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Vastu for Selection of Plot

Vastu Tips for Selection of Plot

Finding a good plot in the city is one of the most challenging task. One of the major obstacle people face nowadays is finding a good plot. A plot is an area where you can construct your house or shop or factory. It can be used for starting a new chapter with family, or it can be used for starting a business. As it is said, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, similarly choosing the right site for the plot leads to huge profits and heavy earnings. Vastu Shastra brings amazing tips for the selection of plot, following them brings harmony, happiness and prosperity in Life. Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu Tips for the selection of plot and make a wiser choice:

The shape of the Plot:

While purchasing a plot, the first and foremost thing is to keep a check on the shape of the plot. Going for irregular shape of the plot can bring imbalance in life and also considered inappropriate to start a new life. According to Vastu Shastra, choosing regular shapes like square and rectangle is the best. Also, when you are going to pay a huge amount of money for the purchase, why not choose a right and more appropriate shape? Also, make sure that the length of the plot is more in the east or west direction as it is considered auspicious.

Open spaces in the Plot:

A plot is cut in a systematic manner, and only an architect can understand its topography. While choosing the plot make sure there are no open spaces in the northern side. Open spaces are best considered on the southern side, having a large portion of open space in the north is considered inauspicious and attracts destruction, thus avoided.

Main Entrance of the Plot:

The best direction to cut the main entrance of the plot is in the mid-west or the northern portion of the plot. Always avoid a plot facing west direction as it is considered bad luck for the members of the family.

Appropriate Direction of the Plot:

A plot having a road on all four sides is considered auspicious. In case, having a road on all sides is not possible, then plots can be chosen according to the occupation of the owner. If a person is a teacher, priest, professor or philosopher by profession, east facing plots are the best. Similarly, those who work in administration department or a government employee, then north facing plots are best suited. For the business people, plot facing south is considered auspicious whereas for the people who are into social service, opting for a west side plot is favourable.

Greenery in the Surroundings:

Plants and trees have always been considered good for a person. Plants provide numerous benefits to a person, from food to healthy environment to luck and happiness. Having a garden in the house changes the atmosphere of the place and makes a house a happy place to live. Similarly, a plot that is surrounded by greenery is considered a good investment. Greenery on the surroundings takes all the negativity from the plot and throws it away from the area which makes the place positive, pure and blissful.

Adjacent areas of the Plot:

Many people are quite superstitious about the neighbouring areas. It is often said, if the surrounding areas are not good, it becomes impossible to live in that place. According to Vastu, it is advisable to avoid areas with tomb, graveyard and cremation hall on the front, back or adjacent the plot. These are the places where dead people are burnt, or graves are built, thus lead to negative vibrations all around. Having a plot near these places attracts negative energies to the place and makes it difficult to live in the place. Also, if there are any rivers or canals flowing in the west or south side of the plot, rejecting the plot would be a better option.

Plot Near Schools or Theatre:

Having a plot near the school, colleges or theatre is best to be avoided. These places are meant to be big and crowded which leads to the commotion, jam and chaos. It can even cause damage to the property as well, so it is always better to purchase a plot at a distance from schools, colleges and theatres. Also keep a check on the neighbours’ roof, if there is water spilling down the roof, selecting the plot is a big “no”.

Placement for a Tall Building:

When you are going to purchase a plot, if there are high buildings and apartments are located nearby. Vastu advises choosing a plot with tall building in the south, south-west and western side. Having a high-rise building on the north side is not considered it encourages mental problems and takes away the peace.

Strict No to posts, pillars, etc. :

There are different electric pillars, posts and poles in the street. Choosing a plot adjacent to pillars and posts is considered inauspicious for the family. It also takes half of the front space of the plot. Thus, it is always better to avoid a plot with pillars and posts in front.

To conclude, selecting a right place for the plot is the first step towards your dream house. To lead a happy and successful life in the house, follow the above tips and select the good, big and beautiful plot for an amazing house.