Tarot Card Reading


Please allow the team at Birthastro to explain what exactly is meant when a reference is made to the 3 cards from the Major Arcana. This is a simple, uncomplicated and very effective reading that will give you a quick look at the prevailing situation in your life at the present moment. Birthastro was born in 2010 and over 50 million people have consulted us since then and used this reading to get answers to exact and unambiguous questions.

Why is this particular reading so popular and what exactly do the cards reveal to you? They are representative of what your heart craves for at the present moment, alongside what you are feeling about yourself. You get an inkling of your desires (perhaps hidden) and all the elements that scare you. A very good idea is given to you in a nutshell of all that is working in your favour and also against you.

In accordance with the question that you have asked the possible outcome will also be revealed to you. There is absolutely no need to be concerned because the answers are short and simple or because it is merely a Major Arcana reading. The years and satisfied people have proved the veracity of this particular reading time and time again.

Click on each card deck to reveal the card




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