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Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu for bedroom is easy to do with smart methods to get outstanding benefits in life

The comfortable bedroom which is designed as per the Vastu for bedroom will provide you with excellent benefits in terms of every aspect including your health and Finances. You will find that a Vastu design bedroom gives you restful sleep which is very important for mental and Physical health. It will also improve the flow of positive energy to the house and show that you can get an excellent life force to stay positive and productive most of the time. 

By using the Vastu principles for the bedroom you will be able to create harmony with the atmosphere which is going to provide you with positive Vibes to improve the overall quality of your life. 

Selecting Vastu for bedroom

At the time of sleeping, some individuals experience a lot of discomfort because of several reasons. However, when you make the bedroom Vastu friendly you can make it a comfortable and peaceful place to take some rest and spend considerable time. You can optimize your surroundings using the Vastu for bedroom. 

Vastu principles will guide you to decide the correct directions, shapes, colors, and areas of bed in the bedroom for the sound sleep and positive life energy that you need. The best part is that you do not have to put very hard effort into applying the Vastu principles to your bedroom as they are very easy to understand and implement. 

However, you can also consult it with the Vastu experts who are available online all the time. Vastu can tell you the correct principles for 2 BHK to 4 BHK bedrooms as per your availability of space. We understand that it is the ancient science and art of architecture of India. But it is so effective that modern architects prefer to use it as well. 

Ideal direction for the bedroom in the house as per Vastu

Vastu for bedroom provides excellent guidance on the selection of the correct direction for the bedroom in the house. It is an ancient architectural method of creating harmony with the atmosphere for the best health, happiness, wealth, and other benefits in life. 

The right direction for the bedroom is the southwest of the house. This particular direction belongs to the earth element which provides stability in life. 

Vastu for bedroom believes that the head of the family member should stay in this particular room that will be stable and will provide complete support to everyone in the house. The earth element of the southwest direction is going to provide stability to the person who is going to stay here. 

Therefore, the master bedroom of the head of the family should be situated in this particular direction as per the guidelines of the Vastu for bedroom. However, in a particular house, there can be many other bedrooms. 

For example, a second bedroom with grown children is also there in 3 BHK and 2 BHK. Therefore, considering their objective of creating the bedroom is an important factor in the Vastu principles. 

If you have a separate bedroom for the kids in the house you should choose a different location for them. A bedroom which is designed for the children should be located on the proper Western side of the house which is going to provide them best benefits.

Furthermore, if your objective of making the bedroom is to provide some space to the guest for resting, they should prefer to choose the Eastern corner of the home which will be suitable for the guests who are going to stay temporarily in the house. 

Correct directions

Some people also have a study room in the house and they always want to know the correct direction to make the study room. For this one should consider the southeast corner of the home. It is the most suitable place for the study and will provide the best benefits to the house owners. 

So you have seen that there can be different objectives of creating the bedroom in the house and their Vastu for bedroom principles will change according to their usage. At the time of using the bedroom, you should always consider their main objective so that you can get the best results from the Vastu principles. 

For example, your guest should not stay in the southwest corner because he is going to get the stability there because of the earth element. It will result in a long period of stay in the house which can create trouble. 

In the same way, the northeast direction is suitable for the guest bedroom because usually, we build the temple room in the northeast corner along with the second bedroom. Therefore, the northeast direction is good for the meditation and worship of the god. 

Guests can stay there for a temporary time in the second bedroom or living room in the northeast direction. Therefore it is not good for the master bedroom. Creating the master bedroom with Pooja room in the northeast corner will create the Vastu Dosh in the house.

Why is the southeast direction not suitable for the master bedroom?

The south-east direction is known for the fire element in the Vastu for bedroom as well. It denotes the heat in life when you create the bedroom here. Couples who are going to fight with each other can have arguments often. 

There can be several misunderstandings among them when you create the master bedroom in this particular direction of the house. Due to the fire element of the Southeast direction, we prefer to construct the kitchen here. It is a good way of balancing the energy as per the direction of the house. 

You should know that your geographical location can also make a big difference. When you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, the direction of the bedroom can be different. In the same wave and people are living in the southern hemisphere their bedroom location can differ. It is so because the earth has magnetic energy which can have a significant impact on human beings. 

Individuals who are living in the northern hemisphere should keep their heads in the south direction while sleeping. In the country, you and people living in the southern hemisphere should keep their head in the north direction to get the best benefits and it is also proven in many research programs.

East direction for sleeping

Many Vastu for bedroom experts say that your head should be in the east direction when you are sleeping for the best results. The sun rises in this direction and it is also considered good for all these spiritual activities including meditation. Keep your head in this direction while sleeping, you will get sound sleep. 

This direction is also going to improve your memory power and concentration skills. It is said that students must sleep in this way and keep their heads in the east direction to gain excellent results. 

There is a scientific fact behind this Vastu for bedroom principle that all the planets also rotate from west to east. It generates positive waves which provide good energy to the body and keep everything in balance. 

As per Ayurveda, there are three dosha Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. When you sleep in this direction it is going to provide you the best benefits in terms of health by keeping everything in balance as per Ayurveda.

Placement of flowers and plants in your bedroom

Fresh flowers always provide a sense of positive energy. As per the principles of Vastu for bedroom, you can use them in your bedroom to get some positive Vibes. However, you should never give space to artificial flowers and plants in your bedroom. They are going to hinder the flow of good energy. Some people consider money plants good for the bedroom; however, you should consult with your Vastu expert. 

Ideal bed linen for good Vastu

One should always ensure that bedroom space is free from any sort of clutter. The bed sheet must be watched regularly and it should be needed and fresh to get good results. You should consider choosing a bed sheet with light colors which help you to sleep better. 

Never select a bed sheet with a dark color as it is going to invoke the fire element. It means you will have frequent fights and arguments with everyone. In the same way, you should never keep extra pillows as they also attract negative Vibes. Having an extra pillow on your bed means you will not need someone in your life anymore.

Electronic placements in bedroom according to Vastu principles

Vastu for bedroom values indicate that there should not be electronic appliances or televisions present in the bedroom because this negative electronic energy will reduce the quality of sleep. 

However, in the modern lifestyle, we always want a television in the bedroom. In that particular situation, you can select the southeast direction for your television. Make sure that your television is not installed right in front of your bed. At night it will be working Like a Mirror which is not considered auspicious for the bedroom. The reflection of a sleeping person will be there on the television when you turn it off.

Furniture of the bedroom

For prosperity and peace in life, you should make the proper arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom. Mirrors can catch negative energy easily. Therefore, you should avoid placing any mirror in the bedroom. However, when it is compulsory to have the mirror in the bedroom, make sure that it is not facing the bed directly and keep it under the cover when not used. You can place the mirror on the northern or eastern walls of the house. 

The direction of the cupboards should be southwest for the good Vastu for bedroom. Make sure that the doors of the cupboards are opening in the east direction or south direction. It will certainly attract positive energy. 

The south wall is perfect when you want to construct the cash box or safe in the bedroom. You can also place your valuables in the south direction. The south wall is ideal as per Vastu for bedroom when you want to keep your wealth growing. It is so because the south direction belongs to the lord of wealth who is Kuber as per the Hindu religion. 

Due to the limited space, many couples keep the dressing in the bedroom. For this, you should ensure that the mirror of the dressing is right next to the bedroom and the reflection should not fall on the bed or the sleeping person in any condition. 


The position of the bed can open the door of happiness and prosperity in your life as per Vastu Shastra. Make sure that your bed is placed in the right direction. The right direction to place the bed can be the south-west zone as per Vastu. 

The head of the sleeping person must be in the south direction or east direction. The south direction will provide good health and the east direction will improve the learning abilities of the person. 

Apart from these two directions, no other direction is considered auspicious for placing the head of a sleeping person. To gain the positive vibes of the universe, one must consider only the south and east directions to place the head at the time of sleeping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of beds are considered good for the bedroom as per Vastu?

Wooden beds are considered highly auspicious and you should never choose a metallic bed for sleeping. The flow of negative energy can hamper your health and sleeping quality when you sleep on a metallic bed. The shape of the bed should be rectangular or square which improves the flow of positive energy and provides you with an excellent sleeping environment as per Vastu for bedroom. 

What are the basic rules of the bedroom as per Vastu for bedroom?

Vastu for bedroom explains that the southwest direction is ideal for the master bedroom and the other directions can be considered for the second and third bedroom. The head of the sleeping person must be in the south or east direction for a good outcome and one should ensure that wooden beds are there in the bedroom. The electronic goods should be in the southeast direction away from the sleeping zone for a good outcome. 

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