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Pricing Policy

Price Range

We, at Birthastro, offer comprehensive prices as per the services utilized by the customers. Complete details, including effects, efficiency and output of the product, are provided to you in advance. Generally, the range of our services starts from 500 INR to 2000 INR, and it changes with the season and offers.

Price Matching

We are liable to provide the best price to our customers. We don't charge more from our customers and match the competitors’ prices. Plus, we don't ask for any additional and hidden charges as we are best known for the reliability and authentic price of the products and services.

You cannot find varying prices on our site as we follow the price chart of the market and competitors without compromising professionalism, features, and quality.

Sale Adjustment

If you buy a service and product at a specific price and its price gets reduced after a week of your order and payment, we would not be compassionate with the price and not be able to adjust the price of the product. We are not providing sales adjustments. Plus, we cannot change the booking date; to change your order date, you need to cancel the order.

Pricing Errors

Our customers are our assets, and we ensure to show them the accurate price of the product on the website, and we make every possible effort to avoid pricey errors. If the service charge is more than the price shown on the site, we will cancel your order and notify you with a cancellation message.

Furthermore, we only offer the products and services to genuine customers and refuse to sell the products to the customers we believe in reselling and misusing the product.