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Virgo - Complete Meaning of Virgo Zodiac Sign

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Virgo

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the zodiac and it is present in the third quadrant of the southern hemisphere. It takes 30 degrees of the zodiac circle and span between 150 degrees to 180 degrees. The sun transits this area on average between August 23 - September 22 in the southern sky. It is an earth sign fitting perfectly between Taurus and Capricorn. Mercury is their ruling planet.

In Latin Virgo means virgin and the people born in this period of time are called as ‘Virgos’ or ‘Virgoans’. This constellation is discovered by Ptolemy in the 2nd century, and contains ‘Spica’ which is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. It is the second largest constellation in the Sky after Hydra. This constellation has 20 stars with known planets and out of which 15 are known and named stars.

Virgo is often depicted as a woman holding wheat in her hand or the ‘ear of grain’. The history of this constellation is traced back from the Golden age in the Greek mythology which was marked by prosperity, peace, everlasting spring and humans never knowing old age. It is associated with Astraea, a heavenly virgin, who lived in the silver age which wasn’t prosperous as humans no longer honoured the gods the way they used to in the golden age. She was the last immortal human being to live with humans and warned the entire human race about the dangers of leaving behind the ideals of their predecessors. Later, when the bronze and iron age followed, human started wars among themselves and the goddess left earth and flew to the heavens to escape from the evils of the mankind.

The Greek and Roman goddesses of Agriculture, ‘Demetres’ and ‘Ceres’, also lived along with humans during the end of the golden age. Different stories associate the Virgo constellation with different divinities like ‘Atargatis’ the Syrian goddess of fertility and some historians also associated this constellation with ‘Tyche’, the goddess of fortune.

Basic Personality of Zodiac Sign Virgo

Virgos are known for being perfectionists but that can be misunderstood as their strength because they may feel insecure as they aren’t really perfect. They are obsessed with their own image and being perceived as perfect. They are introverts and very deep personalities who have a hard time to express themselves. It is difficult to know what they are really thinking and feeling, using this they can derive self worth, feel vulnerable, important and worthy of their existence. They are smart, intelligent and have a strong character but at the same time may have anxiety issues. They prefer conservative, well organised things and approach in life. They constantly need to be appreciated for their work. They usually come off as rational to the people they know, perhaps a bit more than they really are. They like to organize everything and even everyone’s lives around them and can easily take responsibility for the consequences that are caused by their actions. They usually create strict rules and regulations but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they follow them for themselves. These natives pay attention towards minor things and often get stuck in the details. , Just so that they can fix the mess, they often seek out mess in small things that can be physical, interpersonal or emotional. They feel happy to make an impact or at least try to make an impact in little things, so that they can feel acknowledged. They are over critical to the matters that can be of least concern for others. These natives have a deep sense for humanity which makes them one of the most careful sign in the entire zodiac. They never leave things for chances, love to set goals and check things off from their ‘to do list’. When in trouble they use sarcasm as a defence mechanism.

Virgo Personality Traits :

Strengths of Virgo :

Loyal, Modest, Kind, Compassionate, humble, practical, mentally agile, analytic, quick learners, adaptable, skilful, hard working and helping.

The most basic strength Virgos have is rooted in their mental health. They are mentally agile, analytic and quickly learn and adapt things with a practical approach. The natives born in Virgo zodiac are very hard working and skilful which helps them not only to be creative but also get the things moving. When it comes to their personal life they are quite modest and compassionate towards their close ones and never think twice before raising a helping hand to the people in need. Once they are attached to someone they tend to be overly concerned, devoted and loyal for that person.

Weaknesses of Virgo :

Over critical, anxious, shy, worried, over thinking, over active, attention seeking and doubtful.

When it comes to weaknesses, Virgos have quite a few which are well rooted from their strengths. As these natives are over thinking regarding small things, they tend to get overly worried about things that may be of least importance for others. In order to be appreciated and feel important they need to prove their worth for which they have to seek people’s approval and attention. They are often anxious for most of the times which make them over active and doubtful. They usually aren’t shy when it comes to help others but to communicate with clarity is an issue for them.


VIRGO DATES August 23 - September 22
SYMBOL The Virgin
BASIC COLOUR Tan, Grey & Warm yellow
LUCKY NUMBERS 5, 14, 15, 23 and 32
LUCKY GEM Sapphire (blue), Lapis Lazuli

Elements, Cardinal and Seasons of Zodiac Sign Virgo

Season :

The Virgo season begins on August 23, marking the beginning of the last summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time of year when the heat of the sun and the light begin to diminish, and the days begin to get shorter.

Earth Element :

The element of Virgo is the earth which represents the very structure of the universe, and without it nothing can stand in the way of material things. Earth is the heaviest and strongest object, which astronomers consider to be the densest form of matter. Virgo's relationship to efficiency, skill, and strategy are all similar to the structure and impact of the earth.

Mutable Mode :

Virgo is the second of the four dynamic and mutable zodiac signs, all of which hold the fundamental power of change at the end of the four periods. Virgo season is the end of summer, when air starts to cool off and becomes a base for the upcoming month. This mixed and varied quality of the season is in the natural roots of Virgo’s flexible structure.

Planetary Rulerships of Zodiac Sign Virgo

House of Mercury

Mercury is the ruler of two Zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. Virgo was thought to be the night home of Mercury, which is a careful earth sign that allows Mercury to express and perform its fastest and simplest tasks. Those born with Mercury in Virgo will probably find that many of the abilities come to them naturally and easily which can include being analytical, intelligent and attentive. As their ruler is mercury, they tend to have a sharp mind and can take responsibilities for the consequences of their actions and choices.

Jupiter Damage :

Virgo is in the polarity with the water sign of Pisces. Hosted by Jupiter, Pisces loves to explore the emotional and spiritual realm. Naturally intelligent and comfortable with risks, this Jupiter dominated Zodiac sign differs from Mercury dominated Virgo, which needs to plan, analyze, and determine what is useful. Jupiter is a brave planet, with no limitations of chance and philosophy trapped in a well-functioning and orderly world of virgins, who loves things like that.

Jupiter in the Mercury symbol will have to somehow compensate for this “injury”, which may mean that the natives born with this placement may tend to increase their attention to detail, otherwise their hopeful and philosophical side may feel trapped under strict standards. This may or may not happen to them but will surely challenge those born with these standards in order to balance perfection and the need to remain open to testing and growth into opportunities.

The Fall of Venus :

Venus is said to have been elevated by the ancient astronomers to Pisces, where it was able to express its poetic, artistic, and pleasure-seeking qualities. When it came to the opposite sign of Virgo, Venus was said to be in the autumn, which may not be as powerful in potential for evolution as it can be, but still put the planet's energy in its comfort zone.

Venus seeks love, connection, and attraction, but Virgo, as a symbol of the cool and dry earth, may be too shy and constructed as a structure to allow Venus' energy to flow freely. This may be expressed in the natives as the need to take longer to warm up and trust those they love. It can also occur as a tendency to set high expectations of consideration and perfection in those in relationships. Those with this condition may need to stop being more cautious and accept more of the “mistakes” of others in order to allow love, to creep into their lives. Indigenous people with Venus in Virgo benefit from being less self critical and selfish.

Virgo House Ruler :

Sixth House

In the modern divination system of the Twelve Alphabet, each zodiac sign dominates one of the twelve houses in the birth chart. This renaming was created by psychologists to match the symbols associated with related house titles. Virgo was assigned a sixth house for health, service, and daily activities, as Virgo's worldly belongings and hygiene are accompanied by concerns for this house. As Virgo is ruled by the communications planet, it invites the small Mercury signature to the sixth house.

First House Perspect :

In a traditional astrology study, the ruler of the planet Virgo, Mercury, was said to have found its "happiness" in the first house of identity in the birth chart. This house is associated with our bodies and sense of purpose, symbolizes the union of spirit and story to create a unique creature on earth.

In ancient astronomy, the level of the rising sign was found inside the house of the first sign, dividing it into the upper part of the horizon, and the lower part below it at the time of our birth.

The magic and its mysteries are attributed to the god Hermes, who is associated with Mercury, enabling the planet to exert a powerful force as a bridge between the heavens and the earth from the original home.

Career Options of Zodiac Sign Virgo

Virgo’s intelligent and thoughtful in nature which makes them particularly suited for the tasks where they need to analyze data and focus on project or service details. Although they are earthy and reliable, they are also flexible, so their operations need to have some flexibility to develop and implement changes and processes that lead to better performance. At the same time, their sense of urgency and orderliness are very important to them, so regular activities that involve regularity and consistency help them to focus on the task at hand. Workplaces where they help organize or can be part of a well-managed team with clear and visible duties, will help them to use their skills effectively. They are likely to find dirty, crowded, and unsanitary workplaces becoming a stumbling block and a nuisance, so they may work to create more efficient work and living space for others. These people will surely need to develop this kind of harmonious environment in order to feel calm and satisfied. Simple and intelligent, Virgo has many abilities.

The sharp minds of Mercurial, those born under the sign of the Virgin may be involved in the analysis and calculations in nature. They may be involved in the development of formulas for collecting numbers, as well as designing systems that filter and evaluate the meaning and effects of raw data. Based on these qualities the well suited career options for Virgos may include;


Speech Therepists.

Language Translators.

Writers and Editors.

Fashion Designers.



Food Critics.

Health Care Personnel.


Book Keepers Etc...

Administered by Mercury, Virgo has a vocabulary and language skills, and may enjoy translation, language, and speech therapy. They are also more likely to write well, so they will make good writers, copy editors, and facts checkers, as there are no details that will not be seen by them. There is a strong possibility that those born under the Virgin symbol will make great teachers and mentors. This can be in many ways, from computer programs to commercials and crafts. Virgos are likely to have a clear, useful, and systematic way of disseminating information, and they will seek perfection from their readers also.

The Virgin's sensitive nature will find a home in the world of professional criticism. By liking nutritious food and quality, they can make excellent food safety inspectors and leading food critics. They may also be able to transform their keen senses and interests in order to explore the world of fashion, art, literature, and music. Getting their thumbs up will be a huge success, as they are often skilled artisans, painters, and craftsmen, who produce works of beauty and much detail. Their creations may have a twist of ingenuity, or help, like practical art.

Health is important personally for a Virgo, who may have had to learn to take care of their delicate digestive system and nervous system first. The skills and insights they gain along the way will qualify them for health and nutrition activities of all kinds, such as herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists, and the roles of health professionals in yoga and meditation. The powerful mental powers and ability that comes with being born in the sign of Mercury will attract Virgo’s interest in mental health can make good social workers, counsellors, and speech therapists. They may also combine their artistic skills with the makers and mental health professionals in the form of art therapy.

Love and Relationships of Zodiac Sign Virgo

Virgo compatibility with other zodiac signs is largely based on the ability of their partner to give them all the love they need to start feeling safe and open enough to show their soft, vulnerable heart. They usually have direct statements of love, but intimacy reveals all the beauty of their emotional expression. Virgo will choose a stable relationship rather than entertainment, casual couples, unless they are one, using its beauty and superficial communication to win hearts without investing their money. Methodically each Virgo seems to have an equation in its mind that its partner should follow.

It is rare for them to have many intimate feelings with different people, because they need to feel important to someone and find real physical pleasure in order to give themselves completely to someone else. The sign of Virgo is easily connected to the image of the virgin, but the fact is that their level is variable and their need for change often overcomes their self-imposed boundaries and moral boundaries when it comes to intimacy. Trust needs to be built on Virgo, gradually and patiently, and each partner they have in life has the opportunity to be nurtured and cared for but only if they provide enough to deserve special Virgo treatment.

Virgo Relations with Friends and Family Compatibility

Virgos are very trustworthy as friends because they are very careful while analysing people and think carefully before they act. They are often very careful about whom they associate with. They are very focused on the company they keep. They want people who are compassionate and kind. They tend to draw in other people who are willing and analytical. Virgos often enjoy being among those who are equally interested in self-improvement and intelligent inquiry. They are especially good at giving advice and problem solving. They consider the feelings of others as they are very sensitive to the emotions. Sometimes they may be too judgmental. This is because their inner monologue is always moving. They are always looking for signs of hypocrisy or injustice. On the other hand, this gives them greater insight and the ability to identify flaws in a concept or character. However, it may also leave them feeling hopeless and indifferent.

People born with their Sun in Virgo are very dedicated to their family and care for the elderly and the sick. They understand the culture and the importance of responsibility, they are proud of their upbringing and everything that made their mind rule as it really is. They give proper time to their family and give their kids good advices in their time of need.

Virgo Health

In the ancient times, the entire zodiac was painted on the human body, where Virgo dominates the digestive system, intestines, and spleen. Symbol of the earth, Virgo is associated with melancholic temperament, which was understood to be cold and dry. The melancholic temperament was thought to be connected to the spleen, which filters out blood and supports the immune system. This structure was also considered to be connected with the symbolic body that ancient physicians called “black bile”, which is cold and unstable, where toxic substances could accumulate and could not be adequately cleaned.

Under the rule of Mercury, the Virgos body shares a Gemini connection with the nervous system digestive tract. Those born of the Virgin in their birth charts, have soft digestive systems that can be easily removed due to anxiety and stress disorders. This is said to add another melancholic layer to Virgos life, making the constitution doubly prone to dehydration, obesity, and tissue congestion. As a result, Virgo may be one of the world's most delicate people, requiring a lot of concentration, nutrition and cardiovascular protection. This may be the reason why Virgo is drawn to health care. In the same way that the natives of Virgo need to plan their lives and be useful, the digestive system reflects this function in a physical way. We can see this in the way we process nutrients so that they are distributed throughout the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virgo is associated with a Bear as it shares its traits with a bear such as being calm, strong, hard working and balanced lives. Bear is intelligent and practical in its approach just like the Virgo who are well grounded, hard working and calm with stability in every sphere of life.

Virgos are known perfectionists of the zodiac chart. They are never satisfied with anything and seek minute details in everything. They like to create strict rules and regulations for themselves but mostly fail to follow them. They are continuously in anxious state of mind and hence are never satisfied.

It is difficult for Virgos to express their feelings and when they are hurt they prefer to give a silent treatment to others. This is not just about their communication issue, they like to have some time before acting upon things and by being silent they take their time to think and then decide the action.

Virgos have a loyal, caring and giving attitude in a relationship. They love from their entire heart and soul but never expect anything in return. They pay attention towards every minute details of their partner and make relations better.

Virgos weaknesses are well rooted from their strengths. They are over critical, anxious, shy, worried, over thinkers, attention seekers and doubtful. They tend to pay attention to every minute details and like to be seen as perfectionists.