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Vastu For Happy Married Life

Vastu For Happy Married Life

Vastu For Happy Married Life

Vastu For a happy married life can deliver excellent outcome and bring harmony with happiness

The south west direction of the house is considered auspicious for a long-term relationship as per Vastu For a happy married life. If you are looking for a quality Vastu for a happy married life, you should pay attention to the southwest direction of the house for a good result. 

This direction will ensure that you have a good relationship with your spouse and other family members. Indeed, you will also have an excellent relationship in your business and profession. On the other hand, when the Vastu of this particular direction is not optimized you will get a lot of problems in your personal and professional life. 

Management of kitchen 

Vastu For a happy married life indicates that the next situation can be related to the kitchen or fire element of the Vastu Shastra. Fire elements manage your anger and behavior. When you build the kitchen in the southwest direction of the house, you will notice that heat and arguments will become part of your relationship. Often you will have some serious arguments with your life partner. 

Plants in south west 

Plants in the southwest direction also create problems in the relationship. You should avoid placing the plant in this direction for the quality of the relationship according to Vastu For a happy married life. Otherwise, you will notice that ample disputes will be there in the relationship when the southwest direction is not balanced according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. 

Bedroom direction 

As per the rules of Vastu For a happy married life, you should utilize the Southwest direction for a bedroom. It is said that the head of the family should leave in this direction and it is a perfect direction for a master bedroom. One can also make a living room or drawing room in this particular direction to optimize the flow of energy in the house. 

Vastu friendly colors 

The next thing that you should keep in mind is using the Vastu-friendly colors and this direction to utilize the energy. It is better to use the light shade of Vastu For happy married life neutral colors to avoid any sort of conflict. You should never use the Shades of Red or Green in this direction. 

It is so because the color red and Green color belong to different forms of energy and it will certainly create an imbalance. To get good results you should always use the cream color or off-white color to gain the best results from this particular direction of the house. 

Make your married life meaningful with love 

After balancing the southwest direction, you should pay attention to the north or North West direction of the house to gain excellent results in your relationship. This direction also maintains love and attraction in life. It is also responsible for the physical relationship with your partner. 

Therefore, making the perfect balance with the energies of this direction according to the Vastu For a happy married life will make your married life successful and meaningful. It will open the door of opportunities in relationships so that your married life should be full of love and respect. 

This direction has a special importance in the lives of newly married couples. With the help of this particular direction, you can always maintain the warmth of love and gain a good outcome. 

Vastu remedies for getting married soon

Vastu For a happy married life describes that some particular factors are there that one should always keep in mind to stay blessed with a happy married life. The first role of that place is the location of the bedroom. The ideal location for the bedroom is Southwest for the couples so that they can enjoy their married life. The next direction can be the south direction of the house.

Correct colors for bedroom wall

The colors of the walls of the bedroom can also play a major role in a happy married life. Vastu For a happy married life always puts special emphasis on the use of light colors and bright tones. 

It is believed that light colors attract positivity and make life more meaningful and happy for couples. Therefore using light colors like white, yellow, pink, and light green or considered highly a species or the bedroom. These colors are certainly going to attract a lot of positivity and make my life full of happiness.

Position of sleeping and bed

Couples should always make sure that they are sleeping on a double bed with a single mattress. Vastu For a happy married life mentions that a double mattress will create a different opinion among the husband and wife. It can also reduce the attachment and mutual understanding among the married couple. It will be like isolation even after getting married soon should avoid this practice in the bedroom.

Metal vs. wooden beds

Metal beds Can attract a lot of negative energy therefore one should avoid using metal beds in the bedroom of a married couple. Always remember that wooden beds are highly recommended and they will create the positive vibrations which are essential for a happy married life. Vastu For a happy married life states that portraits of love making Birds in the bedroom and also be auspicious for the couple. 

Bring positive energy with portrait 

To gain a good outcome from The Portrait you should select the Portrait of Radha Krishna. Radha Krishna is considered the best couple in the world and symbolizes love and affection without any condition. 

The next thing that you should keep in mind is avoiding the pictures of that person in your bedroom. Vastu for a happy married life describe that at the time of sleeping the wife should always select the left side of the husband. It will increase mutual understanding and couples will be able to get the same opinion on most of the decisions about their life.

Snaps of couples for happiness 

If you have a couple of snaps you should select the best direction to hang this particular snap to improve the relationship. To improve the vibration of the entire bedroom, couples can also use some fragrances. 

It is also recommended to use pastel shade candles, indoor plants, and pink rose stones in the room to improve the overall area of the bedroom to lead to a good bonding of love in the relationship as per Vastu for a happy married life. 

Things to avoid for good married life 

Some particular things according to Vastu for a happy married life should be avoided all the time for the married couple. Always remember that iron objects are not considered good so at the time of sleeping you should never have any iron objects in your surroundings or on the bed. 

A beam of the house always attracts the negative and they put extra pressure on the mind. There you should avoid sleeping directly Under the Beam and carefully select a space for your bedroom that is not directly above it.

Avoid vastu mistakes of door 

Most of the times we make a common mistake of keeping the doors open in every section of the house. It is recommended that you keep the doors of the bathroom and kitchen closed when they are not used. 

Make sure that the bathroom door is not open when you are using the kitchen. Always select the direction of your bedroom carefully and give reference to the Vastu for a happy married life optimized directions which are Southwest and South.

Role of pitra devta of house 

Now you may be wondering about the logic behind choosing the Southwest or South direction for a happy married life. You should know that this place belongs to the earth element which is also represented by Pitra Devta of the house. 

Vastu for a happy married life mentions that the ancestors of your house also belong to this particular place and when you select this direction for living they provide you blessings and remove the obstacles from your married life. When you make your master bedroom in this particular direction you get the blessings to find a suitable partner who will certainly create a successful marriage. 

Remove the problem of communication

For a happy married life communication always plays a major role which leads to a successful marriage. However, some couples have serious problems when it comes to effective communication. They always wonder what is stopping them from getting good communication. 

For this, it is better to pay attention to the north east direction of the house. According to Vastu for a happy married life the northeast direction belongs to the water element and it is recommended to use the Blue or purple color to improve the communication among the couples. 

Mental issues and Vastu

If your partner is facing serious mental issues like mood swings, stress, and depression, you should pay attention to the southeast direction of the house. It balances the fire element and makes the woman calm with clear thinking in life. For this, you should always construct the kitchen in the southeast direction and women should always face the east direction of the house as per Vastu for a happy married life. 

It will certainly make her calm and cool and she will be able to think about the values of relationships in life. To bring the extra sweetness in the relationship one can also use rhinestone balls. Hang the rhinestone balls in the corners of the room and you will find that your relationship is getting sweeter and better. 

Set mirrors as per Vastu

Mirrors are known to attract negativity and therefore you should place the mirror carefully as per Vastu for a happy married life. When you are placing the mirror in the bedroom or have a dressing table in the bedroom you should place it very carefully to avoid negativity. 

It is recommended that the mirror should not be directly opposite to your bed. The reflection of a sleeping person should not be visible in the mirror directly. Always cover the mirror when you are not using it. Change the position of the mirror if it is directly in front of your bed to avoid problems in your married life.

Relationship and life – southwest direction 

Always remember that the southwest direction provides you with this ability in relationships and life. Vastu for a happy married life describes that you should select this particular direction to hang the family picture. 

This way you will bring stability to the relationship with your family members. It is also recommended that couples must be a part of this picture which keeps a strong bond of love among the couple and leads to a happy married life.

Eliminate negativity 

Vastu for a happy married life mentions that you should also avoid using items, portraits, or statues in the bedroom that represent solitude in life. It can be anything like a duck or a single butterfly. 

Always avoid using these things because it will make you feel lonely and separated from your partner. To improve the relationship you should always select something that is in pairs with symbolizes love and affection for each other.

Final words - delay in marriage

There might be some people who were not able to get married even after having everything in their life. It simply means that you have created a serious imbalance in the Southwest direction of the house. If there is a presence of green color or a gas burner or a toilet seat in the southwest direction, it creates a serious imbalance as per Vastu for a happy married life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the suitable colors for happy married life as per Vastu?

If you have used the green color in this area make sure that you replace it with the light shades of Yellow or cream color. Also, seek the proper remedies from online Vastu experts to remove the imbalance in any direction of the house to lead a successful and happy married life. 

What should be the shape of bedroom as per Vastu?

The shape of your bedroom is always responsible for the flow of positive energy and vibrations. Always remember that positive vibrations are a necessary part of Vastu for happy married life principles which is also applicable to the master bedroom of a married couple. When you have the proper rectangular or square shape of your master bedroom it improves the flow of positive energy from every direction in the bedroom and it will certainly help you to lead a married life. 

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