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Vastu for Study Room

Vastu for Children’s Study Room

A house with children becomes a place where fun and joy lives. It is a dream of every person to live in a big house with their family. But, when it comes to children, it is not always about enjoying, playing and having fun all the time, there are times when children need to study and focus on their education. Being a child is not an easy task, instead of playing and relaxing all the time, a child has to go to school, study and then come back home with a bag full of homework. Study rooms are specially designed for the children where they can sit on the table, concentrate on studies and complete their homework. It is said that study rooms are the temple of learning which plays a vital role in the upbringing of a child and the development of their brains.

No parent can take a risk when it comes to the life of their child, similarly when it comes to constructing a room for their children, taking risk is a big no. Getting the study room built according to Vastu Shastra helps a child to concentrate, learn swiftly and study peacefully without any extra thoughts. Vastu Shastra has the power to keep all the superficial energies out of place and make the place a happy area.

Here are some of the Vastu Guidelines given for the Children’s Study room, take a look and then build the room:

Best Location for the Study Room:

The best location for the study room is in the Northeast, east or west side of the house. These directions are said to be auspicious for the child and improve the concentration of the students. Avoid keeping any mirror in the study room as it can reflect the stress, workload, anxiety and doubles the effect. Also, avoid any high beam light in the room as it tends to create an unnecessary pressure on the vision and head of a child.

The door of the Study Room:

Avoid fixing door of the room in south-east, north-west and south-west corners of the room. Also, make sure that student does not face blank wall or windows while studying as it can lead to blank mind and blockage of ideas.

Placement of Study Table:

Placing the study table in right direction is very important. Keeping the study table in the wrong direction can harm the concentration and affect the vision. The appropriate way to place the study table is in a way that children faces east or north while studying. Also, keep some distance between the table and the wall, as keeping some open space lead to the generation of fresh ideas. Keep the study table medium sized, square or rectangular shaped.

Placement of Bookshelves:

Bookshelves and cabinets must be placed in east, north or north-east directions. The cabinet should be placed anywhere but in the center of the room. Avoid keeping the bookshelf on the study table and keep the table clean as it can lead to undue stress.

Colours for the Study Room:

Choosing right colour for the room is important. Colours play a vital role when it comes to creating an atmosphere for studying. Using dark colours like black and red lead to negativity and make the area look dark. On the other hand using light colours like green, white, blue, light green, cream, etc. are considered auspicious for the room. Using these colours make the area looks light, spacious and allows children to concentrate.

Lighting of the Study Room:

Study room is a place where children learn and knowledge prevails. Can you keep the area of learning dark? Well, of course not, the study room must be properly lit, bright and clear. Make sure there are windows on the east or north side of the room which allow sunlight to enter and spread positive vibrations every morning. Keeping a table lamp on the south-east side of the table is also considered favourable for concentrating on studies. Never make the room look dim and dull as it can adversely affect the health of the child, so in case, the lights are getting old change them as soon as possible.

The shape of the Room:

A study room can be built in two ways. It can be a place where only children studies and then come back to their bedroom to sleep or it can a place where children can study or read a book, spend some private time, meditate and then sleep as well. If the study room is solely for studying purposes, then pyramid shaped rooms work the best. In case, the room is for many purposes then go for a regular square or rectangular shapes. Keeping any of these shapes gives fantastic results, circular and uneven shapes are strictly prohibited.

Things to Avoid in the Room:

Avoid washrooms and bathroom in the study room as they are major places to attract negativity.

Wall for Support:

Touching the table with the wall is not a good plan but placing the table in such a manner that there is a wall on the child’s back is considered good. It reflects a support on the back and strengthens his mind to study.

Important Things for the Study Room:

Nowadays, with an increase in modernization and digitisation, computers and laptops has become a vital part of the curriculum. Keeping computer on the table in south-east direction is considered good for the mental health. Also, mount a pendulum clock in the study area as it reflects that time is running and it is the right moment to make the best of this time. You can also place images of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Saraswati in the room as they are the gods of prosperity, education and intelligence.

To conclude, for the future of your children, take some preventive measures and get the study room built according to guidelines stated in Vastu Shastra because nothing is more important than your child.