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Vastu Colors For House

Vastu Colors For House

Vastu Colors For House

Vastu for color attracts positivity and work like a protective shield against bad luck

Vastu for color brings positivity and reflects the negative energy from the space when used properly. Colors are everywhere in the world and they can play a crucial role in every context of life. Therefore, one should never ignore the true value of using the Vastu color to gain excellent benefits in terms of money, health, and happiness in life. 

Colors release a particular type of energy which can be said to be a wavelength. It can have a significant impact on the thoughts and emotions of every living being. For the overall good health of a person, it is necessary to pay attention to the Vastu of color. 

Selection of the right colors as per Vastu

Correct color selection is going to provide immense benefits in life. On the other hand, when you use other types of colors which are not compatible with Vastu for color principles it can certainly bring a lot of problems. 

We can make the living environment comfortable and friendly as per the Vastu for colors. It will certainly attract more positivity, relationships, health, wealth, and career in life. Therefore, one should never ignore the importance of the Vastu for colors. 

Impact of Vastu colors on life 

Colors are going to have a significant impact on every aspect of our lives. By selecting and refining the correct Colors for every part of the house one can create an atmosphere that will be beneficial for every family member. It will certainly attract good health and happiness with prosperity for everyone in the family. 

Positive power of colors in life as per Vastu 

You will certainly notice and experience the positive power of Vastu for color when they are used in context to every direction to create the perfect balance of all the elements. 

Never forget that it was to work on five basic elements which are air, water, earth, sky, and fire. Vastu for color can help you to make a perfect balance with your wife's elements to obtain the full environment which will help you to grow and live and find true happiness.

Relation of colors with Vastu Shastra 

Most people think that Vastu Shastra is only about proper directions. But you should know that Vastu Shastra is a wide area of science in the architecture sector. The subconscious mind is naturally attracted to different types of colors which surround us. 

Our mind can also absorb the kind of energy that is released by different colors in our surroundings. Therefore, one should select the color for the construction of a building with great care as per the rules and regulations of Vastu for color. You can also notice that with the changing of seasons, our color preferences also keep on changing. It is clear evidence that colors have a significant impact on our minds.

Application of Vastu colors for positive powers 

There are many areas in our surroundings where we can apply the Vastu for color to obtain positive results from them. These areas can be situated in the office and home. For example, we can use the colors on the walls, curtains, mats, scenery, etc. which are going to have a long-lasting impact on our psychology. 

Remove negativity with Vastu colors 

You can understand the impact of colors in a way that when we remove a beautiful portrait from a wall, our eyes still try to find that portrait for many days. This fact proves that portraits of greenery and other things are going to have a significant impact on the minds of human beings. 

In the same manner, when you change the color of the curtains are the walls it will take a while for you to get accustomed to the new atmosphere. Our subconscious mind is going to notice a particular change in the alteration with the passing of some time.

The principle of Vastu for color is based on the functioning of our subconscious mind which makes the use of different types of colors logical. 

Vastu colors to attract the good energy

Never forget the fact that Vastu colors are going to attract positive energy which will provide you with the best impact. The positive energy of Vastu for color will bring health and Wellness to every person in the house. It will also open the doors of opportunity to attract more wealth and live a prosperous life. 

Vastu Shastra works like a perfect tool that can optimize the energy and all the directions for the regular flow of progress and multiple opportunities in life. You will find that life will be very easy and full of happiness when you have followed the rules and principles of your life including the Vastu colors.

Vastu's expert opinion about colors 

You should never limit the Vastu just to the structural level of the building. Always include the architecture and interior designs that are mentioned in the Vastu Shastra for the fortune. In this way, you can make sure that the entire building of your home must be compatible with the rules and regulations of Vastu for color.

For example, the northeast direction is going to have a significant impact and this direction is also considered auspicious. One should select the light blue color for the walls in this particular direction. 

In the same manner, east-direction walls can be painted in white and light blue colors. South southeast direction has the fire element and therefore, one should keep on using the orange, pink, and silver colors for this particular direction. 

Vastu colors for kitchen

Choosing the correct kitchen color is considered one of the most important expectations in Vastu for color. When should ensure that kitchen colors are optimized to ensure the good health and Finances of the family. Always remember that the kitchen is usually located in the southeast direction of the house it represents the fire element. 

Ideally, one can use orange, pink, and silver colors in the southeast direction to maintain the perfect balance with the atmosphere. However, if you have changed the direction of the kitchen you should consider taking the advice of Vastu for color experts. It will help you to make a perfect balance of that particular direction with the fire element of the kitchen using the colors.

Vastu Colors for Pooja room

The Pooja room is situated in the northeast direction of the house. This particular direction belongs to the water element as per the Vastu for color. Therefore you should try to use the light blue color which will be compatible with the water energy which is represented by the northeast direction. 

Your Pooja room will certainly provide you with positive energy when you select the light blue color for the Pooja room. Never forget to check the color combination with their respective direction if you have built the Pooja room in any other direction.

The red color in Pooja's room and Vastu

Some individuals only consider the red color for the Pooja room but this fact is not always true. One should always check the directions where the Pooja room is located. Red color always represents the fire element as per the Vastu for color. If you paint the Vastu room in the red color it is going to increase the impact of the fire element in the Pooja room. 

Northeast direction 

You will find that the northeast direction is highly recommended by most of the Vastu Shastra experts to be used for the creation of the Pooja room. One should pay significant importance to this particular direction. It is going to be the brain of the house. If you paint your Pooja room in the red color, it means that you will be adding the fire element to the brain of the house. 

It is going to have a significant impact on the residents of the family and you will find aggression in the behavior of family members. In the long run, this can hurt the family members and create a lot of social troubles for them. Therefore, using the Vastu for color principles in the right sense is a compulsory thing that you should always bring into your behavior. 

Color for the living room as per Vastu 

The prosperity of the house is closely related to the color scheme of the house. Therefore, you should ensure that colors are selected based on Vastu for color only. 

You will be surprised to see the excellent impact of the Vastu colors on the walls. It is going to bring positivity to the entire environment. The living room is one of the most important places where family members are going to spend considerable time during the day. 

Therefore, positive colors must be selected only for the living room which is going to keep the environment Vastu friendly. The ideal colors for the Vastu are cream, off-white, and beige colors. It is better to consult with the Vastu for color expert when you are trying to use multiple colors in the living room. The best part is that professional Vastu experts are offering their services online. 

Multiple directions of the living room and their colors 

Always remember that multiple directions are attached and occupied with the living room therefore, one should not stick to a single color. It is better to choose neutral colors which will never have any sort of harmful effects. 

One can also apply the Vastu neutral colors on the various things that are frequently used in the living room. To make the room Vastu for color friendly one can use the colors of the curtains, paintings, mats, carpets, flooring upholstery, etc. 

The choice of color is going to have significant effects on the building which are similar to its colors. Therefore, one should always pay attention to the color combinations that are selected for every section of the house including the living room. 

Suitable color combination for the bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we go to rest after the struggle of the day. Therefore, it is compulsory to manage this place perfectly as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. We also spend nearly six to eight hours in this room sleeping and the wrong colors can disturb the entire flow of energy here. Therefore, one should always ensure that accurate Vastu for color are used in the bedroom to get a peaceful environment in the bedroom. 

West direction bedroom and Vastu colors 

West-direction bedrooms are considered highly auspicious for people who are doing some sort of business. West direction has the special quality of offering multiple benefits in terms of finance and business. 

Therefore, individuals who are involved in some sort of business are going to receive numerous benefits from here. But you should ensure that Vastu for color compatible colors are used here to make this particular direction suitable for gaining the benefits. It is said that light red and light green shades are highly profitable for this particular direction which is going to give accurate results. 

Wrong colors can remove positive attributes 

Selecting the wrong colors can remove the positive attribute of the west direction as per the Vastu for color. 

Therefore, you should never be in doubt or confused when making the west-direction bedroom. When the bedroom is situated in the west direction you should avoid using the green and red color. It will hurt the fire and air element. 


The colors must provide you the pleasing effects and you should prefer light colors to gain the benefits. Make sure that the bedroom is well decorated but never use dark colors for it. 

At the time of color choice, you should ensure that Vastu for color principles are no compromise and there should not be any sort of conflict among the directions and colors as per Vastu guidelines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of color as per the directions?

Vastu for color states that every direction has a powerful impact on the building and one should select the colors carefully for the walls to optimize the energy and its related benefits. 

What are the benefits of using Vastu for color in the bedroom?

In the same way, couples can get multiple benefits in the bedroom which has off-white, cream colors. Vastu neutral and light colors are going to provide immense benefits here. It is highly recommended by many Vastu experts that one should never use dark colors here. 

Why it is not recommended to use the dark color in the bedroom as per Vastu for color?

The dark colors in the bedroom can attract a lot of negative energy as per Vastu for color. Therefore, at the time of selection of the colors you should be careful and consult when you are choosing the multiple shades for the bedroom to gain all the benefits from every direction.  

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