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Vastu For Toilet

Vastu For Toilet

Vastu For Toilet

Vastu for toilet eliminate the negativity and create the perfect balance for auspicious space 

Vastu for toilet is the most prominent science of architecture which is in demand at present as well. The reason behind it is the potential to improve the quality of life and unlock the positive energy that provides immense benefits to the home, office, industry, and other property owners. 

Most people prefer to use Vastu for every section of the house so that there should not be any negative energy present in the house. Vastu has the ancient method of managing the different sorts of energy that are released in every direction in the universe. It can help you to unlock huge earning potential and also give rise to opportunities in your career.

Benefits of Vastu optimized space for everyone 

Students who live in the Vastu-optimized house always get lots of benefits in their studies and ultimately succeed in competitive exams. Vastu for toilet can also improve marital relations among couples and improve their relationship in several ways. Indeed with Vastu, you can bring happiness and love in your relationships. 

People who are going through intensive health problems in their life and use it to improve their health and stay fit for the long term. Individuals who face serious problems regarding mental health can use Vastu to improve and recover soon. Vastu can optimize the atmosphere and bring happiness to your life. It will help you to live a life that is free from any sort of tension and anxiety.

Vast for Toilet block and its results 

Most people forget that it is the most used part of the house and every member is going to use it. Even the visitors to your house can use it and therefore, you need to pay more attention to this particular section of the house. 

The principles of Vastu for toilet apply to every section of the house and other commercial properties. It is also necessary to build the toilet block according to the rules of Vastu because most of the negativity lives here and you have to come up with creative ideas according to Vastu so that it does not hurt you. 

Bathroom and toilet block

It is also necessary to study the combined bathroom and toilet block Vastu Shastra. We are saying this because, in most of the houses and commercial properties, you will find that lack of space is a problem. Particularly in the urban and suburban areas, there is a lack of space. 

Due to the lack of space many people are referring to building combined bathrooms and toilets. Now it has become very common in society to build bathrooms and toilets together. However, for this, you need to pay special attention to the cleanliness of this particular block of the house. Daily cleaning is required so that you can live a healthy and happy life as per Vastu for toilet. 

Commercial space and mass gathering 

In commercial places where a mass of people are using the toilet, it is necessary to set the cleaning Schedule twice or thrice in a day. It will ensure that proper cleaning is there and no harmful bacteria or other viruses are left there. 

After the pandemic situation, the importance of cleanliness is well known to everyone. Vastu for toilet principles will only work when you have paid attention to the cleanliness of every section of the house. 

Correct direction of the toilet as per Vastu

You should know that every section has a particular type of energy according to its use and function. Similarly, the toilet and bathroom have water elements and a similar type of energy is required to make a perfect balance with them. 

Now when you study the rules of Vastu for toilet you will find that the north direction belongs to the water element which can perfectly match with the energy released by the bathroom and toilet. 

Therefore it is official to choose the north direction or North West portion of the house to build the toilet block. Never get confused by the north direction used when it comes to building the toilet and bathroom structure. 

You have to choose the Northwest Ocean only because the Northeast portion has a different type of energy. It is better to use the proper Vastu Compass to measure the direction on the map of your house. 

Practical Vastu guide for toilet 

It is one of the most practical methods which are being used by the most experts at present. You only have to take a simple Vastu compass with every direction mentioned on it. Place it on your map of the house and you will come to know about the directions according to Vastu for toilet. After determining the Vastu directions, you can decide to construct the bathroom and toilet in your house. You can also take the reference from the mobile phone compass which is easily available everywhere. 

Misconception about Vastu for toilet 

The next misconception that people have is creating the bathroom and toilet section in the south direction of the house. We understand your concern with the south direction which is not considered auspicious. However, you should know that Vastu for toilet never says that one particular direction is good or bad. 

It says that you have to construct the structure according to the type of energy to make the perfect balance. So the Eastern part of the south direction is already cooked for the kitchen area and the western part is considered for the master bedroom. 

Therefore you should never create bathroom and toilet blocks in these areas. If you talk about the Vastu for toilet elements of the south direction you will find that they belong to the fire element. Therefore, creating the water element related to the structure of the bathroom will not be considered official. It is going to create a contradiction between the different types of energies. 

Making the place higher as compared to the ground level 

You should ensure that when you are building the toilet and bathroom attached to the room, it can spread negativity. You should always ensure that the floor of the bathroom and toilet is always elevated. It is considered one of the most prominent remedies that are frequently used by Vastu for toilet experts. Therefore, you should never be confused about the building of the bathroom and toilet which is attached to the room in the house. 


Now you must be thinking about the exact measurements of the elevation. According to the Vastu for toilet, the bathroom elevation should be at least two feet higher as compared to other ground levels. Bathroom areas can easily attract negativity from visitors. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should make the bathroom in a way that it should not be directly visible to the visitors.

Need of correct direction for bathroom and toilet 

Now you must be thinking why you should not build the bathroom in any other direction like the south direction of the house. You can understand very easily that when you belt the bathroom in the Southwest direction it will make a contradiction with the earth energy of the South direction as per Vastu for toilet. 

The bathroom will have hydro energy which will be destroyed by the earth energy of the bathroom. Therefore, you should try your best to ensure that no conflict the energy should be there at any cost. It means individuals going to use that bathroom will certainly have a health issue.

Direction of toilet seat

The direction of the toilet seat is also going to make another impact. You should use the Vastu for toilet guidelines to keep the direction of the toilet seat. The person who is going to use the toilet must face the north or south direction. It will certainly harmonize the hydro energy and users will certainly be getting good health benefits. 

Always make sure that you install the toilet seat in a way that users must face the South or north direction according to Vastu. Never forget to keep a proper Window for good ventilation in the toilet and bathroom. It will ensure that positive energy should enter to regulate everything. 

Utilities and fixtures 

The next thing that you should ensure is the utilities and fixtures of the bathroom and toilet. Make sure that utilities and fixtures are installed as per the guidelines of Vastu for toilet. South east side of your bathroom and toilet is appropriate for the electrical fittings such as hair dryers, fans, geysers, etc.

If you also want to make a wash basin in the bathroom and toilet you should ensure that the east or north direction is selected for it. Now you must be thinking about the proper bathroom fixtures and utility basket. Always make sure that metal light fixtures are used and wooden furniture should be given preference. 

It will make the perfect balance in the different types of energy that are there in the bathroom and Toilet. If you also want to install a shower you can select the East, North, or North East part of your bathroom which will always provide positive results.

Vastu for the placement of mirrors in the attached bathroom and toilet

Mirror placement in the bathroom is a very common practice in modern society. However, you should know that periods always indicate negative energy. Therefore you should never forget to make a perfect balance by following the guidelines to install the Mirrors in your bathroom.

According to the rules of Shastra, you should select the northern or Eastern wall of the bathroom to install the Mirrors. Always remember that the Northern and Eastern parts belong to the positive energy. When you put the Mirrors in these directions it is also going to reflect the positive energy of the Eastern direction in the entire bathroom area. In this way, by using a simple rule of Vastu for toilet you can convert the negative energy of the bathroom to the positive energy of the east direction. 

Mirrors and their Vastu effects 

The next thing that you should do is pay attention to the square and rectangular Mirrors. It is better to place them at least 4 or 5 feet from the ground level of the floor. Always make sure that the mirror of the bathroom is placed in a good higher position. You should build the toilet in a way that it should not be reflected in the mirrors as per Vastu for toilet. 

Such a situation can create a lot of trouble and it will be a serious problem for your health when your toilet is reflecting in the mirror of your bathroom. Never forget that both the elements belong to the negative energy and when you combine them with negative energy it is going to certainly have a bad impact on your health.

Interior of bathroom and toilet 

Vastu for toilet experts always put special emphasis on the proper interior of the bathroom to make a perfect balance of different types of energy in your house. Always select the light Colors for your bathroom and toilet area so that you can pay attention to the cleanliness. Always install the seeds of the toilet in a way that you do not have trouble while cleaning.

Final words – Vastu for Toilet 

You should also ensure that after use the doors of bathrooms are closed because it is going to release inactive energy when kept open in the house. In the long run, it can hurt the personal relationship. Never construct the bathroom door in the Southwest direction of the house because this place is created for the master bedroom as per Vastu for toilet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid negativity of toilet and bathroom in house as per Vastu for toilet?

When you open the door of the bathroom in this direction negative energy will be released towards your sleeping area. It can put a serious wedding fact on your relationship. When you keep the doors of the toilet and bathroom closed you stop the flow of negative energy and keep them limited to the bathroom and toilet only as per Vastu for toilet.

What is the direction of doors of bathroom and toilet as per Vastu for toilet?

The doors of the bathroom should always open in the north or east direction as it will bring positivity. A wooden door or highly appropriate and provides positive energy reflection in the bathroom as per Vastu for toilet. 

You should avoid using metal doors for your bathroom if you just said can create negative energy in the bathroom and your health will be badly infected from it. Never put any sort of that use or pictures of god or goddess on the bathroom doors.

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