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Vastu Colors For Living Room

Vastu Colors For Living Room

Vastu Colors For Living Room

Living room colors as per Vastu will channelize the positive vibes to your home

You will notice that we are spending considerable time in the living room. Therefore, it should be nice and positive in every possible manner. Living room colors as per Vastu can have a lot of impact on the psychology of our mind and body. Therefore, one should make significant efforts to make the living room a comfortable, positive, and good space. 

For this, one can use the principles of Vastu, particularly in colors. For example, when we enter a green area our mind releases a positive message and we feel relaxed and relaxed. 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system that is quite popular in the present time for architecture and design. It touches every aspect of the construction of a building including the exterior and interior.

 Ideal colors for living room as per Vastu

Always remember that colors can have a significant impact on our mindset. The psychological aspects of the colors are not hidden from anyone. For example, blue colors and light shades of blue are the symbols of intellect. A person who is angry or restless should sit in a room with a light blue or blue room and see the difference. 

He will become calm and feel positive. In the same way yellow presents emotions and friendliness. The living room is the area where we are going to spend a considerable time and it should be positive with the colors. Living room colors as per Vastu principles guide us to use the power of positive colors and make the living room a better place to spend considerable time.

Vastu-approved colors for the living room

Vastu has proven the fact that every direction has its dedicated color that should be kept in mind while coloring the living room. Therefore, most architecture prefers to go by the Living room colors as per Vastu to give beautiful colors to the living room which should be good for the psychology of the residents. Many research programs have already proven the fact that colors can have a significant impact on the psychology of human beings.

To know the suitable color of the living room one should always check the direction of the living and dedicate colors to the direction. The next thing is checking the element of every direction and synchronizing the colors accordingly to gain the best benefits. The good thing is that you don’t have to limit yourself because there are several possible combinations available that you can check and use as per the Vastu directions.  

Which five elements of the universe are balanced by Vastu colors?

You must be thinking about the logic behind following the living room colors as per Vastu guidelines for the management of the colors in the living room. Always remember that every space has the five elements of the universe and it is necessary to manage the elements in the optimum manner to make life meaningful and happy. The five elements are earth, fire, water, air, and sky or space.

Earth element

Through color management, you can always get outstanding results in your living room. Earth element stands for stability in life. 

The living room and bedroom are mainly covered by this particular element. Through the colors, you will be able to manage the earth element most profitably as per the living room colors as per Vastu principles. 

To manage the earth's elements most profitably, you should use light colors like brown, green, and off-white. One should ensure that natural material is being used in the living room to gain remarkable benefits from the same.

Fire element

One can study the importance of the colors for the fire element. Always remember that a fire element is also present in the kitchen and living room. Therefore, it produces a great amount of energy which can have a direct impact on the members of the house.

One should use the most appropriate colors to manage this particular element in the living room in the most accurate way as per the living room colors as per Vastu. To keep the perfect balance in the fire element, one can prefer to use the colors like red and orange.

However, you can consult about the use with the Vastu expert online. It is mostly recommended to combine these colors with other neutral colors. Using neutral colors, one can make fire element colors comfortable and auspicious.

Water element

Water elements can be balanced easily using the different shades of blue and sea green. It is a sign of relaxation and one can mostly find this particular element in the bedroom and bathroom.

Air element 

This particular element is very closely associated with Mother Nature. It also symbolizes the openness in life. To balance this particular element one can use pleasing colors like pastels and lighter shades of green colors. 

Further, one can also use the yellow colors which bring happiness in life and give outstanding effects. You will notice that most of the time the living room is kept open and this makes this element present here. Openness makes this particular element very strong in the living room. 

Space element 

Space element is also present in the living room and you can also find this particular element in the meditation room as well. On the entrance, you can feel a less particular element in a strong position. To keep this particular element well balanced as per the living room colors as per Vastu you should use colors like white and cream. Individuals can also give preference to the shades of pastel to make the perfect synchronization with the space element in their living room. 

Impact of natural light on the living room

Nobody prefers to live in a space that is dark and suffocating. Therefore, you should also apply this particular rule to your living room to make the colors work naturally. It is better to keep enough Space at the time of construction for the sunlight and fresh air in the living room. In this way, you will be able to attract positive energy to the living space. It will be very nice for you to make the living room healthy and comfortable to spend any number of hours there.

Space for natural light 

Most people make a common mistake and do not leave the space for natural light inside the house. You should know that the colors of each room will work only when there is sunlight available for them to get activated. When you use the sunlight and attractive Colors for the living room it will also look spacious and open. On the other hand, the dark colors can make the living room cozy and give it an inclusive Appearance. living room colors as per Vastu put special emphasis on the role of sun light in the living room. 

Balance of colors in living room as per Vastu

At the time of making the living room, you should always pay attention to the balance of colors. You can use a slightly dark color after consulting with your living room colors as per Vastu expert in your home. It will depend on the amount of Sunlight entering the house, particularly in the living room, and the direction of your living room in the house. 

However, in most situations, you will find that light colors are highly appreciated by all the Vastu experts for the living room. It will provide your living room a nice look and you will be able to get a feeling of a spacious place to sit. 

The objective of using the colors 

The next thing that you should do is consider the objective of using the colors in your life. At the time of building the living space, you should consider some of the valuable symbols that are associated with every color guided in living room colors as per Vastu. For example, you can use the white color which is associated with purity and innocence. The white color also reflects openness and luxury in life.

Yellow color

You can give preference to the yellow color in your Living room when you want to feel optimistic in your life. The yellow color will make your living room look aristocratic and it is also a symbol of Intelligence in life. It improves attention and openness. Therefore you can try it with several other combinations of Vastu optimized colors for your living space.

Blue color

The blue color is associated with beauty because it provides a new look to the space where it is used. Therefore, when you are looking to make your living space attractive you can give reference to the blue color. Never forget that many Shades are light blue which is perfect when you want to feel devoted and content in life. Blue color is also associated with the truth in life and natives can also check their astrological situations to use this color wisely after consulting it with their astrology Vastu expert.

Green color 

Green represents growth and fertility and one can mix the other shades of neutral colors along with green to decorate their living room. If you are looking to heal from something and want to improve the fertility power you can give reference to the green color. Never forget that the green color also brings prosperity into our lives with steady growth. Individuals who are looking forward to regular growth and prosperity in their life can give preference to the green color in their living room with several other combinations for the directions of your living space. 

Light pink 

The light pink color is the next color that you can try for your living room along with several possible combinations. Light pink color is highly associated with the love and passive nurse in life. It also represents youth and femininity. Most of the time, females prefer to select this color for their living space where they want to spend a considerable amount of time. 

Bring joy with colors 

The feeling that is attached to this particular color is innocence and joyfulness. It is also a symbol of unconditional love and playfulness. You can use this color to decorate your living room in a proper way mentioned in guide of living room colors as per Vastu. Never forget to check your birth chart when you want to use a particular color in your living room to get the optimum benefits. You do not have to run anywhere as many Astrology Vastu experts are available online to help you.

Combination of colors

You will be glad to know that you do not have to stick with a particular color for your living space. Thousands of combinations are available in Vastu that you can try in your living space. Never forget that using accent Colors is a powerful way to transfer your living space into a Vastu-optimized space to spend considerable time. 

For good results, you can always combine more than one color to make a perfect balance in different types of elements in your living room. You can create a perfect harmony with your living room when you make the combination of more than one color. 

Add some texture and pattern

The next thing that you can try is to add some beautiful textures and patterns. You can also use the smart wallpaper which is available in the market and online. In this way applying the living room colors as per Vastu will become very easy for you. 


Always keep the color scheme according to the direction of your living space. It is seen that some people have the living room on the northwest side when the house is facing the west. On the other hand, some people may have it on the Northeast side when the entrance door is situated on the east side of the house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay attention to the colors of the living room as per Vastu?

Usually, we spend a considerable time of our life in the living room. Many types of guests and our friends also visit us often in the living room area. Every person who visits the place also leaves their energy and impression. By applying the living room colors as per Vastu we can channel the positive energy to the house and eliminate the negative energy for the happiness and prosperity of every family member. 

How can I apply Vastu to living room without demolition?

Choose the bed sheet and cushion covers along with the sofa covers to apply these living room colors as per Vastu. It means you do not have to depend on the colors of walls only to make your living space Vastu-friendly. You can also select the color of furniture as per your preferences and Vastu Optimization. 

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