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Vastu For Finance Money And Prosperity

Vastu For Finance Money And Prosperity

Vastu For Finance Money And Prosperity

Bring wealth generating opportunities in your life with positive Vastu for Finance Money And Prosperity

Wealth is becoming very important in the modern materialistic world and you always need the proper guidance of Vastu for finance improvements in your life. By bringing the Vastu into your life you can get the financial success and prosperity that you always deserve. It will also improve the good relationship and you will start getting the other benefits.

Vastu to improve the fundamentals 

The structure of the house should be according to the fundamentals of Vastu. Native should always divide the structure according to the proper zones which are mentioned in Vastu Shastra. You should also take the help of Vastu for designing the various features to attract positive energy in the house like plants etc.

You can certainly bring financial happiness to your life by paying attention to some particular features of the house.

Major role of entrance in Vastu 

Entrances always play a major role because positive energy will be coming to your house from this particular area. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the entrance of your house beautiful and not create an Obstacle in the middle of the entrance. The entrance of your house should also be free from any type of shadow of a structure that is created in front of it.

Vastu for open space 

Open space always plays a major role and Vastu describes the directions and location of open space in the house. Always remember that the northeast direction should have some open space for the direction of light and fresh air in the house. In the same manner, the entrance Gate should also have an open space right in front of it. House owners should always try to keep this area neat and clean. A small Garden according to the direction will be ideal for the entrance.

Front door for happiness in prosperity 

The front door of your house should be located in the north or east direction according to the house structure principle of Vastu Shastra. The entrance should be a little higher as compared to other doors of the house. Always remember to keep the entrance of the house well protected from artificial sunlight. Overall there should not be any kind of darkness in this particular area of the house.

Sunlight and fresh air 

The center place of the house is called a Brahmasthanam which is very important to maintain. You should keep this particular direction free from any sort of clutter. This area is designed to connect your house with the positive power of the sky. Therefore sunlight and fresh air must enter your house from this particular space. It will provide the necessary energy to your space. It will certainly improve your financial condition when you have Brahmasthanam in your house.

Meditation and yoga zone 

You should try your best to keep the meditation and yoga space in the Northeast direction of your house. Always remember that this particular place of the house is considered highly auspicious for the Pooja room. 

Therefore, you should install the pooja room only in this direction to obtain the good benefits. Make sure that this corner is free from any sort of obstruction or shadow. And this way you can open the door to financial success in your life by maintaining the northeast direction of your house carefully.

Southwest direction 

The southwest direction of the house provides stability which is again necessary for any sort of financial decisions. Never forget that the Earth element dominates the southwest direction of your house. The other direction for the bedroom that you gave is northwest and west. Always remember to keep a big window so that sunlight and air can enter your space. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of bedroom space to gain financial freedom. 

Storeroom directions 

Keep your store room in the south or west direction of your house. In the same manner, you should keep the kitchen area in the southeast direction and make sure that at the time of cooking, you're facing the east direction. It will certainly bring the Vastu positive energy and you will have financial success in your life. The kitchen is always considered the prime energy center of your house which will certainly improve your financial ability.

Windows and ventilation 

You should keep enough Windows and ventilation in the house to improve the flow of Sunlight and fresh air. It will improve the flow of positive energy in the house and keep the house well-illuminated. Determine the place of every article that you use in your daily life and keep the house free from any sort of clutter. Keep maximum space open and well organized. Southwest direction should be well covered and heavy articles can also be placed in this particular direction. 

Improve financial stability 

To improve the financial stability of your life you can also grow a big tree in the southwest direction but its shadow should not fall on the building of your house. Never keep goods that you no longer wish to use and free the space it will certainly improve your power of thinking. For example, if you no longer use some particular watches which are not working. It is better to remove clocks that are stopped and you are not using them anymore. Electronic goods and watches that are no longer working should be removed instantly because it will cause financial stagnation in your life. 

Placement of Kuber Yantra in home

Always remember that Lord Kuber is associated with the effluence and property in life. He is also the ruler of the northeast direction in your house. Therefore in the North East zone, you can install the kuber yantra to attract the positive power. It is also considered one of the most interesting Vastu tips to attract a huge amount of money in life. It will remove all the other problems that you are facing in your financial life. 

It is going to remove all the negatives from the North East zone and open the door to new earning opportunities in your life. You show the never use the north east direction of the house for the installation of toilets, heavy furniture, or any other type of heavy material. This direction is considered auspicious therefore you should use this direction for sacred things only. Never make a shoe rack in the North East zone of your house.

Placement of the locker in the Southwest direction

The next Vastu tip that you can take into account is the placement of a locker in the southwest corner of your house. Always remember that this particular area belongs to the earth element as per the Vastu Shastra. It will bring stability to the finances and money that you have in your control. 

You should place the locale in a way that it should either open in the east or north direction. If it is not possible for you to place the locker in the Southwest direction then you can also put a small Piggy Bank as a symbol of your savings. It will work perfectly and you will notice that you have started saving money. 

Placement of aquarium for good wealth 

The next thing that you can do is to place the aquarium in the northeast direction of your house. Always remember that water bodies like fountains and aquariums can bring a lot of financial freedom in your life according to Vastu Shastra. 

The northeast part of the house is considered auspicious for the placement of water bodies like this to improve the inflow of money. However, you are responsible for the regular cleaning process of the water. Make sure that the flow of water is regular in the fountains and you have to maintain the aquarium regularly. Again when you do not maintain it can cause serious financial problems in your life. 

Water tank for financial freedom 

You should know that Vastu principles are different for the simple water element and overhead water tank. For the placement of our head water tank, you should be careful and select the correct direction only. Most people make a common mistake of placing the water tank in the southeast or North East corner of the house. 

This is an incorrect direction for the placement of overhead water tanks as per the Vastu principles. Vastu experts always guide us to correct the position of overhead water tanks to remove the Vastu dosha. The Vastu Dosha of a water tank can stop the saving capacity and enter the process of generating wealth. 

The southwest corner is ideal for the placement of overhead water tanks. However, you should always take the compatibility with the direction of your house with Vastu experts to get the immense benefits.

Stop leakage of water immediately 

Water leakage can be a serious problem for the financial matters of the house. Therefore, you should ensure that no water leakage is there in the house. Make sure that you are dealing with the water leakage problem properly. Individuals who ignore the problem of water leakage in the house face serious cash inflow problems in their lives. To stop the financial losses you should stop the water leakage instantly in the house including the very small leakage of taps in any section of the house. 

Corrections in bathroom for financial stability 

You should also ensure that the bathroom is created in the western part of the north direction of the house. You can construct a new bathroom or renovate the old bathroom. But never forget that this particular direction is dedicated to the construction of the bathroom and you should never forget it. You should never construct a bathroom on the northeast or east side. 

However, when you construct the bathroom, always ensure that doors are opening in the east or north direction of the house to gain the maximum results with the same. Don't forget to place one bowl of salt in the bathroom or toilet to gain a good outcome. 

The ideal direction for placing the cash

You should also select the direction of cash carefully to optimize the finances. You will notice that when you place the cash in the right direction as per Vastu principles, good results will start appearing. The north direction is considered highly auspicious because the lord of wealth Kuber resides in this particular direction of the house. You should always keep your basket or storage unit for cash and exchange it in this direction to get financial freedom as soon as possible in your life.

Avoid money in corners

The corner of the house represents the end of something. You can consider that when you place the money in this place of the house it will get stuck. And if you do not want to stick your money anywhere you should select a direction other than corners. However, if you are not able to avoid the corner due to any problem of space, you can select the north or East corner which will again provide you optimal results according to Vastu principles.

Final words - Vastu for Finance 

You should always remember that the visibility of the cash box or locker is not considered good directly from the entrance of the house. Even in the locker room, the locker should not be right in front of the door. It is better to keep the locker safely hidden inside the Almirah or away from the eyesight. It is believed that if your locker or vault is directly visible all the money that you have stored will be lost one day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which directions to Avoid for the placement of money as per Vastu?

You should always know that the South is not considered the auspicious direction for the placement of your money. As per the ancient belief of Vastu the Goddess of money enters from the south and settles in the north direction. Therefore all of your money will be gone if you store it in the south direction of the house. To avoid this problem you should never keep your locker near the bathroom or kitchen, or stairs or store room. Prefer to keep your money in the north direction and see it growing.

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