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Vastu For Staircase

Vastu For Staircase

Vastu For Staircase

Vastu for the direction of the staircase can bring revolution and open the gate of positivity in the house

The most trusted ancient Hindu scripture on architecture “Vastu Shastra” is highly recommended at the time of the construction even in the modern world. Vastu for the direction of the staircase is equally important. It is going to provide us with the best results through which one can eliminate the negative powers and bring fortune. There are some easy-to-follow sets of rules in the Vastu that one can implement for the staircases as well. Staircases can bring positive energy in life when managed in the right sense and one can also decrease the chances of accidents.

Number of steps in a staircase as per Vastu 

Keeping the right number of steps in the staircase can bring good luck and provide multiple benefits for the users. Vastu for the direction of the staircase states that an ideal staircase must have an odd number of steps to attract good luck in the house like 15, 17, 19, or 21. One should ensure that steps do not end with a number that ends with a zero. Now you must be wondering the logic behind this number game for the staircase. 

Well, you should know that in the Hindu religion, it is considered to place the right foot first when you are going anywhere for good work. It attracts success and positivity every time. Therefore, by keeping the staircase numbers in the positive number one can gain success and ensure that the right foot is placed first after the flight. By keeping the odd number of stairs you will be able to ensure that it is happening every time. 

The ideal direction of the construction of the staircase as per Vastu

Construction of the staircases inside the house 

Internal staircases are very common in the house. Well, you can select the perfect direction for the internal staircases to keep them working properly for the good luck of your house. It is better to select the southwest portion of the house for the construction of the international staircases. However, if you have any issue in this particular direction then you can go for the second best option for the creation of the stairs which can be the south and west portion of the house. Vastu for the direction of the staircase can always be very helpful. 

Construction of stairs

At the time of construction of the stairs in the south and west direction, one should ensure that stairs are starting from the north direction and going upwards towards the south direction. As per the second alternative to this particular rule, one can select the east direction and stairs must go towards the west direction. The center of the property should be kept free in the house as it is considered auspicious. Therefore, one should never construct the stairs in the center of the house for good luck.  Vastu for the direction of the staircase guides for the proper construction and direction. 

Don’t select northeast for the staircase 

The northeast corner of the house is highly suitable for the temple of the house. It is also the major source of energy for the entire property. Therefore, one should never build stairs in this particular direction. It is going to absorb all the positive energy when you build the stairs in the northeast direction. In the same way, one should never build the stairs right in front of the entrance door. Entrance doors bring the positive energy to the house. Stairs that are located right in front of the house are going to absorb all the energy quickly and will leave nothing for the house. Vastu for the direction of the staircase help you to making the correct decision about the selection of perfect direction. 

Location of the staircase as per Vastu

Some landlords prefer to live on the ground floor area of the house and give the first floor for rent purposes. In this particular case, the house owners must ensure that staircases are not situated right in front of the entrance door of the house. It can create a situation where the landowners must experience some serious financial losses as per the guide of Vastu for the direction of the staircase. 

Suitable starting point of the staircases as per Vastu

The starting of the stairs can also play a crucial role in every context. Therefore, you should ensure that the stairs of the houses do not start or end at the kitchen, store room, or Pooja room of the house. Similarly one should ensure that stairs that are going on the first floor should not go to the basement of the house directly as mentioned in Vastu for the direction of the staircase. 

Selection of the visibility of the staircase as per Vastu Shastra

Internal staircases must be created in a good manner and they should not be directly visible to the visitors of the house. When should also ensure that there is a proper no facility at the starting and ending of the staircases. 

Correct orientation of this year's cases as per Vastu Shastra 

The angle and orientations of the spheres in your staircase can have a serious impact on your physical well-being. Therefore for you always keep the stairs aligned with the rules and regulations of Vastu for the direction of the staircase to get a good outcome. For a good outcome, you should always ensure that their cases are turned clockwise. 

At the time of working the staircase orientation should be clockwise and it should move from the North to the south or the east to the west direction. You should never keep the clockwise staircases in the house in the house because it is going to hurt your career growth. 

The shape of the staircase as per Vastu

Vastu for the direction of the staircase states that one should keep the stairs in a square and rectangular shape and it must also band at the right angles. The rule of keeping the stairs in this particular shape is also applicable to the internal and external staircases. You should never keep a gap among the steps of the staircase. It is so because when there is a huge gap between the stairs the users may feel exhausted every time. In the same manner property in the US should try their best to avoid the spiral cases.

Colors for the staircases

Always ensure that there are enough flights in this year's cases so that you can see everything. Lack of visibility at staircases will not only bring the negative but can also cause some serious accidents. You should always ensure that proper lighting facility is available when the direct sunlight is not falling on your stairs. Never select the dark color for this year's cases as it will only speed up the process of bringing negativity into the house. 

It is stated in Vastu for the direction of the staircase that to attract positive energy you should always give preference to the light shade to color your staircases. It will also eliminate the chances of negative energy and ensure that every house member can feel strong and healthy for a long time. The best part is that when the wall adjoining staircases are there one can use the wallpaper to decorate the stairs. However, you should never choose the dark color wallpaper for the stairs. 

Vastu principles for the Use of space under the staircase 

Many house owners use the space under the staircases for several purposes including the kitchen, Pooja room, bathroom; etc Sometimes people also build their small working stations under the space of the staircase. 

However, Vastu for the direction of the staircase is not allowed to do such things to gain a good mindset and avoid the negative impact. Storage is the only thing that you can always build under the space of the staircase to gain good results. Along with this, you should never build your locker room to keep valuable goods, ornaments, cash, gold, etc. under the staircases. It will hinder the process of your financial growth and you may end up in heavy losses. 

Vastu methods of decorating the staircases

Decoration of every part of the house has become essential in modern society where the house owners are spending a considerable amount on it. Therefore, you should also know about the right methods of using the Vastu for the direction of the staircase principles to create the staircases at the center of the attraction without breaking any rule of the Vastu. 

Common mistakes to avoid at the staircase 

Most people make the common mistake of hanging photos of their family members on stairs. As per the rules of Vastu for the direction of the staircase, one should never do it because it causes serious psychological differences among the family members. The next thing is that it will also create serious health issues for the family members. 

When you are looking forward to decorating the stairs, you should take the help of Mother Nature and put the flower portrait there. One can also hand the pictures which show some sort of greenery and mountain in them. The next thing that one can use is abstract art for the staircase. 

Excellent Vastu-friendly methods of decorating stairs 

Ceramic pots for plants can also be used for the decoration of the staircase area to get good results as per the Vastu for the direction of the staircase. Never hang the mirror in front of the staircase as the mirror tends to attract negative energy. 

The reflection of the mirror on the staircases can only bring negativity to the house. Therefore, you should ensure that the mirror is not there in front of the stairs or under the stairs. The next thing that one should ensure is not keeping the aquarium or fountain under the available space for the staircase. Always make sure that no darkness is there and that enough light facility is available under the space available for the staircase. 

Stair rails and the rules of Vastu

People should always ensure that enough space is there for the installation of the stair rails. Stair rails are going to provide you complete support and protection that you need at the time of using the stairs. 

Always remember that stair rails are going to make your cases look very smart and it will provide you a great level of comfort for climbing up and down. Vastu for the direction of the staircase always gives valuable advice to opt for the marble or stone rail which is very auspicious and provides good support to the users. In the same manner, the case in the south and West directions is going to provide you the best benefits when you use this material to build the stair rails. 

When your stairs are located in the West direction it is better to opt for the metal rails which are going to provide good results you can also use the wooden rails for the east and South staircases. In some situations, if you have a stylish staircase you can also keep it without any handrails. However, this can be a very risky option that you should avoid most of the time. 

Use of space along the staircase

Vastu expert is going to give valuable advice to the users by which one can ensure that space along the staircase remains productive and positive. Vastu for the direction of the staircase experts denied the use of space along with the staircase to hang the pictures of family members and deities. One can see excellent wallpapers to cover this particular area. However, it is again advised by most Vastu experts not to use any sort of dark color here. 

Many light Shades can be used for the preference of the house owners to decorate this particular area of the house. Light colors are also beneficial for this particular space because they are going to keep this area full of light and positivity. Light colors will certainly help that particular area to illuminate.


One should always ensure that there is no staircase on the North East side of the property. In the spiral manner spiral staircases create Vastu Dosha and one should avoid using them. The third thing that one should avoid is the answer culling the building with stairs. Circular and round steps are not considered good in this year's cases so one should avoid building them according to Vastu for the direction of the staircase. Make sure that every step is properly shaved and there are no broken steps it is also. Dark colored staircases are not considered good so we should avoid the dark color on the staircases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal rice in the staircases as per Vastu?

Vastu for the direction of the staircase states that there should be enough space in the staircases but it should not be too high. As per the standard International resident code, the maximum rice can be seven and ¾ inches to gain a good outcome. 

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