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Importance of a name

If we refer to William Shakespeare’s famous play, where “What’s in a name?” was said, we will think that the name is less important at first stance. But in reality, a name is the basis of Identity of any human being and it creates the foundation of a reputation. A great significance on names has been given including the very first name of Adam.

Your Baby’s name letter suggestion with just a click

Considering the same, Birthastro understands the importance of name and presents you a simple online free tool which recommends the name of an individual based on “Swar /Dhawani Sidhaant or Sound principle” where in the first character of the name is given prime importance. This tool is based on the Nakshatra occupied by the Moon planet that is the position of Moon at the time of the birth. Birthastro name calculator software makes an analysis of your date of birth, time and other astrological parameters and suggest you various alphabets of the name which you can choose not only for your baby’s name but also you may make some changes in your name, which can help in making you successful in life and power.

Impact of ‘Vedic Name’ in your baby’s life

Naming your child’s name through this method can offer positive results in the progress and development of the child. Vedic astrology is a complete science in itself, which may surely be very accurate in choosing a right name for your child. Many famous personalities understand this and we must have seen them changing the spellings or changing the first letter in their names. With the help of this software, you can make appropriate modifications in your current name in order to ripe the benefits of ancient methodology.

Still if you are not convinced with the letter suggestions, feel free any time to contact one of the most humble and World famous Vedic astrologers Deepak Chopra to find a suitable name for your baby. If you are willing to name your child based on ancient astrological science concept, Birthastro welcomes you for assistance.

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Hindu Boy Names

Aadavan Another name of sun
Aadhira Another name of moon
Aadit God of sun
Aaditeya Son of Goddess Aditi
Aadiv Fragile
Aagam A Jain shastra
Aagney Born from fire
Aagneya Warrior
Aahan Glory of morning
Aakarshan Charm, beauty
Aakash Horizon
Aalap Melodious
Aanav One who possesses humanity
Aanay Another name of Lord Vishnu
Aanjaneya Another name of Lord Hanuman
Aapt One who can be trusted
Aariket Another name of Lord Ganesh
Aarit One who is respected
Aariv One who is very wise
Aarnavi One who has a very big heart
Aaron One who brings light
Aarshin Spiritual, holy
Aaryav One who is very noble
Aaryavir Brave
Aashish Gods favour
Aatish Another name of Lord Ganesh
Aayushmaan Endurance
Abeer Pleasant smell
Abhav Another name of Lord Shiva
Abhi One who fears none
Abhibhava Dynamic, strong
Abhidi Bright , euphoric
Abhijaya Victorious
Abhijeet One who attains the victory
Abhimand Cheerful, heartening
Abhimani Proud
Abhimanyu Son of Arjun
Abhinav Novel
Abhinay Another name of Lord Shiva
Abhiraaj Delightful
Abhirath Best charioteer
Abhisar Associate
Abhisoka Affectionate , devoted
Abhivira One who commands
Abjit Conqueror of water
Abrik Very valuable
Acchindra Unimpaired
Achal Persistent, abiding
Acharya Educator, one who teaches
Achyut One who cannot be destroyed
Adeep Light of Lord Vishnu
Adenya Original
Adesh Order
Adeshwar A name of god
Adhikara One who controls
Adhir Another name of lord Chandra
Adhish God of gods
Adhita A person with great intellect
Adhrit Another name of Lord Vishnu
Adhyuth elated to Lord Ayyappa
Adishesh Another name of Lord Vishnu
Aditiya Sun god
Adrav One who dispels all distress
Adripathi One who rules the mountains
Adtiya Another name of Lord Surya
Advait Like no other
Adway matchless
Aeyush Having long life
Agastya A sage
Aghosh Calm
Agnimitra Companion of fire
Agraj A person with leadership qualities
Agyeya One who is not known
Aharshi Ruler of the day
Ahijit One who conquers the snake
Aiden Robust , sturdy
Aifa A very smart person
Ainesh The glory of sun
Ajish One who cannot be defeated
Ajisth Intelligent
Ajith Mind conqueror
Ajoy Full of joy
Akand Quiet, peaceful
Akanshit Desired one
Akhilesh King of universe
Akil Name of God
Akilan Brilliant, insightful
Aksh One who divides
Akshagna Another name of Lord Murugan
Akshaj Another name of Lord Vishnu
Akshant A person who wants to be the winner
Akshar A letter
Akshay One who cannot be destroyed
Akshayaguna One who possesses varied attributes
Akshey Everlasting
Akshit One who is not temporary
Akshobaya Another name of Lord Vishnu
Akul Name of Lord Shiva
Alagarasan A good looking king
Alankaar Adorned, embellished
Alin Well born, ethical
Alpesh Small
Amaan Non violence
Amalesh Honest
Amar Everlasting
Amartya Eternal , everlasting
Amav One who cannot be defeated
Ambar Horizon
Ambareesh Ruler of sky
Amey Another name of Lord Ganesh
Amit Limitless
Amitabh Eminent
Amitav Another name of Lord Buddha
Amitijyoti Extra bright
Amitrasudan One who destroys the enemies
Amoorta Amorphous
Amresh Another name of Lord Indra
Anagh Pure, innocent
Anamitra Another name of Lord Surya
Ananmay Unbreakable
Ananyo Incomparable
Anargya Precious
Anay Husband of Radha
Aneesh Powerful
Anek varied
Anhar Another name of Lord Krishna
Aniij Pleasing
Anil The god of wind
Animash Brilliant , glaring
Anindya Pure , good looking
Anirudh One who cannot be stopped
Anirudra Another name of Lord Shiva
Anish Another name of lord Shiva
Anjor Vivid
Ankal Entire , complete
Ankesh Ruler of numbers
Ankush Curtailment
Anmay Unbreakable
Anmol precious
Anna Joy
Anshuk A beam of sun
Anshuman Referring to sun
Anshumat Illuminated
Anubhav Skill, practice
Anuha Contended
Anupam Incomparable
Anupreet Sovereignty
Anurag Affection
Anveer One who has vast knowledge
Aparant Uncomplicated
Apparajito One who cannot be defeated
Appu Cute
Aran Decent
Archan Devotion
Archit One who is worshipped
Arha Name of Lord Vishnu
Arhat One who is respected
Arij Fragrance
Arijit Conqueror
Arindam One who destroys the enemies
Arivali Intelligent
Arja Holy
Arman Desire
Arnesh King of sea
Arokya Faithful, righteous
Arpit To offer
Artagnan One who knows all meanings
Arulchelvan One who is blessed
Arun Name of sun God
Arunachaleshwar God of hills
Arya One who belongs to Aryans
Aryan Belonging to noble family
Ascharya Eye opener
Ashok Happy
Ashu Fast
Ashutosh Another name of Lord Shiva
Ashvin Name of a Hindu month
Ashwaghosh A Buddhist philosopher
Ashwathama Pupil of Dronachariya
Atanu Cute, loving
Atralarasu A dexterous king
Aunikey One who has no comparison
Avadh Full of power
Avadhesh Another name of king Dasarath
Avakam Precious stone
Avalok Beholder
Avaneesh Another name of Lord Ganesh
Avanish Ruler of the earth
Avasyu Another name of Lord Indra
Avdhoot Another name of Lord Dutta
Avi The air and sun
Avijit Unconquerable
Avikam As precious as diamond
Avingha One who removes all the barriers
Avnendra Ruler of earth
Avniel Powerful
Avyukta Clear minded
Awdesh Ruler of Ajodhya
Ayaan Gift of god
Ayyapan Full of youth