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Taurus - Complete Meaning of Taurus Zodiac Sign

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus is believed to be one of the oldest constellations and is named by the Ptolemy in the second century but it also showed its presence in the early cave paintings and is related to many ancient cultures. It was basically created to mark sun's precise location during spring equinox. It spans from 30° to 60° of the zodiac and belongs to the earth sign element which is the ruler of the second house.

Greek mythology takes the origin of the Taurus constellation, to the god Zeus who changed himself into a mesmerizing white Bull to win over the heart of the Phoenician princess Europa. After she sat onto the Bull's back, the Bull swam across the Mediterranean Sea, taking Europa all the way to the island of Crete. Taurus, the Bull is also aligned to the Greek goddess Hestia, the goddess of peace, stability and comfort. She is very well known as the humble protector of the homes. The Egyptians take back Taurus, the Bull and symbolizes it with both Osiris and his sister Isis who in turn represents bull god and cow god respectively. Taurus, the bull is related to several myths and ancient cultures. Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians and Romanians all are connected to this constellation and depicts this constellation with horned animals and in ancient times, it was also known as "The Great Bull from Heaven."

Basic Personality of Zodiac Sign Taurus

The very core nature of the Taurus natives is quite calm and satisfied with the way things are. They elude stability. They are quite peaceful in their minds, when everything else seems to be falling apart, the Taurus natives are at peace and show a great deal of calm in their attitudes. They are highly responsible and dependable. They believe in experiencing things on their own and gain knowledge on that perspective. This gives them a solid foundation to be both logical and practical. Their nature exhibits a great deal of grace and a down to earth behavior. They love to follow the routines and usually live in their own comfortable zone and being the owners of that space, they tend to be a little bit controlling. But at the same time when they tend to stay in that comfort zone for too long, it becomes difficult for them to get out from that space. Their love of material things is an extension of their pursuit of a stable life. They are quite predictable and in turn want the things to be predictable as well. They are materialistic up to an extent, so they tend to have an edge for physical pleasures.

They enjoy eating their favorite food over and over again, or wear the selected or preferred clothes of their choice for a reasonably long period of time. They may choose not to change for the better or for the worse. They like to find out what they really enjoy doing, and then they do the extremes to follow that. They are kind and hardworking workers. They can be stubborn, have a hot head, but at the same time, they are also great listener and very reliable. Taurus natives can continue indefinitely and don't get tired as they are hardworking and selective in their approach or one can say that they are machines trapped in a human’s body. No matter what life gives them, they will surely overcome their obstacles because they are ready for every possible urgency. They are a veil that protects the characters from cracking.

Angry Taurus :

Taurus is not that temperamental, but has hell of a temperature. They are quick to boil, but once they have made a noise and can leave ruin in their wake. Taurus has a habit of letting all his anger, frustration, and rage grow and they carry on their grudges for long and sometimes explode like destructive explosions. Taurus anger is similar to their feelings. When they are happy, they will face many situations with a measure of patience and calmness that may surprise strangers. But when they are in a bad mood, they will get a little fussy and angry. They have less tolerant temperament for doing nothing if a person wastes his time, and will tell them off.


TAURUS DATES April 20 - May 20
HOUSE Second
LUCKY NUMBERS 2, 6, 9, 12, 24
TAROT CARD The Hierophant
WORTHY DAYS Monday and Friday
LUCKY GEM Emerald, Chrysoprase

Elements, Mode and Seasons of Zodiac Sign Taurus

Earth Feature :

The Taurus element is the earth, the most subtle and heaviest matter of all, and astronomers consider this to be the mostly dense form of matter. The earth represents the very essence of the universe, and without it nothing can take the place of the flesh. The relationship between Taurus natives is methodical, patient, and honest which are all like a strong, heavy global element.

Fixed Mode :

Taurus is the first of the four established zodiac signs, all of which have the basic strengths of endurance and stability in the middle of the four periods. Taurus begins in the middle of spring, when the season is highly “fixed” and established, borrowing a earthy, immovable trend, with certain roots of the sign.

Mid Spring :

In the western hemisphere, Taurus begins on April 20, and beginning in the spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time of year when the sun's heat and light are intensifying, and the days are beginning to lengthen toward the summer. The period of Taurus is when the abundance and fertility of nature begin to flourish, to stabilize and sustain, to borrow land values and the generosity of the Bull archetype.

Planetary Rulerships of Zodiac Sign Taurus

Venus Residence :

In ancient times, Venus was assigned to rule over Taurus and Libra. Taurus was thought to be the night-night home of Venus, World's most generous and pleasure-seeking symbol that allows Venus to bind and possess all its earthly gifts and benefits. Among them are love, attraction, delicious food and drink, and beautiful artistic treasures. Those born with Venus in Taurus will likely be attracted to the creation, collection, and enjoyment of these Venusians’ gifts. They may also have great patience and dedication that they can use in their various crafts and relationships. When it comes to Venusians’ stories of friendship, happiness, and common pleasures, those born to Venus in its nightlife, will have these qualities and benefits.

Mars Damage :

Taurus is in the polarity with the constant water sign Scorpio. Dominated by Mars, Scorpio favors fighting, victory, and division, while Taurus, ruled by Venus, lives in harmony, tolerance, and entertainment. Mars, on the other side of his beloved home, is said to have been damaged or in a state of disrepair by the earthy, slow, and strong sign of Taurus. Think of Mars, a planet of war, fighting, and driving, angry but contained in a world full of joy and peace. Mars will need minimal compensation, which could give those with Mars in Taurus a long fuse, as well as a determination to avoid collisions. These natives may tend to be indifferent, and sometimes it may take some time for them to be encouraged. It may not be bad for each eye, but in addition to the flexible and Venusians’ way of using anger and visceral, it is quite an issue as it comes from Aries or Scorpio. Although it may take them a long time to come to terms with their anger, when they wake up, they back off, just as an erupting volcano. It is interesting to note that Mars in Taurus people tend to have an amazing amount of patience and energy and can use their energy in a way, carefully, and often to serve others.

The Second House of Zodiac Sign Taurus

In the alphabet of modern letters, each zodiac sign dominates one of the twelve houses in the birth chart. This renaming was created by psychologists to match the symbols associated with related housing titles. Taurus is assigned a second home for security, property, and personal property as Taurus land assets and building materials are associated with housing concerns which can be taken as the inheritance from their sign godess. As Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, it invites many Venusians signatures to the second house.

Fifth House Interference :

In ancient astronomical studies, the ruler of the planet Taurus, Venus is said to have found his “pleasure” in the fifth establishment, greed and the pleasures of life on the birth chart. The fifth house was also called the "lucky" house of ancient astrologers, which means it was connected to all the good and useful events and resources that could be in our lives. This has to do with the fact that Venus is a planet responsible for giving us luck, fertility, prosperity, and connecting us to our romantic and intimate contexts. As a result, Venus is able to put forth a joyfully display, which is especially useful and abundant for their offerings.

Taurus Personality Traits :

Strengths :

Patience, Practical, Resourceful, determined, Devotee, Responsible, Stable, Full of Gratitude, down to earth, Peaceful, conservative, Respectable, Realistic and committed approach towards things.

Weakness :

Complacent, Stubborn, Possessive, Uncompromising, Defocused, Insecure, Doubtful, Unclear, Obsessive, lack of motivation.

People born in the sun of Taurus, harvests the fruits of labor. Physical pleasures matter to them and they always feel a need to be surrounded by love, affection and beauty. They are sensual and tactile. They usually are quite reliable, responsible and devoted towards the task assigned. These natives are mentally stable, peaceful grounded and have value of what is being given or received i.e. they are full of gratitude. Generation, conservation and utilization of the resources is not a problem for them as they can be highly resourceful and conservative They can easily create the required atmosphere and conditions for their tasks. They are comfortable in their respective zones and work hard with full commitment.

But just like any other sign natives they also tend to have weaknesses which are sometimes driven from their strengths only. As they are comfortable in their zones they tend to feel complacent at times and when taken away from their comfortable zone they cannot compromise with that as a result their vision starts to become unclear and defocused. They also possess stubborn attitude and are doubtful about their plans and goals which results in the lack of interest and motivation. They act possessive and at the same time become obsessive when it comes to their interests and likings.

Career Options of Zodiac Sign Taurus

The Taurus natives tend to be happy in their comfort zones and when in working there they generate a good focus and patience towards the completion of the task and the projects. Their career options need to have some regularity and consistency in order to make them work with consistency and balanced emotions. Emotional and physical strength is their forte so it can be a waste of talent, potential and their skills if their jobs do not involve a physical hand. This can result in the frustration of the native and hence won’t be able to put their best foot forward. But having said this stability is still the key for better understanding of their working pattern. They generally are reliable, hardworking, patient and thorough as an employee they give their firm hand at the task. They are easily satisfied with material pleasures and rewards as all they want is satisfying and comforting yet a practical life style.

Having said all of this, they are excellent collectors and learners of different types of studies and researches. So, the basic professional streams and career choices which can lead to good performance for a Taurus native include;







Wood Working

Basic Caregiving, Skillful or Service Type Roles etc.

Financial Management of Zodiac Sign Taurus

When it comes to financial managements these natives are well secured. The good news for them is that they are well organized and careful with their finances. They do care about their paychecks, savings pensions and saving some money for troublesome days. They can easily manage with their finances even with low incomes.

Love and Relationships of Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus natives have a basic sole purpose which is all about materializing, dependability and reliability to their relationships and communities. They are not careless when it comes to showcase their affection. They tend to deal with their relationships with utmost priority; they usually do anything in their reach to nurture their bonds. They give time and respect the importance of the relationship. They do not shy away when it comes to put in the efforts for the betterment of their relationships. They give preference to the emotions, needs, expectations of their loved ones and in return expect to be reciprocated as they also want their expectations to be fulfilled. In case if they don’t get what they want and how they want to be treated they end up being fussy, angry and frustrated. They don’t reserve their emotions for just anyone.

In case of love connections and compatibility, they do have strong feelings but move slowly one step at a time. Once in love, it lasts a long time and usually ends up in marriages. These natives are pretty clear in their minds and are generally quite reasonable when it comes to falling for a person, they find cuteness like features quite cliché to fall in love with a person. They usually express their love in their actions through care and open heart honest actions as they tend to get attached and love with the bottom of their hearts.

Having said this, similar to any other zodiac sign, it takes more than just sun sign to put things into a larger perspective. Sign-sign interaction will also have to be taken into consideration.

Taurus Friendship Compatibility

Taurus is a friend of everyone. In fact, they are less likely to choose whom they associate with. If a person is kind to them, he is their friend. They tend to meet people with similar interests and attitudes. They don’t really make a firm start, but they have a deep understanding of who they’ll fit in. If they are not sure about the new person, they will give them time and space to see if they are worth their time.

Taurus Compatibility with other Signs

Fire Sign :

Taurus may enjoy the live quality of fire signals but may not enjoy its immediate and long-term exposure to fire. Aries ruled by Mars, in particular, may be brave and impatient with a calm and grounded bull.

Leo and Taurus share group love, beauty, and the pleasures of life, but they both agree, the equal amount of stubbornness between them can cause great conflict to allow them to travel long distances.

Sagittarius need for change and adaptability can sometimes be a challenging Taurus theme. Both can travel at very different speeds and have different values when it comes to the pursuit of material things and possessions.

Air Sign :

Air signals are fast, quick, and social, which is even encouraging and invigorating for Taurus, but since Bull has a pattern and roots and it may be challenging to adjust lives.

Gemini, in particular, brings a confusing and often harmful environment to relationships that can confuse and irritate the real Taurus and the path to the end.

Aquarius with Taurus may encourage growth or be difficult to adapt. Saturn-controlled Aquarius takes their controversial and intellectual conflicts as important as Taurus takes its entertainment and luxury, so it may come to a distraction of status and values.

Libra and Taurus, share the reign of Venus, which brings harmony and a shared love of art, beauty, and luxury among them. They may be surprisingly suitable, but challenges can arise when Libra just wants to make it public, and Taurus wants to stick firmly to a predetermined plan.

Water Sign :

Water signs bring danger and emotional intelligence to a relationship with the visible, fruitful and unchanging Taurus.

Scorpio controlled by mars can bring sexual magnetism into a relationship with Taurus, which may be magnetic or polarizing. They both have tangible tendencies and security issues that may arise that they can understand or reinforce if they are insensitive and aware.

Taurus and Pisces is a good love game. Pisces increases the power of acceptance of Taurus by bringing spiritual awareness and philosophy into their lives. This can help free the Bull from its comfort zone in a way that threatens its safety, and Taurus provides the basis for Pisces to roam in a fun and mysterious way.

Cancer will be very good at raising Taurus, and Taurus will be able to reciprocate with emotional support and loyalty. Most of them will probably make a comfortable, inviting home together.

Earth Sign :

The earth sign have a very close relationship with Taurus, sharing the themes of stability, function, and passions between them.

The two Taurus combine the two pins in the pod, enjoying the same processes and comfort together easily. It will be important for them to also appreciate the growth and certain changes between them in order to keep their relationship changed, however, they can enjoy feeling comfortable and secure together.

Taurus and Virgo share a lot of communication and may communicate primarily about their interests in physical and natural care. Virgo may limit Taurus' tendency to indulge in medical and health recommendations, and Taurus may help reduce and alleviate some of Virgo's anxiety disorders. There is so much to enjoy and to rely on.

Capricorn, the official symbol of the world, shares the Bull's love with practical results and materialistic art. Taurus and Capricorn can build an empire together, and in a way that is constructive. Both are quite sensual, and Taurus perhaps passes for a bit more, inviting Capricorn to enjoy more intimacy, relaxation, and excitement in order to balance its strong performance and ethics.

Taurus Sexual Compatibility :

The Taurus natives are extremely sensual and are easily seduced. All of their pleasurable senses, touch taste etc. are increased during intimate encounters. Physical intimacy is important to them, but also they need some time to create a safe environment and relax in their sexual encounters. After a reasonable point of time, when they have created enough intimacy with a loved one, they tend to become needy and emotionally vulnerable.

Taurus Health

In ancient astronomical medicine, there were four personality traits that were connected to the four main waters and four important types of the constitution. As a national symbol, Taurus is associated with melancholic temperament, which was understood to be cold and dry. Melancholic temperament was thought to be linked to the spleen, which filters the blood and supports the immune system. The melancholic constitution was considered to be a symbolic link in the body that ancient physicians called "black bile".

This represented the tendency for the melancholic constitution to be cold and unstable, where toxic substances could accumulate and not be adequately cleaned. This commitment to the practice of medical astronomy is that the state of Taurus and the constitution can be very lazy and inconsistent if movement and rotation are not balanced.

The Taurus constitution had another layer in it with this ancient medical system, derived from the cool and wet rule of Venus over the sign of the Bull. This is said to add phlegmatic quality to Taurus as well, making the constitution more prone to overcrowding and phlegm formation. All in all, Taureans have a great deal of potential for recovery and endurance, but they may need to keep warm, active, and motivated to maintain good health

In ancient astronomical medicine, the entire galaxy was painted on the human body, with Taurus ruling the lower jaw, neck, and throat. As a result, those born with a prominent Taurus on their birth chart may have stiff necks but may need to be aware of throat infections and thyroid imbalances.

Those born with this symptom will need to keep their bodies warm and circulating in order to improve lymphatic movement and elimination. Being born in the heart of spring may provide strong healing and rejuvenating power for their bodies, but Taurus should not take this lightly. Global symptoms can benefit from hot foods that promote digestion, cleansing, blood circulation, and proper water supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taurus being an Earth sign attracts fellow earth signs towards them. The earth signs are practical, hard working and grounded. They value stability in all forms of life and gets attracted towards these characteristics which are owned by Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and based on the position of Venus in the House, it inherits traits from its ruling planet. Venus is in general is “The planet of love” and associates with romance, luxuries, pleasures and values.

Taurus is an Earth sign and shares its characteristics with fellow earth signs. Having same interests, likes and dislikes, Taurus makes good friends with Virgo and Capricorn. Taurus also shares a same House Venus with Libra and makes good friends with them by sharing same tastes and interests.

Loyalty, stability, honesty, communication and intimacy are the building blocks of any relationship. In case of Taurus, they thrive to see these traits in their partners as they deal with their relationships with whole heart and utmost priority, and in turn expect to be reciprocated.

Taurus is highly intimate and can try every different thing to heighten their senses while being intimate with their partner. So for Taurus, intimacy is of utmost priority and they can make commitment without thinking through which in return can develop intimacy issues.