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Vastu For Commercial Complex

Vastu For Commercial Complex

Vastu For Commercial Complex

Bring positivity, wealth and heath with tips for Vastu for commercial complex

Vastu for commercial complex improves business in several folds. Commercial buildings and complexes can generate an immense amount of profit and bring happiness and wealth to your life. Therefore it is important to optimize them using the Vastu principles which help you to generate more profit without any financial loss. Vastu will balance the energy from every direction and help you to manage your office and shops properly. 

Use Vastu - Science of architecture 

Vastu for commercial complex will help you to manage the entire space according to the science of architecture. It includes every aspect of the construction and sitting arrangement. And also provide guidance on the interior and other respects that are involved in the commercial building space. When you build the Commercial Complex using the powerful Vastu principles you will certainly succeed in your professional life and will have prosperity.

Excellent Vastu for commercial building

Commercial buildings can be constructed as per the rules and regulations of the Vastu for commercial complex and one can manage to gain superb benefits. Investors and individuals who have given their capital for the construction of commercial buildings always wanted to maximize the profit. 

However, it is only possible when everything is going smoothly and it is a fact that the positivity of the place will also work for you. Therefore, to attract the positive powers of the Universe You should always go for the best principles for commercial buildings.

When you use the Vastu for the commercial building you will start getting good returns for your investments and you will be able to produce excellent business by selling the product and services. 

Sitting arrangement in the shop

Always remember that sitting arrangement in the shop is going to play a major role in every context as per Vastu for commercial complex. You should always ensure that the south or west direction is selected for the shop owner seat. You should always sit in a manner that is face should be either in the east or north direction. These two directions are considered very auspicious for the positivity and good mindset.

Vastu for Huge structures or building 

Most people have a common misconception that in ancient times such huge structures were missing. You can take the example of pyramids large size temples, and forts of kings. These ancient structures are huge and created with the help of Vastu rules. 

You can see that positive energy is always there and they still exist even after so many years of their construction. Therefore, you should never ignore the basic Vastu for commercial complex rules which will make sure that no harm should happen to the huge building that you have created. 

Use the Vastu pyramids

Always remember that Vastu pyramids can also be used when you cannot build a structure according to Vastu for commercial complex guidelines. By using the Vastu pyramids you can bring positivity to a place and eliminate the negative. The pyramid shape will certainly improve the flow of positive energy and minimize the negative impact of Vastu Dosha. No doubt you will always need an online Vastu expert to ask the question and properly use pyramids to get the benefits.

Optimization of energy

When you are creating a huge Complex, always follow the basic Vastu for commercial complex principles which are applicable everywhere in the entire universe. Never use the contradiction of colors and structures to optimize the energy in a good manner. For example, you should keep the northeast direction slope down and the Southwest direction slope high on the plot.

The stairs must be created in the Southwest direction to keep this direction higher than any other direction. Water points must be created in the Northwest or north direction. And if you want to build some Green area, you should select the suitable direction as per the rules of Vastu for commercial complex. 

The rule of no stagnant energy

It is seen that in the huge building, people ignore the stagnant energy rule of Vastu Shastra. As per this particular rule of Vastu for commercial complex, the sunlight and fresh air should be part of the atmosphere. 

At the time of creating the huge structures, you should always ensure that proper space for ventilation and sunlight should be kept on every floor. It will remove the stagnant energy which is the major cause of main problems.

Vastu Checkpoints for commercial buildings

You should know that checking the ratio and shape of the commercial complex building is the most important. The direction of the complex is the next thing that one should check. 

The face of the building is the next most important thing that you should never forget. In the same manner, the direction of the parking stairs can also make a big difference. You should always consider the basic rules of Vastu for commercial complex for checking the optimization of energy in the place. 

Checking the ratio and complex of commercial building

Measurement of the ratio and shape of the commercial complex is an essential task and one should pay proper attention in this context. Always remember that profit and loss are always attached to the shape and other factors of the building. 

Therefore, you should always consider the measurement of the commercial building. Always ensure that square or rectangular shape is there which can offer you highly genuine results. Never purchase a plot for a commercial building that does not have the proper shape. It will certainly create a lot of stress and loss.

Keeping open space

Keeping open space in commercial buildings is the most important thing that one should always consider. You should know that open space in the commercial building will not only make it attractive but it will also improve the Vastu for commercial complex results. Never forget that open space is going to attract more customers for the business and complex. 

As per the principles of Vastu Shastra when it comes to keeping the open space, you should select the north and East side of the complex. The openness of this particular area is going to attract many opportunities, wealth, and growth for the complex building. If you also want to keep a lawn area you should better select the north direction of the building. The parking area should be located in the east. 

Entrance of the main gate and positivity 

As per Vastu for commercial complex the entrance of the main gate can also play a major role. You should always ensure that the entrance should be wide from the rest of the gates and it should be well decorated. You should try your best to keep the entrance door attractive because it will work like a magnet for the customers. 

In the long run, it is going to improve your profit. As per the rules of Shastra, you should pay proper attention to order the entrance Gate as it is going to play an important role. It should not be just like the ordinary door, you should try to keep something extraordinary to the entrance door. Always make sure that the Entrance door is located in the northeast direction. 

North direction 

According the rules of Vastu for commercial complex North east direction is considered highly auspicious for a complex building which is going to provide a good result. You should never create an entrance from the Southwest direction of the building because it is going to take away all the money and hamper the flow of customers negatively.

Things to remember in commercial building

Usually, commercial buildings are created huge and stairs are the most important part. Therefore in the multi-story building, you should create the stairs clockwise. The stairs must be created in a way that a person who is climbing them should always face in the South Western direction.

The next thing that you should create according to Vastu for commercial complex is the basement store room. In the Commercial Complex building the basement showroom must be located in the south or west direction of the complex.

Remove negative powers 

To remove the negative powers from the huge commercial building you should also build a temple in the North East corner of the building complex. One can also select the center of the complex when there is no space available in the northeast corner of the building as per the guide of Vastu for commercial complex.

The south or west direction is considered auspicious for the construction of major structures of the building. You should always make sure that you are created in the south or west direction only.

The southeast corner of the building belongs to the fire element therefore it is better to place the generator and other electronic equipment. 

Toilet and washroom blocks 

Due to mass gatherings in the complex toilets and washroom is the essential requirement of a building. According to the rules of Vastu, the toilet must be situated on each floor and it should not be in the North East corner. Always make sure that there is a regular schedule to clean the toilet to avoid negativity.

In the present time, most people use artificial flowers and decorative plants which are not considered good according to the Vastu for commercial complex principle. You should have a lawn in the complex which should only be decorated with natural flowers and plants. 

Go green

You can also grow the tree after consulting it with the vastness according to the direction. The next thing that you should do is set the cleaning schedule and proper maintenance of this green area. Make sure that dry leaves are removed from the garden daily because they can attract negative energy as per Vastu for commercial complex.

Underground water tank

You will have a lot of profit and success in your life when you have the underground water tank in the northeast direction. The overhead water tank is also required in the Commercial Complex building which should be situated in the Southwest direction only.

Water leakage is not considered good in commercial buildings and you should check for it regularly. Always make sure that the up number is checking the water leakage regularly. It will also improve the overall lifespan of your building. Water leakage represents a negative in the building and you can have lots of monetary loss as mention in Vastu for commercial complex guides.

Avoid thorny plants 

Thorny plants are not considered for the Commercial Complex and you should avoid planting the plants in your garden. The main entrance of the complex should be well decorated with auspicious plants which bring lots of positivity to the place and eliminate the negativity.

All the shops that are created in the shopping complex must be facing the north or northeast direction. These directions are considered highly auspicious. However, with the Vastu for commercial complex rules you can also optimize the other directions.

Reception area

The reception area of the complex is going to put the first impression on the visitors. It can also attract lots of customers for the shops of the complex building. Residents of the complex building can also get lots of benefits when the Reception area is properly maintained according to Vastu for commercial complex. 

You should try your best to keep the Reception area in the northeast direction. The northeast direction is considered auspicious peacefulness and positive energy in life. Make sure that your reception staff should in a manner that he or she must be facing the east or north direction. 

Summing up Vastu for commercial complex 

You should also pay attention to the colors of office and shop walls. Make sure that light Shades are frequently used there like gray and white. One can also use the light blue color which brings positivity and makes the mind calm and cool.

The control authorities usually get their separate offices in the complex buildings. Such offices for the managers, directors, and executives should be created in the Southwest or south direction. In case there is a lack of space one can also select the west zone for making the offices for controlling authorities in commercial buildings as per the Vastu for commercial complex principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should not be placed in front of the main door?

We should avoid placing the dust, shoes, and thorny plants in front of the main door.

How to attract more clients and succeed in business using the Vastu for commercial complex?

Vastu for commercial complex one should replace the Holy Basil plant in the northeast direction to bring quality clients for the business. For the growth, one can also place the bamboo plant in the southeast so that good growth in every season can be obtained in the complex. 

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