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Vastu For Balcony5

Vastu For Balcony5

Vastu For Balcony5

Vastu for balcony can bring comfort, happiness, positivity and wealth in life

Vastu for balcony puts a special focus on the entrance of positive energy into your house. The entrance of the positive energy can also be done from the balcony which is very important in every aspect. Through the right balancing of the energy, one can make a big difference. 

The balcony situated in the correct direction can certainly provide a lot of good flow of positive energy in the house. Terraces and balconies are always important as per the rules of Vastu Shastra. 

It is so because terraces and balconies improve the flow of sunlight in the house and it is essential for a healthy and happy life. There are some easy-to-follow tips for the Vastu of balcony through which one can keep the space Vastu optimized. 

Construction of the terraces and balconies

You should know that the construction of the terraces and balconies must be done appropriately to obtain the maximum benefits from it as per Vastu for balcony. The North, east, and northeast part of the building is considered highly auspicious for the construction of the balconies and terraces. The directions should always be considered properly before making any decision. You should know that the extension of a flat in the form of balconies is going to provide excellent results when such constructions are done on the northeast side. 

On the other hand, when the balconies are extended towards the south and west direction of the house, it will certainly be a negative trait. A balcony which is constructed on the eastern side of the flat is going to provide highly auspicious results for the users. Along with this a terrace or balcony which is located in the north direction of the flat is going to be very nice. It is going to attract more wealth-generating opportunities for the owners. 

Direction and construction 

Most people prefer to get the benefits of both directions and construct the balcony in the northeast direction which is considered highly auspicious for this particular concern. You should always ensure that keeping the balcony clutter-free is the most essential task that you should never forget. 

Always remember that Vastu for balcony principles are going to work only when you have put special emphasis on the proper cleaning of every segment of the building. When you rest on a properly built balcony, it will give you the complete energy to get fully charged for the challenges of your life. 

Selection of correct colors 

Now you must be thinking about the correct colors that you should choose for the balcony as per Vastu for balcony. Always remember that light colors are highly preferred for the balcony and it is going to offer you great benefits. Cool and pastel colors will maintain the positivity of the terrace or balcony and you should prefer it. The next important thing that you should take into account is the ceiling of the balcony. 

Ceiling level of balcony 

Always remember that the level of ceiling of the balcony should be lower than the ceiling of the entire house. If you are planning to keep a swing on the terrace you should select the Northwest direction. At the time of sitting on the swings, you should face east or north direction. Vastu always puts special emphasis on the use of the correct shape to improve the flow of positive energy from every direction. 

Making the space comfortable 

You will notice that people should build balconies in the metro cities, which is why people are very busy taking some time to relax. Therefore, balcony construction is essential for them because they can find a good place to take some rest on the balcony. They can take a hot cup of tea or coffee and sit peacefully as per Vastu for balcony. 

To optimize the benefits of a balcony in the house one can also grow small plants and flowers in the balcony to provide fresh and clean air. With the help of a good balcony, one can always improve the air quality of the home. The fragrance of the fresh flowers is also going to have a positive impact on the mindset of the family members. 

Bring positivity with balcony 

The logical factor behind building the balcony is that one can get fresh air and sunlight directly from this particular portion of the house. The correct position will certainly come with tons of benefits. 

A balcony that is created with the rules and regulations of Vastu for balcony is going to provide multiple benefits and you will never face any challenge in this particular context. You will notice positive results when the good energy enters your balcony. Therefore it is recommended not to create circular or polygonal balconies because they need to improve the flow of positive energy to the house. The correct angles should be there which should help to meet the balconies with walls. 

Construction material

The construction material for the balcony is also going to play a major role in every contact. You should always ensure that construction materials are of good quality. Some people use tin sheds which attract lots of heat as per Vastu for balcony. You should never use an element for the construction of the roof of the balcony which traps heat and energy. 

Indeed you should use some light material in a slanting manner so that the slopes should be down toward the north or east direction. In this way, you can open the entry for the natural sunlight which will enter your home and is going to provide a regular flow of positive in your house without any particular obstruction.

Placement of plants

Now you must be thinking about the type of plants you can place on your balcony to attract more positivity in your life. Always remember that plans are very important because they attract a natural flow of positivity in the house. They can also remove this stagnant energy for sale energy from the space significantly. Plants will also make your connection with the natural atmosphere in your surroundings as per Vastu for balcony. 

Connection with nature for health and wealth 

Always remember that Mother Nature has a healing quality for every type of problem. It will certainly have a positive impact on your mental and Physical health. It will also lead to health and prosperity in your life according to Vastu for balcony. Therefore, whenever you have a balcony in your house, pay attention to the positive elements in it like green plants and flowers. South and West of the house should have the proper plants. 

Preference to the small plants

Always give preference to the small plants and seasonal flowering plants which look very nice and official. If you have some particular space in the northeast part of your balcony, you can also grow holy basil plants there. However, you should always stay alert and never put plants that are lengthy and block the direct sunlight in your place as per Vastu for balcony. Keeping the plants in the southwest direction is going to play a major role in every context. 

Growing indoor plants 

Indoor plants like money plants, Aloe Vera, peace lily, snake plants, and jade plants are considered highly auspicious for the house and you should always prefer them to grow in your house for excellent results as per Vastu for balcony. Small size citrus plants can also be grown which is going to provide a fresh fragrance. 

Colorful flower plants are also considered highly auspicious for your balcony space as they are going to bring positive vibes that can help you uplift your mood. You can prefer to grow plants like yellow hibiscus and marigold in the balcony space of your building to attract the fortune for your house. 

Selection of plants 

At the time of choosing the plants, you should be careful and make sure that you avoid thorny plants. Thorny plants are going to create a bad impact and are never considered good for the house as per Vastu for balcony. 

However, few plants have medicinal properties and one can easily keep them in the house for health purposes only. Thorny plants are going to create a lot of tension in the minds of the family members. Therefore, one should avoid the use of thorny plants in the house as much as possible. 

Maintaining the planters

Maintaining the planters and flower pots is the next thing that you should always remember. Maintenance of your kitchen garden balcony should be done regularly. You should always ensure that dead leaves are removed and set the proper schedule for watering the plant regularly which will also bring the positivity and blessings of Mother Nature will shower on you. Remove the dried plants from the balcony and bring some new plants after removing the right plants as per Vastu for balcony. 

Arrangement of proper lighting on balcony

The arrangement of proper lighting on the balcony is the next thing that you should always keep in mind. As per the experts of Vastu for balcony, the balcony should never be dark and gloomy. You should place some beautiful lights in every corner of your balcony to illuminate it well. It will also increase the beauty of your space apart from giving you positive results and happiness in your life. 

Always construct the balcony in a way that it should receive the maximum amount of natural sunlight. Always remember that nature and light are real resources of positive energy in our lives. It will also hence the pleasant impact of the balcony in your house and you will feel calm and positive in every aspect. 

Combination of material for construction 

The combination of wooden and marble furniture is highly official and it will work perfectly for this particular area of the house as per Vastu for balcony. Place the furniture in a way that when you eat something, your face should be towards the East direction. These two directions are considered highly auspicious and you will find positive results with the help of these directions. Keep the space reserved for the optimistic conversation and avoid having arguments in this particular area of the house. 

Conclusion of Vastu for Balcony 

Usually, we go to the balcony to take some rest, and adding good quality furniture is a plus point according to Vastu for balcony. You should ensure that no metallic furniture is added to this particular space of the house. 

When you have placed the proper wooden furniture on your balcony you can also enjoy your meals and stay relaxed. If you have heavy furniture you should choose the Southwest direction for the placement of that. For example, if you want to play some storage branches or be heavy so fast then you should give preference to the southwest portion of the balcony.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need for building the balcony in the house as per Vastu?

According to Vastu for balcony, the balcony can bring positivity to the house when it is kept in the proper direction according to the rules. A balcony Vijay situated in the north, east, or northeast direction is considered highly specious for the atmosphere of the house.

What type of color is considered highly specious for the balcony?

You should know that when the balcony is situated in the east direction it is considered auspicious to keep the wooden color. On the other hand when it is situated in the north direction you should prefer to keep it in the white color.

What is the ideal location for a balcony in the house according to the Vastu principle?

According to the Vastu for balcony principle, the east and north directions release positive energy for the house. Therefore you should keep the balcony in the north and east direction to receive the maximum benefits from the energy that is released by these particular directions of the house.

How can I make a good balcony according to Vastu?

You should first pay attention to the proportion and direction of the balcony which is north and East as per Vastu for balcony. The next thing that you can do is plant heavy flowers on the balcony which will certainly bring positive energy to the house. It will also make your house look different and beautiful.

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