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Vastu for Garage Car Parking

Vastu Tips for Garage Car Parking

Having a car in the house has become a necessity. Earlier, people used to find a car a luxury, but with increasing development in the world, it is a necessity. But, having a car comes up with huge tasks, it takes proper care and responsibility to drive this thing, also, being a big vehicle it requires space to park. Most of the people who own a car suffer from parking issues; sometimes the road is tight, or other times it is already full with other cars and vehicles. But, can you allow your car to be parked away from your home? Can you park the car on the road with security issues? That is why people construct a garage along with the house. A garage is used to park all the vehicles of the house and ensures their safety.

Vastu Shastra says that even a garage must be built according to the rules stated as it increases the chances of prosperity in the house, keep the house and vehicles safe from evil eyes and bring wealth in the family. Here is a list of points given in Vastu Shastra for the construction of garage and placement of vehicles, follow them for a comfortable and stress-free life:


The first and foremost thing is to select a location for the garage. According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal location for the Garage is North-west side, and as a second option, South-east can be considered. Often, northeast and south-west sides are avoided for car porches which leave the above two suitable for a garage.

Location to Avoid:

As said earlier, south-west and northeast sides of the building are avoided for a garage. The reason behind is that south-west location is preferred for the master bedroom and a garage beneath increases the chances of fumes entering the room, which is hazardous to health. Similarly, the Northeast direction is known to be kept open, so that morning sun rays directly enter the place. Thus, these locations are meant to be avoided for a garage.

Area for Car Parking:

The garage is constructed for parking of vehicles only, mainly cars. The best area to park a car is North or east facing as these directions are in direct contact with sunlight which keeps the engine heated and make it easier to start early in the morning.

Avoid Support from Compound Wall:

While designing a car porch, try to avoid taking the support of the compound wall. In case, the garage is supported from compound wall leads to cutting down of a lot of lights of the house, which is why it is avoided.

Colour of the Garage:

The ideal colours according to Vastu Shastra for the garage are white, yellow, blue and any other light colour. Light colours reflect positivity and light and help a person to see clearly. Dark colours like black, red and grey must be avoided as they make space look dark and full of shadows.

The size of the Garage:

The size of the garage should be such that a minimum of 2 to 3 feet of walking space after parking the car. What is the point of a garage where there is no space to walk towards the car? The walking space not only helps in walking but also helps in spreading light in the area and makes it easier to see through the dark.

Entrance Door:

No matter if it is any room or porch or garage, everything has its entrance. The ideal side for the entrance of the garage is the north or east direction. The height of the garage gate must not be higher than the main gate as it looks ugly and the gate should open freely and swiftly without any hindrance. If there is any hindrance, it can cause damage to the car or cause an accident, thus try to avoid.

Pathway for the Cars:

The pathway for the car entry must be clean, clear and smooth. Try to keep the pathway well-maintained, without any concrete and easy to access which make the parking easy and less time consuming. Also, keep a check on the items stored in the garage; there must not be any inflammable or waste material. Any unnecessary item can cause damage to the vehicles and destroy the area completely.


Sometimes due to less space, it becomes impossible to construct a garage. In case, the garage cannot be constructed; the best option is to construct a porch in the North or East or Northeast direction. Constructing pillars around the porch away from the building with cantilever roof would be the perfect scenario.

To conclude, a house is incomplete without a garage for the cars. If you have more than two cars in the house, plan a beautiful and big garage according to the above-given tips by Vastu Shastra and bring more and more cars home.