion or doubt and use the lion-faced plots for business operations. However, you should avoid buying the cow-faced plots to gain a good outcome. 

Optimize the energy for the shop counter 

The shop counter is the first impression on the customers and by keeping it in the right direction one can manage to gain immense benefits and find good luck for the showroom and shop. The shape of the counter should be also perfect according to the Vastu for shop/showroom to gain the right results. 

One should ensure that it is perfectly angular, square, or rectangular. Never prefer to keep the circular shape of the counter because it does not create the perfect balance in the energies of different directions. The circular counter will create lots of situations where your business goes into loss. 

Gain benefits with correct placement of counter 

The placement of the counter should be done in the right direction to gain the immense benefit of the same. According to the rules of the Vastu for shop/showroom, you should select the southwest or southeast direction of the house to gain the best results with the placement of the shop counter. The next thing is that you should ensure that enough space is there on the counter. You can also keep a separate counter that opens in the north direction to attract more positivity in life. By keeping the cash counter according to the Vastu Shastra, you can always receive immense benefits in life. 

Vastu for the cash box in the commercial space or showroom

According to Vastu for shop/showroom placement of the cash counter should be done in the manner that it opens in the north direction. You should know that the east direction belongs to the lord Kuber who is the lord of wealth as per the Hindu religion. When you keep the cash box with the above-mentioned setting, you will start getting thousands of benefits. 

For further benefits in life, you should select the idol of goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha in your cash locker. Make sure that you open it regularly every morning and offer your prayers to them. If your locker is situated in the southwest direction, then the entrance gates should be on the northern side. 

Vastu for retail business

If your business type is retail you should follow some specific Vastu for shop/showroom rules and regulations to obtain the best benefits. Retail shops should have excellent signboards. It is your responsibility to keep this sign board well-painted and dust-free. It should not be hanging freely and make sure that it is fixed on a particular space.

 The entire area of the shop should be lighted well to get the flow of positive in that atmosphere. At the time of opening the entrance door should not make any sort of noise which is not considered good. The entrance door must open inside the shop and it should be functioning in a good manner to gain the right benefits. 

Always pay attention to the cleaning aspect of the shop and make sure that it is well organized. The consumers should always get a positive flow when they enter your shop. Therefore, you should always design the shop in a way that you can get perfect benefits with the same. 

If you have space you can also grow the green plants in the east or north direction of the commercial shop. These are excellent Vastu for shop/showroom rules that apply to your commercial space. 

Vastu for the jewelry business 

The shape of the jewelry business should be square or rectangular according to the rules of Vastu for jewelry shops. The shopkeeper must always ensure that the safe or locker for the jewelry is kept in a way that it should open in the north or east direction to gain the right benefits. 

The customers should always sit in the north or east direction of the showroom. Usually, jewelry shops create a display window for the customers. If there is such a window then one should select the north or east direction of the showroom to gain the right benefits with the same. 

If you want to keep some posters or photographs then you should select the northeast zone or wall which will provide you with immense benefits as per Vastu for shop/showroom. 

Vastu principles for the Tailoring shop

Boutique shop or tailoring shop Vastu for shop/showroom principles can always help you to improve the business in several folds. You should always ensure that entrance is given in the right space for the best benefits. The entrance door must be in the east of the northeast direction of the house. The other direction can be south of the southeast zone west of the northeast zone or the north of northeast zone of the space. You should avoid any other direction for the entrance door. 

The shop must be always square or rectangular to ensure that positive energy can flow from every direction in the right direction without any trouble. Usually, the boutique or tailoring shop has a mirror. The placement of such mirrors should be always in the south or west wall of the shop to gain the maximum outcome from the same. 

Never keep the stitched cloth in the open or in chaos. You should always arrange a wardrobe for these test clothes and place them properly. And this particular wardrobe should only be placed in the east direction according to the Vastu for shop/showroom principles.

The next thing that you should pay attention to is the stitching material in tailoring or boutique shops. There can be different types of material that you may need which might include buttons, thread, Canvas, Zip, and many more. For the storage of such material, you should only select the east direction. Close which is ready for delivery should be placed separately in the north of the North West zone.

Vastu for the medical shop

North facing location is considered highly auspicious and it comes to Vastu for shop/showroom for the medical shop. The east direction or the north direction is considered highly auspicious for the selection of Ayurvedic medicines. If you are dealing in allopathic and other medical equipment new should select the south direction.

Final words - Vastu for shop/showroom

Living a welding life depends on your earning power and some major elements. It is only possible when you use the power of positivity in life. Principles can always help you to attract more positivity towards your business or showroom. 

You can always attract more success in your business and improve the amount of profit using the various Vastu for shop/showroom principles. Try to keep your space optimized according to Vastu principles if you want to ghost the flow of cash at your work and improve the profit earning capacities. 

By keeping the Vastu for shop/showroom principles in your mind at the time of construction of the shop You Can attract more positivity and eliminate the negative energy from your space. 

You can also remove the financial problems from your life using the positive powers of Vastu Shastra. Select the best designs according to the Vastu principles and the type of business that you do. 

Always remember that the function of machinery is more important than its shape size or weight. Layouts that are properly designed according to Vastu principles will certainly provide you with immense benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Vastu is good for my showroom or shop?

You can always use the different types of principles that are defined in Vastu for shop/showroom for the auspicious space of your showroom and shop. However, the entrance door always plays a major role in bringing positivity to your commercial space. The entrance door must be in the north or east direction which is considered the most powerful direction to gain a considerable amount of benefits.

How can I attract more customers to my business using the Vastu principles?

Always make sure that your address door is large enough to attract positive energy. You should keep our late entrance and excellent sign board which should be dust-free. Make the setting arrangement of customers according to Vastu for shop/showroom. Vastu principles harmonies the elements of atmosphere and make the space open for the positive powers. Therefore, you should never be in the doubt and get the maximum benefits with the Vastu principles. 

Which direction is good for keeping my cash counter or business counter?

According to the rules of north direction is considered best for the placement of a cash counter. 

Can I also work in a West-facing shop?

You can always work in the shop which is properly shaped according to the Vastu for shop/showroom regardless of the opening direction. We can always optimize the direction using the Vastu principles and improve the earning capacities and profit generation power. By keeping everything in the perfect direction you can certainly make a good amount of profit in any direction shop. You will find that west direction can also be auspicious for many business owners. The only thing that you have to do is maintain the business space, furniture and other elements as per the Vastu guidelines. 

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