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Vastu For Study Room

Vastu For Study Room

Vastu For Study Room

Vastu for children study room can make them success and improve the memory power with concentration 

Vastu for children study room is the most important topic for parents and children. In our society, we have seen that most parents complain about their kids and their poor performance in academics. Such parents often talk about changing the schools and rooms of the kids. Sometimes they also prefer to change houses but they hardly pay attention to the directions and Vastu for the children's study rooms. 

Academic performance 

One should always ensure that proper directions are there for the study room because it is going to be very closely related to their academic performance. The overall Vastu of the room can have a significant impact on the behavior and performance of a child as per Vastu for children study room.

Always remember that when a child spends considerable time but is not able to learn something, you should correct the Vastu of their room. It will improve the concentration and grasping power of the children. With the help of these two big changes, they will be able to learn many things in very small amounts of time. 

Stable atmosphere 

The stable atmosphere of the study room is going to provide them with excellent benefits and they will be able to improve their concentration level in several ways. It will also improve their learning power and capacity which is again a significant impact that you should never forget according to Vastu for children study room. 

Study at home environment as per Vastu 

After the pandemic, most of the children are spending considerable time in study from their home environment. Most Modern Children prefer to use many types of gadgets like tablets and laptops with mobiles to attend their online classes. Therefore it is compulsory to follow the Vastu guidelines to eliminate the negative energy that is created by electronic gadgets. 

When you follow the Vastu for children study room principles the negative which is generated by the electronic gadgets will be minimized or reduced. The best part is that excellent Vastu principles are available that you can follow to ensure that your children get the best environment.

Location of the study room according to Vastu

The location of the study room can play a major role there for you to respect as per the rules and regulations of Vastu Shastra. Make sure that the study room is facing the east or West direction of the house. If there is no space in these directions you can give the preference to the north direction of the house which is considered auspicious for the study room according to Vastu for children study room. 

Position of student 

At the time of study, the children must face the east or north direction which is considered good and improves the learning power and abilities of the children. Usually, children have lots of rewards and recognition from their respective institutions. 

Show the achievements 

Vastu for children study room indicates that select the north or East wall to display the achievements of the kids which will motivate them. You can also hang the certificate, trophies, and motivational posters on the north or East wall. I should also ensure that there is no Beam or cabinet right above the study table. Beams always collect negative energy from every direction therefore you should avoid it.

The study environment must be good and useful to ensure that it is peaceful. Proper ventilation and sunlight can improve the concentration power of the kids therefore you should ensure that ventilation and sunlight are always there in the study room.

Position of study chair

The position of the study chair is the next important factor that you should change according to the Vastu for children study room to get the best results. It is believed that there should not be any door written behind the study chair because it can reduce the confidence level of the children. It is good to have a wall right behind the chair of study. It will help the student to gain the confidence needed for the study of difficult topics and subjects. 

Study table as per Vastu

The study table should also have an open area right in front which provides the best results to the students during the study. However, lack of space can be a big problem in modern houses. In that particular situation, one can leave a slight gap between the study table and the adjoining wall to get the proper circulation of the energy in the study room for the children as per the guidelines of Vastu for children study room. 

Avoid empty wall

Children should not face the empty wall at the time of study. To eliminate this Vastu Dosha you can simply hang some beautiful and motivational pictures on the wall. The size of the study table should be care or rectangular as per the rules and regulations of Vastu for children study room. 

The flow of good energy 

For the flow of good energy, one can also place the clear quartz on the table to gain the correct results. It will certainly improve the overall concentration power of the children. They will be able to focus more on their studies and get good grades in the competitive exams. 

East and north direction 

There is a special role for East and North directions in the study room for the children. You should ensure that the east and North walls are used for the lighting in the study room. Children are going to keep their faces in these particular directions at the time of study. Therefore, these areas must be well-lit and spread a considerable amount of lighting for an excellent outcome as mentioned by experts of Vastu for children study room. 

Cupboard or storage in the study room 

Children usually have a lot of things in the study room that they want to place in the cupboards for storage. For this particular reason, you should install the cupboards or storage in the south and west walls. 

Make sure that the study table remains free from the heap of books as it is going to create a lot of psychological pressure on the children. It is better to keep the books in the closet cabinets so that children can enjoy their studies rather than taking tension about the same. 

Position of the table lamp in the study room as per Vastu

The next thing that you should check is the position of the table lamp in the study room as per Vastu for children study room. Ensure that it is kept on the left side of the study table and light must be able to reach the study material without any obstacle. 

The Southeast or northwest direction is highly suitable for the placement of the computer in the study room for the children. To avoid distraction from the study, it is better not to have any mirror that should be visible directly from the study table. 

Colors of the study room

The colors of the study room can also play a major role in the overall success of the children in their academics. Pastel and subtle colors are highly preferable to be used in the study room of the children. If the room is situated on the eastern side of the house it is going to provide the best outcome. 

Ensure that yellow and off-white colors are highly used in the study room of the kids. If the room is situated in the northeast direction one can select the violet color. Pastel green color is highly recommended by the Vastu for children study room experts to gain good results from the study room of children. 

Interior of study room as per Vastu

To ensure that positivity must be created in the study room of the children, one can prefer to choose light colors like off-white, and white ivory. The next choice can be brown when you want to use it to match the interior of the house. Brown colors will make the student feel safe and comfortable in every situation. He will be able to stay alert during study hours and he will never feel exhausted according to scriptures of Vastu for children study room. 

Light green color

The light green color is the symbol of Mother Nature. Therefore, students can apply this particular color in their study room. It is going to make them calm in every way. In addition, this color will create a peaceful environment for the study room of the children where the students will be able to focus more on their studies. 

This color is highly suitable for students who need to focus on long study hours. Always remember that the green color belongs to Mother Nature and it is going to keep your eyes relaxed for long study hours. 

On the other hand, when you use harsh or other dark colors your eyes may feel strain. The green color allows our eyes to feel relaxed for the long working hours. 

If you cannot use the green color everywhere you can use it partially near the desk of the students. Indoor plants can be a good choice which produce a significant amount of oxygen and also help to feel relaxed as guided in Vastu for children study room. 

Yellow color for creativity 

The next color that you can select for the children's study room is the yellow shade. Yellow is the bright color which will ensure that the study room looks spacious and has positive vibes. Yellow color is going to increase the attention power of the students. It will also increase the overall creative power of the children. Children will be able to think clearly and they will have positive thoughts about the study and their life as per the rules of Vastu for children study room. 

Orange color for oxygen and positivity flow 

Light shades of orange colors can be used in the study room of adult kids who prefer to stay alert during their study hours. It is believed that orange colors can also increase the overall supply of oxygen in the room and it will help to think about them in a better and clearer manner. 

Vastu for children study room states that a better flow of oxygen will ensure that the nervous system of students is working in a clearer and better manner. Even this color can be used in the classroom through which one can certainly uplift the overall mood of the students present in the classroom for study. 

A combination of light colors and good luck These color combinations can be also used in the study room to gain the right results. However, you should always prefer to use light colors for the classroom of the students as they are going to produce a positive impact on the students and give them a chance to study for the long hours of study. 

Many research programs are conducted to know about the positive impact of colors on the mindset of children. It is revealed that colors can play a crucial role in improving the memory of children and it also helps to stimulate the mind of the young talents to focus. 

Vastu tips for the children's study room to improve good luck

Vastu for children study room is a great science of architecture that attracts positivity in life in a natural manner. The best part is that every parent wants good luck for their children, particularly for their studies and careers. For this, Vastu tips are very helpful and they will shower the good luck on the young talent who want to gain success in their career. 

Make sure that you arrange the table and chair in a way for the children to study in the east or north direction. It will help them to focus for long hours and learn the material without any hassle. 

Final advice for the children's study room

One can always add a book cabinet against the south, south-west, and west walls which are going to provide the best results for the children. One can also add the crystal, and copper pyramid for the balance in the energy for the study room. 

According to Vastu for children study room keeping everything clean and neat is going to provide multiple benefits for the children. Therefore, one should ensure that no clutter is there in the study room of the children. Parents can set up a particular cleaning schedule for the cleaning process of the children. Keep the study room door-free and install a good air filter in the room if possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of furniture is suitable for the children's study room?

Sharp edges of the table and chair can hurt your young ones. Therefore, you should try your best to ensure no sharp edges are there in the study room. For the sake of safety, you should never use the glass for the study table. It can break and hurt your kids. 

How to make the children's study room lucky for them as per Vastu for children study room?

The study room should have four corners and at the time of construction, you should ensure that this particular rule of Vastu for children study room is being followed. It will make the perfect balance in the energy flow among the elements that belong to every direction. Therefore, keeping the four corners will certainly open the door of positivity for the study room of children. 

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