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Vastu For School

Vastu For School

Vastu for schools and its positive impacts on students, teachers, management, and visitors

Vastu for schools is essential because school is considered one of the most important buildings in our society. Many people also call school the second home for children which proves its importance in our life. Therefore, making this particular building Vastu-friendly has good logic and significance. Vastu will ensure that all the students remain stress-free during their study hours. 

Vastu eliminates burden and stress 

The teachers should also not feel the burden and pressure of the work at the time of teaching activities. There should be a harmonious environment among the management which should attract more admission and profit for the school. There are some basic principles of Vastu for schools to make the school atmosphere an excellent place for learning activities.

Vastu for every segment of the school 

Many segments are there in the school building that are equally important for the students and other working staff. In a normal school building one can find the classrooms, entrance gate, blackboard, teacher table, and cabin of the principle, administrative office, lab, and many more. Vastu for schools guidelines will provide clarity inside to select the appropriate direction and location for every segment of the school. 

It will clearly define the angular location to choose for the dedicated part of the school to make the atmosphere Vastu-friendly. it will certainly work a fuel for the success of the school and many factors are also there to consider for the creation of the schools as per Vastu.

Entrance gate of the school as per Vastu

Vastu for schools experts usually pay a lot of emphasis on keeping the entrance gate Vastu friendly because the entire positive energy will enter from this particular place. It works like a lifeline for the entire building and has a significant impact on the building including the school building. Therefore, the entrance gate must be situated in the north or east direction of the building which is considered highly auspicious. 

Classroom in the school building as per Vastu

Vastu states that the next most important place in the school building is considered the classrooms. The classroom entrance must be situated in the east direction. Never forget that the east direction belongs to the sunlight which symbolizes knowledge and enlightenment in life. 

Students who are reading in such classrooms are going to learn very fast. The teachers will be able to deliver the maximum knowledge and skills to students as per this particular direction. The situation of the blackboard must be in the east direction which will enhance the overall performance of the children. 

The sitting arrangement of the student

The next important thing is the seating arrangement of the students. The students must sit in a way that their face should be in the east or north direction at the time of study. It will certainly improve the concentration power of the students and they will be able to focus more on their studies. 

Placement of the large windows

The large windows bring sunlight and fresh air. These two elements are considered the positive aspects of any type of Vastu for schools. Therefore, the placement of the window is also the next most important thing that one should never forget. 

Early morning sunlight is considered highly auspicious. Therefore, the east and north direction is considered highly auspicious for keeping the windows which are going to ensure that positivity enters the schools without any obstacles. 

Construction of beams as per Vastu

The school building can be huge and a significant amount of the beams are going to be there. However, one should ensure that students don't sit under the beams directly and there is a proper arrangement to keep the sitting arrangement according to the Vastu for schools. At the time of construction, one should ensure that proper arrangements are made for the creation of the beam in such a way that it should not be placed right above the place where students are going to sit. 

Placement of the teacher table as per the Vastu

Vastu for schools states that the placement of the teacher's table is the next thing that is going to make a big difference. One should ensure that the correct placement of the teacher's table is done as it is going to ensure that smooth delivery of the knowledge and skills can be done to the students without any obstacles. 

The teacher's table should always be on the higher ground level. It will also enhance the overall presence of the teacher in the classroom. It is one of the most important factors in the class which will certainly improve the performance of the teachers and students in the class. 

Staff room in school as per Vastu 

According to the rules of Vastu for schools the northwest direction is considered ideal for the construction of the staff room. This direction is going to enhance the skill level and overall knowledge of the teachers. However, one should always ensure that this particular direction is kept free from any sort of clutter. The clutter in this particular direction can create serious problems for the administrative and legal departments.  

Principal office in the school according to Vastu

The southeast direction is considered highly suspicious of the sitting arrangement of the principal in the school. Therefore, one should ensure that proper arrangement is there in this direction at the time of construction. The cabin of the principal should be located in the southeast to have the best control and guidance for the school as per the Vastu for schools. 

Playground in school according to Vastu rules

Good situation the playground is going to keep the students fit and energetic all the time in the school. It will also help the students to perform better in the extracurricular activities. They will be able to represent the students at various levels. Therefore, it is necessary to make the playground in the east direction of the school. 

Placement of the electric device 

The placement of the electric device should also be done in the right way to gain the right outcome. It will help you to take the best advantage of the invested money in electronics like music systems; inverters etc. 

The southeast direction is highly auspicious for the placement of the electronic devices which is going to provide great results. This direction will also ensure that no accident should happen in the school and one can gain the right results with the same. 

Toilet block in school building as per rules of Vastu

Toilet can create a lot of negativity and therefore, its ideal location is the west direction which will make the perfect balance of its elements. However, in case of multiple building floors, one should ensure that toilets are created one blow the other without any variation in the directions. 

Canteen area in the school as per Vastu

As per the guide of Vastu for schools the canteen area in the school is the next important segment which needs your attention. The canteen area in the school belongs to the fire element because of the cooking segment in it. 

Therefore, it is appropriate to choose the direction of the southeast in the school building which has the fire element. However, the arrangement of furniture and counter settings for students must be in a way that students should be facing the east direction at the time of eating the food. 

It is going to improve the learning power and memory skills in several ways. It should also ensure that all the students are well said and no student is left hungry. All the students must return to their classes with a full stomach and complete satisfaction.

Major Constructions in the school building as per Vastu rules

Vastu for schools has defined the rules for the major construction in the school building. According to this southwest direction is considered highly auspicious. South and West directions can be the next choice that one can select to make the major Construction in the building. 

Always leave enough space in the eastern and Northern areas of the building. It is going to improve the flow of positivity in the entire building and provide excellent results to the academic activities conductors.

Administrative offices as per the Vastu principles 

In the school administrative staff and activities can also play a major role in the smooth functioning. Therefore, one should ensure that their building is also Vastu for schools optimized to gain the right results. 

With the help of complete and accurate management of these buildings, one can ensure that the school is getting enough funds at the right time for the smooth functioning of everything. 

Office and account department placement can also play a major role in the success of the school. Therefore, the north and east direction is considered highly suspicious for the selection of office and account department building construction. 

North and east directions of school

The north and east direction is considered highly auspicious which is going to play a major role in the overall success of the school. As per the rules of the Vastu for schools, this particular direction will attract positivity and bring abundance to the school in the long run. 

Financial growth for the school is also the next most important factor. This direction will certainly attract lots of money and make the school strong in financial matters. In the long run, these funds will help to gain the growth that a school requires. 

Enquiry area in school as per Vastu

The north and east direction is considered auspicious to welcome the guests and visitors in the school area. The school campus should always make a welcoming area in this particular direction to have the maximum benefits from the inquiry and visitors as mentioned in Vastu for schools. 

This direction will certainly attract potential parents and students for the betterment of the school. The reception counter should be situated right after the entrance to the school which can provide excellent results to the students. 

The situation of reception counter in school as per Vastu 

One should ensure that the north and east direction is selected for the reception counter. The reception staff should also face the east or north direction at the time of talking with the parents, students, and visitors. It is going to have a positive impact on the mindset of the visitor and the school will certainly improve its impression as guided in Vastu for schools. 

Final words about the Vastu for school 

A school is a place that should provide all the needs for the young talent. Therefore the construction of the school should be done appropriately by keeping the Vastu for schools rules in mind. Never forget that the basic demand of young talent will be getting the quality education, skills, and knowledge with wisdom to be a good citizen in their life. 

To attract positivity one can also optimize the walls of the school with Vastu colors. Every direction represents a particular Element which can be balanced using the Vastu for schools colors.

By selecting the appropriate Vastu colors one can ensure that all the academic activities are running smoothly. It will also make learning easy for young talented minds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need of Vastu for the school building?

The students will also feel comfortable and peaceful in the school building. Therefore, at the time of construction of the school building, one should be careful about the basic rules of the Vastu for schools to enhance the overall performance of the children. 

Which are suitable colors of Vastu for school?

Now you must be thinking about the Vastu colors which are highly appropriate for this school building. It is recommended by the Vastu experts to use light Shades like cream and yellow for the school building. One can also select the light shades of the green color for the excellent outcome for the school. 

What are the ideal shades of colors for the classroom as per Vastu for schools?

For the painting of classroom walls, one can also select the light shades of Yellow or green. Never forget that these Shades belong to Lord Mercury which is going to improve the writing and reading skills of the students.

How Vastu in school can be very helpful for the students and teachers?

Vastu for schools tips will certainly ensure that the school can reach academic success with profitability. It will certainly enhance the overall performance of students in their Academics and extracurricular activities.

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