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Vastu For Bathroom

Vastu For Bathroom

Vastu For Bathroom

Get proper Vastu for bathroom and bring the health and fitness in your life with wealth and prosperity  

Vastu for bathroom is essential in every situation. You will be surprised to notice that the bathroom and toilet are the areas that stay active in the house 24/7. It means day and night this area is going to be very active because we use it regularly and every family member will require it, including your guests. 

Therefore, properly making the bathroom and toilet and the correct direction will certainly add beauty to your house with its Vastu Optimization. Vastu Optimization for the bathroom and toilet will ensure that every family member remains healthy and fit all the time.

The element which are active in the bathroom

Never forget that Vastu for bathroom principles always work on the five elements. These five elements have their directions and methods of making the proper balance. When you keep these elements in their respective directions you will certainly get positive results. On the other hand, you do not pay attention to the direction of the elements that are going to give you negative results.

Ideal direction 

As far as the direction of the bathroom is concerned it belongs to the water element. The suitable direction to balance the water element as per Vastu for bathroom is the north direction. However, you should always remember that the northeast direction is not considered good for the construction of a toilet and bathroom. It is so because the northeast direction is auspicious and it is only considered a worshiping space of the house. 


The bathroom and toilet area belongs to the water element as per the Vastu for bathroom. The north direction is said to be ideal for this particular element. It is so because the north direction is said to have the water element in Vastu Shastra. By creating the toilet and bathroom in the north direction or northwest portion of your house one can get positive results as per the Vastu Shastra. 

Avoid conflicts 

Along with that south direction is said to have the fire element in Vastu for bathroom which is just opposite the construction of the bathroom and toilet. Never forget that you can only get ready for the next day when you have a properly functioning bathroom in your house. Therefore it will provide you positivity to get ready to face the next day's challenge and remove all the negativity from your body to stay fit and healthy all the time. 

Remedies to avoid malefic effects

Therefore, whenever you are building the bathroom and toilet you should avoid the south direction or the south east direction or the Southwest direction. House owners who have built bathroom and toilet in the south direction should get the proper remedies from their Vastu for bathroom expert before they start getting negative results. Bathrooms and toilets which are constructed in the south direction will certainly hurt the health of residents of the house.

Need of Vastu Shastra for the creation of bathrooms

Vastu has a reputation in the entire world. The biggest people now consider the benefits of Vastu-optimized houses to gain health and prosperity. People who are living in the Vastu-optimized house usually get good benefits because the positive energy flows in their house without any obstruction. 

On top of the above, you do not have to understand Rocket Science to implement the Vastu for bathroom principles as they are very easy to understand. Bathroom designs that are constructed based on these principles will settle the door of new opportunities in your life and bring more happiness and prosperity. It will also ensure that all of your family members remain safe from any sort of negative energy.

Vastu directions for the creation of toilet seat

The toilet seat direction should be constructed in a way that users must face the north or south direction. You should also ensure that there is a proper system of ventilation available in the toilet. It will remove the order and bring fresh air which will again follow the positive energy and eliminate the negative energy. A toilet that is constructed as per the Vastu for bathroom direction will certainly help the entire family members.

Installation of utilities And Fixtures in your bathroom and toilet as per Vastu

Electrical fittings like hair dryers can be there in the bathroom along with friends and geysers. Therefore one should only select this south for this particular purpose which is considered Auspicious as per Vastu for bathroom.

The next thing is that you should select the wash basin direction. For the good Vibes and positive effects, you can give reference to the East, north, or North East part of the bathroom which is always considered excellent.

Wooden bathroom furniture is the best and most species as per the rules and regulations of Vastu Shastra. One should always consider the utility basket and metal light fixtures which are going to maintain a perfect balance and give you the right results. Always look for the bathroom that is the most suitable one that you should never forget. 

The ideal direction for the installation of a shower in your bathroom can be the East, north, north northeast part of the bathroom. 

Placement of bathtub as per Vastu

The shape of the bathroom must be round or square in shape which is going to provide you the most suitable results. Always make sure that there are no sharp edges in the bathroom for good results. For the placement of the bathtub as per Vastu for bathroom one must select the north, east, or west direction. One can also choose the northeast direction of the bathroom for keeping their bathtub. 

Never neglect the bathroom and toilet 

At the time of construction and following the Vastu principles most individuals neglect the bathroom. But you should never make this most common mistake and follow the guidelines of the Vastu for bathroom. Never forget that when you don't make a balance in the bathroom and toilet it can start providing you with negative results. 

Indeed, it will become the source of the negativity in the house and you should always ensure that it is created in the right direction of the house. Always check the suitable direction for the construction of the bathroom and toilet in the house to gain the right outcome. 

The next common mistake that most people make is to construct the bathroom and toilet in the center of the house. Always remember that the center of the house belongs to the Brahma element which should be kept free. Therefore you should never select the center of the house for the construction of your bathroom and toilet. 

Following the guidelines of Vastu

There can be several situations or consequences may occur when you do not follow the guidelines of Vastu for bathroom for the construction of toilets and bathrooms. For example, when you build the toilet and bathroom in the North East corner it will bring serious threats to the health and life of family members. It can also lead to stress and minor accidents can happen when you do not build the bathroom and toilet in the correct directions as per Vastu.

Vastu colors for the bathroom

Colors can have a serious impact on the health and psychology of human beings and it is prone in many research programs. Therefore, you should also select the colors for your bathroom carefully. Make sure that you are giving preference to the blue, pink, and gray colors. These are very light in Shade and you can also choose green color and similar light shades. Light Shades will certainly be positive in life and eliminate the negative as per Vastu for bathroom. 

The color of the bathroom mat should be blue as it belongs to the water element. For purity and cleanliness, one can also select the white color for the bathroom mats. You must never use the red color for the bathroom which is not considered good. Black and red colors can bring negativity.  

Keep toilet separate

Most people make the common mistake of keeping the toilet and bathroom together but you should always pay attention to cleanliness. Due to the space crunch, people prefer to keep the toilet and bathroom together, particularly in urban areas. This practice has become very common however the Vastu for bathroom does not allow users to follow this particular practice.

Installation of bathroom overhead water tank

In the present time water crisis is very common everywhere which includes Urban and rural places. Therefore, most people prefer to keep the overhead water tank dedicated to their bathroom and toilet. The placement of such overhead water tanks must be done appropriately. Vastu for bathroom indicate that the Southwest corner is the most suitable direction for this purpose. 

Vastu experts for Bathroom

Many experts also say that as per the rules and regulations of Vastu for bathroom, it is considered that the Southwest direction must be heavy and the placement of overhead water tanks in the Southwest corner is perfect. The placement of overhead water tanks can also be done in the south or west of the Southwest direction which is again good. 

The placement of such overhead water tanks will certainly bring financial freedom to the lives of natives. You should avoid the North East corner or south east corner for the placement of the water tank because they have different types of energy which are not suitable for the water element.


If you are seriously considering re-modeling and reconstructing your bathroom and toilet as per Vastu for bathroom, you can consider selecting some particular directions and guidelines that are mentioned here. You can select the north or Eastern wall for hanging the Mirrors in your bathroom. The next thing is making a toilet and it should be constructed in the West or North West direction of the house. 

For Electrical fittings, you should always use the southeast side. Water outlet and Drainage should be kept in the north east or northeast direction. In the same manner, the bathroom doors should always open in the north or east direction. These are some of the basic things that you should always keep in mind when you are going to remodel or reconstruct the Bathroom and toilet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best location for the bathroom and toilet as per the Vastu Shastra in our house?

Many Vastu for bathroom experts have answered this particular question and based on that we can say that the Northwest and West direction is the most suitable direction. In this direction, you can build the bathroom and toilet to gain positive Vibes and good health and Finance. 

Which is the best position for a toilet as per Vastu for bathroom?

The bathroom and toilet are always considered to be built in the north direction but you should never choose the north east direction. It is better to select the northwest portion of your house for the construction of the bathroom and toilet. The south direction belongs to the fire element therefore you should avoid the creation of a bathroom and toilet in the southeast direction particularly. It can hurt health and Finance. 

How can I decorate my bathroom without any Vastu defects?

Always remember that you should never hang pictures that show negativity in any sense. You should never place statues or photos of Lord Buddha, Turtle, elephant, and family photos in the bathroom. It is better to hang the pictures which show the green and flowers. Never select the pictures that show the waterfalls, rivers, and fish in the bathroom. Prosperity paintings should also be avoided and you should never hang such paintings in the toilet and bathroom.

Can I put the candles in the bathroom?

Always remember that the bathroom belongs to the water element and just for the fragrance you can play with one or two candles but you should not overdo it as both are opposite to each other as per the rules of Vastu for bathroom. Candles belong to the fire element and the bathroom belongs to the water element. 

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