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Libra - Complete Meaning of Libra Zodiac Sign

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Virgo

Libra constellation lies in the southern sky and spins 180 degrees to 210 degrees of the zodiac circle, taking the seventh 30 degrees of the circle. It is situated between Virgo and Scorpio constellations in the sky. It is a cardinal sign, marking the beginning of autumn and is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

It is introduced by Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE and contained the Autumnal Equinox, the point in the sky where the sun's elliptical path intersects the equator and makes days and nights precisely equal in duration. This is a sign in which the Sun sets at the same place where it has fallen and marks the end of summer making room for autumn to come.

Libra is the only zodiac constellation that is represented by an object and not by some animal or a character from mythology and ancient times. The constellation’s name means ‘the weighing scales’ and the four brightest stars in the constellation form a four-sided figure. ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ stars mark the scale’s balance beams whereas ‘Gamma’ and ‘Sigma’ stars represent the weighing pans.

In Greek ancient times, Libra is related to Dike, the daughter of Zeus who held the scales of Justice. In Roman mythology, Libra constellation is introduced precisely 3,500 years ago and symbolizes the scales of justice held by the goddess of innocence and purity. She is also linked to the sign of Virgo which is Libra’s preceding sign and the brightest star in Libra constellation is ‘Gamma’ which means ‘the scorpion's Claws’. Because of these two considerations, Libra has its associations with the adjacent constellations Virgo and Scorpio, which are on the either sides of this constellation. The Scales of Justice symbolizes the balance of inner self that is the good and Evil in life.

Basic Personality of Libra Zodiac sign:

The natives who are born under the sun of Libra in sky are complex and diplomats as it is very difficult to understand their true character and personality. They have traits and characteristics of other constellations merged in their personality. They can easily balance out and resolve things with full accountability as they can be a good mediator and a problem solver. They may regret things and feel an intense amount of guilt when they are not in a stable state of mind as they know that their mental health, attitude and instable behavior can affect everyone around them. These natives are portrayed as responsible, charming and charismatic people who like to be appreciated for their charisma and charm rather than getting appreciated for talents and abilities. They can be seen planning and making strategies and at the same time can be impulsive in decision making situations. Their basic structure is active and full of energy which enables them to cope up with the society, its betterment and enjoying finer aspects of the life.

A Libra tends to forgive people easily and clear out the differences so that they can have their peace of mind. These natives can be introverts and extroverts simultaneously with high value for empathy and are quite receptive in their approach. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, affection and pleasures whose traits are naturally engulfed in their core personality.

Libra Personality Traits :

Strengths of Libra :

Loving, caring, Compassionate, Cooperative, Concerned, Creative, Graceful, Charming, Reasonable, Stable minded, Good listeners, Empathetic, Diplomatic, Intellectual and Social.

The Libras are known for their diplomatic nature and can turn introvert as well extrovert according to the situation. They are Loving, caring and compassionate personalities which they inherit from their ruler planet, Venus. They are charming and have a great aura around them that makes them social. They create a powerful charisma around them by their positive, reasonable and balanced mindset which in turn gives them the abilities and skills to be creative and intellectual. These natives are good listeners who are concerned about well being of others. Their cooperative and adaptable attitude can make them excellent mediators and mentors. They are sensitive towards their social circle and develop empathy towards people in need.

Weaknesses of Libra :

Indecisive, Judgmental, Procrastination, Self pity, Self condemnation, Holding Grudges, Avoiding situations and confrontations.

When it comes to weaknesses, these natives don’t have much of them but few of their weaknesses are well rooted in their strengths. The main problem of Libras is their over thinking. They tend to be Judgmental and have views for everything which leads them to lack even basic decision making skills. They usually delay things and avoid situations in which their peace of mind can get affected, like fights and confrontations. These natives tend to be a little selfish at times and get self involved which may lead them to self pity or condemning themselves. If these natives are hurt by someone, they may hold grudges for a very long time.


LIBRA DATES September 23 - October 22
SYMBOL The scales
BASIC COLOUR Ivory, Pink, Green & Light Blue
BEST COMPATIBILITY Aries and Sagittarius
HOUSE Seventh
LUCKY NUMBERS 4, 6, 13, 15 and 24
TAROT CARD The Justice
LUCKY GEM Opal, Pink Tourmaline

Season and Mode of the Libra zodiac sign

Libra is a Cardinal sign which shares its group with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. The cardinal sign marks the beginning of something new hence, the natives born in Libra are visionaries and excellent in taking actions on their visions.

It is the third of the four cardinal signs and being in that group enable it to hold an elemental, initiatory energy with an equality that marks the beginning of the four seasons. The Season begin precisely between September21 and October 20th which is Autumn Equinox representing the “fall” in the Northern Hemisphere where summer starts its conversion into Winters. This time of the year measures equal day and night time symbolizing balance and equality with leadership in diplomacy and bringing social justice in the society.

Element of the Libra Zodiac Sign:

Libra shares its Air element with Gemini and Aquarius, who all blend well with the fire signs. They are highly logical and intellectual. The natives born under the sun of Libra have their very own spontaneous as well as a curious way and perspective to deal with things which they usually think from outside the box. Being an Air sign, Libras can process and adapt to the new ideas and situations easily and are able to communicate them freely and gracefully. They are social, always eager to explore new things with a lust for life and usually prefer variety over consistency.

Ruler Planet of Libra Zodiac Sign :

Venus :

In astrology, Venus is the ruler of both the planets Libra and Taurus. Libra was thought to be the day house of Venus, while the planet found a night home in the fertile and overcrowded Taurus. Venus being a planet of Love, relationships and pleasures, it gives Libra full power to the harmonious structure, enabling it to have peace, authority, and love. Venus in Libra is found in charts of beautiful, kind, and friendly people, with a natural dialogue flow and an artistic expression for things and situations.

Saturn in Libra :

Saturn is the planet of action as well as discipline and is thought to have been elevated to Libra, with its just, equitable, peaceful qualities that blend in with Saturn's clever and intelligent nature. This can reflect the lives of those with Saturn Libra on their birth charts as generally balanced people, when it comes to displaying Saturn's qualities of urgency and good judgment. The essence of calm, balance, and acting as a law-abiding authority may arise in their lives.

Mars damage to Libra :

Mars, the god of war, makes trouble on this loveable and affectionate planet, Venus. Mars will need to take action and compensate, presenting in the lives of those born to Mars in Libra. It bases on the need to work against the odds and compromising in order to express the necessary anger.

Libra is in a different area with a cardinal fire symbol that is Aries. Ruled by Mars, Aries prefers victory, while Libra ruled by Venus prefers peace and to connect with others. Mars, where it is a symbol of the opposite of its favorite home, is said to be dangerous, or in a state of disrepair.

Natives, who have mars in their Libra, have a difficult time resolving conflicts, fighting and trying to avoid the conflicts. This can have mixed effects, depending on the circumstances. A heroic planet that symbolizes the scales of justice may also portray a man who fights for the cause of society, in which he finds a way to enter into their love by representing others who suffer from social inequality.

House Ruler of Libra Zodiac sign :

The seventh house :

In the modern astrological system of the Twelve Alphabets, each zodiac sign dominates one of the twelve houses in the birth chart in order to match the symbols associated with related house titles.

Libra was assigned a seventh house of relationships as it is balanced, it is all about partnerships and how we build relations with others. The seventh house teaches Libra how to create mutual give and take and creating balance of the two forces when merged as one. This house in Libra dominates its position until it gets interference from the fifth house.

Fifth House Interference :

In ancient astronomy, the ruler of the planet Libra Venus is said to have found his joyous place in the fifth home, which includes the pleasures of life. This has to do with the fact that Venus is considered one of the most helpful planets, responsible for self expression, creativity, joy of romance, love and arts. As, the fifth house is connected with love, children, and any good fortune a Libra can find in his whole life. Venus is able to happily express itself in this house and being set in this lucky house, Venus is creative, intellectual and energetic as well as charming.

Career Options for Libra Zodiac Sign :

Libras are all about balance, so their first priority will be to find a work where they can find time for both, their personal as well as professional life. This kind of career can make them feel stable in life and get them going. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet of pleasure, love and beauty, the balance of natural activity can be found in many areas of the art or beauty industry. Their profession needs to have a scope for mending, reparying and beautifying. They like to take a stand for those who are less fortunate and their work should have some kind of novelty. They need activity, movement and space in their work atmosphere in order to shine. Any way Libra can make it better and improve the lives and environment of others will probably be most satisfying for them. Accordingly some of the best career or professional choices for them can include;

• Diplomats, Designers, Composers, Artists, Social workers, Mediators, Advocates, Translators, Speakers.





Social workers.





In their quest for truth and justice, they can be good lawyers and judges and social workers. They can be musicians, dancers, fashion designers and any other form of designers, depending on which side of their art have they brushed up on since childhood. They will do well in the group, and they can be convincing and talented speakers. They can be popular leaders even though they sometimes lack the necessary step to organize the people they serve, and they will work hard to qualify for the rights they receive. They have a natural talent to express freely and communicate with clarity and can open fields for them which require translators, mediators and speakers.

Love and Relationships for Zodiac Sign Libra

Love and relationships can be a tricky business for a Libra. Finding a compatible partner will be a priority in the lives of people born with their Sun in Libra. They want deep, meaningful relationships and even though they have no problem communicating with people who are not really close to them, the only true satisfaction in their love life comes from a complete commitment of body and soul. Once they have established a loving relationship, maintaining peace and harmony becomes the most important thing in their lives. They need someone who can be there for them in their moments that distract them the most. They seek a partner with the ability to set clear boundaries, as if expecting their protection but without risking their pride in the process.

Their attractive personality and dedication to each other makes their interactions with others satisfying but sometimes they end up not being emotionally stable, but they like to hide this instability because it makes them feel vulnerable.

Libra is a symbol of marriage, making its representatives open to the traditional ways of love. A Libra soul mate is a person who encourages them to be most productive and bring out the best in them, person helping them see that they can control themselves. A Libra soul mate is a person who understands that Libra has darkness in them, but that darkness is part of their nature. It is not a matter of being ashamed.

Libra Relationship with Friends and Family :

Friends :

Libra representatives are very social, who can put their friends in a prominent position by pleasing them and they will do whatever it takes to keep the peace between them. Sometimes they raise their expectations high, and choose friendships that make them feel superior to the person standing in front of them and show their sympathy and empathize with them. On the other hand they will find it difficult to reject others which can make things worse when others are cheating or seeking their own interests. Their very nature makes it difficult for them to make decisions and that is why they may be lacking. However, this will not make them invest less in their relationship when someone else shows interest in them. Tactfully and calmly, they can communicate with any problem if they want to, and they will often help others understand the other side of personal conflicts and problem with other people. Libra is one of the signs of the zodiac that may have a reputation for bailing out, but that tendency is actually a manifestation of the general lack of commitment they face in things. Libra is not as strong as it may seem but that doesn’t make this sign the king of compromises.

They usually just have a hard time keeping their focus on one thing. Because of this, Libras is very easy to get along with, but it is next to impossible to maintain a stable relationship with them. They will always be there to listen to your problems, but they will always have somewhere to be at. They will always want to help you, but will always have someone they need to help first.

Family :

Born into a family that gave them certain weakness of the Sun, Libra can pass the blame on to family members without even realizing it. When they want to get along with each other, these people often agree with their parents and siblings to avoid conflict, being the ones who back off when the challenge arises. They need to develop their personality and often turn to solitude in order to get their own perspective among many. If they are well-built and work with their inner sense of strength, they easily find themselves a good parent and role model, ready to share everything they know with their children.

Libra Compatibility with other Signs:

When checking Libras Compatibility with other signs, it is important to take in consideration its interaction with other signs.

Air Signs :

Air gestures are equally natural in Libra, as they share the same pattern of speech. Venus-dominated Libra brings balance, beauty, and harmony to the regenerative, connected world of Gemini.

Aquarius and Libra will enjoy endless discussions, sharing ideas on social justice issues. Because of its Saturn influence, Aquarius can sometimes be cool and distant and will have to remember to show love to Libra.

Libra with Libra is a great game, yet their love can be directed at creating a community project of some kind, be it a shared goal of helping the community, or opening an art gallery that cares about the community. Their lives will be public together, appearing at fundraisers and art events.

Fire Signs :

Libra will usually find a consistent connection with the fire signs, as they will correspond to the active, automatic conditions. The air feeds the fire, fueling it to grow and live longer, so the enthusiastic Leo will likely enjoy Libra's beauty and their love for them.

Sagittarius being adventurous and Libra being social will probably play well together and enjoy the beauty and diversity that the world offers.

Aries ruled by Mars, will find that Libra brings softness, equality, and peace to them and they may have a conflict that attracts potential divisions. Aries teaches Libra to put itself first, while Libra teaches Aries some wisdom and the benefits of compromise.

Earth Signs :

Although global symptoms may be effective and reduce the amount of Libra dispersing, they can sometimes be very difficult for those born under the sign of the scale to relate to them.

Capricorn, being a cardinal sign will be the sensible partner for Libra to rely on, but their union may change from romance to business at last.

Virgo and Libra share a common bond for mutual understanding, but Virgo may be very strong or intimidated when Libra wants to have a social network. However Libra can help Virgo not to blame them for tempting it to be very happy.

Taurus and Libra share in the reign of Venus, which brings them together as they enjoy and appreciate the pleasures of life. They are both peaceful, and generally satisfied, but they will move at such a different pace that it will be difficult for them to adjust their plans.

Water Signs :

Water signs bring dangers as well as emotional intelligence to help Libra to be their real self, and keep the peace into its deepest sources of emotion.

Cancer will do very well in caring for Libra which they will love, but Cancer and Libra may get into trouble for how they spend their time together. Cancer prefers to stay at home with close circles, while Libra prefers public health and justice.

Pisces enhances Libra’s capacity for acceptance by bringing spiritual awareness and philosophy into their lives. Pisces will want to promote emotional depth, while Libra may want to keep things simple and happy, resulting in a loss of connect and focus between them.

Scorpio controlled by Mars, can bring sexual intimacy into a relationship with Libra, but both can share very little in common at the end. The intensity of Scorpio may sound too heavy for Libra to carry, and their main nature may be very different from the actual compound.

Health Aspect for Libra Zodiac Sign :

In medical astronomy, there use to be four personality states that were connected to the four essential fluids and the four main structural forms. Libra is associated with sanguine temperament, which was thought to be hot and humid, which is linked to blood. Sanguine constitution was considered to be naturally healthy and strong, linked to the adolescent stage of life, and the spring period. These people tend to have a cheery mood, a soft physique, and are naturally energetic. This type of structure may not have many health challenges until its later years. During this time, problems related to blood pressure may arise when sanguine metabolism naturally begins to decline. These natives will need to manage their energy and maintain balance in their lives. Emotionally, Librans may "handle" the concerns of others in their efforts to mediate and maintain peace

In ancient times, the entire zodiac was painted on the human body, with Libra ruling over the lower back. Internally, Libra dominance extends to the kidneys and adrenal glands, which are linked to healthy activities full of energy but in turn can lead to the lower back pain and discomfort. They need to protect their solar energy, which means they do not overwork and waste their energy sources. Stress and weight loss can trigger their adrenal glands and put pressure on their kidney function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every Constellation in the Zodiac circle is depicted by an animal or a mythological ancient figure. Libra is the only constellation which is not represented by any of the animals or the Greek legends in its symbol. This makes Libra symbol special and different from other constellations.

Libra is ruled by the Venus, planet of Love, Relationships and pleasures. So, Libra is all about love, Intelligence, good looks and intimacy that Libra seeks in his/her soul mates. Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo will be great Libra soul mates.

As Libra is concerned about well being of others and gives importance to Social Justice everywhere, they sometimes have to be a mediator to resolve issues between people. They tend to be social and don’t shy away from their responsibilities although they might avoid situations and confrontations that can disturb their peace of mind.

Libra is loveable and ruled by the planet of love itself, Venus. So the natives born under Libra tend to be loyal, loveable, intelligent and intimate people who will be an excellent partner when it comes to the relationships.

Libra is a sign that usually avoid getting into trouble by avoiding situations like confrontation but still they tend to get along really well with most of the signs. Zodiac sign that may have a problem with them is Virgo as they hate procrastinating things and gets irritated by Libras because of their efficient nature.