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Vastu for Commercial Complex

Vastu Tips for Commercial Complex

In this era of modernization, people are planning big. Nowadays, those people who have investment and want to take their careers to the top, take a risk and open commercial complexes and give various showrooms on rent. Rental income is considered a good, easy and flexible source of income which is regular once the place is given on rent. Many people who are willing to earn some extra yet regular income prefer earning through rent, all they need is to make some investment in starting. Commercial Complexes are constructed like big hotels with many showrooms, refreshment areas and entertaining rooms to attract a large number of population. These complexes can be made in the form of malls or according to the industry. There are two types of complexes available:


“Mall” is a casually used word for commercial complex because in this complex a wide range of showrooms are opened, from clothing to electronics to entertainment. There are showrooms that cater to daily needs, occasional purposes as well as for entertaining purposes. You can get anything you want under one roof.

Industry Based Complex:

These complexes are constructed by keeping industry in mind. These types of complexes are built according to the industry, and all the showrooms cater a common product. For example, in clothing complex, you will find clothing items, from women clothing to men to kids wear in every showroom. If a person needs to cover one field at a time, then these complexes serve the best as you will find every type of clothing under one roof.

Sometimes, even most amazing and latest business plans fail and lead to heavy losses. With modernization, people are getting aware about the current scenario but resist changes. Similarly, to start a commercial complex is not an easy task; it takes time, investment, partnership, proper planning and right location otherwise get ready to shut it down in no time.

How to find the right location for the commercial complex? How to divide the area so that maximum showrooms earn and maximum rent is received?

Well, when questions relating to architecture arise, Vastu Shastra comes out as a guide. It offers many guidelines to construct the complex to earn maximum and enjoy recognition all around the city.

Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu Tips for Commercial Complex:

Ratio and Shape of the Plot:

To start a commercial complex, the first step is to choose the plot and location. Vastu advises to study about the most preferred and common area of the city and choose a rectangular plot for the complex. Also, keep a check on the ratio of the plot, make sure it is properly divided into 1:1 or 1:2 as it is considered auspicious for the owner as well as the occupants of the showrooms.

Open Spaces:

Constructing a complex is not an easy task; it takes proper consideration and thought to make one. To attract more customers, it is important to make a complex attractive, spacious and open. Vastu suggests north and east side of the complex must be left open as it attracts money, opportunities and growth to the complex. You can also leave some space for the lawn in the north direction and parking on the east side. The slope of the land should be from south to north and west to east. Otherwise, it can cause financial losses.

Placement of the Main Door:

The entry of the complex must be wide and decorated. Vastu advises making the main gate of the complex attractive to entice people and make profits. Also, avoid south-west zone for the main gate as it can increase the outflow of money and bid adieu to growth and opportunities. The height of the main door should be more than that of the individual doors of various showrooms.


Every complex need to be air-conditioned, ventilated and airy so that nobody dies from suffocation. Vastu advises building lots of windows on the north and east walls to keep the area ventilated. You can construct windows on the south and west walls as well but keep a check on the sunlight; direct sunlight can be dangerous for the items stored.

Temple in the Complex:

A small temple constructed in the northeast corner or the centre of the building is considered auspicious. The entrance of the temple can be from any of the four sides but make sure the entrance of the temple is different from the entrance of the complex. Also, make sure the area near the temple is free from dust, dirt and polluted items. You can light lamps, incense sticks and candles in the temple to make the environment positive and lively.

Some other tips to follow:

The major construction of the building must be done in south or west side of the complex.

You can keep generators and other electrical equipments in the south-east corner.

The staircase should be in the south-west and should be in a clockwise direction while climbing.

Bore-well, the underground tank must be in the northeast direction whereas overhead tank in the south-west direction.

No complex is complete without toilets; make sure to construct one toilet on every floor. Vastu guides to construct the toilet in north-west or western corner. Northeast corner for toilets is strictly prohibited as this corner is meant to be kept clean and away from negativities.

If there is a lawn in the complex area, make sure there are lots of big trees planted in the area. Plants and trees keep the environment fresh, beautiful and alive. Vastu suggests planting big trees in south and west direction whereas tender plants to be planted in north or east corner.

Clean the lawn every day; it is considered inauspicious to have dead leaves, dried plants and flowers on the lawn.

Try to use each and every inch of space in the complex and leave no space for the negative energies to enter.

If you are planning to construct a complex, take no time, just follow the tips and get it ready.