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Zodiac Signs and Their Characteristics

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Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are based on the cosmic positions of the sun, moon and the planets at the time of person’s birth. It can be seen as a Circle of life.

What is Zodiac?

It is the form of western astrology that is based on the movement of the sun at the time of birth. It revel the person’s traits, personalities, their strengths and weaknesses. Zodiac sign descriptions basically tells everything about and around the person including their mindset, health and relationships with others.

How it works?

Let us try to understand the general characteristics of zodiac signs in a much simpler way. Assume a sphere or a circle that is divided into 12 segments of 30 degrees each, where every segment or each 30 degree is assigned to a single zodiac sign. This whole sphere or ring is called the ring of constellation or the ‘Zodiac circle’.

The Sun revolves around the earth in an elliptical path which is known as the ‘celestial sphere’. Along with the movement of the sun, it passes various Zodiac sign territories giving each sign its very own specific traits. The person born with the sun in their zodiac sign inherits the traits of that zodiac. A point where sun starts its 360 degrees journey is called as ‘vernal equinox’, which also marks the beginning of the first Zodiac sign, the Aries.

What is Equinox?

The word equinox is derived from two words, ‘aequus’ meaning equal and ‘nox’ meaning night. The Equinox is the time when night and day are of approximately equal length. This happens as the sun’s position is on either of the two points in the sky where celestial equator intersects sun’s elliptical path way. This happens twice in a year in both the hemispheres of the earth.

‘Vernal equinox’ or ‘spring equinox’ – March 20. This equinox marks the start of the spring in the northern hemisphere.

‘Autumnal equinox’ or ‘fall equinox’ – September 22. This equinox marks the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

There are 12 signs which are useful to study things like personality traits of each zodiac sign, health, relationships and professional life, basically everything about and around that person. The twelve signs of the zodiac are as follows:

S.No. Zodiac Constellation Names Zodiac signs Zodiac dates Zodiac ruler planet
1. Aries The Ram March 21st to April 20th Mars
2. Taurus The Bull April 21st to May 20th Venus
3. Gemini The Twins May 21st to June 20th Mercury
4. Cancer The Crab June 21st to July 20th Moon
5. Leo The Lion July 21st to August 20th Sun
6. Virgo The Maiden August 21st to September 20th Mercury
7. Libra The Scales September 21st to October 20th Venus
8. Scorpio The Scorpion October 21st to November 20th Pluto
9. Sagittarius The Archer November 21st to December 20th Jupiter
10. Capricorn The Sea Goat December 21st to January 20th Saturn
11. Aquarius The water Barrier January 21st to February 20th Uranus
12. Pisces The Fish Febuary 21st to March 20th Neptune

What is constellation?

Constellation is a group of stars as seen from our solar system, forming a pattern or a shape. These shapes have their specific names given to them by ancient Greeks based on some object, animal or mythological persons.

There are 88 constellations known today out of which ‘Zodiac Constellations’ are those specific 12 constellations which are passed by our sun once in every year and are also connected by myths and legends of the ancient times. Astronomers use these 12 constellations to make their predictions and read star signs and their traits.

Every Zodiac sign is grouped with Different Elements, Modes and Seasons. They help identify which zodiac sign personality traits it shares their few basic characteristics with other zodiac signs to connect and to continue to exist. There are 4 known elements, 3 known modes or modalities and 4 seasons.

Elements of the Zodiac signs

There are four elements that are the building blocks of the creation of our lives. The four elements are Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The elements together make our whole world and help us to stay grounded by constantly reminding us that we are all the entities of the universe and Mother Nature. Each Element has a group of three signs, sharing their specific zodiac sign characteristics and personality traits.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The fire sign is raw energy of high level which makes them enthusiastic, passionate, courageous and impulsive. They can easily express themselves and feel things on an emotional level which make them wear their heart on their sleeves. They like to act quickly as their minds are flexible. These zodiac characteristics make them suitable for being good performers, athletes, creators and artists.

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Earth zodiac signs and their personalities are related to the tangible world, materialism and supplies of the resources to build our basic lives. They are practical and grounded so they can easily be stable and calm. They are very hard working in every sphere of life which makes them goal oriented. They are resistant to change and can be good in business, financial management and building things from scratch.

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Air is considered as the life line which gives the ability to communicate with clarity and connect with each other. They are intellectual, highly logical and can think outside the box, which helps them to process ideas, thoughts and even relationships with great ease. They are highly curious to explore new things and can easily adapt with changes in their surroundings which makes them quite social. These zodiac traits make them good teachers, communicators and planners.

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Water sign is considered as a sign of rejuvenation, cleaning, healing and nourishing. The characteristics by zodiac signs of this type make a person in touch with their emotional side which helps them to connect with people showing their sensitive and vulnerable side. They are perhaps overly emotional which in turn make them lack logic and a practical approach towards things and life in general. Their ability to communicate with the help of their emotions can make them great healers and doctors, psychologists etc.

In ancient times, Air and Fire zodiac signs and traits were believed to be masculine and compatible, as they energize one another. Similarly Earth and water signs are said to be feminine and compatible with each other as they can go beautifully hand in hand.

Modes and Seasons of zodiacs and their traits

The Zodiac signs are divided into three modalities which are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Each Modality contains four zodiac signs based on the seasons and their sign qualities to define traits of all the zodiac signs.

Cardinal Mode

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The Cardinal Modes initiate the beginning of the four Seasons which signifies the start or initiation of something new. The traits about zodiac signs in the Cardinal Mode blend perfectly for visionaries who believe in taking actions rather than thinking and getting stuck with things.

Fixed Mode

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Fixed mode occurs in the middle of the seasons which signify their steady, consistent and sometimes stubborn nature. They may have inflexible approach and mind at times but compensate that with their hard work, trust and loyalty.

Mutable Mode

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Mutable mode marks the end of the four seasons and can easily adapt to change and transformations. The varied list of zodiac signs and characteristics in the Mutable Mode is suitable for those who easily blend in their surroundings and attract other people’s traits in their attitude. They are non judgmental and have a gift to view things from different perspectives. They truly believe that the Change is the only constant in life.

To sum it up, Cardinal mode mark the beginning of the season and are considered as ‘The Starters, Fixed mode mark the constant time of the seasons and are considered as ‘The Doers’ and the Mutable mode mark the end of the seasons and are considered as ‘The Finishers’.

Houses in the Zodiac Signs

Just like our Zodiac circle is divided into 12 signs, it is also divided into 12 houses. Unlike the relation between star signs and personality traits, each house represents a different aspect of life from starting to the end. It covers everything from life to death, Relationships to divorces and from intimacy to careers. Here is an overview of all the houses in the zodiac circle.

First House: The first house is the ascendant of the chart. It is called as “The House of Self”. This house is all about the beginnings, appearances, self, identity and first impressions.

Second House: This house is known as “The House of Value”, and is all about money, possessions, value of self esteem and worth.

Third House: This house is better known as “The House of Sharing”, and is all about communication, thinking, taking and creating a self persona. This house relates to the immediate environment and neighborhood.

Fourth House: This house is called as “The House of Family and Home”. This house is the foundation of the entire chart and deals with family, foundation, roots, care and the circumstances at the end of the life.

Fifth House: It is better known as “The House of Pleasures”. It is related to self expression celebration, pleasure, love and joy of romance and creative things.

Sixth House: It is entitled as “The House of Health”. This house is related to Service and Health. It deals with organization, daily routines, self and body care which involves exercise, fitness and natural living style. This house is concerned about the benefits of the society and its betterment.

Seventh House: This house is known as “The House of Balance”. It deals with relationships and marriages, contracts and business exchanges on top of the personality traits of zodiacs. This house governs that the two forces remain in balance, shows benefits of teaming up and creating impact of mutual give and take.

Eighth House: This House is called as “The House of Transformation”. This house requires deep level understanding as it talks about the circle of life, death, rebirth, deep bonding and intimacy. This house is also related to other people’s money whether it is passive finances or inherited wealth. This area is the zone of merging, two as one.

Ninth House: This House is “The House of Purpose”. This house deals with global growth knowledge, expansion of thinking and high level learning of new skills. It also relates to the wisdom, intuitions and belief system of the being. It governs religion, ethics and is about the big picture.

Tenth House: This House is located at the top of the chart and is entitled as “The House of Enterprise”. This deals with the public aspects of the life like traditions, honors, achievements, fame reputation and a legacy to leave behind.

Eleventh House: This house is called as “The House of Blessings” as it relates to the future filled with hopes and ideas for goals and how to aspire them. It deals with originality, collaborative efforts, inventions, friendships and future orientation.

Twelfth House: This hose is the final realm of the Zodiac Wheel and is known as “The House of Sacrifice”. This house is associated with after life, old age, endings, last stages of projects and surrender. This house also involves talking about Institutions such as hospitals, jails and rehabilitation centers.

Based on the position of the ruling planet in the house and other minute details, astronomers can portray a basic structure of each Zodiac sign. These calculations and readings help them to give a detailed description of all zodiac signs which includes overall Personality, different traits like strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Relationship with friends, family and spouse, married life, sexual life and compatibility with people of different signs can be estimated.

Careers, professional life, Financial Managements everything can be viewed on a Big screen. Lucky dates, days, colors, numbers and even stones can be calculated using Zodiac signs, star signs and descriptions.

In ancient times, astronomers use Zodiac signs to see the health of the person and even today, these studies are used to put a person’s health and basic body structure into perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zodiac signs can help a person to examine his/her weaknesses, strengths, likes, dislikes, behaviors and reactions towards different things and situations. Keeping them in regular check and by analyzing these aspects one can be benefitted.

From ancient times, the study of celestial objects and their positions in the sky is used by astronomers to predict Future. They can clearly anticipate things and future based on these studies and basic characteristics of the person.

Zodiac signs tell the basic characteristics of every person, based on which relationships and compatibilities with different signs are premeditated. Keeping in mind the traits of other person and how he/she deals with different issues, relations can be improved.

The study of Zodiac signs tells us the core personality of the person, his/her strengths and weaknesses and an overview of their behavior and attitude under different circumstances. So, it can definitely help a person to choose a better profession.