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Vastu for Drawing Room

Vastu For Drawing Room

The Drawing Room of the house is that room where guests are entertained. When a guest comes to your house, where do you make them sit? Is the bedroom right place for the guests? Or the dining room works the best? Well, only a drawing room is the best option when any guest comes to your house. The drawing room is a front room specially designed and decorated for formal purposes.

Vastu Shastra offers some amazing guidelines on how to construct the Drawing room and make the place full of positivity, fun and memories. Let’s have a look at some of the Tips offered by Vastu Shastra for Drawing Room:

Location for the Drawing Room :

Since the drawing room is the front room of the house, it is always preferred to be near the entrance door. The right location for constructing a drawing room is in north-east, north-west, and south-east. You can also use central east, west, north or south facing area to construct the drawing room.

Placements for sofa sets :

A living room is incomplete without a well-maintained, beautiful sofa set. Vastu Shastra says that the best place to fix the sofa set is against south and west walls. In case, there is no place on the south and west wall, go for the east side of the walls. The main reason behind this is that the windows are fixed on the north side and placing sofa set in the opposite walls makes it look beautiful and also make it easy to open the windows at any time.

Avoid cluttered arrangement :

Nobody likes to fill the place and make it look cluttered. No doubt, the whole sofa set looks amazing, but choosing the set according to the size of the room is important. Go for a sofa set that does not make the room look cluttered and allow free movement. Also, if the area is cluttered it attracts tension to the mind, thus avoided.

Placement of the Furniture :

There is always some furniture placed in the room to make it look attractive. It can be a cupboard or dining table or anything decorative; Vastu Shastra says that while placing the furniture make sure to keep them away from dangerous edges. The main reason is to protect the furniture from damage and also save a person from getting hurt.

Decorative Items in the Room :

Many people love to decorate the place with flower vase, aquariums, water fountain, chandelier, etc. Vastu recommends a small; wall or tabletop fountain that runs throughout the day made using copper, stone, glass, clay, stainless steel or a fish aquarium is considered. The pleasing sound of water falling and watching fishes in the aquarium is very relaxing and the best way to pass the time. Place these items in the north direction and bring peace in the house along with amazing guests and healthy conversations.

Placement for the Television :

Many people keep the television in the drawing-room when there is no other to place the television. The best location to fix the television depends on the side facing a person is going to sit. While watching television, make sure to sit facing east and north side, as it will be exposed to sun rays protecting eyes from strain and also keep the room bright and shiny.

Right wall for the Air Conditioner :

Nowadays, there is no room in the house without an air conditioner, and when it comes to a drawing room, an air conditioner is compulsory. The best-suited wall for fixing the air conditioner according to Vastu Shastra is on the west. West walls are known to get heated up during the night thus it requires an air cooler to keep the temperature balanced.

Right Direction for the Fireplace :

Having a fireplace in the drawing room is considered vintage and royal. From ages, it is a trend to have a fireplace to give a royal look. Well, Vastu Shastra advises installing a fireplace in the South-east or North-west direction. The best option is to avoid South-west and north-east direction as they are exposed to sun rays and installing the fireplace can block the rays.

Avoid Exposed Beams :

Having any external and exposed beams in the house excites your stress zone and disturbs the rational judgment in the matters of importance that is why they are avoided. When sitting in a room with exposed beams, the vision gets disturbed continuously and makes it uncomfortable to sit in the room. It acts as an irritating factor thus avoiding exposed beams in the room is preferred.

Paintings and statues :

While placing any painting or statue in the room, make sure the statues represent positivity and the paintings spread love and peace. Any negative painting or statue representing war or look unpleasant must be avoided as they trigger anger and other negative emotions in mind. The painting on the north wall stimulates the positive aspect of water bodies and depicts wealth. While hanging a painting on the east side brings fulfilment in life, thus painting of fruits and flowers is considered. So, choose the right wall and make your room beautiful and serene.

Colour for the walls of the Drawing Room :

Every room is constructed using concrete and cement, but it is made attractive using colours. Colours not only play the role of making the room look good but also depict the nature of a person. Using colours like white, green, yellow and blue makes the room look positive, bright and large. The north and east walls painted with light colours and engulfed with sun rays brighten up the day. Avoid using red or black or any other dark colour for the room as they make the room look dark and attract negative vibrations.

To conclude, constructing a drawing room according to Vastu Shastra brings happiness and peace to life, it maintains a balance in life and makes relations cordial. So, try some tips and enjoy every phase of life joyfully.