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Western Astrology

Western Astrology

Western astrology is a design of prediction established for the development of a horoscope for a definite minute, such as an individual's birth. It uses equatorial zodiac, which is regulated to the equator points.

Western astrology is established based on the progress and approximate locations of spiritual bodies like the Sun, Moon, and planets, which are sort out by their graphic angles which are parallel to each other. They are also acknowledged by their location in houses. There are twelve zodiac symbols, points, houses and "house positions of the birth chart" in astrology.


Birth Details


What is a Birth Chart?

"Birth Chart" is like a diagram that contributes a print of planetary coordinates at the accurate time of an individual's birth. It is also called as "Natal chart". The information must be accurate to get an accurate result. A very small amount of information like location, date and time is needed to calculate the birth chart.

It is a wheel chart that is divided into twelve sections. Each section contains the name of twelve different zodiac symbols. A person's planets are sketched on the wheel to check on which symbol they drop into. Each planet can attempt the vision of a person's character and clarify about the individual's spirit's pathway for special growth and transformation. "Birthastro" is the website to check your "free birth chart".

Report on Free horoscope Natal chart

This gives the information about the location of planets in symbols and houses, as well as the condition in the birth chart. One can look and read the horoscope chart by clicking on the image of Sun-Moon in the report that is placed on the top. For this, you can also use free natal wheel chart which is equally helpful.

Details required in getting your Natal Chart

Western Astrology chart is also popular as natal chart.A correct preparation of the Natal chart holds a paramount importance in order to get the perfect readings and predictions.The chart prepared by this software calculates the positions of the Sun, moon and all the planets to an exact degree. The accurate time of birth and place of birth are very vital for the calculation of the precise degree of the signs that are rising or setting which are called as angles. Angles arerequired to mark the position of twelve houses in your natal chart.

With Birthastro’s free service, you can get you natal chart prepared by correctly inputting your precise birth of time, place and date of birth.

Get you Natal Chart prepared now

So, what are you waiting for? Utilize this platform free of cost from Birthastro. This software will prepare a wheel graphic based western astrology natal chart, providing you an interpretation of your personality and positioning of Sun, Moon and planets. You will be able to get a fair idea of your personality and influence of planet combinations on your approach and life. The prediction from this software will be purely based on the birth chart prepared after you input your birth details.

Tips for creating a birth chart

To create a birth chart, you must give accurate data and birth chart selection must be done accordingly.

  • Data should be correct.
  • Full birth information is needed.
  • Language can be used accordingly.
  • Software is needed.
  • The time of birth must be accurate to the point.

Tips to deal with the Problems to birth chart generator

"Accurate birth chart" can be generated but it has a few problems associated with it. So these problems can be solved by following below mentioned instructions:

  1. Instructions to be followed while entering the email
    1. Sometimes users enter an invalid email. Because of which it becomes impossible to send the data at that email id. So one should be careful while entering the email id.
    2. Because of virus or service being corrupt, data becomes difficult to be sent. So the device used should be virus free or should not be corrupted.
  2. Instructions to deal with the Problems with place.
    1. People are not comfortable sometimes to share the place of their residence. Even though when only place and country are asked, people don't enter the details. But without place, it is not possible to find out the birth chart.
    2. Sometimes Place is not listed within the dropdown menu of the place. Then one should click on the "others" option and then enter the place of choice.
    3. Sometimes an individual's place matches with some other place name. So they click on this place without checking spellings. Which may lead to wrong birth chart generation. So one should check spellings of the place carefully.

Birth chart calculator constituents

  • Ascendant
  • Planets in Symbols
  • Planets in Houses
  • Horoscope diagram
  • Browsing in time
  • House System
  • Aspects
  • Orbs
  • Fortune
  • Nodes
  • Lilith
  • Chiron
  • Parallels of declination

Interactive Birth chart

The interactive word refers to the connection between individuals. The interactive birth chart refers to the compatibility of the different types of relationships, like a parent-child relationship, romantic relationship, etc.

This is also used for match-making of the couple according to their houses, point and zodiac symbols.

Horoscope Profile

In this category, many profiles of the opposite sex are shown for match-making. This is a really positive and useful category because it shows the profile of an individual to the whole world or country. It also opens a lot of options for a single person online Astrologer in India

Types of compatibility reports

  • Business report
  • Couple report
  • Forecast report
  • Composite couple report
  • Love report
  • Friend report
  • Eros and psyche report
  • Vedic report
  • Relationship report

All such reports can be found out at Birthastro web page.

On Birthastro, There are different software and applications which are helpful for an individual to check the birth chart according to their need. They are mostly free of cost. These apps can store the data needed for the future also. Many People like to check daily horoscope and lucky numbers or color from "horoscope birth chart" or "horoscope drawing" so that their task can be executed smoothly and accurately. Birthastro is one stop solution for all of these purposes.