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Vastu for Schools

Vastu Tips for Schools

Schools are considered the “Temple of Knowledge” which imparts the sense of learning and knowledge about life in a child. After home, the next place a child enters is the schools and becomes a student who is open to learning and become a proficient person in his life. Many people, who have the vision to do something good for society and people, take up charge and open a school for learning. There are many types of schools in the world, some relating to studies while some impart practical knowledge and then there are schools that teach about culture, religion and humanity. It is said that schools work as a foundation for a child and plays an important role in life. But, if the school is built in a wrong manner or a wrong place it can lead to losses as well. Losses can be physical and mental, from school authorities to children as well.

Vastu Shastra brings a whole bunch of guidelines to construct the school and keep the area positive, encourage concentration and bring prosperity for children and school authorities. Vastu of school analyses every aspect that contributes to making its students bright and brilliant thereby enhancing concentration and de-stressing. Here are some of the guidelines given in Vastu for Schools, use them and get rid of negativity:

Location of the School:

The location of the school is very important. If the location is right, then success runs towards you. According to Vastu, the right location for the school must be in the centre of the city as it becomes easy to reach, feasible for people who are living in different areas and also attracts many students.

The entrance of the School:

Whether it is a school or any institution of knowledge, the entrance should be in the east or north direction. Having an entrance in these directions is considered auspicious. Also, if the school is big, then prefer more than one entrance in these directions to prevent chaos and encourage easy movement.

Location for the Prayer Hall:

There is always a prayer hall in the school, where all the students gather and start their day with a prayer. It can be a big hall or a ground built in North-east direction to get maximum benefits and better concentration.

Placement of Reception:

A reception in the school is a must. It is the place where all the queries regarding school, admissions, syllabus, teachers and classes are met. According to Vastu, the reception must be built after the main entrance and on the ground floor so that it becomes easier to get the queries solved as soon as possible.

Placement of Classrooms:

School without classrooms is not a school. Classrooms are constructed especially for the students, where they sit and study. There are plenty of classrooms in the school according to classes. The classrooms must be built in such a manner that they are facing east or north direction. Similarly, the seating arrangement should be in a way that students face east or north side of the classroom.


Can you sit in a place without any ventilation? Can you study with so many children in a room without windows? Sound Suffocating, isn’t it? Well, ventilation in the room is a must. You can build Windows and use ventilators for the purpose. Windows should be constructed in northern or eastern sides; also you can hang an exhaust fan on the ceiling in this direction only. Keep the windows open and let the air and sunlight enter the room and spread positivity and good energies.

Electrical Appliances:

There are many electrical appliances like generators, inverters, music system are installed in the school. Generators and electric meters are to be installed in a south-east direction to avoid any accident.

Placement of Toilets:

There are toilets on every floor of the school. A school comes up with many students which means toilets on different floors is a must. According to Vastu, the toilets must be built in North-east portion.

Location for the Kitchen and Canteen:

There are different kitchens, canteens and refreshment areas built in the school for students and teachers. Whenever hunger strikes, rush to the canteen and get something to eat. The appropriate location for the canteen and kitchen is in the South-east direction and serving must be done facing east side. These directions encourage fulfilment, gains and provide contentment and happiness.

Placement for Administration Block:

Admin block is constructed where the entire accounts department works. In a school, there are many things which require proper accounting that leads to budgeting and estimation. To keep the finances together and in tune, constructing the administration block in north or east direction is the best. These directions not only keep the finances in tune but also help in controlling the expenses and doubling the incomes.

Playground for the Students:

A school cannot work well without a playground. It is the area where students play, get rid of stress and utilise their excessive energies in a better manner. Constructing the playground in east, north or north-east direction empowers children towards success and helps in enhancing their skills. You can also construct a small store for all the games, its equipments and allow the children to use as many as they want to encourage sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership skills.

To conclude, Schools are those institutions that work as a base for a child. No child can reach the sky without entering into this basic area of knowledge. Build a school according to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra and shun negativity from the place and let the children grow and serve the society with proficient skills and remarkable talents.