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Vastu For Flats

Vastu For Flats

Vastu For Flats

Vastu for Flats can optimize the flow of positive energy and make the space suitable for living

Vastu for flats is a complete guide and key to happy life. In the metro cities, the space for the people is very limited which is the leading reason for creating flats for the residential area. It allows the builders to use the little space to accommodate the huge population. It makes it compulsory to use the Vastu for the flats. In the past few years, the importance of Vastu for the flats has increased in several folds. The general public gets a chance to live in the urban area without paying a huge amount and builders also get profit. However, at the time of living in a flat, you should always ensure that you are abiding by all the rules of Vastu to make your living space safe and prosperous.

Remove the unwanted hurdles from life using the power of the Vastu

Vastu for flats is always there to make your life meaningful, healthy, and lovable. Using the powerful principles of the Vastu you can always increase the positivity in your surroundings and gain the desired results. Never forget that when the Vastu is there to help, you don't have to suffer from any issue. It is so because it will turn the atmosphere in your favor and you will be able to get positive opportunities, people, and other circumstances. It will certainly open the door to earning more in life by having positive relationships. Therefore, you should never be taking any risk of living in a space with the incorrect Vastu.

Buying land and constructing a house is a very time-consuming and costly process. It requires a lot of manpower and other resources which are beyond the reach of many at present where inflation is very high. Therefore, most of the population is moving towards buying flats and living in them. In the present time, there is a huge demand for flats for the residents of a huge population. Therefore, the role of the Vastu Shastra is on the rise for the flats. 

Applications of the Vastu for the flats and apartments 

The Vastu Shastra for the flats is a wonderful system through which one can create an excellent architectural system. It will work like a perfect guide for the structure. It will tell you about the correct layout and geometry system with the proper measurements and design. Using the powerful principles of Vastu one can make a big difference and live a happy and prosperous life by making the living space optimized for positive energy as per Vastu for flats. 

The geometrical patterns and alignment of direction are completely described in the Vastu which can make the flat auspicious for the residential purpose. The principles of Vastu or Universal in the entire world and you can apply them anywhere including flats, offices, factories, temples, houses, and many more. 

Vastu for flats in apartments 

You must have seen that apartments and flats are designed collectively by real estate Builders. They hardly think about the Vastu aspects of a particular property. They put special stress on the coverage of their cost and earn maximum profit by utilizing every space they need. Ultimately the buyer and tenants have to bear the real-life challenges because of the Vastu Dosha in the space. It is important to know that incorrect Vastu will suddenly bring lots of financial problems and health issues. It can also create loss of mental peace and relationship problems in life. Therefore it is highly recommended to use the apartment Vastu rules for the safety of everyone and lead a happy and meaningful life.

Most of the time people wonder about the correct method of checking the Vastu for flats.

You should know that checking Vastu for flats and apartments needs in-depth guidance and professional help. However, there are some particular basic rules that you can take into account to check the Vastu of a flat, and using this guidance you can easily check good and bad places in terms of Vastu for flats.

Location of the main door

The location of the main door of the flat must comply with the rules of Vastu Shastra and you should check it first of all. However, it will be very challenging to make any changes or corrections to the front door of a flat. But you should know that the selection of the flat must be done only after checking the location of the correct entrance door. It is better to check the 32 possible locations of entrance doors as per the Vastu Purusha Mandala before you make any decision. Some powerful entrance doors can be highly specious. On the other hand, there can be some very dangerous interest doors which can be a serious problem for your mental and Physical health. It is better to check the Vastu for the main entrance door when you are trying to find the Vastu for flats. Understanding the positive and good Vastu for the entrance of the flat will be very helpful. You will be able to make better decisions based on the guidance of the Vastu entrance door.

Based on the main door Vastu's selection of the correct flat

There are some basics that you can take into account and based on that you can judge the correct Vastu of a flat.

The main door of the flat must open in the east or north direction which is going to provide the auspicious results. You should always remember that east and north directions are considered highly auspicious and they bring positive energy to the house as per Vastu for flats. 

West-facing flats can also be very good as they can comply with the Vastu guidelines and rules. 

At the time of selecting south-facing flats, you should be very careful. Ensure that south-facing flats must be good and there should not be any issues. Always ensure that you check it twice with the professional because it can be extremely good or bad as per the situation. 

The next thing is avoiding the flats with the main door in the southwest corner because this direction belongs to the earth element and must be covered and closed. 

Flat with North East entrance should be optimized according to the guidelines of Vastu for flats expert because it is not auspicious in every situation. Therefore you have to take some Vastu remedies and guidelines to ensure that this should not harm you. The placement location of the entrance will decide a lot of things however it can be dangerous in most of the situations. You may experience financial problems and it can also attract lots of accidents.

Opening door and Vastu

Opening the main door is the next thing that you should always take into account. The opening of the door should be clockwise as it brings good results.

Always make sure that the main entrance does not open directly towards the staircase and lift. This can be a serious problem and bring lots of property disputes. Always remember that a staircase can swiftly soak the positive energy and it will be a big problem as per Vastu for flats. 

The shape of the door is the next thing that you should never forget to check. The shape of the door should be proper and should not be making any sort of harsh sound. You should never be placing the idols of the gods in the main door of the flats. 

Vastu for the kitchen in flats

The kitchen should be located in the southeast-to-south direction of the flat. The other direction for the kitchen can be southeast, west, and North West direction but it should be optimized with the help of the Vastu experts to avoid unwanted consequences. At the time of cooking you should ensure that your face is in the east or north direction to gain a good outcome as per Vastu for flats. 

You should also avoid using the blue color kitchen slab and black color kitchen slaps when the kitchen is situated in the southeast or south direction of the flat. The granite should also be avoided under the burner. The marble slab is considered one of the best solutions to deal with any critical situation.  

The placement of the pooja room

The next most important structure that you should take into account is the pooja room. Construction of the pooja room must be done in the North East corner of the house. This should be the only structure that should be situated in the North Eastern part of your house. It is going to provide you the most auspicious results and you are going to get the blessings of positive energy from the entire universe. Always remember that for the construction of temples east and north, both directions are considered auspicious and you should never be confused. Light colors should be used inside the Pooja room to gain the most accurate results as per Vastu for flats. 

Bedroom location in the flats

It is compulsory to have your bedroom situated in the correct direction in the flat. Through that, you can always get the growth and prosperity that you always deserve. It will also provide you with healing energy so that you can gain enough power to deal with any challenge in your life. 

You should always check the flow of the electromagnetic current on Earth to know about the correct direction. However, you will find that the northeast-to-south direction is the flow of energy. Therefore, you can also make your master bedroom in the southwest direction of the house. Never keep your bed under the pillar directly and too much metal should be avoided in the bedroom. Light shades of the walls are also considered auspicious in the bedroom which is going to provide you the most auspicious result as per Vastu for flats. 

Vastu for colors and wall paints in flats

Colors are going to play a crucial role in every context of life when you are moving to a flat. Always remember that through the colors you can always manage the flow of positive energy and make the necessary changes whenever it is required. The general rule of Vastu colors is to keep the shades light so that you don't attract too much negative energy toward you. Mental conflicts can happen when you use dark colors in the wall coloring and other stuff. As per the Vastu for flats, you should use light pink, orange, and red colors for your bedroom when it is in the southwest direction of the flat. Shades of gray, silver, and golden are considered ideal when your bedroom is situated in the west direction of the house according to Vastu for flats. 


Cuts in a particular space mean that the floor area is missing. In the same manner, extension means that extra floor space is there. Both types of situations are not considered auspicious as per Vastu for flats. It means that one has to manage things in the right way and you should be able to deal with it. However, ideally, you should prefer to live in a flat which has the perfect rectangular or square shape. In this way, you will be able to gain the perfect results without any obstacles. 

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