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Vastu For Garage Car Parking

Vastu For Garage Car Parking

Vastu For Garage Car Parking

Vastu for garage can improve the overall life span of vehicles and protect you from unwanted accidents and injuries 

Vastu principles can always play a crucial role in the house. Ignoring the Vastu rules and regulations for the home can create serious trouble for our health, prosperity, and happiness. Vastu for Garage can play a significant role in this context and help you attract positive energy and eliminate the opposing powers. Therefore, you should ensure that proper Vastu rules and regulations are followed in the house, and one can gain a good outcome without any obstacles. 

Car parking for the house

You will notice that cars are counted as one of the most essential parts of our life. Indeed, many people consider it a lifetime investment, though we expect to gain the benefits for the entire life. Therefore, one should ensure that proper Vastu principles are being followed for the Garage. It helps us take the best benefits from the investment in our car. It will also help you to eliminate unwanted breakage and ensure safety on the roads for a long time. The best part is that following the Vastu for garage is extremely easy to implement in real life. 

Select the location of the Garage as per Vastu principles 

Vastu provides clear guidance for the placement of vehicles and other stationary objects. As per the rules of the Vastu for garage, one should avoid using the north and east directions for the parking space and Garage. It is not a suitable direction for the Garage because it is incompatible with these objects. 

Now, you must be thinking about the ideal direction for the Garage as per the rules of Vastu. Many guides of the Vastu have researched this topic, and it is evident that selecting the south and southwest directions is the best for constructing a garage in the house. It will ensure that the positive energy of the entire universe is coming towards your vehicle, and you are gaining multiple benefits from the same. 

Garage Vastu - Create a Garage separate from main building 

Always remember that vehicles in the Garage present different forms of energy, and you should ensure that it is not attached to the central part of the building. For good results, it is better to create a Garage separate from the main building to gain outstanding results. This gap will ensure that both spaces get an excellent energy flow without obstacles. You can provide continuous positive energy flow toward the main building when the Garage is separated from the house as per Vastu for garage. 

Perfect color for Garage as per Vastu

The Garage walls must be painted well with the Vastu compatible colors for a good outcome. Vastu indicates that blue and yellow colors are excellent for the Garage. One can also select the white color for the Garage walls per the Vastu for garage. 

Never forget that Vastu says that dark colors like red and black can attract negative energy in the house. Therefore, try your best to avoid using such dark stains on the gadget's wall to gain its excellent benefits. It is believed that bright colors are considered auspicious for the device as they will emit positive energy, ultimately providing you with clear vision while driving. Therefore, you must choose the wall colors for the Vastu for good luck at the time of driving. 

The ideal size of the Garage, as per Vastu

Cars and other large vehicles need space for the door opening and walking. Therefore, you should ensure that enough space is there for the beginning of the door. It is better to ensure that a nearly 2-3 feet walking area is available to provide positive energy that can flow towards your car without hassle. 

I always prefer to give enough space for the car garage. It will eliminate the negative energy and help you to keep everything neat and clean. It is seen that large car garages are also considered hygienic as compared to small sizes. Therefore, at the time of construction, feel free to keep enough space for the car parking. It will give you good luck, and you will notice that your car also has a long life according to Vastu for garage. 

Entrance of the Garage as per Vastu 

Entrance always plays a significant role because all the positive energy enters from here, and negativity goes out. One should manage the Garage door properly to ensure it attracts the maximum positivity. North or east direction is considered auspicious for the entrance of the car garage. Vastu for garage states that the southwest approach is promising for constructing the car garage, but the entrance door must open in the north or east direction.

The correct direction for the parking of the car in the Garage 

Parking the vehicle in the Garage should be appropriate so that you can reuse the car instantly. However, Vastu for garage also provides a clear insight into the correct direction for parking the vehicle in the Garage. The parked car in the Garage should be facing a different approach. 

It can raise the danger of fire accidents in the car garage. The walls of the Garage should not intersect with your compound wall to get the promising outcome. Therefore, at the time of construction you should pay attention to every direction and make a systematic parking space for your car. 

As per the ancient beliefs, one should also perform the purification rituals or the pooja to seek the blessing of the almighty. One should choose Thursday for such prayers, which will show the almighty's benefit and ward off any negativity from the car. 

Never parked the car for a long time

Keeping your vehicle in static mode for a long time can again bring negativity. Therefore, one should ensure proper care is given in this context and keep using the car on random occasions. Vastu for garage principles indicate that a parked car for a long time can accumulate lots of negativity. You can choose any day of the week to use that particular car. It will remove any chance of collecting negativity in your vehicle. 

The next thing you should do is ensure regular car maintenance. It will help you keep the vehicle free from clutter, and you can manage the two-wheeler vehicles functioning correctly for an extended period. 

It will eliminate the extra cost of regular wear and tear that you have to bear. You should avoid storing the two-wheeler vehicles in the extreme corner of the Garage. It can create severe imbalance; therefore, keeping them in the proper space for an excellent outcome is better. 

Level space at the time of parking

Vastu for garage provide us the guidance that one should ensure that cars or other vehicles are parked so that enough space is on every side. You should mind the gap between the parked cars and the Garage walls for an excellent outcome. It will help you in the best way, and you can reuse the vehicle without any scratches or accidents. By keeping the gap, you can also ensure that a positive flow of energy reaches your car, and you can gain the excellent support you always needed from the positivity of the universe. 

Vastu for the luxurious cars

As per Vastu for garage, luxurious cars are significant in size, and you should do the proper space management for them. For example, vehicles with five or more seating arrangements need adequate space for parking. You should ensure that large and heavy vehicles are parked in the southwest direction of the Garage, which is considered highly auspicious for this particular concern. 

Vastu direction for luxurious car in Garage 

Choosing the Southwest direction for heavyweight and large-size vehicles can bring the Fortune for them. You will find that you can use those vehicles for a long time, and their maintenance cost will also be reduced.

According the Vastu for garage principles, the next benefit you will get is the safety of your valuable assets. There will be no accidents or scratches when you keep the proper space for large-size and luxurious vehicles. If you do not have enough room in that direction, select the southeast as the second option.

Parking of two-wheelers as per Vastu 

The situation of your house and opening direction can determine the ideal space for parking two-wheelers. Places with the opening in the east order should keep the area in the northeast demand for parking the two-wheelers. However, you don't have to worry about any other space as there is hardly any negative effect regarding two-wheeler parking in any other direction. 

Therefore, you should always be reassured about the parking of two-wheelers as you are free to choose any situation or direction. It will not have any negative impact on the house. Replacement of the two-wheelers is entirely flexible per the Vastu for garage rules and hardly influences the energy flow. Therefore, you should never be worried about your house's energy dynamics when parking two-wheelers in different directions.

Management of the less space

One should always ensure that proper management of the space must be done in the right way. However, most people often complain that implementation of the Vastu rules is hardly possible when there is no enough space available. In that particular situation, Vastu for garage is going to provide you the freedom to use the north and east direction utilization. One can create a small porch in the north or east or northeast direction of the property to gain the right outcome. This is going to provide high amount of profit for the users. At the time of creation of the porch one should also ensure that sturdy pillars are created around the area. 

What are the Vastu remedies when there is not enough space for Garage?

Limited Ness of the space is a massive issue in the modern house Constructions. Notably, there needs to be more space in urban and contemporary areas. The good thing is that Vastu for garage provides a clear Guideline in this situation. 

You can select the north and east directions for parking vehicles. According to the guidelines, the strategic placement will provide you with multiple benefits. However, you can consult your online Vastu expert for garage space whenever you are without. 

Final words about Vastu for Garage 

Creating the proper space for the Garage will undoubtedly improve the overall life of your vehicles. It eliminates the negativity when you maintain the Garage as per the principles of the Vastu for garage. It will give you the excellent benefits you should always pay attention to and gain a good outcome. With the proper Vastu management, one can have a superb driving experience and avoid getting injured. 

One should always ensure that garage space is cleaned on the regular basis and vehicles are also cleaned at the regular intervals. Vehicles can bring the negativity with them but when you wash your vehicles on the regular basis it can be eliminated without any issue. Therefore regular cleaning process for the garage and your vehicle is the basic requirements that you should never forget when you want to have the complete Vastu benefits for your vehicles and garage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal direction for car parking in the house per Vastu?

Vastu for garage provides the clear rules in this particular section. It states that car parking spaces should start from the east and go towards the south direction. 

What is the rule of Vastu for garage for parking in the south-facing houses?

Remember that heavy and oversized vehicles should be parked in the southwest corner. However, when parking, you should always follow the basic rules and principles. Parking the heavy cars in the southwest direction will provide you with the best result. 

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