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Vastu for Pooja Room

Vastu Tips for the Pooja Room

Prayers, spiritual practices, Havans and Poojas, play a vital role in the world. Preaching God, by all means, brings the soul near to the enlightenment and makes peace with the world. There are numerous problems faced by a person in his lifetime, from financial issues to health to relationship issues. When any problem arises, all a person can think is about God, pray to God for a solution and seek mercy. Similarly, for a house to be lucky and auspicious, a pooja room is necessary where all the members of the family can pray and meditate. In a pooja room, there are idols of god’s placed with flowers, lights, candles and diyas which bring positivity and create a holy atmosphere. Earlier, it used to be a large room where all the deities and idols were kept, but nowadays, people prefer a small area for the temple in the house.

But, are you aware that if deities and idols placed in a wrong place and a wrong manner, it could bring bad luck? Do you know there is a proper way to place the idols in the pooja room? Have you heard of the right direction and placement for the construction of pooja room? Well, yes, these are some of the things to be considered to keep the house positive and attract good vibrations. In case, the placements and directions are wrong; there are increased chances of misfortune. Of course, nobody wants to live with misfortune. So, here are some of the tips given by Vastu Shastra for the Pooja Room, all you need is to follow the tips for luck and fortune:

Location for the Pooja Room :

The best location for the pooja room is north, east or north-east direction. The main reason behind these locations is that the sun rises from east and north direction thus sun rays directly enters the room which is considered auspicious and a blessing from the Sun God. These locations are also considered peaceful and quite which is appropriate for meditation and prayers. If the architectural design defines a big pooja room, then it can be constructed right in the centre of the house.

Placement for the Room :

Many people believe that pooja rooms should be on the first floor or any other convenient place. But, according to Vastu Shastra, the right place for a room is on the ground floor, neither basement nor first floor. Basement is considered a dark place and having a pooja room in the dark is not a good option. Similarly, constructing a temple on the first floor encourages laziness, inactivity and lethargy which is again wrong. Thus, to worship God, come to the ground and pray for betterment. In case, there is no space for the construction of a temple; you can always place a small temple in the north-east direction. Avoid south directions as it is considered inauspicious.

Places to avoid for a temple :

Nowadays, the trend is to place a small temple instead of constructing a big temple in the house. Vastu says it is better to avoid bedrooms, kitchens and any place near the toilet for a temple. You can place a temple in the living room in the north direction.

Placement for the Idols :

Keeping idols in the pooja room is another major task. It should be done with proper consideration and planning. Vastu Shastra explains that the best direction to place all the idols is north-east, east and west directions. Always keep the idols away from north side because the worshipper sits on the south side which breaks the magnetic rule of earth.

Broken Idols and Torn Pictures :

This rule is a must to be followed, may it be a small temple or a big pooja room. Never keep broken idols and torn images in the room as it may cause a distraction in life. Make sure the idols are clean, new and together for a blissful time in the room.

Avoid Idols facing each other :

It is often said that the idols must not see each other. Vastu explains that the idols must be placed in such a manner that the worshipper gets to see them clearly and meditate properly.

Distance from the Wall :

All the idols must be kept in a position that there is at least an inch distance between the wall and idols. This increases the flow of air; water and incense smoke in every corner of the room and spread positive energies on all the sides of the place.

Placement of candles and lamp :

Lamp and candles are lightened in the pooja room to call gods in the place and pray for them in a clear manner. Vastu Shastra says that the lamp must be lightened in the front of the idols.

Things to Avoid :

Avoid bells, pictures of dead people, negative war images, torn and broken pieces, dry flowers, faded pictures, rusted lamps and any item that seems to be negative in the room. Also, avoid storing any valuable items, money or jewels as it is considered disrespectful to hide under the temple.

Food Offerings :

Often when people pray in the temple, there is always some food, sweets and Prasad offered to gods. It is believed that offering some food items is feeding our gods as a way of respect and gratitude. Vastu Shastra always advises keeping all the food offerings in front of the idols as a mark of respect. Keeping them in front is also less cumbersome and easy to replace.

A place for items :

There are many items like lamps, cotton, holy books, etc. The right place for these items is a cupboard situated in the lower south or west wall.

To conclude, having a temple in the house is important. So, construct a temple with rules of Vastu Shastra and welcome all the positive energies, luck and gods with respect, gratitude and love.